He5 Henry Hester

    Henry Hester was the son of son of John Hester He6 and Margaret Gilbert Gi6  He was born Feb. 28, 1797 according to the date on his gravestone. Other family records had the date as Jan. 30, 1796. He was born in Mason Co. now Fleming Co. Ky. He was the second son and 3rd child of John2 and Margaret Gilbert. We do not know for whom Henry is named, if
    anybody. We do know there was a family in Fleming Co. named Henry - Samuel and Elizabeth Henry. They are buried in Andrew's Burial Ground which was on Robert Andrew's land near the Associated Reformed Church founded in 1800. It is near Flemingsburg. Two of the Henry children - James Armstrong Henry and Margaret Henry married two of the children of Nancy (Smith) and James Young. This Nancy was a sister of Margaret Smith who married William Bennington Jr. We must recall that Henry's sister Abigail Hester married Samuel Bennington Henry Jones who was born in Mason Co., now Fleming Co., Ky. in 1792 about the same time as Henry3 Hester. We can presume that the Henry Family was well enough liked that other families honored them by naming a son Henry for them.
    Henry Hester died Sept. 8. 1854 in Bracken Co., Ky. And is buried near Germantown, Bracken Co., Ky.
    On July 27, 1820 in Fleming Co., Henry Hester  married Sarah Griffith Gr5 the daughter of Willoughby Griffith Gr6 and Mary Ann Owens Ow6. In the Fleming Co. Marriage Bonds 1798-1825 (inclusive) com¬piled by Billy M. Talley N.D. this record is given "Henry Hester married Sarah Griffith July 27, 1820. Jeremiah Griffith (Sarah's brother) bondsman; Willoughby Griffith, father. She is 21." The minister was Daniel Mop, a Baptist.
    Henry Hester and Sarah Griffith had 9 children:
    He4 John Kenton Hester
    He4-2 Evan Griffith Hester, (15 Feb. 1824 - ) married Mary Anna Adams (6 April 1832 - )
    He4-3 Willoughby Grifftith Hester, (17 June 1826 - )
    (He4-4) Mary Ann Hester, (14 Dec. 1828 - ), married 31 Aug. 1848 Calvin Kylander.
    He4-5 Margaret Hester, (3 Aug. 1831 - 13 Feb. 1895) unmarried, buried Old Corinth Christian Church, Robertson Co., Ky.
    He4-6 William Hester, (20 Feb. 1834 - 20 Oct. 1856) unmarried.
    He4-7 Amelia Hester, (22 Nov. 1836 - 21 March 1909) married John Totton, no children.
    He4-8 Elias R. Hester, (13 March 1838 - ) married Sarah A. Larkin
    He4-9 Dennis Hester, (20 Nov. 1840 -30 Nov. 1932)

    Sarah Griffith was born Jan. 16, 1799 in Fleming Co., Ky.
    She died Nov. 6, 1867. She is buried beside her husband in a cemetery two miles from Germantown in the Two Lick Church neighborhood, on the road from Mt. Olivet, Bridgeville and Germantown Road on the  ld Pepper Farm. In 1955 this farm was owned by Mr. and Mrs. Archie Brown of Brooksville. The cemetery is beyond the residence and off the road. There is one stone with 3 names and dates on it.
    Sarah wife of H. Hester, b. Jan. 16, 1799; d. Nov. 6, 1867
    Henry Hester b. Feb. 28, 1797. d. Sept. 18, 1854
    William son of H&S Hester b. Feb. 20, 1834; d. Oct. 20, 1856
    Buried in this same cemetery are Sarah's brother and wife,
    Dennis Griffith (1800-1838) and Delilah (Walker) Griffith (1814¬ - 1884), their son Willoughby (1836-1840) and daughter Nancy (1839 - - ? ); and another brother of Sarah - Jeremiah Griffith (1797 - 1830) and his son Willoughby (1829 -1845). .
    Sometime between 1841 and 1850 Henry3 Hester and his family moved from Fleming Co., Ky. to Brown Co., Ohio. The 1850 D.S. Census for Brown Co. shows I .
    ag  Dorn
     Hester,  Henry - 53 farmer - Ky.
     " Sarah A. 52 “
     “ Margaret  18
     “ William   17
     “ Amelia   15
     “ Elias   13
     “Hester,  Dennis  9 Ky.

    Mason and Bracken Counties of Ky. are just across the Ohio
    River from Brown Co., Ohio where Henry3's older brother John had moved about 1829. As a result of this nearness there were many who moved back and forth across the Ohio River. It has been noted that a Henry Hester was one of the three men who attested to the will of John3 Hester. If Henry was not living in Brown Co., Ohio at the time the will was signed, then he must have heard of the illness and gone across the river to see his older brother. Between 1850 and Henry's death in 1854 the family had again moved across the Ohio River and settled in Bracken Co., Ky. The Bracken Co. D.S. Census for 1860 shows Sarah and her younger children:
    Hester, Sarah 61
    Margaret 27
    Amelia 23
    Elias 21
    Dennis 18

    Sarah (Griffith) Hester had an ancestral background which went back six known generations in some of the families. This wou1d be 9 generations for her great grandson Clinton Monroe6 Hester and 11 generations for his grandchildren. These same families were also ancestors of Mary Maletus Griffith, a niece of Sarah (Griffith) Hester, who married Gilbert Hester( No.17) a nephew of Henry Hester. These families were Owens, Kenton and Griffith.

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