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Hyde: Hide / Hyde

of Hopton Wafres (Wafres Hopton), Hyde of Norbury
Hy21. Sir Robert Hyde of Hyde, Cheshire b about 1245 (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272)
Hy20 Robert Hyde of Hyde b about 1275
m. ?? (cousin/heir of Thomas de Norbury of Norbury)
Ha19 . Sir John Hyde of Norbury, Cheshire b about 1310
m(1). Ann Baguley (dau of _ Baguley of Baguley)
Hy18. William Hyde of Norbury b about 1345
?Hy17 Hamnet Hyde m Margaret Davenport Da17 Here WGH differs with Stirnet, because the other webistes include Hamnet here and a comparison of likely birth dates requires at least one more generation between Hy16 and Hy21.The above comes from Collins. The first mentioned by Visitation (Cheshire) is Hamnett, father of the following Thomas. Visitation (Wiltshire) provides several additional earlier generations but we are suspicious of them. For completeness sake we report that it shows the following (each being "de Northberie"): John (m. dau of Davenport of Wheltrow) father of Robert (m. dau of Bromole de Bromole) father of Hamnet (m. dau of Massy de Rixon) father of Hamnet (m. dau of Davenport of Henberie) father of ...
Hy16 Thomas Hyde of Norbury b about 1440
m. Margaret Kinaston of Derbyshire
Hy15 Robert Hyde of Norbury b about 1465
m1. Margaret Holland (dau of _ Holland of Denton)
Hy14 Hamlet or Hamon Hyde of Norbury b about 1490
m. Margaret Warren (dau of Laurence Warren of Poynton)
Hy13 Robert Hyde of Norbury b about 1515
m. Jane Davenport (dau of William Davenport of Bromhall)
Hy12 Robert Hyde of 'Hyde and' Norbury (b about 1540 d 1614)
m. Beatrix Calverley (dau of Sir William Calverley of Yorkshire)
H11-1 Hamnet or Hamon Hyde of Norbury (b c1564, d 05.1643)
m. (15.07.1583) Mary Warren (bur 28.03.1639, dau of John Warren of Poynton)
((A)) Robert Hyde (dvp)
m1. Margaret Fitton (dau of Thomas Fitton of Siddington, brother of Sir Edward of Gawsworth)
((i)) Edward Hyde of Norbury (b c1611, bur 13.04.1669, 3rd/4th son)
m. Anne Brooke (bur 02.01.1687-8, dau of Sir Richard Brooke)
((a)) Robert Hyde of Norbury had issue
m. Felicia Sneyd (dau of Ralph Sneyd of Bradwall)
((b)) Margaret Hyde
m. Piers Legh of Bruche
((c))+ other issue - Edward (b c1639, bur 16.08.1642), Richard, Thomas, Nevill
((ii)) Beatrix Hyde
m. (10.05.1627) Thomas Gerard of the Riddings
((iii)) Mary Hyde
m. (25.01.1631-2) Edward Rigby of Burgh
((iv))+ other issue - Robert (dsp bur 07.02.1608-9), Thomas (dsp bur 27.08.1624), William of London, Hamnet (bur 09.07.1656), Philip (bur 21.06.1631), Anne, Lucy (d young)
m2. Anne Hyde (bur 15.11.1638, dau of Robert Hyde of Hatch)
((xi)) Lawrence Hyde of Ballaugh Loughlaw Castle, Ireland
m. (1651) Dorothy Brooke (dau of Sir Richard Brooke of Norton)
((xii)) Henry Hyde in Maryland (a 1663)
((xiii)) Margaret Hyde
m. _ Jeffreys of London
Hy11-2 Elizabeth Hyde
m. Francis Gore of Tupton
Hy11-3 Alice Hyde
m. Richard Joy of Wiltshire
Hy11-4 Jane Hyde
m. (12.12.1587) Edward Vawdery of the Riddings, Stockport
Hy11-5 Margaret Hyde
m. (26.02.1592-3) George Hulton of Farnworth
Hy11-6 Beatrix Hyde (bur 20.07.1628)
m. (c1592) John Frodsham of Elton
Hy11-7 Anne Hyde
m. Richard Risley of Risley
Hy11 Mary Hyde
m. (c1608) John Nuttall of Cattonhall
Hy11-9 Catherine Hyde (bur 17.04.1650)
m1. (1606) William Hulton of Hulton (d 06.09.1613)
m2. Roger Nowell of Reade
m3. Saville Radcliffe of Todmorden (b c1583, bur 29.09.1652/1664)
Hy11-10+ other issue - Robert, Thomas, William, Urian, John
Hy12-2 Thomas Hyde (a 1602, Canon of Salisbury, 5th son)
m. Mary Wintersell (dau of Thomas Wintersell of Guidldford)
((1)) Elizabeth Hyde
m. John Low of Salisbury and the Middle Temple
((2)) Jane Hyde
Hy12-3 Dorothy Hyde
m. William Davenport of Wodford (d 1632)
Hy12-4 Anne Hyde
m. John Higham of Higham
Hy12-5 Ellin Hyde
m. _ Unwin of Sussex
Hy12-6+ other issue - Hamond/Hamnett, William, Edward, Richard, Randolfe/Randall
Hy13-2 John Hyde
Hy13-3 Anne Hyde
m. John Arderne of Harden (b 1499, d 04.12.1551)
m2. ?? the Visitations indicate that Robert had 2 wives but Collins reports that he had 3
m3. Katherine Boydell (dau of _ Boydell or Boydall of Pulcroft)
Hy13-4 Laurence Hyde of Gussage St. Michael (Dorset) then Westhatch (Wiltshire) (d 07.06.1590)
m1. Mary Hartgill (dau of William Hartgill of Culmington)
m2. Anne Sibell (dau of Nicholas Sibell of Farningham)
Hy15-2 Giles Hyde of Hopton Wafres, Salop
Collins suggests that the ancestor of the Hydes of Hopton Wafre was a younger son of a generation earlier.
m. Alice Pleyley (dau of George Pleyley or Plelley of Hopton Wafres by Katherine, dau of Peter Careswell of Hopton Wafres by Alice, dau of Roger Wafre of Hopton Wafres)
(A) Richard Hyde of Wafres Hopton (d 06.08.1500)
m. Agnes Dowman (dau of _ Dowman of Clybury Mortimer)
(i) John Hide of Hopton Wafres
m. Christiana Chichester (dau of Sir John Chichester of Devon)
(a) Richard Hide of Wafres Hopton
m. Elianora Mason (dau of Edward Mason de la Marche)
((1)) Humphrey Hide of Hopton Wafres (a 1623)
m. Joyce Acton (dau of Thomas Acton of Bockelton)
((A)) Richard Hide 'of Wafres Hopton'
m. Dorothy Kynardsley (dau of Edward Kynardsley or Kynnersely of Clebury)
((i))+ issue (a 1623) - Hercules, Richard, Edward, Jane, Mary
((B))+ other issue - Thomas, Nicholas, Humphrey, Fortuna, Elizabeth
((2)) Edward Hide
((A)) Lucy Hide
((3)) Frances Hide
m. Richard Leighton of Cotes
((4)) Elizabeth Hide
m. Gregory (George) Hacklute
((5)) Jane Hide
m. _ Rogers
((6))+ other issue - Richard (dsp), Margaret
(b) George Hide (dsp)
(ii) Humphrey Hide (dsp)
m. Elizabeth Romney (dau of John Romney)
(iii) Anna Hide
m. Thomas Hill of Salop
(B) George Hyde
Hy18-2 Alexander Hyde of Denton

sources: Visitation (Cheshire, 1580+1613+1663, Hyde of Norbury), Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Hide of Hopton Wafers), Collins (vol 2, Hyde of Clarendon)
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