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Spencer 1

: Spencer of Althorp, Spencer of Badby, Spencer of Defford, Spencer of Everdon, Spencer of Hodnell / Hadnell, Spencer of Wormleighton
Visitation provides a pedigree showing a connection between the following William and the Lords Despencer, showing both families as descended from Odard of Dutton. Taking heed of the warnings given at the top of page Despencer1, we ignore those early generations and start with the following William who is the first reported by the family's web site although Visitation suggests that he died about 1329. BP1934 does not start until the Sir John Spencer who died in 1522.
Sp22 =25. William Spencer of Defford a 1330
Sp21=24. John Spencer of Defford
m Alice Deverell dau of Giles Deverell
Sp20 =23 Nicholas Spencer of Defford
m Joan Pollard dau of Richard Pollard of Kent
Sp19 =22 Thomas Spencer of Defford
Sp18 =21 Henry Spencer of Badby d 1476
m Isabel Lincoln d c1479, dau of Henry Lincoln
Sp17 =20 John Spencer of Wormleighton and Hodnell or Hadnell
m _ Warstead
Sp16 William Spencer of Rodburn b c 1444
m Elizabeth Empson b c1448, dau of Peter Empson of Towester
Sp15 Sir John Spencer of Snitterfield and Wormleighton b c1470, d 14.04.1522
m Isabel Graunt b c1474, dau of Walter Graunt of Snitterfield
Sp14 Sir William Spencer of Wormleighton, Sheriff of Northamptonshire b c1496, d 22.06.1532
m Susan Knightley d after 1539, dau of Sir Richard Knightley of Fawsley
Sp13 Sir John Spencer of Wormleighton and Althorp d 08.11.1586
m Katherine Kitson dau of Sir Thomas Kitson of Hengrave
Sp12-1 Sir John Spencer of Wormleighton and Althorp d 09.01.1599
m Mary Catlyn dau of Sir Robert Catlyn of Berne, Chief Justice
Sp12-1-1 Sir Robert Spencer of Althorp, 1st Lord of Wormleighton b 1570, d 25.10.1627
m 15.02.1587 Margaret Willoughby d 17.08.1597, dau of Sir Francis Willoughby of Woollaton
Sp12-2 Thomas Spencer of Claverdon<
m Mary Cheke dau of Henry Cheke of Pirgo
i Alice Spencer
m Sir Thomas Lucy of Charlecote
Sp12-3 Sir William Spencer of Yarnton d 18.12.1609
m Margaret Bowyer d 1608, dau of Francis Bowyer of Middlesex
Sp12 Sir Richard Spencer of Offley d 11.1624
m Helen Brocket dau of Sir John Brocket of Brocket Hall
Sp12-5 Edward Spencer dsp
Sp12-6 Elizabeth Spencer bur 02.03.1617/8
m1 George Carey, 2nd Lord Hunsdon d 09.09.1603
m2 Sir Thomas Chamberlain
m3. Ralph Eure, 3rd Lord b 24.09.1558, d 01.04.1617
Sp12-7 Mary Spencer
m Edward Aston dsp
Sp12-8 Margaret Spencer
m1 Giles Alington of Horseheath d 1573
m2 Edward Elrington
Sp12-9 Anne Spencer d 22.09.1618
m1 c1575, sp Sir William Stanley, 3rd Lord Monteagle d 10.11.1581
m2 Sir Henry Compton, 1st Lord d 12.1589
m3. 04.12.1592, sp Robert Sackville, 2nd Earl of Dorset b 1561, d 1609
Sp12-10 Alice Spencer d 26.01.1637
m1 c1580 Ferdinando Stanley, 5th Earl of Derby d 16.04.1594
m2 20.10.1600 Thomas Egerton, 1st Viscount Brackley b 1540, d 1617
Sp12-11 Katharine Spencer
m Sir Thomas Leigh, 1st Bart of Stoneleigh d 01.02.1625-6
Sp13-2 Isabel Spencer d 1578
m Sir John Cotton of Lanwade d 1593
Sp13-3 Jane Spencer d 1593<
m1 Sir Richard Brydges of Shefford
m2 Simon Harcourt of Stanton Harcourt
Sp13-4 Dorothy Spencer d 1575
m Thomas Spencer of Badby and Everdon see below
Sp13-5 Anne Spencer
m Sir John Goodwin of Winchington d 1597
Sp13-6 Mary Spencer
m Thomas Bales or Bowes of Wallington d 1586
Sp14-2 Richard Spencer d 1537
m Jane
Sp14-3 Anthony Spencer dsp
Sp14--4 Isabel Spencer b 1496 d 1560
m Sir Nicholas Strelley of Strelley
Sp14-5 Dorothy Spencer
m Sir Richard Catesby of Legers Ashby d 1553
Sp14-6 Jane Spencer
m Richard Knightley of Upton d 30.03.1537
Sp14-7 Elizabeth Spencer
m Edward Greuill Grenvill? of Milcot
partner unknown
Sp14-8 Anthony Nothus
Sp15-2+ other issue - Thomas, Jane
Sp16-2 John Spencer of Hodnell and Wormleighton
m1 Anne Empon dau of Peter Empon of Towester
m2 Jane Graunt dau of Walter Graunt of Snitterfield
Possibly daughter of this John, but by which marriage is uncertain, was ...
i Jane Spencer d 12.02.1525
m before 1496 Sir William Cope of Banbury b 1450, d 07.04.1513
Sp16=19 Thomas Spencer of Badby and Everdon
m Margaret Smith of Wold
Sp18 William Spencer of Badby and Everdon
m Agnes Heritage
Sp17-1 Thomas Spencer of Badby and Everdon
m Dorothy Spencer d 1575, dau of Sir William Spencer of Wormleighton see above
1 Susan Spencer
m John Temple of Stowe b c1542, d 09.05.1603
2 Dorothy Spencer probably of this generation
m George Cope
3 Mary Spencer probably of this generation
m Richard Wallop of Bugbrooke
4 Catherine Spencer possibly of this generation
m Thomas Brown
Sp17 Juliana Spencer
m William Wilmer
Wi16 Anne Wilmer
m Henry Thornton
Th15 Anne Thornton
m 16.06.1573 William Dickens d c1583
Di14 Anne Dickens bur 04.1637
m John Twigden d c1616
Tw13 Amphyllis Twigden b 1602, d 1655
m 1633 Lawrence Washington b 1602, d 1655, Rector of Purleigh
Sp17-2 Thomas Spencer
Sp17-3 William Spencer
Sp17-4 Nicholas/Edward Spencer
Sp19-2 William Spencer
m Margaret Cleare dau of Gilbert Cleare
a. John Spencer dsp c1456

1 Visitation Warwickshire, 1619, Spencer, BP1934 Marlborough, BEB1844 Spencer of Yarnton
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