He4-3 Willoughby Griffith Hester

    Henry Hester and Sarah Griffith (Gr5).
    He4-3 Willoughby Griffith Hester, ( - ) was the son of    He was  the 3rd eldest of the 9 children of Born: 17 June 1826 in Fleming Co., Ky.
    m Permelia Ann Mitchell (10 Sept 1826 - ) daughter of Morris Mitchell (Mi5) and Charlotte Hester
    He4-3-1 James H. Hester, (7 Oct. 1850 - 11 June 1857)
    He4-3-2 Margaret C. Hester, b 2 Sept. 1852 in Bracken Co. (Now Robertson Co) Ky - )
    m Henry Mockiby son of Robert Mockiby and Ida Whalen
    He4-3-2-1 Luther Mockiby m Nellie White
    He4-3-2-2 Margaritte Mockiby m y Heminger
    He4-3-2-3 Sadie Mockiby m Ed Reddon
    He4-3-2-4 Stella Mockiby
    He4-3-2-5 Robbie Mockiby m1 Paul Jocobs divorced
    m2 y Heminger
    He4-3-2-6 Amy Mockiby d when 16 or 17 years old
    He4-3-3 John K. Hester, b 10 Nov 1854 in Bracken Co (now Robertson Co. Ky)- 1930) Family Bible passed down to Emma Hester
    mMary(Mollie) Frances Miller b1859 d 1942 dau of Thomas Miller and sister of John Miller who married Amelia Jane Hester He4-3-4
    He4-3-3-1Emma Hester b 19 May 1878 d 1 Feb 1959. She also raised Ina Belle Hester, the daughter of Alvin Hester and Maude Gulley, who died when Ina was 6 months old.
    m1 ca. 1896James Allen Griffith b 22 Nov 1866 d1937 in Covington ky. bur. Foster's Chapel Cemetery, Robertson Co. Ky son of Fielding Griffith and Nancy Jane Allen and grandson of Jeremiah Griffith. This couple was divorced and each married a secon time: James Allen Griffith m2 Venia x of Bracken co. Ky b 1877 d 1954
    Alta Mae Griffith b 28 Jun 1897 d 10 Dec 1926 bur. Foster's Chapel Cemetery, Robertson Co. Ky. The family lived at the Homeplace on Ward Ridge in Robertson Co originally built by James Bratton, justice of the peace and the father of Nancy Mary Bratton, who married William Asbury Ward.
    James Cyrus Ward 1877-1952 oldest son of William Asbury Ward b 13 Feb 1846 d 25 June 1901 grandson of Anderson C. Ward 1821 by his secon wife Melvina Bailey
    Julian Calvin Ward b 22 Mar 1916, seerved in WW II.
    m1Faye Jones Holmes who had two sons, Othel Hollmes and David Nolmes,
    m2Wilma Janice Browning Earley b 2 Aug 1933 d 10 Dec 1926, who had a son James Wendell Earley
    Everett Allen Ward b 19 Feb 1920
    m 20 Jun 1947Frances Moore daughter of William Walter Moore and Audrey Linville
    Pamela May Ward b 28 Jun 1948 m Donald Wayne Hedges
    Valerie Chantentelle Hedges
    Donald Wayne Hedges
    Christopher Lee Hedges
    Elmer Asbury Ward b 19 Feb 1920
    m 6 Mar 1947Savannah French widow of James Duncan Walker died in action WW II a grandson of Eliza Allen Griffith Walker
    Alta Mae Ward b 10 Dec 1926 She was raised by her aunt, Lena Ethel Ward and her husband Andrew Johnson Mastin.
    m 27 Jun 1946Wilson Cavdell Walton b 30 May 1921, served 4 years 7 months in WWII 2nd son of Ward Carr Walton b 2 Apr 1897 d9 Oct 1973 bur Mt. Olivet cemetery and Blanche Browning
    Wayne Calvin Walton m Evelyn Carol Earlywine and had 2 sons, Rodney James and Wayne Scott
    Kelli Lynn Walton
    m2Harvey Brayfield, no children
    m3Ed D. Ward b 23 Dec 1873 d 15 Mar 1916 son of Anderson C. Ward and m2 Melvina Bailey b 3 Dec 1841 d 23 Jul 1918 Anderson C. Ward m1 Rachel T. Flora and had 10 children, 2nd of these was William Asbury Ward b 13 Feb 1846 d 25 June 1901 and had James C. Ward 1877-1952 who married Alta Mae Griffith He4-3-3-1-1
    He4-3-3-1-2Hurley H. Ward b 21 Aug 1903
    He4-3-3-1-3Delmas O. Ward b 5 Mar 1905 d 1918 of appendicitis
    He4-3-3-1-4Willaim C.L. Ward b 25 Nov 1908 d 11 Mar 1910
    He4-3-3-1-5Nellie Faye Ward b 16 Mar 1912
    mAlva Mofford
    He4-3-3-1-5-1Mildred Mofford m1 Warren O. Duncan and had a daughter, divorced m2 y Levi
    He4-3-3-1-5-2Faye Mofford m Carrol Rice
    He4-3-3-1-5-3Eddie Mofford m y Reed
    He4-3-3-2Alfred Dick Hester m Myrtle Wilson
    He4-3-3-3Clarence Hester m Dorothy Swartz
    He4-3-3-4Omar Hester m Anna May Owens
    He4-3-3-5Elda Hester b 12 Feb 1894 in Robertson Co. Ky d 24 July 1973
    mEmma Galbraith
    He4-3-3-5-1Glenn Hester
    He4-3-3-5-2Gordon Hester
    He4-3-3-5-Margaret Hester m Palmer Ledonne
    He4-3-3-6Ona Hester m Maggie Browning
    He4-3-3-7Myrtle Hester d.y.
    He4-3-4 Amelia (Milly) Jane Hester, (18 June 1859 in Bracken Co (now Robertson Co= Ky d 14 Feb. 1942)
    mJohn Miller son of Thomas Miller
    He4-3-4-1Eldridge Miller m Rella Ogden
    He4-3-4-1 Oliver Miller
    He4-3-4-2 Gladys Miller
    He4-3-4-3 Lovella Miller
    He4-3-4-2Delia Miller
    m Jess Dotson
    He4-3-4-2-1Maxwell Dotson
    He4-3-4-2-2Jewell Dotson
    He4-3-4-2-3Emogen Dotson
    He4-3-4 Willoughby Griffith(?Thomas) Hester, (17 Nov 1862 - 29 April1946)
    mAmerica (Meck) Jane Workman daughter of Spencer Workman and Martha Neaves b 1 May 1866
    He4-3-4-1Bertha Pink Hester
    mNelson Stevenson
    He4-3-4-1-1Thelma Stevenson
    mClarence Austin and had five children
    He4-3-4-1-1-1Vera von Austin m David Wells and had 2 children,
    Bonnie Lynn Wells m David Shiff and had 2 children Heather and xy Shiffer
    Joey Wells
    He4-3-4-1-2Maxwell Stevenson
    mBetty Galbraith and had a child.
    He4-3-4-1-3Lytle Stevenson
    m2Catherine Wright and had 2 children
    He4-3-4-1-4Wanda Lee Stevenson
    mCharles Wheary, son of V. R. Wheary brother of the Dorothy Wheary who married Charles Kenton Hester
    He4-3-4-1-4-1Mickey Wheary m Janie Burns
    He4-3-4-1-5Hershel Jean Stevenson
    m1y Poe
    m2y and had children
    He4-3-4-2Sylvia Chloe Hester m Estill Trueax, no children
    Source: Genealogy of the Descendants of John Hester of Fleming County, Kentucky, by Hester Geraldine Lester Searl