Pe18 Thomas Peyton

    (Pe18) Thomas Peyton was the son of Thomas Peyton Pe19 and Margaret Bernard, daughter of Sir John Bernard and Ellen Mallory;
    Married: Jane Calthorpe, daughter of ___ Calthorpe.
    Known children of Thomas Peyton and Jane Calthorpe were as follows:

    Pe17 Sir Robert Peyton married Elizabeth Clere.
    Pe17-2 Thomas Peyton married Joan Yerde, daughter of Thomas Yerde Esq. He died on 1 Aug 1490; d.s.p.
    He left a will on 1 Aug 1490.
    Pe17-3 John Peyton died; d.s.p. He was buried at Wicken, Cambridge, England. 
    Pe17-4 Edward Peyton died before 1551; unmarried. 
    Pe17-5 Elizabeth Peyton married Edmund Langley Esq. She died; d.s.p. 
    Pe17-6 Jane Peyton married John Langley Esq; 1st husband. She married Sir Edward Ringsley in 1519; 2nd husband. 
    Pe17-7 Anne Peyton married John Ashby Esq. She died on 22 Oct 1503. 
    Pe17-8 Dorothy Peyton died in 1518; unmarried.

    Source: CALTHORPE (Sir Knight)2

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