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List of pedigrees
Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
Author's DNA match comparisons kit No. T848545
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This genealogy is dedicated to the honor of our parents and theirs and all their forbears. Preface to the Hester genealogy compiled by Dr. William Hester on the basis of the great work done by relatives who have gone before and countless distant relatives who were so kind as to make their data available in the Internet or privately publish genealogical works (additions and corrections will be gladly accepted, cousins showing a plausible line of descent are eligible for a DVD copy of this website and c 1000 pedigrees by sending the data on siblings and parents and grandparents (year of birth only to avoid misuse) and enclosing 10 US $ for burning and postage costs to Dr. William Hester, LortzingStr. 8, D 04105 Leipzig, Germany. Data on living persons will not be posted on the website or disclosed except for other cousins.): Paternally, my special thanks to the work of the late Hester Geraldine Lester Searl, Ben Hester, and especially Clinton M. Hester, whose papers were passed on to Geraldine, who kindly prepared a printable draft including very extensive collateral Hester lines until her death in the late 70's.

The Genealogy of the
Hester Family of Saginaw MI and Fleming Co. KY
and the
Bland and Nicholas Families of Shelbyville Ky.

and aunts and uncles
50% genetic ralationship to He1-
probability = 25 %
1900 till 1970
great aunts and uncles
0 to 50% genetic ralationship to He1-
probability = 25 %
1860 till 1960
Great Grandparents:
2nd great aunts and uncles
0 to 50% genetic ralationship to He1-
probability = 12.5 %
1830 till 1930
2nd great grandparents
0 to 50% genetic ralationship to He1-
probability = 6.25 %
Births and deaths between 1780 till 1900
3rd great grandparents
0 to 50% genetic ralationship to He1-
probability = 3.1 25 %
Births and deaths between 1700 and 1850
4th great grandparents
0 to 50% genetic ralationship to He1-
probability = 1.5625 %
Births and deaths between 1670 and 1820
5th great grandparents
0 to 50% genetic ralationship to He1-
no genetic relationship to at least 32 of 128
Births and deaths between 1650 till 1800
6th great  grandparents
0 to 50% genetic ralationship to He1-
no genetic relationship to at least 160 of 256
Births and deaths between 1620 till 1770
7th great grandparents
0 to 50% genetic ralationship to He1-
no genetic relationship to at least 416 of 512
1600 till 1740
8th great grandparents
0 to 50% genetic ralationship to He1-
no genetic relationship to at least 928 of 1024
1570 till 1700
9th great grandparents
1540 to 1650
10th Great Grandparents
1500 to 1620
11th Great Grandparents
1470 to 1600
12th Great Grandparents
The Wars of Roses,
1440 to 1570
13th Great Grandparents
1410 to 1540
14th Great Grandparents

1370 to 1520
15th Great Grandparents
1340 to 1490
16th Great Grandparents
1310 to 1465
17th Great Grandparents
1280 to 1445
18th Great Grandparents
1250 to 1425
19th Great Grandparents
1225 to 1405
20th Great Grandparents
1200 to 1385
21st Great Grandparents
1175 to 1365
2nd Great Grandparents
1150 to 13455
23rd Great Grandparents
1125 to 1325

Collateral Hester lines:

Lucinda "Lutie" Hester He2-1
Mabel Hester He2-2
Garrett Henry Hester He2-3
Harry Clifton Hester He2-4
Paul Nelson Hester He2-5
Hazard Worrell Hester He2-7
Katherine Hester He2-8

Collateral Hester lines:

Silas Wright Hester He3-1
William Henry Hester He3-2
Sarah Catherine Hester He3-3
James Edward Hester He3-4
Hiram Abiff Hester He3-5
Louisa Owens Hester He3-6
Mary Jane Hester He3-7
Alice Mitchell Hester He3-8
John Kenton Hester He3-9
Anna Elizabeth Hester He3-11





1. Willoughby Griffith Hester He3






Collateral Hester lines:
Evan Griffith Hester He4-2
Willoughby Grifftith Hester He4-3
Mary Ann Hester He4-4
Margaret Hester He4-5
William Hester He4-6
Amelia Hester He4-7
Elias R. Hester He4-8
Dennis Hester He4-9





1.John Kenton Hester He4







2. Susan Jane Mitchell Mi4


John Hester He5-1
Abigail Hester He5-2
Adam Hester He5-4
Conrad Wright Hester He5-5
William Dillman Hester He5-6
Stephen Hester He5-7
Levi Hester He5-8
Christopher Hester He5-9
Solomon Hester He5-10
Margaret Hester He5-11
Gilbert Hester He5-12


.1. Henry Hester He5




2. Sarah Griffith Gr5

DNA comparison of match group William Griffith




3. Morris Mitchell Mi5


4. Charlotte Hester








1. John Hester He6



2. Margaret Gilbert Gi6




3. Willoughby Grifftih Gr6


4. Mary Ann Owens Ow6




5. Nathaniel Mitchell Mi6


6. Nancy ?Penlin


7. William Hester He6


8. Catherine Waits

1. Jacob Hester He7

2. Abigail Wright Wr7




3. Barnabus Gilbert Gi7

4. Margaret Christian Ch7

5. Evan ap Liam Grifftih Gr7

6. Sarah Willoughby Wi7



7. Jeremiah Owens Ow7

8. Jane Kenton Ke7



9. Walter Mitchell Mi7

10. Lucretia Browning Br7



13. ?James Hester


15. James Waits Wa7


1. ?Robert Hester He8

3. y Wright Wr8
5. ?Nicholas Gilbert Gi8

9. Liam Grifftih ap John Gr8

11. William Willoughby Wi8

12. Elizabeth Warrington Wa8

13. Richard Owens Ow8
14. Mary Berry Be8

15. Mark Kenton Ke8
16. Mary Miller Mi8

17. Nathaniel Mitchell Mi8
18. Abigail Harris Ha8

19. Edward Browning Br8
20. Rachel Burton Bu8



25. ?Robert Hester He8
26. ?Barbara Cook Co8


29. y Waits


21. Thomas Willoughby Wi9 =11
22. Ann Halstead Ha9 =11

23. Stephen Warrington Wa9
24. Susannah Colonna Co9
John Owens Ow9
26. Rebecca Hailes
27. Henry Berry Be9
28. ?Sarah Harper?
29. John Kenton Ke9
31. William Miller Mi9
30. Ann Cain Ca9
33. Jacob Mitchell Mi9
34. Hannah Halstead Ha9
49. Robert Hester He9
50. Rachel McAllister Mc9
51. Abraham Cook Co9
52. Sarah McAllister Mc9
57. y Waits

41.Thomas Willoughby Wil10 =11
42. Alice ?Brewster Br10=12 s.b.
43. Henry Halstead Ha11 =12
44. Bridget x

45. James Warrington Wa10
46. Margaret Price
49. Owen Colonna Co10 = 14 s.b.
57. y Kenton
65. James Mitchell Mi10
66. Mary
67. Timothy Halstead Ha10
79. Abigail Carman Ca10

97. Francis Hester He10
98. Elizabeth Garland Ga10
99. Andrew McAllister Mc10
100. Hannah Roberts Ro10
101. Abraham Cooke Co10
102. Martha Clayton Cl10
103. ?Andrew McAllister Mc10 = above
104. ?Hannah Roberts Lu10 = above

81. Thomas Willoughby Wi11 =12
82. Bridget Willoughby Wi11=12 s.b.
83. John Layton La11=12 s.b.
84.Ann Burras Bu11=12 s.b.
85. Nathan Halsted Ha11=13
86. Isabel Denton De11=13

129. y Mitchell Mi11
131. Timothy Halstead Ha11
132. Hannah Williams
193. William Hester He11
194. Joyce
195. Peter Garland Ga11 = 12 below
196. Elizabeth Coles Co11 = 12 below
203. William Clayton Cl11
204. Hannah Crosfield Cr11

161. Thomas Willoughby Wi12
162. Catharine Hart Ha12
163. Francis Willoughby Wi12=13 s.b.

164. Elizabeth Lyttelton Ly12=13 s.b.

169. Henry Halstead Ha12 =14
170. Margaret

261. Jonas Halstead Ha12
260. Sarah Butterfield
261. y Williams
389. Peter Garland Ga12 = 13 below

405. John Clayton Cl12
406. Ellen Gregson Gr12
407. Thomas Crosfield Cr12
408. Elizabeth Georges Ge12

321. Robert Willoughby Wi13
322. Dorothy Willoughby Wi13
323. Percival Hart Ha13
324. Frideswida Braye Br13
325. Henry Willoughby Wi13
326. Anne Grey Gr13
327. John Lyttelton Ly13
328. Bridget Pakington Pa13
337. Oliver Halstead Ha13 =15
338. Anna Bancroft

Lawrence Halstead Ha13 =15 =16
522. Hester Chamberlain

777. Thomas Garland Ga13 = 14 below
778. Maria Beighton
809. Nicholas Clayton Cl13
810. Elizabeth Hibbert Hi13

641. Thomas Willoughby Wi14
642. Bridget Read Re14
643. Edward Willoughby Wi14=below
644. Anne Filioll=below
645. John Hart Ha14
646. Elizabeth Peche
647. Edmund Braye Br14
648. Jane Hallighwell Ha14
649. Edward Willoughby=above
650. Anne Filioll=above
651. Thomas Grey Gr14
652. Margaret Wotton Wo14
653. John Lyttelton Ly14
654. Elizabeth Talbot Ta14
655.  JohnPakington Pa14
656. Anne Rolle

1043. Oliver Halstead Ha14
1044. Anna Bancroft

1617. Thomas Clayton Cl14
1618. Jane Hargraves Ha14

Christopher Willoughby Wi15
Margaret Jenny
Robert Reade Re15
Margaret Alphew Al15
Margaret Markham
William Filioll
William Peche Pe15
Beatrix Chichley Ch15
John Braye Br15
Richard Halliwell Ha15
Jane Norbury No15
4x = Henry Willoughby et seq. above
Thomas Grey Gr15
Cecilia Bonville Bo15
Robert Wotton Wo15
Anne Belknap Be15
William Lyttelton Ly15
Mary Whittington Wh15
Gilbert Talbot Ta15
Anne Paston Pa15
John Pakington Pa15
Elizabeth Washbourne Wa15
Robert Willoughby Wi16
Cicely de Welles We16
William Jenny Je16
Elizabeth Cawsey Ca16
Thomas Read Re16
John Alphew Al16
Isabel Petit Pe16
Robert Willoughby Wi16
Margaret Griffith Gr16
Robert Markham
Jane Daubney Da16
John Peche Pe16
John Chichley Ch16 =19 below
Margaret Knowles Kn16=19 below
Richard Braye Br16
Joan Troughton
John Halywell Ha16
John Norbury No16
Joan Gilbert Gi16
8x = Robert Willoughby et seq. above
John Grey Gr16
Elizabeth Wydeville Wy16
William Bonville Bo16
Katherine Nevill Ne16
Nicholas Wotton Wo16
Elizabeth Bamburgh
Thomas Lyttelton Ly16
Joan Burley Bu16
William Whitting Wh16
Elizabeth Arundell Ar16
Gilbert Talbot Ta16
Elizabeth Greystock Gr16
William Paston Pa16
Anne Beaufort Be16
Robert Pakington Pa16
Thomas Washbourne
Thomas Willoughby Wi17
Jane FitzAlan Fi17
Lionel de Welles We17
Cicely Waterton
Thomas Read Re17
Richard Petit
Hugh Willoughby Wi17
Margaret Frevile Fr17
John Griffith Gr17
Catharine Tyrwhitt Ty17
Johanna Green Gr17
Giles Daubney Da17
Joan Darcy Da17
William Peche Pe17
William Chichley Ch17=20 below
Beatrix Barrett Ba17
Thomas Knowles Kn17=20 below
Edmond Braye Br17
Henry Norbury No17
Anne Crozier
Thomas Gilbert
16x = Sir Hugh Willoughby et seq. above
John Grey Gr17
Elizabeth Ferrers Fe17
Richard Wydeville Wy17
Jacquette de Luxembourg
William Bonville Bo17
Elizabeth Harrington 
Richard Nevill Ne17
Alice de Montacute Mo17
Nicholas Wotton Wo17
Joane Corbye
Thomas Westcote
Elizabeth Lyttelton Ly17
William Burley Bu17
Alice Grey Gr17
GuyWhitting Wh17
HumphreyArundell Ar17
Eleanore Lamborne
JohnTalbot Ta17
Elizabeth Butler Bu17
John Greystock Gr17
Elizabeth FitzHugh Fi17
John Paston Pa17
Margaret Mawtby Ma19
WilliamWilloughby Wi18
Lucy le Strange St18

Richard Arundel Fi18

Robert Waterton Wa18
x Methley
Thomas de Rede Re18
Edmond Willoughby Wi18
Isabel Annesley An18
Baldwin Frevile Fr18
Joyce de Botetourt Bo18
Thomas Green Gr18
Giles Daubney Da18
Margaret Beauchamp
PhilipDarcy Da18
Elizabeth Grey Gr18
John Peche Pe18
Thomas Chichley Ch18 =21 below
Agnes Pinchon Pi
William Barrett
Robert Knowles Kn18=21 below

John Norbury No18
Elizabeth Boteler Bo18

William Wotton Wo18
Mary Wyveton
Robert Corbye

William Braye Br18
32x = Edmond Willoughby et seq. above


Robert Willoughby Wi19
Alice Skipwith Sk19
Roger le Strange St19
Aline FitzAlan Fi19

John FitzAlan Fi19
Eleanor Berkeley
Galfrinus de Rede Re19
Edmond Willoughby Wi19
Hugh Annesley An19
x Babington
Baldwin Frevile Fr19
Elizabeth Montfort Mo19
Giles Daubney Da19
Alianor de Wylington Wy19
John Beauchamp
Thomas Grey Gr19
Margaret de Pressene Pr19
Gilbert Peche Pe19
William Pinchon

John Wotton Wo19

John Braye Br19
Alice Braxby

John Willoughby Wi20
Cecily Ufford Uf20
William Skipwith Sk20
Alice Hiltoft Hi20
Roger le Strange St20
Edmund FitzAlan Fi20
Alice Plantagenet Pl20

John FitzAlan Fi20

64x = Sir Richard Willoughby et seq. above

John Willoughby Wi21
Joan Roscelyn Ro21

John le Strange St21
Isolda Walton

William de Warenne Pl21
Robert Willoughby Wi22
Margaret Deincourt De22

John le Strange St22
Maud de Montibus
John de Walton

y Roscelyn Ro22
Richard FitzAlan Fi22 Alice Saluzzo Sa22
William Willoughby Wi23
Alice Beke Be23
Edmund Deincourt De23
Isabel de Mohun Mo23
Robert de Willoughby Wi24
Alice Orreby
John Beke Be24
Sarah de Furnival Fu24

John Deincourt De24
Agnes de Neville Ne24
Reynold de Mohun of Dunster<
William de Willoughby Wi25
mMatilda de Fullerby/Fulletby
John de Orreby
Walter de Beke Be25
Eva de Grey
Thomas de Furnival Fu25
Elizabeth de Montfort Mo25
Sir Geoffrey de Neville Ne25
Margaret or Joan
Ralph de Willoughby Wi26
Frethesende Cocerington
Herbert de Orreby
>Henry de Bec Be26
Alice de Muleton
Thomas de Furnivalle a 1238
m Bertha
Sir Piers de Mountfort Mo26
Alice de Audley Au26
Eustace Granger Hester He2
Hester Gallery

2. Ellena McConnell Mc3
3. Garrett Davis McConnell Mc4

4. Christiana Workman Wo4
The data on the Workman line is to be credited to Thelma Anderson, who also did even more enormously complete work on the collateral lines which still mostly have to be included here.

5. William McConnell Mc5
6. Rebecca Shrewmaster Sh5

7. Spenser Workman Wo5
8. Martha Neaves Ne5

Information on numerous other paternal brances has been gleaned from the Internet websites of distant cousins who been so friendly as to make it available.

9. Samuel McConnell Mc6

10. Elizabeth Nesbit Ne6

11.; Henry Shrewmaster Sh5

12. Catherine x

13. James Workman Wo6

14. Christiana Fitzpatrick Fi6

15. Walter Lewis Neaves Ne6

16. Juliet Worrell Wo6.

17. William McConnell

18. Roseanne Kennedy

19. Samuel Nesbit

20. Elspa Watt

25. Jacob Workman Wo7

26. Elizabeth Wyckoff Wy7

27. James Fitzpatrick Fi7

28. Elizabeth Florea Fl7

29. Daniel Neaves Ne7.

30. Christian Mask Ma7

31. John Worrell Wo7


33. James McConnell

49. Abraham Workman Wo8
50. Annetje Smith Sm8
51. Samuel Wyckoff Wy8
53. James Fitzpatrick Fi8
54. Joanna Cfitz
55. Albert Florea
56. Charity Ruth
65. y McConnell

97. Jan Derick Woertman Wo9
98. Anna Maria Andries An9
129. y McConnell


193. Dirck Jans Woertman Wo10
194. Merritje Teunise
195. y Andries
196. Annetje Pieterse Prat

257. y McConnell

385. John William Workman Wo11
386. Hannah Harmitje.
y McConnell

Thomas Workman Wo12.
Nicholas Workman Wo13
Julyan Gyllian.
. . .
2, Anna Pope Bland, Bl2

Levicy Jane Bland Bl2-2

3. Thomas Eugene Bland Bl3
5. Thomas Pope Bland Bl4 9. Thomas Pope Bland Bl5 17.Charles Bland Bl6

18. Phyllis Ann Pope Po6


33. Benjamin Bland Bl7

34. Mary x

35. Thomas Pope Po7

36.Ann Duncan Du7

65.James Bland Bl8

66. Mary G. Watkin

67. yx

68. xx

69. Benjamin Pope Po8 = Po7 below

70. Behethalind Foote Fo8 = Fo7 below

71. Robert R Duncan Du8

72. Anne Gallop Ga8
129.James Bland Bl9
130. Margaret Harrison Ha9
131. y Watkin

137 Worden Pope Po9 =8
132. Hester Netherton Ne9 = 8

133. George Foote Fo8 =9
  134. Frances Berryman Be9 = 8

141. James Duncan Du9
142. Molly Browning

257.George Bland Bl10
258. Grace
259. James Harrison Ha10
260. Elizabeth Prigg Pr10

261. Nathaniel Pope Po10 =9
262. Jane Brown Br10 =9
263. Henry Netherton Ne10 =9
264. Sarah Tucker Tu10 =9

265. Richard Foote Fo10 =9
266. Elizabeth Innes
267. Benjamin Berryman Be10 =9
268. Elizabeth Newton Ne10 =9

281. John Duncan Du10
282. Elizabeth Holtzclaw Ho10

513. James Bland Bl11
514. Susan Cooke Co11
517. Anthony Harrison Ha11
518. Lettice Willoughby
521. Nathaniel Pope Po11 =10
522. Mary Sisson Si11 = 10
523. Original Brown Br11 = 1�
524. Jane Brooke Br11 =10
525. y Netherton Ne11 =10
527. John Tucker Tu11 =10
528. Rosanna ?Allerton Al11 =10
529. Richard Foote Fo11 = 10
530. Hester Hayward Ha11 = 10
531. Robert Innis In11 = 10
532. Catherine Richards Ri110 =10
533. Benjamin Berryman Be10 = 11
534. Sarah Butler Bu11 =10
535. John Newton Ne10 =11
536. Rose ?Allerton Al10 =11
561. Peter Duncan Du11
562. Bessie Caldwell
Bland table row continued
1025. James Bland Bl12
1026. Alice Patterson Pa11
1041. Nathaniel Pope Po12 =11
1042. Lucy Fox Fo12 = 11
1043. Thomas Sisson Si12 =11
1045. y Brown
1047. Henry Brooke
1048. Lydia
1053. William Tucker Tu12 =11
1054. Mary Elizabeth Thompson Th12 =11
1057. John Foote Fo12 =11
1058. Ellen Mary Barwis Ba12 =11
1059. Nicholas Hayward Ha12 =11
1060. ?Ann Washington
1061. John Berryman Be12 = 11
1062. Jane
1063. John Butler Bu12 =11
1064. Ann Baynham Ba12 =11

1121.Peter Duncan Du12
1122. Sarah Elizabeth Stone St12



2109. William Tucker Tu12 = 13
2110. Honora Erissey ER12 = 13
2111. Robert Thompson Th12 = 13
2114. Elizabeth Harsnett Ne12 = 13
2125. Robert Foote
2126. Elizabeth Miles
2127. y Barwis
2065. Thomas Duncan Du13
2066. Bridget Tilney
2067. Richard Stone
2068. Elizabeth Key


. John Duncan Du14
Jonet Andro
?Thomas Tilney Ti14
?Elizabeth Gosnold Go14


. William Duncan Du15
Agnes Robinson
Emery Tilney Ti15
Winifred Dangers Da15
Anthony Gosnold Go15


. Allan Duncan Du16
Jonat Crosby
Thomas Tilney Ti16
Margaret Barett


. David Duncan Du17
Philip Tilney Ti7
Margaret Brewse

Johannis Duncan Du18
Hugh Tilney Ty18
Eleanor Tailboys

Philip de Tilney Ty19=17
Isabel de Thorpe Th19=17
Walter Tailboys Ta19
Alice Stafford St19
Bland/Pope/Duncan/Gallop row continued
143. Robert Gallop Ga9
144. Elinor Bryant Br9
285. Samuel Gallop Ga10
286. Mary Phillips Ph10
287. Sylent Bryant
288. Lucy Doniphan.
569. John Gallop Ga11
570. Christabel Brushett Br11
571. George Phillips Ph11
572. Elizabeth Sargent Sa11
573. ?William Smith Bryan
574. Catherine Morgan
575. R/T Bryant Br11
576. Keziah Arroyah Ja11
577. Alexander Doniphan Do11
578. Amy Partirdge Pa11
Bland/Pope/Duncan/Gallop row continued
1137. John Gallop Ga12
1138. Mary Crabbe
1141. Christopher Phillips Ph12
1142. Agnes Abram Ab12
Richard Sargent Sa12
1144. Katherine Stevens St12
1149. ?Francis Bryan Br12
1150. ?Ann Smith
1157. Wahanganoche Ja12
1158. ?Mary Pettus Po12
2275 Thomas Gallop Ga13
2276. Agnes Watkins Wa13
2277. y Crabbe
2285. John Phillips Ph13
2286. Margaret Porter Po13
2397. Francis Bryan Br13
2398. Joan Fitzgerald Fi13
2099. William Smith
2101. Japasaw aka ioppasus Ja13
2102. Ontonah Po13
2103. Po13
2115. Thomas Pettus Pe13
2116. Ka-Okee Po13
John Gollop Ga14
Joan Collins Co14

Simon Phillips Ph14
Mary Howe

Thomas Bryan Br14
Margaret Bourchier Bo14
James Fitzgerald Fi14
Amy O'Brien Br14
Wahunsenacawh Po14

Matoaka "Pocahontas" Po14
John Gollop Ga15

Owen Phillips Ph15
Janet Thomas Th15

Thomas Bryan Br15
Margaret Bowsey Bo15
Humphrey Bourchier Bo15
Elizabeth Tylney Ty15
Maurice Fitzgerald Fi15
Ellen Roche Ro15
Toirdhealbach O'Brien Br15

4208. Winganuske

John Gollop Ga16
Alice Temple Te16

Thomas Phillips Ph16
Jane Dwinn Dw16

Edmund Bryan Br16
Alice Bures Bo15
y Bowsey
JohnBourchier Bo16
Margery Berners Be16
Frederick Tylney Ty16
Elizabeth Cheyney Ch16
Thomas Fitzgerald Fi16
Ellice Barry Ba16
Maurice Roche Ro16
Joan FitzThomas Fi16
Tadhg O'Brien Br16

Philip Phillips Ph17
Jenet verch Lloyd Jenkins

Thomas Bryan Br17
Margaret Echyngham Ec17
William Bourchier Bo17
Anne Plantagenet Pl17
Richard de Berners Be17
Philippa Dalynridge Da17
Philip de Tilney Ti17=Ti19 below
Isabel de Thorpe Th17=Th19 below
LawrenceCheyney Ch17
Elizabeth Cockayne Co17
James Fitzgerald Fi16
William Barry Ba17
Ellen Roche
Maurice Roche Ro17
Thomas FitzGerald Fi17=Fi16 above
Toirdhealbach O'Brien Br17

Philip Phillips Ph18
Gwendolena verch Gwilym Evans
Lloyd Jenkins

de Brian Br18=21 below
?Elizabeth Montegue Mo18
William Echingham Ec18=19 below
Elizabeth Criol Cr18=19below
William Bourchier Bo18
xLouvaine Lo18
Margaret Weston We18
Thomas Plantagenet Pl18
Eleanor de Bohun Bo18
James de Berners Be18
EdwardDalynridge Da17
4 =Ti20 et seq. below
Lawrence Cheyney Ch17
Elizabeth Cockayne Co17
James Fitzgerald Fi17
William Barry Ba17
Ellen Roche
Maurice Roche Ro17
Thomas FitzGerald Fi17=Fi16 above
Toirdhealbach O'Brien Br17

Llwc Llawen Phillip Ph19
Ellen verch Gwilym Caradog
Gwilym Evans

de Brian Br19
Wenthlian Lloyd
William de Montegue Mo19
Catherine Grandison Gr19
4 = Ec20 et seq. below
Robert de Bourchier
Margaret Prayers
John Louvaine Lo18
Margaret Weston
Edward III Plantagenet Pl19
Philippa of Hainault Ha19
William de Bohun Bo18

Evan ap Madog-Phillips Ph20
Ellen verch Gwilym
Gwilym ap Caradog
Ellen verch Ieuan

Ieuan ap Madog-Phillips
Catrin verch Elidir

Ieuan ap Henry
Lleucu verch Philip
Bland/Duncan row continued
10. Elizabeth Jennings Duncan Du5


Bland/Duncan row continued
19. William Withers Duncan Du6



20. Nancy Jennings Je6

37. Samuel Duncan Du7

38. Nancy Withers Wi7





39. William Jennings Je7

40. Elizabeth Withers Wi7

73. = 71 Du8 above

74. = 72 Ga8 above

75. James Withers Wi8

76. Catherine Barbee Ba8



77. Augustine Jennings Je8


78. Hannah Williams

79. = 75

80. = 76

4 = 141 to 144 above
145. William Jennings Je9
146. Mary Willoughby Wi9
147. James Withers Wi9
148. Elizabeth Keene Ke9
149. Thomas Barbee Ba9
150. Margaret Williams Wi9

155. y Williams

8 = 259 to 266 above
289. John Jennings Je10
290. Margaret Jennings Payne
291. Thomas? Willoughby Wi10
292. Ann Halstead Ha10
297. William Withers Wi10>
298. Mary Littlejohn
299. Matthew Keene
300. Bridget x
301. Andrew Barbee Ba10
16 = 517 to 530 above
577. ?John Jenyns Je11
578. ?Alice Spencer Sp11
579. John Payne
580. Margaret Jennings
581. Thomas Willoughby Wi11=10 s.a.

582. Alice Layton La11=10 s.a.
583. Henry Halstead Ha11
584. Bridget
593. William Withers Wi11
594. Frances Claiborne Cl11
595. Oliver Lyttlejohn Ly11
599. Thomas Keene Ke11
600. Mary Thorley Th11
601. Richard Barbee Ba11
602. Mary Catlett Ca11
32 = 1033 to 1060 above
1155. Moses Payne
1156. Elizabeth Sheafe
1157. John Jennings
1161. Percival Willoughby Wi12=11
1162. Bridget Willoughby Wi12=11
1163. John Layton La12=11
1164. Ann Burras Bu12 =11
1165. Nathan Halstead Ha12 =11
1166. Isabell Denton De12 =11

1185 John Withers Wi12
1186 Jennett Withers Wi12
1187 y Claiborne Cl12

1197. Thomas Keene
1198. Elizabeth Gosnold Go12
1199. Edward Thorley Th12
1200. Mary x
1201. y Barbee
1203. ?George Catlett

Thomas Willoughby Wi13=12 s.a.
Catharine Hart Ha13=12 s.a.
Francis Willoughby Wi13 =12 s.a.

Elizabeth Lyttelton Ly13 =12 s.a.

Robert Gosnold Go13
Ursula Naunton Na13
64 = 1033 to 1096 above
y Keene
Robert Gosnold Go14
Mary Vesey Ve14
William Naunton Na14
Elizabeth Wingfield Wi14
128 = 2065 to 2192 above
Robert Gosnold Go15
Anne Hill Hi15
Robert Vesey Ve15
Thomas Naunton Na15
Margery Buryard bu15
Anthony Wingfield Wi15
Elizabeth de Vere Ve15

John Wingfield Wi16
b>Anne Touchet To16 To16

John Wingfield Wi17
Elizabeth FITZLEWIS Fi17
b>James TOUCHET To17

Robert Wingfield Wi18
Elizabeth Goushill Go18
John Fitzlewis Fi18
Anne Montague Mo18

Robert Goushill Go19
Elizabeth FitzAlan
302. Sarah E. ?Mason Ma10 603. George Mason Ma11
604. Frances ?French
1205. Thomas Mason Ma12
1206. Ann French Fr12
2411. Dennis French Fr12

4821. Edward French Fr14
4822. Susan Savage Sa14
Robert French Fr15
Margaret Chadwell
?Richard Savage Sa15
Millicent Moulton
Robert French Fr16
Walter Savage Sa16
Elizabeth Hall
William Moulton
Francis Savage Sa17
Anne Sheldon Sh17
John Hall
Christopher Savage Sa18
x Lignon
William Sheldon Sh18
Mary Willington Wi18
Christopher Savage Sa19
Richard Lignon Li19
Ralph Sheldon Sh19
Phillippa Heath He19
William Willington Wi19
Anne Littleton Ly19


6. Levicy Jane Harris Ha4 11. Harvey ?Ambrose Harris Ha5












12. Martha Jamison Ja5

21. William M Harris Ha6





22. Nancy Highsmith Hi6







23. Jacob Jamison Ja6




24. Levicy Huss Hu6

41. James Harris


42. Mary Anne McKinney


43. Thomas Highsmith Hi7



44. Sarah Wood Wo7



45. Abraham Jamison Ja7


46. Christina Frye Fr7



47. Richard Huss Hu7


48. Mary Sill Si7

81. Samuel Harris
82. Martha Laird
83. y McKinney

85. Daniel Highsmith Hi8
86. Lucretia Parker Pa8

87. Richard Woods Wo8
88. Rebecca Wilson Wi8
89. Robert Jamison Ja8
90. Mary Vastine Va8
91. Jacob Frye Fr8
92. Mary/Molly x
93. Edward Huss Hu8
94. Catherine Walters Wa8
95. James Sill Si8
96. Lydia Register Re8

161. Robert Harris Ha9
162. Dorothy Wylie Wy9


165. y McKinney


169. Daniel Highsmith Hi9
170. Anne Beck Be9

171. Thomas Parker Pa9
172. Martha Maples Ma9

173. Richard Wood Wo9
174. Hopestill Hathaway Ha9

175. Alexander Wilson Wi9
176. x

177. Alexander Jamison Ja9
178. Martha Rickey Ri9
179. Abraham van de Vastine Va9
180. Sarah Ruckman Ru9
181. Benjamin Frey Fr9
182. Christiana ?Markley Ma9
185. y Huss Hu9
187. Conrad Walters Wa9
188. Nancy Ann Redman Re9
189. James Sill Si9
190. Sarah Sill Si9
191. David Register Re9
192. Lydia Yarnall Ya9

321. y Harris
329. y McKinney
337. Bartholomew Highsmith Hi10
338. Eleanor Powell Po10
339. Benjamin Beck Be10
340. Margaret Suggs Su10
341. y Parker Pa10
342. x x10
343. y Maples Ma10
344. x x10
347. Isaac Hathaway Ha10
348. x x10
353. Henry Jamison Ja10
355. y Rickey
357. John Ruckman Ru10
358. Phoebe Lane La10
361. Heinrich Frey Fr10
362. Anna Catherine Levering Le10
363. y ?Markley
364. x
365. y Walters
375. ?Andrew Redman Re10
377. James Sill Si10
378. Ann Baker Ba10
379. Joseph Sill Si10
380. Martha Elliott El10
y Harris
685. William Powell Po11
686. Anne
687. Jeremiah Beck Be11
688. Ann Morrow/Murray
689. George A Suggs Su11
690. Sarah Ives
693. John Hathaway Ha11
694. Martha Shepard Sh11
721. Jacob Frey Fr11
722. Anna Hertzeller He11
723. John Wigard Levering Le11
724. Magdalena Boker Bo11
753. John Sill Si11
754. Sarah Kellam Ke11

755. Joseph John Baker Ba11
756. Martha Woodward Wo11
= 753
= 754
759. y Elliott El11
760. x
y Harris
y Frye
y Hertzeller
Rosier Gerhardt Levering Le12
Elizabeth van de Walle Wa12
Gowan Sill Si12
Christian x

Richard Kellam Ke12
Frances West We12

Andrew Baker Ba12
Richard Woodward Wo12
Jane Petty Nyle Ny12
y Elliott El12
x Elliott
y Harris
Robert de Levering Le13
Jacob van de Walle Wa13
William Sill Si13
Esther Colonna Co13

Richard Kellam Ke13
Sarah Ansley An13
John West We13
Matilda Scarburgh Sc13

?Edward Woodward Wo 13
?Alice SCrope Sc13
y Nyle Ny13
x x13


Jacobus Walle Wa14
Anne VanVinck Vi14
Owen Colonna Co14 = 10 s.a.
Anthony West We14
Edmund Norton Scarborough Sc14
Mary Littleton Li14

Edward Woodward Wo14 =12
Elizabeth Oxenbridge Ox14 =12

Prangritz Wahl
Margred Grimmen
y Colonna
Thomas West We15
Cecily Shirley

Edmund Norton Scarborough Sc15
Edward Littleton Ly15
Mary Walter Wa15
George Woodward Wo15 =13
Alice? Woodford Wo15

Thomas West We16

Anne Knollys Kn16
Thomas Shirley Sh16
Anne Kempe Ke16
John Littleton Ly16
Alice Thornes Th16
Edmund Walter Wa16
Mary Hackluit Ha16 >John Woodward Wo16 =14
Margaret Bulstrode Bu16 =14
Thomas Woodford Wo15

William West We17
Elizabeth Strange St17

Francis Knollys Kn17
Catherine Carey Tu17
William Shirley Sh17
m Mary Isley Is17
Thomas Kempe Ke17
Catherine Chenye Ch17
Thomas Littleton
Anne Botreaux Bo17
y Thornes
Thomas Hakluyt Ha17
Katherine Trentham Tr17

John Woodward Wo17 =15
George Bulstrode Bu17 =15
m Joan Pigott Pi17 =15

George West We18
m Elizabeth Morton Mo18
Thomas Strange St18
Henry Tudor VIII Tu18
Mary Boleyn Bo18
Richard Shirley Sh18
Ann Shelley Sh18
Thomas Isley Is18
Sir William Kempe Ke18
Ellynor Browne Br18
Thomas Littleton Ly18

Joan Burley Bu18
Thomas Trentham Tr18
Elizabeth Corbet Co18
George Woodward Wo 18 =16
Agnes Michell Mi18 =16
Edward Bulstrode Bu18 =16
Mary Empson Em18 =16
Sir Thomas Pigott Pi18 =16

Thomas West We19
Eleanor Copley Co19
Robert Morton Mo19
Henry Tudor VII Tu19
Elizabeth Plantagenet Pl19
Thomas Boleyn Bo19
m Elizabeth Howard Ho19
Ralph Shirley Sh19
Jane Belingham Be19
John Shelley Sh19
Robert Browne Br19

m Thomas de Westcote We19
Elizabeth Littleton Ly19
Thomas Trentham
Catherine Marshall Ma19
Richard Corbet Co19
Elizabeth Devereux De19
John Woodward Wo19 =17
x Collingbridge Co19 =17
Richard Bulstrode Bu19 =17
Alice Kniffe Kn19 =17 Richard Empson Em19 =17

Richard West We20 Catherine Hungerford Hu20
Roger Copley Co20
Henry Tudor VII Tu20
William Boleyn Bo20
Margaret Butler Bu20
Ralph Shirley Sh20
Elizabeth Blount Bl20
Thomas Belingham Be20
Thomas Littleton Ly20
Maud Quartermain Qu20
Thomas Trentham Tr20
Catherine Marschall
Roger Corbet Co20
Elizabeth Hopton Ho20
Walter Devereux De20

William Bulstrode
Agnes Norris No20 =18
Richard Kniffe Kn20 =18

Reginald West We21 =17
Margaret Thorley Th21 =17
Robert Hungerford Hu21
Edmund Tudor Tu21
Margaret Beaufort Pl21
Geoffrey Boleyn Bo21 =19
Anne Hoo Ho21

Thomas Butler Bu21
Hugh Shirley Sh21
Joan Basset Ba21
Thomas Blount Bl21
Margaret Gresley Gr21 =17
Thomas de Lyttleton
Julian de Somery
Thomas Quatermain
Joan Russell Ru21
John Trentham Tr21
x Hoard
Robert Corbet of Moreton Corbet Co21
m Margaret Mallory dau of Sir William Mallory
Walter Devereux De21
Elizabeth MERBURY Me21

John Bulstrode Bu21 =19
Richard de Brudenell Br21 =19
William Norris No21 =19
Christian Sereth Se21 =19

Thomas West We22 =18
Joan de la Warr Wa22 =18
Robert Thorley Th22 =18

Hugh Shirley Sh22
Beatrix de Braose Br22
Thomas Basset Ba22
Owen Tudor Tu22
Catherine of France Va22
John Beaufort Pl22
Margaret Beauchamp Be22
Geoffrey Boleyn Bo22 =20
Thomas Hoo Ho22
William Trentham Tr22
x Horton

Walter Devereux De22
Elizabeth Bromwick Br22
John Bulstrode Bu22 =20
Brudnell Br22 =20
Roger Norris No22 =20
William Sereth Se22 =20

Thomas West We23 =19

Roger Wa19, 3rd Baron de la Warr
Eleanor de Mowbray Mo19

Charles VI of France Va23

John Norreys of Bray b c 1370 a 1456
Millicent Ravenscroft Ra23 =21


Henry Norreys No24 =18 =20 =22
Alice de Ernys Er24 =18 =20 =22


Collateral Nicholas Lines:
Mary Elizabeth Nicholas Ni3-4-1
Margaret Nicholas Ni3-4-2
George Nicholas Ni3-4-3
Catherine Nicholas Ni3-4-4
Esther Nicholas Ni3-4-5
Curran Pope Nicholas Ni3-4-6
Philip Norborn Nicholas Ni3-4-7
George Nicholas Ni3-5-1
Henry Thompson Nicholas Ni3-5-2
Philip Norborne Nicholas Ni3-5-3
Charles Parsons Nicholas Ni3-5-4
Patricia Pope Nicholas Ni3-5-5
John Shannon Nicholas Ni3-8-1
Katherine Prather Nicholas Ni3-8-2

The entire ancestry of Matilda Prather Nicholas for 5 to 10 generations back was compiled by her sister-in-law, Evelyn Belle Thompson Nicholas,  and is supported by numerous copies of the family Bibles and other documents deposited at the Filson Club in Louisville, Kentucky. This praiseworthy work all seems quite reliable except for possible typographical errors here and there.
With the help of her son, Gen. Charles Parsons Nicholas, the Filson Club in Louisville,  and offices in Virginia as well as a cousin yet unknown to me but also having research done at the College of Arms on the Carter - Ludlow connection at Lu10/Lu11, we managed to fill the gap of nine generations of primary evidence needed for pedigree registration. Everything earlier than that for another 20 generations on the Windsor/Andrews/Stratton/Lutterell/Courtenay/Plantagenet/Norman/Carolingian lines  was  directly certified by Rodney Dennys, Somerset Herald of Arms of the College of Arms on the basis of registered pedigrees. 

Except for the possiblilty of a generation connection here or there being being tipped on the basis of DNA evidence or other recognized records these pedigrees will have to be recognized by every court at least when presented in certified form but are generally accepted as evidence in the form of publich knowledge.
A number of other maternal lines branching off this line are also recorded in the Complete Peerage and/or Heralds Visitations and are public knowledge although there are some contradictions and omissions among them. Many of the other earlier lines have only been gleaned from privately published pedigrees and the Internet and may have serious errors and definitely need confirmation or corroboration with the Heralds Visitations or Burke's Complete Peerage or other records.
The other lines going back before 1600 are mostly taken from the Internet and may have serious errors especially for the Terrell/Tyrell connection at Te13 and prior to the Conquest, the Biblical origin shown for the Merovingians seems to be mere legend but may be accurate for several generations before the time of Charlemagne.
The early Fontaine line is, however, based on a manuscript autobiography of an emigrant Hugenot of the 17/18th century and may be considered fully reliable at least back to his grandfather Fo10, if not to Fo12.
The table index below has 6 columns in each row with the names of all ancestors of each generation (counting backwards in time) in a single column arranged descendingly from paternal to maternal lines. For lack of space collateral lines are only shown in the later  generations otherwise over the links for the children of the common ancestor in the latter's personal file. To improve the overview separate tables have been made for the Hester, Bland and Nicholas familes from G6 to G17 as there are no common ancestors known between them except the Pope connection at Po8 and Fo8, while the Nicholas and Pope eigths have been put into separate rows to more easily even out the individual familes horizontally.
The file coding system is designed to arrange the personal digital files of relatives by male lines, generation and collateral line so that the degree of realtionship can be easily recognized in Windows Explorer and multiple descents from the same person can be recognized. The code is the first two letters of the family name followed by the generation number going back in time. To make paternal lines clearer, the name code is retained  even when shifts in spelling of the name or even when the family name itself changes  from one generation to the previous one. While generating the first 100 files, a different letter was sometimes taken as the second code letter where a confusion of names would occurr such as between Cary and Carter , so "Ct" was used to distinguish the latter from the former, but this proved to be of little help, so we have 2 to 7 families grouped under the same letter code. Particularly before 1400,  we have two to ten lines converging on one progenitor, where the direct male lines assumed several different names of residence that later became family names like de Toeni became Stafford as well as de Limesi and later the Stafford branch also became de Gresley and ultimately Greeley. Another problem in coding comes when two or more siblings happen to be direct ancestors on different lines. Then the generation where the lines come together will show a double code to clarify the difference in genration count, or two siblings with the same code, that is without a "-" and sibling number.

The table index is fairly complete back to G17, a lot still has to be entered in up to G29. Beyond that some major work is still needed. The links to some files and pedigrees do not work, as these files have yet to be uploaded, which will occur in time. Some links between individual files still have to be corrected after a major change in the filing system.

Although it might  be considered improper and disrespectful by many to go into diseases especially of possible genetic origin, I do include this information to help the following generations discover the causes of any health problems that may occur, as a problem cannot be solved without knowing its cause. The color code for X and Y chromosomes is: Y,  possible X to help identify where the probability of genetic relationship lies respectively for my sons, daughters, nephew and nieces.
To sum the probabilities resulting from multiple descents for Anna Pope Bland we can see 2.3 % each from Benjamin Pope and Behethalind Foote, 1.6 % each from  Robert R Duncan Du8  Anne Gallop Ga8  and 0.8 % each from John Thruston and Sarah Mynn. The very large number of multiple descents in the other more ancient lines make it very difficult to estimate the probability of genetic relationship to the 50 or more ancestors who were present at Runnemeade and their wives or to those present at the Battle of Hastings and their wives, but a guestimate of a total of more than 3 % does not seem unreasonable. 

Offices and dignities are expressly deleted for brevities sake to keep an overview of the descents, but the folowing codes  are included to make their status more noticeable Lord Chief Justices, Knights, Lords and countless armorial bearings have been inserted below the name of the youngest male in the line entitled to bear them. The author has relied on the Internet sources as to whether these line were actually granted exactly entitled to these arms. But most of the entries do correspond with the arms shown in the published visitation. There are perhaps still about 100 families who were entitled to armorial bealings, but the author has not come across a digital image of them yet

Those wishing to support this work may do so by granting any translation jobs in German and English to the author at

Matilda Prather Nicholas Ni3

Collateral Nicholas Lines:
Ni3-1 Emma Juliet Nicholas 
Chi1dren by second marriage:
Ni3-2 Samuel Smith Nicholas 
Ni3-3 Mary Emeline Nicholas 
Worden Pope Nicholas Ni3-4
George Nicholas Ni3-5
Sarah Lawrence Nicholas Ni3-6
Patrick Pope Nicholas Ni3-7
Thomas Prather Nicholas Ni3-8
Lawrence Nicholas Ni3-9
Cary Nicholas Ni3-10
Matilda Prather Nicholas Ni3
Mary Anna Nicholas Ni3-12
Samuel Smith Nicholas Ni3-13

de Beauchamp
de Guzmán
de Ayala
de Colewick

de la Warr
de la Pole


de Croft
le Blount
de la Forde
de Boys









de Legh

de Mauley
de Hebdon
de Bayly
de Hooten
de Well
le Rous 

le Brun






7. George Nicholas III Ni4


13. Samuel Smith Nicholas Ni5


25.George Nicholas II Ni6


49. Robert Carter Nicholas Ni7
97. George Nicholas Ni8


193. Philip Nicholas Ni9
194. Frances ?
385. Robert Nicholas Ni10
386. Elizabeth ?
769. Robert Nicholas Ni11
770. Elizabeth Sheldon Sh11
Nicholas table row continued
1537.  Edward Nicholas Ni12
1538. Catherine Franklin Fr12
1539. Philip Sheldon Sh12
3073. Robert Nicholas Ni13
3074. Mary Webb We13
3075. Richard Franklin Fr13 
6145.  Robert Nicholas Ni14
6149. William Webb We14
John Nicholas Ni15

 Webb We15 
John Nicholas Ni16
Alice Enoch En16
John Nicholas Ni17
Thomas Enoch En17
Agneta Sandon Sa17.
John Nicholas Ni18
Symon Sandon Sa18
Thomas Nicholas Ni19
William Sandon (Sa19)
98. Elizabeth Carter Ct8
195. Robert Carter Ct9


389. John Carter Ct10
390. Sarah Ludlow Lu10
779. John Carter Ct11

780.  Bridget Benion Be11 

781.  Gabriel Ludlow Lu11


1593. Thomas Ludlow Lu12

1594. Jane Pyle Py12


3185. George Ludlow Esq. Lu13 6367. William Ludlow Lu14

6368. Jane Moore Mo14

John Ludlow Lu15

Philippa Bulstrode
Nicholas Moore Mo15
Dorothy Southwell So15
John Ludlow Lu16
Lora Ringwood

William Bulstrode Bu16
Jane Strangwick
John Moore Mo16
Margaret Brent Br16
Robert Southwell So16
Margaret Nevell
William Ludlow Lu17
Margaret Rymer Ry17
Thomas Ringwood Ri17
Isabel Feteplace Fe17
William de Ludlow Lu18
William Rymer
x Warmwell
Robert de Ludelowe Lu19
William Warmwell
William Bulstrode Bu17
Agnis Norris No17
Edward Strangwick
Thomas Moore Mo17
John Brent Br17
Francis Southwell So17
Dorothy Tendring Te16
Thomas Nevell Ne17
John Bulstrode Bu18
Agnes Brudnell Br18
William Norris No18
?Anne de la Rivers Ri18
Walter Moore Mo18
Richard Southwell So18
Amy Wychingham Wy18
William Tendring Te18
Robert Bulstrode Bu19
Agnes Sampson
Richard de Brudnell Br19
Roger Norreys No19
William Moore Mo19
Margaret Brenchley Br19
Robert Southwell So19
Isabella Boys Bo19
Edward Wychingham Wy19
Alice Fastolfe Fa19

Thomas Moore Mo20
Agnes Austen Au20
John Brenchley Br20
John Southwell So20
Agnes Pryde
John Boys Bo20
John Fastolfe Fa20

William de More Mo21
Catherine Aucher Au21
Robert Austen Au21
Samon Pryde Pr21

Thomas de More Mo22
Catherine de Benenden Be22
Anthony Aucher Au22
registered at the College of Arms
3186. Edith Windsor Wi13

3187. Thomas Pyle Py13
3188. Elizabeth Laugarish

6369. Andrew de Windsor Wi14


Thomas de Windsor Wi15 Miles de Windsor Wi16,
Joan Greene Gr16
Richard de Windsor Wi17
Christian Faulkner Fa17
Walter Greene Gr17
?Edith Latimer
Brian de Windsor Wi18
Alice Drew Dr18

Richard Falconer
Walter Greene Gr18

Miles de Windsor Wi19
Alice de Wymondham Wy19
Thomas Drew
Henry Grene Gr19
Catherine de Drayton Dr19
James de Windsor Wi20
Elizabeth Strechie St20
Richard de Windsor Wi21

John Strechie
Richard Windsor Wi22
Julian Stapleton St22 Nicholas Stapleton

Elizabeth Andrews An15  John Andrews An16
Elizabeth Stratton St16
James Andrews An17
Alice Weyland We17
John Stratton St17
Elizabeth Lutterell Lu17
William Andrews An18
Margaret Chiselhampton
John Weyland We18
Alice FitzRalph Fi18
Walter Stratton St18
Hugh Lutterell Lu18
Catherine de Beaumont Be18
y Andrews An19
William Weyland We19
Margaret Burnaville Bu19
Andrew Lutterell Lu19
Elizabeth de Courtenay Co19
John de Beaumont Be19
Jean Stockhay
Robert Weyland We20
Cecilia de Baldock
William Burnaville Bu20
Hugh de Courtenay Co20
Margaret de Bohun Bo20

William de Weyland We21
Thomas de Baldock Ba21
Hugh de Courtenay Co22
Alianora Despencer De22

Thomas de Weyland We22
Margaret de Mose Mo22
John de Courtney
Isabel de Vere Ve22
Hugh Despencer De23
6370. Elizabeth Blount Bl14

6371. William Pyle Py14
6372. ? Benger
6373. Rod Laugarish

William Blount Bl15
Walter Blount Bl16

Ellen Byron By16

Thomas le Blount Bl17

Margaret Greseley Gr17


John Byron By17

Margery Booth Bo17
Walter le Blount Bl18

Sancha de Ayala Ay18

Thomas Gresley Gr18
Margaret Walsh Wa18

Richard Byron By18
Joan de Colewick Co18
John Booth Bo18
Johanna Trafford Tr18
John le Blount Bl19
Eleanor de Beauchamp Be19

Diego Gómez de Guzmán Gu19
Inés de Ayala Ay19

James Byron By19
Elizabeth Barnake Ba19
William Colwick Co19
Joan Peche Pe19

Thomas Booth Bo19
Ellen Workesley Wo19
Henry Trafford Tr19
Margaret Echyngham Ec15

Richard Pyle Py15
Elizabeth Horne

Thomas Eychingham II Ec16


Margaret West We16

William Horne H016

Thomas Eychingham Ec17

Margaret Knyvet Kn17

Reginald West We17
Margaret Thorley Th17.

William de Eychingham Ec18

Joan Fitzalan Fi18

John Knyvett Kn18

Joan de Botetourt Bo18

Thomas West We18
Joan de la Warr Wa18
Robert Thorley Th18
Anne de la Pole Po18


William de Eychingham Ec19=18 above
Elizabeth de Criol Cr19=18 above
John Fitzalan Fi19
Eleanor Maltravers Ma19
John Knyvett Kn19
Eleanor Bassett Ba19
John de Botetourt Bo19
Katherine de Weyland We19
Thomas West We19 =23
Alice FitzHerbert

Roger de la Warre Wa19
Eleanor Mowbray Mo19
Michael de la Pole Po19
Catherine de Wingfield Wi19

Thomas West We20
John Mowbray Mo20
Elizabeth Segrave Se20

John de la Warre Wa20
Joane Plantagenet Pl21
John Segrave Se21
Margaret of York
Henry Plantagenet Pl22
782. Phylis Wakelyn Wa11 1395. Alban Wakelyn Wa12

1396. Anne Amy Washington Wa12

3189. Robert Washington Wa13=15 below
3190. Elizabeth Light Ly13=15 below

6375. Lawrence Washington Wa14
6376. Amy Partiger
6377. Walter Lyte Ly14
6378. Ursula Woodford Wo14

John Washington Wa15
Margaret Kytson Ky15
Robert Partiger
Thomas Woodford Wo14
Robert Washington Wa16
Elizabeth Westfield
Robert Kytson Ky16
Robert Washington Wa17
Margaret Lambertson
John Washington Wa18 John de Washington Wa19
Joan de Croft
Robert de Washington Wa 20
Agnes de Gentyl Ge20
Robert de Wessington Wa21
Joan de Strickland St21
Thomas Woodford Wo15
Elizabeth Blount Bl15

Richard Blount Bl17
Dorothy de la Ford Fo17
Thomas Blount Bl18
m2 Margaret Clifton Cl18
William de la Ford Fo18
Thomas le Blount =Bl17 above
Margaret Gresley =Gr17 above
Gervase Clifton Cl19
Isabella Francis Fr19
Walter le Blount Bl20=18
Sancha de Ayala Ay20=18
John de Clifton Cl20
Catherine de Cressy Cr20
Robert Francis Fr20
John le Blount Bl21
Isolda de Mountjoy Mo21
Walter le Blount Bl22
Johanna de Sodington So22
Thomas de Mountjoy Mo22
196. Judith Armistead Ar9 391. John Armistead Ar10
392. Judith Bowles Robinson Ro10
783. William Armistead Ar11
784. Anne E. Ellis El11
785. John J. Robinson Ro11
786. Elizabeth Potter Po11
Nicholas/Carter/Armistead row continued
1597. Anthony Armistead Ar12
1598. Frances Thompson Tm12
1599. George Robinson Ro12
1600. Frances Layton La12
1601. Christopher Potter Po12
1602. Isabell
3193. Roger Armistead Ar13
3194. Epham Hill
3195. y Thompson
3197. George Robinson
3199. Thomas Layton
6385. John Armistead Ar14
6387. John Robinson Ro14
6388. Alice Dent
Robert Armistead Ar15
John Robinson Ro15
Ann Savage Sa15

Christopher Savage Sa16 = 18
Anne Lignon

Christopher Savage Sa17 =19
Anne Stanley St17 =19
Roger Lignon Li17 =19

John Savage Sa18 =20
Catherine Stanley St18 =20
Thomas Stanley St18 =20

Thomas Stanley St19 =17
Jean Goushill Go19 =21
Thomas Stanley St19 =21
Maud Arderne Ar19 =21

Robert Goushill Go20 =22
Elizabeth FitzAlan Fi20=22

John Arderne Ar20 =22
Katherine Stafford St20 =22

Isabel/Elizabeth Harrington
John Arderne Ar21 =23
Thomas Stafford St21 =23
50. Anne Cary Ca7


99. Wilson Cary Ca8


100. Sarah Pate Pa8

197. Miles Cary Ca9




198. Mary Wilson Wi9

199. John Edward Pate Pa9

200. Ann Read Re9

393. Miles Cary Ca10






394.Anne Taylor Ta10

395. William Wilson Wi10
396. Jane



397. Thomas Pate Pa10
398. Elizabeth Early
399. Francis Reade Re10
400. Ann Beale Be10

785. John Cary Ca11
786. Alice Hobson Ho11

787. Thomas Taylor Ta11 = Ta13 s.b.
788. Margaret Swinderby Sw11
= Sw13 s.b.

789. y Wilson

793. Edward Pate

791. George Reade Re11 =13 s.b.
792. Elizabeth Martiau Ma11 =13 s.b.
799. James Beall Be11 =12
800. Anne Marie Calvert Ca11 =12

Nicholas/Cary row continued
1569. William Cary Ca12

1570. Alice Goodall Go12

1571. Henry Hobson Ho12
1572. Alice Dans

1573. Thomas Taylor Ta12 = 15 s.b.
1574. Elizabeth Burwell Bu12 = 15 s.b.
1575. Andrew Swinderby Sw12
1576. Edward Pate


1581. Robert Reade Re12=13
1582. Mildred Windebank Wi12 =13
1597. Alexander Beall Be12 =13
1598. Margaret Ramsey Ra12 =13
1599. George Calvert Ca12 =14
1600. Anne Mynne My12 =14

3137. Richard Cary Ca13

3138. Christian Dennis


3139. Rowland Taylor Ta13 =16 s.b.
3140. Margaret Tyndale Ty13 =16 s.b.
3141. ?Edward Burwell Bu13=16 s.b.
3142. ?Jane Wingate Wi13=16 s.b.
3143. y Swinderby

3161. Andrew Reade Re13=14
3162. Alice Cook Co13=14
3163. Thomas Windebank Wi13 =14
3164. Frances Dymoke Dy13 =14
3193. William Beall Be13 =15
3194. Margaret Patterson Pa13 =14
3195. John Pearce Ramsey Ra13 =14
3196. Sarah x
3197. Calvert
3199. George Mynne My13 =15

3200. Elizabeth Wroth Wr13 =15

6273. William Cary Ca14
Cary pedigree
6274. Joan Herle


6277. John Taylor Ta14
6278. Susan Rowland Ro14
6279. John Tyndale

6280. Amphillis Coningsby Co14
6281. y Burwell
6283. ?Edmund Wingate
6284. ?Mary Belfield

6321. Thomas Reade
6322. Mary Stonhouse
6323. y Cooke
6325. Richard Windebank Wi14 =15
6326. Margaret verch Griffith
6327. Edward Dymoke Dy14 =15
6328. Anne Tailboys Ta14 =15
Bridget Fiennes Fi14 =15

6397. John Mynne My14 =16
6398. Alice Standish St14 =16
Robert Cary Ca15

Agnes Hody

John Herle
Margaret Foalkery




John Taylor Ta15
Margaret Fairsted Fa15
y Rowland
William Tyndale Ty15
Margaret Montfort Mo15
Humphrey Coningsby Co15
x Fereby


Thomas Rede Re15 =16

George Stonhouse
Elizabeth Gibson Gi15 =16
John Windebank
Robert Dymoke Dy15 =16
Jane Sparrow Sp15 =16
George Tailboys Ta15 =16
Margaret/?Anne Burgh Bu15 =16
Elizabeth Gascoigne Ga15 =16
Catherine Knyvett Kn15 =17

William Cary Ca16

Elizabeth Paulett Pa16


William Hody Ho16
Eleanor Malet Ma16

John Herle
Elizabeth Salter
William Foalkery



William Taylor Ta16
Thomas Tyndale Ty16
Margaret Yelverton Ye16
Osbert Montfort Mo16
Thomas Coningsby Co16
Catharine Waldiffe

Richard Windebank
Thomas Dymoke Dy16 =17
John Sparrow Sp16 =17
Robert Tailboys Ta16 =17
Elizabeth Heron He16 =17 Sir John Heron He17 =18
Thomas Burgh Bu16 =17
Margaret Ros Ro16 =17
William Gascoigne Ga16 =17
m Margaret Percy Pe16 =17
Philip Cary Ca17
Christian Orchard Or17

William Paulett Pa17

Elizabeth Denebaud

John Hody Ho17
Elizabeth Jewe Je17
Baldwin Malet Ma17 = Ma18
Elizabeth Trivett Tr18
Thomas Herle
Jane Arvos
John Salter

William Taylor Ta17
William Tyndale Ty17
Alana de Felbrigge Fe17
William Yelverton Ye17
Agnes le Gross
Thomas Coningsby Co17
Elizabeth Whetthill Wh17

Thomas Dymoke Dy17 =18
Margaret Welles We17=18

William Tailboys Ta17 =18
Elizabeth Bonville
John Heron He17 =18
Thomas Burgh Bu17 =18
Elizabeth Percy Pe17 =18
Thomas Ros Ro17 =18
William Gascoigne Ga17 =18
Henry Percy Pe17 =18
Eleanor Poynings
Robert Cary Ca18
Margaret de Courtenay Co18
Richard Orchard Or18
John de Cary Ca19
Margaret Holeway Ho19
Philip de Courtenay Co19
Ann Wake Wa16
y Orchard
Sir John de Cary Ca20
Jane/June de Bryen Br20
Hugh de Courtenay; Co20
Margaret de Bohun Bo20
Sir Thomas Wake Wa20
Alice de Pateshulle Pa20
John Karry Ca21
Elizabeth Stapleton St21
Sir Thomas Wake Wa20
Adam de Karry Ca22
Anne/Amy Trevet Tr22
Thomas Paulett Pa18
Margaret Burton Bu18
John Denebaud De18
Florence l'Arcedekne Ar18

Thomas Hody Ho18
Elizabeth Cole Co18
John le Jewe Je18
John Malet Ma18 = Ma19
Elizabeth Kingston Ki18 = Ki19 below
ThomasTrivett Tr19
Elizabeth Tymbury

Philip Dymoke Dy18 =19
Joan Conyers
William Tailboys Ta18 =19
y Burgh Bu18 =19
Henry Percy Pe18 =19
Elizabeth ?Braose
William Bonville Bo18 =19
Lionel de Welles, We18 =19
John Paulet Pa19
Elizabeth Creedy Cr19
Henry Burton Bu19
Alice de Boys
John Denebaud De19
John l'Arcedekne
Cicely Haccombe Ha19

Richard Hody Ho19
John Cole Co19
John le Jewe Je19
Alice Pillesdon Pi19
4 = Ma20 et seq. below
John Trivett Tr19
Jane Furneaux

Thomas Dymoke Dy17 =18
Elizabeth Hebden
Christopher Conyers Co18 =19
Thomas Percy Pe19 =20
John Paulet Pa20
Elizabeth Reyney Re20
John Creedy
Gilbert BurtonBu20
Isabel Dunn Du20
John de Boys Bo20
Eustacia Sandeby Sa20

William Jeu
John de Pillesdon Pi20

John Dymoke Dy19 =20
Margaret de Ludlow
Nicholas Hebden
Walter Paulet Pa21
Thomas Reyney Re21.
John Dunn Du21
Elinor ?de Knovill
William de Boys Bo21
Bertram Sandeby

Walter de Pillesdon Pi21

John Dymoke Dy17 =18
Thomas de Ludlow
Catherine Stoke
William Paulet Pa22.
William de Boys Bo22

Eudo de Pillesdon Pi22

Henry Dymoke
William de Paulet Pa23 Geoffrey Plantagenet Pa24 =Pl24
William Taylor Ta18
John Tyndale Ty18
Catherine Zouch
John Yelverton Ye18
Elizabeth Reade Re18
Thomas Coningsby Co18
Blanch Hawcliffe
John Whetthill Wh18
William Taylor Ta19
Tyndale Ty19
Thomas Coningsby Co19
y Whetthill Wh17
26. Mary Smith Sm6 51. John Smith Sm7
52. Mary Buchanon Bu7
101. Robert Smith Sm8
102. Elizabeth 
103. Robert Buchanon Bu8
104. Jane x8

205. William Buchanan Bu9
206 Rebecca

409. George Buchanan Bu10
410. Elizabeth Mayne

817. y Buchanan Bu11

1633. William Buchanan Bu12
1634. Jane

John Buchanan Bu13
Margaret Livingstone

John Buchanan Bu14
Isabella Shaw

Andrew Buchanan Bu15
Eupham Stirling

John Buchanan Bu16
Dorothea Levingstoun

Walter Buchanan Bu17
Isabelle Graham Gr17

Patrick Buchanan Bu18
Jonet Cunynghame Cu18
William Graham Gr18
Helen Douglas Do18

Walter Buchanan Bu19
Isobel Stewart St19
William Douglas Do19
Margaret Hay Ha19

Walter Buchanan Bu20
Margaret x
Murdoch Stewart, 2nd Duke of Albany St20
Sir William Hay Ha20

Maurice Buchanan, 10th of Buchanan Bu21
Margaret Menteith Me21

Gilbert Buchanan Bu22
Sir William Menteith of Rusky)
14. Matilda Prather Pr5 27. Thomas Prather III Pr6

53. Thomas Prather II Pr7

54. Jeanette Smiley Sm7


105. Thomas Prather Pr8

106. Martha Sprigg Sp8


107. y Smiley Sm8
108. wifex8

209. Jonathan Prather Pr9

210. ?Lyle Jane Goldsmith

211. Thomas Sprigg Sp9
417. Thomas Prather Pr10

418.   Mary McKay Mc10

427. Thomas Sprigg Sp10
428. Katherine Griffin Gr10
833. Thomas Prater Pr11

834. Margaret Quintyne Qu11
835. y McKay

853. Thomas Sprigg

855. George Griffin Gr11

Nicholas/Prather row continued
1665. Anthony Thomas Prater Pr12

Nicholas/Prather/Ivey row continued
1666. Judith Ivey Iv12

Nicholas/Prather/Quintyne  row continued
1667. Henry Quintyne Qu12
1668. Alice
3329. George Prather Pr13

3330. Jane Plott Pl13

3333. Thomas Anthony Ivye Iv13
3334. Elizabeth Malet Ma13

3335. Mychall Quinten Qu13
3336. Margaret Ivye Iv13
6657. John Prater Pr14
6658. Elene Kingston Ki14
6659. Richard Plott

6667. Hugh Malet Ma14
6668 Isabel Michell

6661. Mychell Quinten Qu14
6665. Richard Ivye Iv14
6666. Isabel Canning Ca14
William Prater Pr15
 Alice Carew
 William Kingston Ki15
 Mary Scrope
 Plott Pl16

William Malett Ma15
Alice Younge
Thomas Michell

 John Quinten Qu15
Elizabeth Larkstock
Thomas Ivie Iv15
Elizabeth Vyell
Michaell Canning Ca15
Williamus Prater Pr16

Thomas Malet Ma16
Joan Wadham Wa16
Thomas Young

Hugh Malet Ma17
Joan Roynon
William Wadham de Merryfield


Baldwin Malet Ma18
Amicia Lyffe Ly18
John Wadham Wa18
Elizabeth Popham Po18

John Malet Ma19
Elizabeth Kingston Ki19
Richard Lyffe Ly19
Julian Valletort Va19
William Wadham WA19
Margaret Chiselden Ch19

212. Eleanor Nuthall Nu9
213. y Smiley
429. John Nuthall Nu10
857. John Nuttle Nu11 Nicholas/Prather/Sprigg/Nuthall/ row continued
1713. John Nuthall Nu12
1714. Jane Newport Ne12
Richard Nuthall Nu13
Alice Hurlton Bi13
Robert Newport Ne13
Richard Nuthall Nu14
Jane Horton Ho14
Thomas Hurlton Hu14
Elizabeth Birckenhead Bi14
John Nuthall Nu15
Agnes Griffin
Roger Horton
Alice Manley
Adam Birckenhead Bi15
Alice Huxley Hu15

John Griffin
Henry Birckenhead Bi16
John Huxley Hu16
.Nicholas Griffin
Henry Birckenhead Bi17
John Griffin
y Birckenhead Bi18
Robert Griffin
y Birckenhead Bi19

John Birckenhead Bi20/?1
858. Mary Hyde Hy11


Nicholas/Prather/Sprigg/Nuthall/Hyde/ row continued
1717. Robert Hyde Hy12


3433.  Robert Hyde Hy13

Nicholas/Prather/Sprigg/Nuthall/Hyde/Davenport row continued
3434. Jane Davenport Da13


6865. Hamnet Hyde Hy14

6866. Margaret Warren Wa14

6867.  William Davenport Da14

6868.  Blanch Warburton Wa14
Robert Hyde Hy15

Margaret Holland

Lawrence Warren Wa15

Margaret Legh Le15

William Davenport Da15

Margery Legh Le15

John Warburton Wa15
Jane Stanley St15
Thomas Hyde Hy16

Margaret Kynaston Ky16

Richard Holland Ho16

John Warren Wa16

Eleanor Gerrard Ge16

Piers Legh Le16

Ellen Savage Sa16

John Davenport Da16

Cicely Warren Wa16

Robert Legh Le16

Isabella Stanley St16

Peter Warburton Wa16

Helen  Savage Sa16
William Stanley St16
Joan Beaumont Be16

Hamnet Hyde Hy17

Margaret Davenport Da17

?John Kinaston Ky17

?Gwenllian Pa17

Thurston Holland Ho17

?Margaret Warren Wa17

Lawrence Warren Wa17= below

Isabel Legh Le17= below

Thomas Gerrard Ge17

Matilda Bold Bo17

Piers Legh Le17

Mabel Croft

John Savage Sa17

Catherine Stanley St17

Robert Davenport Da17
Alice Fitton Fa17

 Wa/Le17 = Wa/Le17 above

Robert Legh Le17 =19

William Stanley St17

Margerie Arderne Ar17

Geoffrey Warburton Wa17
Ellen Bruyn.
John Savage Sa17
Matilda de Swynnerton Sw17
Thomas Stanley St17
Jean Goushill Go17
John de Beaumont Be17
Elizabeth Phelip Ph17
John de Hyde Hy18

Ann Baguley

Robert Davenport Da18

 Joan Assheton As18

Jenkin Kinaston Ky18
Agnes verch Llewellyn

John of Pant Pa18

y Bersli


Thurston Holland Ho18
Lawrence Warren Wa18=19 below
Margaret Bulkeley Bu18=19 below

John Warren Wa18
Isabel Stanley St18
Robert Legh Le18
Isabella Stanley St18
William Gerard Ge18
Elizabeth Byron By18
Sir Henry Bold Bo18
Dulcia Savage Sa18
Roger Legh L118
Margaret Molyneaux Mo18
James Croft Cr18
x Freckelton

John Savage Sa18=17 below
Thomas Stanley St18=17 below
Jean Goushill Go17=17 below

Robert Davenport Da18
Joan Assheton As18
Lawrence Fitton Fi18
Agnes Hesketh
4 = Wa18 et seq.  above
Robert Legh Le18= 20 above
Isabel Belgrave= above
William Stanley St18
Margery de Hooton

John Arderne Ar18

Peter Warburton Wa18
Alice Braylsford Br18
John Savage Sa18
Matilda de Swynnerton Sw18
Elizabeth Beke
John Stanley St18
Elisabeth Harrington Ha18
Robert Goushill Go18
Elizabeth FitzAlan Fi18
Henry de Beaumont Be18
Elizabeth Willoughby Wi18
William Phelip Ph18
Joan Bardolf Ba18
Robert Hyde Hy19
x de Norbury No19
y Baguley
John de Davenport Da19
Alice de Bromhall Br19
John de Assheton As19
Margaret de Legh Le19

Madog Kinaston Ky19
Sioned verch Jenkin
Llewellyn Ddu ap Griffith Ll19
Howel of Pant y Bersli Pa19
Gwenllian verch Madog Ey19

Richard Holland Ho19
Amery de Kenyon
4 = Wa20 et seq. below

Lawrence Warren Wa19=18 above
Margaret Bulkeley Bu19=18 above
John Stanley St19
Elizabeth Harrington Ha19
y Gerard Ge19

John Savage Sa19 =
Maud Swinnerton Sw19 =
Robert Legh Le19
Joan Haydock
Richard Molyneaux
Elizabeth Stanley
William Stanley St19
Blanche Arderne Ar19
Agnes de Litherled
William de Hooten
Catherine Torond

Robert Davenport Da19
Alice Dutton Du19
John Assheton As19
Margaret de Legh Le19
Thomas Fitton Fi19
Margaret Legh Le19
8 = Wa19 et seq. above
4 = Le21 et seq.  below
William de Stanley St19
William de Hooton Ho19
Peter Arderne Ar19
Cicely de Bredbury

John Warburton Wa19
Agnes de Wevere
John Savage Sa19
Robert de Swynnerton Sw19
John de Stanley St19
Isabel Lathom La19
?John Harrington Ha19
Isabella English En19
John de Beaumont Be19
Catherine Heveringham Go19
Richard FitzAlan Fi20
Elizabeth de Bohun Bo19=
William Willoughby Wi19
Lucy le Strange St19
Thomas Bardolf Ba19
Hawise Cromwell Cr19
John de Stanley St19
Isabel Harrington 
Richard Neville
Robert Savage Sa19
Amicia Walkington
Thomas Danyers
Isabel Baggalegh
Thomas de Swynnerton Sw19
Matilda de Holand Ho19
Nicholas Beke Be19
Jane de Stafford St19
Nicholas/Prather/Sprigg/Nuthall/Hyde/Calverly row continued
1718. Beatrice Calverly Ca12
3435. William Calverly Ca13

3436. Elizabeth Sneyde Sn13
6869. William Calverly Ca14

6870. Isabell Drax Dr14

6871. Richard Sneyd Sn14
6872. Anne Fowlehurst
William Calverly Ca15

Alice Savile Sa15

John Drax Dr15

Margaret Amyas

William Sneyd Sn15
Johanna Ledsham
William Calverley Ca16

Agnes Tempest  Te16

Thomas Savile Sa16

Margaret Balforth

Alexander Drax Dr16
Joan Wortley Wo16
Percival Amyas 
Elizabeth Soothill

Nicholas Sneyd Sn16
Margaret Downes
Roger Ledsham
Walter de Calverly Ca17

Elizabeth Markenfield Ma17

John Tempest Te17

Alice Sherburne Sh17

John Savile Sa17
Alice Gascoigne Ga17
Thomas Balforth

John Drax Dr17
Margaret Barley Ba17
?Thomas Soothill So17

Richard Sneyd Sn17
Agnes Sutton Su17
Robert Downes Do17
Walter de Calverly Ca18
Joanna Bygot By18

Thomas Markenfield Ma18
Beatrice Southill So18

Piers Tempest Te18

Grace de Hebden He18
Richard Sherburne Sh18
Agnes Stanley St18

Henry Savile Sa18
Margaret Pilkington Pi18
William Gascoigne Ga18
Jane Wyman

Richard Drax Dr18

Thomas Barley

Isabel FitzWilliam Fi18

William Sneyd
?John Sutton Su18
?Aline de Well 
Walter de Calverly Ca19
Margery Dineley
John Bygot Bi19
Constance de Mauley Ma19
John Markenfield Ma19
x Mynyot
Henry Southill So19
Eleanor Moseley Mo19

Richard Tempest Te17
Isabel Leygard 
Nicholas de Hebdon
x Rie
Richard de Bayly
Margaret Sherburne Sh19
William Stanley St19
Margery de Hooton Ho19=Ho18 above

Henry Savile Sa19
Elizabeth Thornhill Th19
John de Pilkington Pi19
William Gascoigne Ga19
Elizabeth Mowbray Mo19
Henry Wyman

Alan Drax Dr19
John FitzWilliam Fi19
Katherine Harynwell Ha19

John de Calverley Ca20
Joanna Ward Wa20
John de Calverley Ca21
Sir Simon Ward Wa21
William Scott Ca22
x Goldsborough
William Ward Wa22
Margaret Nevill
430. Elizabeth Bacon Ba10
859. Nathaniel Bacon Ba11
860. Elizabeth Kingsmill Ki11.
Nicholas/Prather/Sprigg/Nuthall/Bacon row continued
1719. James Bacon Ba12

1720.Martha Woodward Wo12
1721. Richard Kingsmill Ki12
3437. James Bacon Ba13
3438. Elizabeth Bacon Ba13
3439. George Wooward Wo13 =14
3440. Elizabeth Honywood Ho13
3441. ?William Kingsmill Ki13
3442. ?Bridget Raleigh Ra13
6873. James Bacon Ba14
6874. Margaret Rawlins
6875. .Farncis Bacon Ba14
6876. Anne Drury Dr14
6877. John Woodward Wo14
6878. Margaret Bulstrode Bu14

6879. Robert Honywood Ho14
6880. Mary Atwater At14
6881. John Kingsmill Ki14
6882. Constance Goring Go14
6883. George Raleigh Ra14
6884. Jane Coningsby
Robert Bacon Ba15
Isabella Cage Ca15
William Rawlins
Thomas Bacon Ba15
Ann Rous Ro15 
John Drury Dr15
Elizabeth Goldingham

George Woodward Wo15 =16
Agnes Michell Mi15 =16
George Bulstrode Bu15 =16
Joan Pigott P15 =16

John Honywood Ho15
Alice Barnes
Robert Atwater At15
Katherine Bright Br15
John Kingsmill Ki16
Joan Gifford
John Goring
Constance Dyke
Edward Raleigh Ra15
Anne Chamberlain

John Bacon Ba16
Agnes Cockfield Co16
John Cage
Thomas Bacon Ba16
Joan Wade
Henry Rous Ro16
Agnes Denton
John Drury Dr16
Margaret Felton
John Goldingham Go16
Thomasine Lyston
John Woodward Wo16 =17
x Collingridge
John Michell Mi16 =17
Edward Bulstrode Bu16 =17
Mary Empson
Thomas Pigott

Thomas Honeywood Ho16
Thomasine Mary Lovelace Lo16
Richard Kingsmill Ki16
John Gifford
John Goring
Joan Hewster
Henry Dyke
Edward Raleigh Ra16
Margaret Verney
Edmund Bacon Ba17
Elizabeth Croft
Thomas Cockfield
John Bacon Ba17= Ba16 above
Agnes Cockfield Co17 = Co16 above
y Wade
Reginald Rous Ro17
Elizabeth Denston
Thomas Drury Dr17
Katharine Whitwell
William Felton Fe17
John Goldingham Go17
Robert Lyston
y Woodward
Richard Bulstrode Bu17
Alice Kniffe
Richard Empson
Allan de Honeywood
William Lovelace Lo17
Laura Peckham Pe17
John Goring Go17
Margaret Radmylde
Humphrey Hewster
Richard Kingsmill Ki1^7
William Raleigh Ra17
Elizabeth Greene Gr17
Ralph Verney
Margaret Iwarby
John Bacon Ba18
Margery Thorpe Th18
Thomas Crofts Cr18
Susan Poley Po18
4 x Ba17 et seq. above
Robert le Rous Ro18
Margaret Roys
William Drury Dr18
Katherine Swinford
John Goldingham Go18
William de Honeywood Ho18
Catherine Caseborne
Richard Lovelace Lo18
Elizabeth Ensham En18
John de PecheJames Reynold de Peckham Pe18
m Alice Wypeham Wy18
John Goring Go18
Ralph Radmylde
Margaret Camoys Ca28
y Raleigh
Thomas Greene Gr18
Philippa de Ferrers Fe18
John Bacon Ba19 =20
Helen Tillot Ti19
John Thorpe
John Poley Po19
Anne Wentworth We19
8 x Ba18 et seq. above
William le Rous Ro19
Evelyn Clowting
Richard Roys
Roger Drury Dr19
Margaret Naunton Na19
Thomas Swinford Sw19

John Goldingham Go19
Eleanor de Whiteacre

Allan de Honeywood Ho19
Thomas Caseborne
John Lovelace Lo19
Reginald de Peckham Pe19
Alice Wykham Wy19
John Goring Go19
y Radmylde
Richard de Camoys Ca19
Joan Poynings Po19
Thomas Greene Gr19
Mary Talbot Ta19
Robert de Ferrers Fe19
Margaret le Despencer De19

John Bacon Ba20 =21
Helena Giddin
George Tillot Ti20 =21
Edmund Poley Po20
Myrabel Garneys
Thomas Wentworth We20
Margaret Fortescue
John Lovelace Lo20
James de Peche Pe20
Robert de Ferrers Fe20
Elizabeth de Stafford St20
le Despencer De20
John Bacon Ba21 =22
Cicely Hoo Ho21 =22
Henry Poley Po21
Constance Gedding Ge21
John Garneys Ga21
Elizabeth Sulyard Su21
Richard Wentworth We21
Anne Tyrrell Ty21
Adrian Fortescue Fo21
John Lovelace Lo21
John de Peche Pe21
Robert de Ferrers Fe21
Ralph de Stafford St20
Margaret de Audley Au20
le Despencer De21
John Baacon Ba22 =23
Robert Hoo Ho22 =23
Simon Poley Po22
Margery Alcokes Al22
William Gedding Ge22
Henry Wentworth We22
Ann Say Sa22
James Tyrrell Ty22
John de Peche Pe22
Ellen Bokeland Bo22
de Ferrers Fe22

le Despencer De22

Richard Poley Po23
Margaret Blyant Bl23
Edmond Alcokes Al23
Philip Wentworth We23 =26
Mary Clifford Cl23 =26
John Say Sa23

Thomas Poley of Codreth, later of Boxted Hall b c 1400
Maude Gislingham Gi24
Simon Blyant Bl24
Roger Wentworth We24 =27
m. Margery le Despenser
John de Clifford Cl24 =27
Philip le Despenser De2

John Gislingham Gi25
28. Matilda Fontaine Fo6 55. Aaron Fontaine Fo7

109. Peter Fontaine Fo8.

110. Elizabeth Wade Wa8
217. James Fontaine Fo9
218. Ann Elizabeth Boursiquot Bo9

219. Joseph Wade Wa9
220. Sarah Willis Wi9
433. Jacque de la Fontaine Fo10
434. Marie Chaillon
435.Aaron Boursiquot Bo10
436. Jeanne Guillot

437. Andrew Wade Wa10
438. x
439. John Titus Willis Wi10
440. Sarah Hudson Hu10
865. James de la Fontaine Fo11

Edward Wade Wa11
Mary Hampton Ha11

William Willis

John Fontaine Fo12

Edward Wade Wa12
Jane Dorothy Maulson
Thomas Hampton Ha12

Francis Willis Wi12

John Fontaine Fo13

William Wade Wa13
Anne Waller Wa13

Armagil Wade Wa14
Alice Patten Pa14
Owen Waller Wa14
Richard Patten Pa15
.56. Barbara Terrell Te7 111. Richmond Terrell Te8
221. Richmond Terrill Te9
222. Catherine Crump Cr9
441. Richmond Terrill Te10
442. Mary Waters Wa10 
443. y Crump
444. x.
881. Richmond Terrill Te11
442. Elizabeth Waters
Nicholas/Prather/Fontaine/Terrell row continued
1761. Robert Tyrrell Te12

1762. Jane Baldwin Ba12

3441. William Tyrrold Te13

3442. Elizabeth ?Richmond Ri13

6883. David Turrold Te14 Robert Tyrrold Te15


.6884. Elizabeth Montague Mo14
6885. y Richmond
Edward Montague Mo15
Eleanor Roper Ro15
Thomas Montague Mo16
Agnes Dudley Du16
John Roper Ro16
Jane Fineux.
William Montague Mo17
Margaret Bouling
William Dudley Du17
John Roper Ro17
Margery Tattershall Ta17
John Fineux
Elizabeth Apulderfeld
John Montague Mo18
Alice Holcot 
Christian Bouling
William Dudley 
Christian Darrel
Edmund Roper Ro18

John Tattershall Ta18
Agnes Chichley Ch18

Thomas Montague
Christian Basset

Richard Dudley 
Elizabeth de Beauchamp
Ralph Roper Ro19
Beatrix Lewkenor

John Chichley Ch19
Margaret Knowles Kn19

112. Ann "Nancy" Overton Ov8. 223. James Overton Ov9

224. Elizabeth Garland Wa9.

.445. William Overton Ov10
446. Mary Elizabeth Waters Wa10
447. Edward Garland Ga10
448. Mary Jane Jennings Je10
889. Robert Overton Ov11
890. Ann Gardiner
891. y Waters
892. x
893. Peter Garland Gall
894. Anne Phillip
895. Robert Jennings
896. x Carr
1777. John Overton Ov 12
1778. Joanne Snawsell.
1779. Jeremy Gardiner
1780. Ann Potticary
1785. Peter Garland Ga12 = above
1786. Elizabeth Coles = above
3561. Christopher Overton Ov13
3562 x Wright
3563 Robert Snawsell
3564. Anne Waters
3569. Peter Garland Ga13.
7201. Henry Overton Ov14
7202. x Thorpe
7203. John Wright
7204. Elizabeth Thorpe
7205. Brian Snawsell
7206. Elizabeth Wentworth We14
Thomas Garland Ga14
Maria Beighton.
Christopher Overton Ov15
Alice Swift
Thomas Snawsell
Anne Maleverer

Thomas Wentworth We15
x Dynley/Druley

William Overton Ov16
Elizabeth x

Mathew Wentworth We16
Elizabeth Woodroffe  Wo16

Thomas Overton Ov17

Richard Wentworth We17
Isabell Fitzwilliam Fi17
Richard Woodroffe Wo17

Thomas Overton Ov18
Ellen x

Richard Wentworth We18
Maud Clifford Cl18

William Overton Ov19

John Wentworth We19
Agnes Dronsfield Dr19
Thomas Clifford Cl19

John Wentworth We20
Alice Bisset Bi20
William Dronsfield

John de Wentworth We21
Joan le Tyas Ty21
John/Roger Bisset Bi21

8. Mary Anna Pope Po4

Collateral Pope lines:

Elizabeth Thruston Pope Po4-1 
Urith Lawrence Pope Po4-2
James Brown Pope Po4-3
Ellen E. Pope Po4-4
Mary Emmeline Pope Po4-5
Worden Pope Po4-6
Alfred T. Pope Po4-8 

15. Patrick Henry Pope Po5


29. Worden Pope Po6


57. Benjamin Pope Po7

58. Behetheland Foote Fo7


113. Worden Pope Po8 = 9

114. Hester Netherton Ne8 = 9

115. George Foote Fo8 = 9

116. Frances Berryman Be8 =9
225.Nathaniel Pope Po9 = 10

226. Jane Brown Br9 = 10

227. Henry Netherton Ne9 = 10
228. Sarah Tucker Tu9 = 10
229. Richard Foote Fo9 = 10
230. Elizabeth Innes

231. Benjamin Berryman Be9 =10
232. Elizabeth Newton Ne9 =10
449. Nathaniel Pope Po10 = 11
450. Mary Sisson Si10 = 11

451. Original Brown Br10 = 11
452. Jane Brooke Br10=11
453. y Netherton Ne10 = 11
455. John Tucker Tu10 = 11
456. Rosanna Sturman St10 = 11
457. Richard Foote Fo10 = 11
458. Hester Hayward Ha10 = 11
459. Robert Innis In10 = 11
460. Catherine Richards Ri10 =11

461. Benjamin Berryman Be10 = 11
462. Sarah Butler Bu10 = 11
463. John Newton Ne10 = 11
464. Rose ?Allerton Al10 = 11
897. Nathaniel Pope Po11 = 12
898. Lucy Fox Fo11 = 12
899. Thomas Sisson Si11 =12
901. y Brown
903. Henry Brooke
904. Lydia
905. William Tucker Tu11 = 12
906. Mary Elizabeth Thompson Th11 = 12
913. John Foote Fo11 = 12
914. Ellen Mary Barwis Ba11 = 12

915. Nicholas Hayward
916. ?Ann Washington

917. John Berryman Be11 =12
918. Jane
919. John Butler Bu11 =12
920. Ann Baynham Ba11 =12
922. William Tucker Tu12 = 13
1810. Honora Erissey ER12 = 13
1811. Robert Thompson Th12 = 13
1812. Elizabeth Harsnett Ne12 = 13
1825. Robert Foote
1826. Elizabeth Miles
1827. y Barwis

1829. Thomas Hayward
1830. Joan Hawley
1831. ?John Washington Wa12
1832. ?Anna Pope Po12=10


3619. Robert Tucker Tu13 = 14
3620. Joan Palmer Pa13 = 14
3621. James Erissey Er13 = 14
3622. Christian Grenville Gr13 = 14
3623. y Thompson Th13 = 14
3625. John Harsnett Ne12 = 13

3649. Robert Foote Fo12 = 13
3650. Joane Brooke Br12 = 13
3661. Lawrence Washington Wa13
3662. Amphyllis Twigden Tw13

3663. ?Nathaniel Pope =Po11
3664. ?Lucy =



Lawrence Washington Wa12=14 above

Margaret Butler 

4 x = Ca11 et seq. above

Robert Washington Wa15=13 above
Mararet Greeke

Elizabeth Light

8= Ca12 et seq. above


Lawrence Washington Wa16=14above

Amy Partiger 
Walter Lyte
Ursula Woodford Wo16=14 above

John Washington Wa17=15 above
Margaret Kytson Ky17=15
Robert Partiger Pa17=15
Christopher Lyte
Elizabeth Warde
Thomas Woodford Wo15
Elizabeth Blount Bl17=15


Robert Washington Wa18=16 above
Elizabeth Westfield
Robert Kytson Ky19=16

Robert Woodford Wo16
Alice Atgate
Richard Blount Bl16
Dorothy de la Ford Fo16

Robert Washington Wa18=16 above
Margaret Lambertson La

Ralph Woodford
Elizabeth Villiers Vi
Thomas Atgate 

Thomas Blount

. . .
30. Elizabeth Taylor Thruston Th6

The papers of George Washington

59. John Thruston Th7

60. Elizabeth Thruston Whiting Wh7
117. Charles Minn Thruston Th8 =Th9
118. Mary Buckner Bu8 =Bu9

119. Thomas Whiting Wh8
120. Elizabeth Thruston Th8

233. John Thruston Th9
234. Sarah Mynn My9
235. Samuel Buckner Bu9
236. Ann ?Taylor

237. Henry Whiting Wh9
238.Ann Beverley Be9
239. = Charles Mynn Thruston Th8

240. = Mary Buckner Bu8

465. Edward Thruston Th10
466. b>Elizabeth Housden Ho10
467. Robert Minn My10
468. Sarah Carey Ca10
469. Thomas Buckner Bu10
470. Sarah Morgan Mo10
471. John Powell Taylor Ta10
472. Catherine Pendleton Pe10
473. Henry Whiting Wh10
474. Apphia
475. Peter Beverley Be10
476. Elizabeth Peyton Pe10
477 to 480 = 233 to 236
929. Edward Thruston Th11
930. Susannah Perry Pe11
931. Thomas Housden Ho11
932. x
933. y Mynn
934. x
935. James Carey Ca11 ?=Ca9-1-3
936. Sarah Reade Re11
937. John Buckner Bu11
938. Deborah Ferrers Fe11
939. Francis Morgan Mo11
945. James Whiting Wh11
946. Ann
947. Robert Beverley Be11
948. Margaret Boyd
949. Robert Peyton Pe11
950. Mary Keeble Ke11
953 to 960 = 929 to 936
1857. John Thruston Th12
1858.  Thomasine Rich Ri12
1859. y Perry
1860. x
1861. y Housden
1862. x
1865. Thomas Cary Ca12=Ca9-1
1866. Ann Milner
1867. Thomas Reade Re12
1868. Lucy Gwynn Gw12
1873. Thomas Buckner Bu12
1874. Elizabeth Crackplace Cr12
1875. Thomas Ferrers Fe12
1876. Mary Bernard Be12
Nicholas/Pope/Thruston/Whiting/Beverley row continued
1893. Peter Beverley Be12
1894. Susanna Hollis
1895. James Boyd Bo12
1895. Catherine Crayke
1897. Thomas Peyton Pe12
1898. Elizabeth Yelverton Ye12
16 x = 1857 et seq.
Nicholas/Pope/Thruston/Whiting/Beverley/Peyton row continued
1899. George Keeble
1900. Mary Whitby
1907 to 1920 = 1857 to 1872
3713. Malachias Thruston Th13
3715. Peter Rich
3729. Ca13 =Ca10 above
3730. Ta13 =Ta10 above
3731. George Reade Re13 =11
3738. Elizabeth Martiau Ma13 =11
3739. John Gwynn
3737. Hugh Buckner Bu13
3738. Martha
3789. Robert Beverley Be13
3790. Frances Fairfax Fa13
3791. Robert Hollis
3793. Boyd
3795. Edward Peyton Pe13
3796. Martha Livesay Li13
3797.William Yelverton Ye13

3804. Ursula Richardson Ri13
3805. William Whitby
3806. Catherine Elizabeth Gorsuch Go13
3813 to 3838 = 3713 to 3740

Robert Reade Re14
Mildred Windebank Wi14
Nicolas Martiau Ma14
Jane x
William Buckner Bu14
Martha Hord Ho14

Thomas Beverley Be14
Eleanor Vincent Vi14
Henry Fairfax Fa14

Dorothy Aske As14
John Peyton Pe14
Alice Osborne Os14
Robert Livesay Li14
William Yelverton Ye14
Dionesse Stubbs St14
7615. ThomasRichardson Ri14
Ursula Southwell So14
64 x = Th14 et seq.above
Andrew Reade Re15
Alice Cooke Co15
Thomas Windebank Wi15
Frances Dymoke Dy15

Richard Buckner Bu15
Mary Fabian
William Buckner Ho15

John Beverley Be15
Agnes Draycott
Marmaduke Vincent Vi15
Ann Bowes Bo15
William Fairfax Fa15
Isabel Thwaits Th15
Robert Aske As15
Elizabeth Markenfield Ma15
Robert Peyton Pe15
Elizabeth Rich Ri15
Edward Osborne Os15
Anne Hewett He15
Henry Yelverton Ye15
Bridget Drury Dr15
Richard Stubbs St15
William Richardson Ri15
John Southwell So15
Margaret Crofts Cr15
Thomas Reade Re16
Mary Stonhouse St16
y Cooke Co16
Margaret verch Griffith
EdwardDymoke Dy16
Ann Tailboys Ta16
Thomas Fabian
Katherine Hungerford

Thomas Draycott Dr16
Richard Vincent Vi16
 x Conyers Co16
William Fairfax Fa16
Elizabeth Manners
Thomas Thwaites Th16
Emma Midelton Mi16
John Aske As16
Ellinor Ryther Ry16
Ninian Markenfield Ma15
Dorothy Gascoigne Ga16
Robert Peyton Pe16
Frances Hasilden
Richard Rich Ri16
Elizabeth Jenks
Richard Osborne Os16
Jane Broughton Br16
William Hewitt He16
Elizabeth Leveson Le16
William Yelverton Ye16
Anne Fermor
William Drury Dr16
Elizabeth Sotehill So16
John Southwell So16
Elizabeth Foster Fo16
Edmund Crofts Cr16
x Burgh
Thomas Reade Re17
Ann Hoo Ho17
George Stonhouse St17
Elizabeth Gibson Gi17
John Windebank
Robert Dymoke Dy17
Jane Sparrow Sp17
George Tailboys Ta17
Elizabeth Gascoigne Ga17

William Vyncent Vi17
Alicia Swynham
Guy Fairfax Fa17
Isabel Ryther Ry17
John Thwaites
Nicholas Middleton Mi17
Robert Peyton Pe17
Elizabeth Clere Pe17
Francis Hasilden Ha17
Elizabeth Calthorpe Ca17
Richard Rich Ri17
Joan Dingley Di17
William Gynkes
Richard Osborne Os17
Elizabeth Fyldene Fy17
William Yelverton Ye17
Henry Fermor Fe17
Robert Drury Dr17
Ann Calthorpe Ca17
Henry Southill So17
Joan Empson Em17
John Southwell So17
Cecily Sherington
John Crofts Cr17
Rose Sampson
William Reade Re18
Dorothy Beaumont
Thomas Hoo Ho18
x Newnham
Robert Stonhouse St18
Rose Royden
Nicholas Gibson Gi18
John Sparrow Sp18
Robert Tailboys Ta18
Elizabeth Heron 
William Gascoigne Ga18
Margaret Percy Pe18

Thomas Peyton Pe18
Jane Calthorpe Ca18
Robert Clere Pe18
Anne Hopton dau of Sir William Hopton
William Calthorpe Ca18 = 16
Elizabeth Stapleton St18 =16
Edward Reade Re19

Thomas Hoo Ho19
>Maude Bardolph
John Newman
Thomas Royden
Margaret Whettenhall

William Tailboys Ta19
John Heron
William Gascoigne Ga19
Joane Nevill Ne19
Henry Percy
Thomas Peyton Pe19
Margaret Bernard
William Clere Pe19
William Hopton
William Calthorpe Ca19 = 17
Anne Withe Wi19 =17


John de Peyton Pe20
Grace Burgoyne Bu20
William Clere Pe20
Elizabeth Paston Pa20
John Wythe

John de Peyton Pe21
Joan Sutton Su21

Robert Clere
Elizabeth Uvedale

16. Sarah Lawrence Brown Br5. 31. James Brown III Br6


61. James Brown II Br7
62. Elizabeth Clarkson Cl7
121. James Brown I Br8
122. Sarah Humphreys Hu8
123. Richard Clarkson Cl8
124. Elizabeth Covington Co8
241. Thomss Brown Br9
242. Rosanna
243. Thomas Humphreys Hu9=10
244. Mary King Ki9 =10
245. William Clarkson Cl9
246. Sarah Hunphreys Hu9 =8
247. Abraham Covington Co9
248. Sarah Langrell
481. ?George Browne
482. ?Eleanor Blount
485. y Humphreys = see below
487. y King
489. y Clarkson
491. Thomas Humphreys Hu9=10
492. Mary King Ki9=10
493. John Covington Co10
494. Mary Brent
495. y Langrell
961. ?
962. ?
963. ?
964. ?
. . . . .

.../Pope/Browne/Lawrence row
32. Urath Owings Lawrence La6
63. Sanmel Lawrence La7 125. Benjamin Lawrence La8










.../Browne/Lawrence/Owings row
126. Urith Randall Owings Ow8
249. Leavin Lawrence La9






.../Browne/Lawrence/Dorsey row
250. Susannah Dorsey Do9





251. Samuel Owings Ow9







.../Browne/Lawrence/Owings/Randall row
252. Urath Randall Ra9
497. Benjamin Lawrence La10

498. Rachel Mariarti Ma10



.../Browne/Lawrence/Dorsey row
499. John Dorsey Do10

500. Honor Stafford




Nicholas/Pope/Browne/Lawrence/Owings row
501. Richard Owings Ow10

502. Rachel Beale Be10




503Thomas Randall Ra10

504. Hannah Bale Ba10

993. Benjamin Lawrence La11

994. Elizabeth Talbott Ta11

995. Edward Mariarti Ma11

996. Honor Osborne Os11

.../Browne/Lawrence/Dorsey row
997. Edward Dorsey Do11

998. Sarah Wyatt Wy11.

999. William Stafford St11

1000. Sarah x


1001. Humphrey Owen
1002. Margaret Vaughn
1003.. Ninian Beale Be11

1004. Ruth (Polly) Moore Mo11


1005. Christopher Randall Ra11

1006. Johanna x wid. Norman

1007. Thomas Bale

1008. Urath Carnall

1985. Benjamin Lawrence La12
1986. Ann Ascomb As12
1987. Richard Talbott Ta12
1988. Elizabeth Ewen Ew12
1989. Daniel Mariarti Ma12
1990. y Osborne
1991. x

.../Browne/Lawrence/Dorsey row
1993. Edward Dorsey Do12
1994. ?Anne Howard Ho12
1995.Nicholas Wyatt Wy12

1996. Damaris ?Stockwell St12
1997. y Staffaord
1999. y x

2001. y Owen
2003 y Vaughn
2005. James Beall Be12 =11
2006. Anne Marie Calvert Ca12 =11
2007. Richard Moore Mo12
2008. Jane Pottenger Po12
2009. y Randall Ra12
2011 y x
2013 y Bale
2015. y Carnall
3969. y Lawrence La13
3701. y Ascomb As13
3973. ?Robert Talbott Ta13
3974. ?Grace Calvert Ca13
3975. Richard Ewen Ew13
3976. Sophia Scarborough Sc13
3977. y Osborne Os13
3979. y x

3979. y Dorsey Do13
3981. Matthew Howard Ho13
3982. Ann Hall Ha13
3983. Haute Wyatt Wy13
3984. Mary Milford Mi13
3985. y Stockwell
3987. William Stafford St13
3988. Anne Gryme
3989. y x
>4001. y Owen
4005. y Vaughn
4009. Alexander Beall Be13=12
4010. Margaret Ramsey Ra13=12
4011. ?George Calvert Ca13=14 above
4012. ?Anne Mynne My13=14 above
4013. y Moore
4015. y Pottanger
4017. y Randall
4021. y x
4025. y Bale
4026. x x
4029. y Carnall
4030. x x
7977. Robert Talbott Ta14
7978. Alison Netterville
7979. George Calvert Ca14=13

7980. Anne Mynne My14 =13

7981. Nicholas Ewen

8013. John Howard Ho14
8014. Elizabeth Locke
8015. Richard Hall Ha14
8016. Marion Lee Loveland/
8017. George Wyatt Wy14

8018. Jane Finche Fi14







4 X = Ca15 to Wr15 above
8033. y Randall
8049. y Bale
8057. y Carnall
Patrick Talbot Ta15
Genet FitzGerald Fi15
John Netterville
William Beale Be15=16
Margaret Patterson Pa15=16

Leonard Calvert Ca15 =16
Alicia Crossland Cr15
George Mynne My15 =16

Elizabeth Wroth Wr15=16
y Ewen

Robert or Henry Howard Ho16
Philippa Buxton Bu16
Michael Locke Lo16
Jane Wilkinson Wi16
Thomas Wyatt Wy15
Jane Haute Ha15

Thomas Finch Fi15
Catherine Moyle Mo15

8 x = Ca16 to Wr16 above
William Talbot Ta16
Genet Tew
Thomas FitzGerald
John Patterson Pa16=17
Marion Anderson An16=17
John Calvert Ca16=17
John Crossland
John Mynne My16
Alice Standish St16 =17
Thomas Wroth Wr16
Mary Rich Ri16

Thomas Howard Ho17
Margaret Douglas Do17
William Locke Lo17
Katherine Cook
ThomasWyatt Wy16
Elizabeth Brooke Br16
William Haute Ha16
Maria Guildford Gu16

William Finch Fi16
Elizabeth Cromer Cr16
Thomas Moyle Mo16
Katherin Jorden Jo16

16 x  = Ca17 to Wr17 above
Thomas Talbot Ta17
x Sommerton
y Calvert Ca17.
Nicholas Mynne My17
Katherine Knyvett Kn17
Jane Marston
Alexander Standish St17
Sybilla Bold Bo17
Robert Wroth Wr17
Jane Hawte Ha17
Richard Rich Ri17 s.a.
Elizabeth Jenks Je17

Thomas Howard Ho18
Elizabeth Tylney Ty18
Archibald Douglas Do18
Margaret Tudor Tu18
Thomas Locke Lo18
Joan Wilcockes Wi18
Henry Wyatt Wy17
Anne Skinner Sk17
Thomas Brooke Br17
Dorothy Heydon He17
Thomas Haute Ha17
Isabel Frowick Fr17
Richard Guildford Gu17
Ann de Pympe Py17

John Howard Ho19
Katherine Moleyns Mo19
Frederick Tylney Ty19
Henry Tudor, Tu19
Elizabeth Plantagenet Pl19
John Locke Lo19
Eleanor de Neville Ne19
William Wilcockes Wi19
Jean Beaufort Be19
Henry Finche Fi17
Alicia Belknap Be17
James Cromer Cr17
Katheryn Cantelupe Ca17
John Moyle Mo17
Anne Darcy Do17
Edward Jordeyne Jo17

32 x = Ca18 To Wr18 below

Thomas Knyvett Kn18
Muriel Howard


Edward IV Plantagenet Pl20

William Moleyns Mo20



Edmund Knyvett Kn19
Elizabeth Tylney

21 22

.../Lawrence/Dorsey/Owings/Hobbs row 64. Sarah Hobbs Ho7
127. Nicholas Hobbs Ho8








.128. Elizabeth Cumming Cu8

253. John Hobbs Ho9




.254. Elizabeth ?Hammond Ha9




.255. William Cumming Cu9




.256. Sarah Coppage Co9

505. John Hobbs Ho10

506. Susanna Powell Po10.


507. Thomas John Hammond Ha10

508. Ann Cockey Co10

509. George Cumming Cu10

510. Isabelle McIntosh Mc10


511. John Coppedge

512. Elizabeth Basye

1009. y Hobbs

1011. y Powell

1013. y Hammond Ha11
1014. x


1017. ?Alexander Cumming Cu11

1018. ?Elizabeth Brodie Br11

1019. y McIntosh


1021. William Coppedge Co11

1022. Ann Knight Kn11

1023. Edmund Basye Ba11

1024. Eliza Taylor Ta11

2033. Robert Cumming Cu12
2034. Lucy Gordon Go12
2035. James Brodie Br12

2036. Mary Kerr Ke12
2037. y MacIntosh
2038. x
2041. Richard Coppedge Co12
2042. Avis Embury Em12
2043. Peter Knight Kn12
2044. Ann Hawley Ha12
2045. Walter Noah Basye Ba 12
2046. Susannah McFarland Mc12
2047. John Taylor Ta12
2048. Alice Gascoigne Ga12
4065. Robert Cumming Cu13
4066. Isabel Innes In13
4067. Sir Ludovick Gordon Go13
4068. Elizabeth Farquhar
4069. Alexander Brodie Br13
4070. Elizabeth Innes In13
4093. John Taylor Ta13

4094. Elizabeth x
4095. Thomas Gascoigne Ga13

4096. Elizabeth Gambling Ga13

8129. James Cumming Cu14
8130. Mary Fraser Fr14 (dau of, Lord of Lovat)
8131. Robert Innes In14
8133. Robert Gordon Go14
8134. Louisa Gordon Go14
8135. Robert Farquhar
8137. David Brodie Br14
8138. Katherine Dunbar Du14
8139. James Innes In14
8140. Grizel Stewart St14
8191. Thomas Taylor Ta14
8192. Margaret Swinderby Sw14
8193. yx
8194. xx
8195. Henry Gascoigne Ga14
8196. Anna Hobbs Ho14
8197. Josias Gambling Ga14
8198. Dorothy Dameron Da14

James Cumming of Altyr Cu15
Margaret Gordon Go15
Hugh Fraser Fr15
. Elizabeth Gordon Go15
Thomas Taylor Ta15 =12 s.a.
Elizabeth Burwell Bu15 =12 s.a.
Andrew Swinderby.
Francis Gascoigne Ga15
Elizabeth Singleton
John Hobbs Ho15
Elizabeth Kerry Ke15
Andrew Gambleyn Ga15
Edmund Dameron Ca15.
Marjorie Clench Cl15.

Thomas Cumming Cu16
m Margaret Gordon Go16
Rowland Taylor Ta16 =13 s.a.
Margaret Tyndale Ty16 =13 s.a.
?Edward Burwell Bu16 =13 s.a.
?Jane Wingate Wi16 =13 s.a.

Henry Cascoigne Ga16
x Gorney
William Singleton Si16
Elizabeth Cornwallis Co16
John Hobbs
George Dameron Da16
m Elizabeth Gosnold Go16
John Clench Cl16
m Katherine Almott Al16
Alexander Cumming Cu17
Janet Brown Br17
Alexander Gordon Go17
John Taylor Ta17 =14
Susan Rowland Ro17 =14
John Tyndale

Amphillis Coningsby Co14
y Burwell
?Edmund Wingate
?Mary Belfield

Nicholas Gascoigne Ga17
y Gorney
William Dameron Da17
m Margaret
John Clench Jr Cl17
Joan Amias Am17
Thomas Almott Al17
Bridget Thorne Th17
Thomas Cumming Cu18
Margaret Gordon Go18
George Brown Br18
John Taylor Ta18 =15
Margaret Fairsted Fa18 =15
y Rowland
William Tyndale Ty18 =15
Margaret Montfort Mu18 =15
Humphrey Coningsby Co18 =15
x Fereby

Henry Gascoigne Ga18
Margaret Bolton
Willia/?John Dameron
Joan Mynter
John Clench Jr Cl18
John Amias Am18
Thomas Bolton Almott Al18
Nycholas Thorne Th18
Bridget Milles
Alexander Cumming Cu19
Janet Fraser Fr19
Patrick Gordon Go19
William Taylor Ta19
Thomas Tyndale Ty19
Margaret Yelverton Ye19
Osbert Montfort Mo19
Thomas Coningsby Co19
Catharine Waldiffe Wa19

William Gascoigne Ga18 =19 =20
m Margaret Clarell Cl18 =19 =20
John Bolton Bo19 =20
Thomas Cumming Cu20
Margaret Gordon Go20
William Fraser Fr20
m c 1404 Elinor Douglas Do20
William Taylor Ta20
William Tyndale Ty20
Alana de Felbrigge Fe20
William Yelverton Ye20
Agnes le Gross Gr20
Thomas Coningsby Co20
Elizabeth Whetthill Wh20

William Gascoigne Ga20 =21
Elizabeth Mowbray Mo20
Henry Wyman Wy20
Agnes Barden Ba20
John Bolton Bo20 =19
William Gascoigne Ga19 =20 =21
Jane Wyman Wy19 =20 =21
Thomas Clarell Cl19 =20 =21
m Matilda Montgomery Mo19 =20 =21
Ferquhard Cumming of Altyr b c 1350 a 1384
Janet Cameron Ca21
y Gordon.
Alexander Fraser Fr21
m1 1375 Joanna/Janet of Ross
William Taylor Ta21
John Tyndale Ty21
Catherine Zouch Zo21
John Yelverton Ye21
Elizabeth Reade Re21
Thomas Coningsby Co21
Blanch Hawcliffe Ha21
John Whetthill Wh21
John de Barden Ba20 =21 =22
Alice Thirkil Th20 =21 =22
William Gascoigne Ga20 =21 =22
Elizabeth Mowbray Mo20 =21 =22

Richard Cumming Cu22
Agnew Grant Gr22
John Cameron Ca22
William Fraser Fr22
m Margaret Moray a 1364, dau of Sir Andrew Moray of Bothwell
William Gascoigne Ga21 =22 =23
Agnes Frank Fr21 =22 =23
Thomas Cumming Cu23
Helen Arbuthnott Ar23
John Grant
John Fraser Fr23
Mary Bruce Br23
William Gascoigne Ga22 =23 =24
Mansilda Gawkethorpe Ga22 =23 =24
Nicholas Frank Fr22 =23 =24
Ellen Ellis El22 =23 =24
Robert Cumine (a 1305)
x Cumine
Hugh of Arbuthnott
Robert de Bruce Br24
William Gascoign Ga23 =24 =25
Elizabeth Boston Bo23 =24 =25
John Gawkethorpe Ga23 =24 =25