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Molyneux 2: Molyneux of Houghton, Molyneux of Maryborough, Molyneux of Sefton, Molyneux of Teversall, Molyneux of Thorpe
Mo20 =21. Sir Richard Molyneux of Sefton, Sheriff of Lancashire
m Ellen Ursewick dau of Sir Thomas Ursewick
Mo19 =20 Sir Richard Molyneux of Sefton a 1446
m1 Joan Haydock dau of Sir Gilbert Haydock
Mo19 Sir Richard Molyneux of Sefton k Bloreheath 23.09.1459
m Elizabeth Stanley dau of Thomas Stanley, 1st Lord
Mo18 Sir Thomas Molyneux of Sefton West Derby b c 1445 d 1491/?12 Jul 1483 sheriff of Lancashire
m Anna Dutton b c 1449 dau of ->
+1 Thomas Dutton of Dutton
m Anne Tuchet de Audley
Mo17 Sir William Molyneux of Sefton d 1548
m1 Jane Rugge dau of Richard Rugge of Rugge
m2 Eliza Ellison dau of Cuthbert Ellison uncertain which wife was mother of which child.
Mo16 Sir Richard Molyneux of Sefton, Sheriff of Lancashire d 1568
m1 Eleonore Radcliffe dau of Sir Alexander Radcliffe of Ordsall had issue, assumed to include ...
Mo15-1 William Molyneux dvp 1567
m Bridget Caryll dau of John Caryll of Warnham
Mo15-1-1 Sir Richard Molyneux, 1st Bart of Sefton d 08.02.1622-3
m Frances Gerard dau of Sir Gilbert Gerard of Sudbury
a William Molyneux d infant
b Richard Molyneux, 1st Viscount Molyneux of Maryborough bpt 21.02.1593/4, d 08.05.1636At Flodden* Sir William Molyneux of Sefton greatly distinguished himself, and Henry Blundell of Little Crosby fell in the battle. The change of religion made by Elizabeth was most distasteful to the people. In 1624 and 1626 'riots and rescues,' occasioned by the unwelcome visits of the sheriff's officers to seize the cattle of the recusant William Blundell of Little Crosby, became a Star Chamber matter, resulting in the imposition of a heavy fine upon the perpetrators. fn. 2 As was to be expected, in the Civil War the gentry took the king's side, and their possessions were consequently sequestrated by the Parliament. The smaller people also suffered. fn. 3 The Lancashire Plot of 1694 brought more trouble on the district, fn. 4 but the risings of 1715 and 1745 do not appear to have drawn any support from Sefton.
m1 05.09.1599 !!, div 15.02.1607/8 Fleetwood Barton b 19.06.1595, dau of Richard Barton of Lancashire
m2 Mary Caryll bpt 12.08.1596, d before 21.06.1639, dau of Sir Thomas Caryll of Bentons by Mary, dau of Sir John Tufton, Bart, m2. Raphael Tarterau
c Bridget Molyneux
m Ralph Standish of Standish d 1656
d Frances Molyneux
m Sir Thomas Gerard, 2nd Bart of Bryn d 15.05.1630
e Margaret Molyneux
m Sir George Simeon of Baldwin's Brightwell and Chilworth
f Alice Molyneux
m 21.02.1609/10 Sir William Dormer dvp bur 22.10.1616
g Anne Molyneux
m Sir John Byron of Newstead Abbey d 28.09.1625
h Juliana Molyneux d 10.1668 probably of this generation
m Sir Thomas Walmesley, younger of Dunkenhalgh dvp 13.07.1637
i+ 4 sons and 1 daughter
Mo15-1-2 Eleanor Molyneux
m Sir William Norreys or Norres of Speke a 1620
Mo15-1-3 Margaret Molyneuxpossibly of this generation
m Edward Osbaldeston of Langscale, later of Hunmanby d c1639
Mo15-1-4+ 2 sons
m2 Eleonore Maghull dau of Robert Maghull of Maghull
Probably of this generation, but if so by which wife is unknown, were ...
Mo15-2 Anne Molyneux
m Thomas Dalton
Mo15 Margaret Molyneux bur 21.06.1617
m John Warren of Poynton & Stockton d 07.12.1587
Mo16-2 Ann Molyneux
m 1518 Alexander Standish of Standish
Mo17-2 rep by
John Molyneux
Mo17-3 rep by
Jane Molyneux
m Foulshurst
Mo17-4 rep by
Elizabeth Molyneux
Mo17-5 rep by
Thomas Molyneux
Mo17-6 rep by
Richard Molyneaux
b 1488 Hawkley Lancashire d 1512 Somerset
m Catherine
-1 Roger Molyneaux
-2 Jane Molyneaux b 1512 Hawkley d 21 Nov 1605 Standish Lancashire m1 Robert Fulleshurst m2 y Arrowsmith m3 Ralph Woodward
-3 John Molyneaux
-4 Margery Howghton
-5 Grace Molyneaux m Garnett
-6 Helene Molyneaux m Arrowsmith
-2-1 Cecily Fulleshurst m Vernon
-2-2 Hugh Woodward
-2-3 Henry Woodword
-2-4 William Woodword
-2-5 Alexander Woodward
Mo17-7 rep by
Edward Molyneux, Rector of Preston
b 1473 Preston Lancashire d 14 Aug 1535 Preston
Mo18-2 Margaret Molyneux
m1 John Dutton
m2 Sir William Bulkeley of Eaton a 1451, Lord Chief Justice
Mo18-3 reports: Ellen/Eleanor MOLYNEUX b 1452 Sefton
m William Ireland
-1 Alice Ireland
-2 Sir John Ireland
-3 John Ireland
-4 Ellen Ireland
Mo18-4 reports: Johanna MOLYNEUX b 1443
m Christopher Barton
Mo18-5 reports: James MOLYNEUX b c 1447 Sefton Rector of Sefton
Mo18-6/td> Katherine Molens b c 1465
m3 reports: Jane x
Mo18-7 x Beaumont
William Molyns b c 1479 Berkshire d 1512 m Ann Culpeper b 1483 Goudhurst Kent d 1509
-1 Agnes Ann Molyns b 1508 Mackney Berks d 1552 m Thomas Bennett -1-1 John Bennett
-1-2 Avis Bennett
-1-3 Richard Bennet of Clapcote
-1-4 Elizabeth Bennett
-1-5 Edmund Bennett
-1-6 Edmund Bennett
-1-7 Velen Bennett
-1-8 Margaret Bennett
-1-9 Avelen Bennett
-1-10 Sir Thomas Bennet IV Lord Mayor of London b c 1543 d 20 Feb 1627
Mo18-2. Sir Thomas Molyneux of Houghton d 1492
m1 Elizabeth Markham dau of Sir Robert Markham of Cothan
i. Robert Molyneux of Houghton
m Dorothy Poutrell dau of Thomas Poutrell of West Hallam
a. Richard Molyneux
m Margaret Bussy dau of Edmund Bussy of Hather
1 Francis Molyneux of Teversall, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire a 1582
m Elizabeth Greenhalgh dau of Thomas, son of Roger Greenhalgh of Teversal
A Thomas Molyneux 'of Haughton' d 1597
m Alice Cranmer dau of Thomas Cranmer of Aslacton
i Sir John Molyneux, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire, 1st Bart of Teversall a 1611
m1 Isabel Markham dau of John Markham of Sedgebrook
a Sir Francis Molyneux, 2nd Bart of Teversall d 12.10.1674
m 1619-20 Theodosia Heron dau of Sir Edward Heron of Cressy Hall
1 Sir John Molyneux, 3rd Bart of Teversall b 1623, d 1691
m Lucy Rigby dau of Alexander Rigby of Middleton
A Sir Francis Molyneux, 4th Bart of Teversall b c1657, d 12.03.1742
m Diana Howe dau of John Howe of Langar Castle
i Francis Molyneux dvp 10.1733
m Mary Brewer
a+ issue - Diana, Mary
ii Sir Charles Molyneux, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire, 5th Bart of Teversall d unm 28.07.1764, 4th son
iii Sir William Molyneux, 6th Bart of Teversall and of Wellow d 1781
m Anne Challand dau of William Challand of Wellow
a Sir Francis Molyneux, 7th Bart of Teversall dsp 09.06.1812
b Anne Molyneux
c Juliana Molyneux d 12.06.1808
m 30.10.1764 Henry Howard of Glossop b 09.04.1713, d 11.11.1787
iv Annabella Molyneux
m John Plumptre of Nottingham
v Lucy Molyneux
m Charles Corke Lisle of Moyle's Court dsp 1721
vi+ other issue - John dvp, Scroop dvp, Diana
B John Molyneux d unm
C Thomas Molyneux of Preston d 25.05.1727
m Mary Mundy dau of Gilbert Mundy of Allestree
i Rigby Molyneux
m _ Merton dau of Oliver Merton of Lancaster
a Mary Molyneux
m1 John Bashell MD
m2 _ Griffiths Captain
D Mary Molyneux
m Hon. Richard Leke d 16.04.1687, of Scarsdale family
E Elizabeth Molyneux
m Edmund Jodrell of Erdsley
2 Francis Molyneux of Mansfield
m Grace Darcy dau of Conyers Darcy, Lord D'Arcy
A Darcy Molyneux
m Elizabeth Basset dau of _ Basset of Doncaster
i+ issue - William, John
B Francis Molyneux 'of London'
m Mary Tancred dau of Charles Tancred of Whixley
i Dorothy Molyneux d 26.06.1722 probably of this generation
m 05.10.1704 Lucius Henry Cary, 6th Viscount Falkland b 27.08.1687, d 31.12.1730
ii+ 3 daughters
3 Elizabeth Molyneux
m Hugh Cartwright of Hexgrave
4 Theodosia Molyneux
m Edward Bunny of Newland
5+ other issue - Anne, Isabel
b Thomas Molyneux dsp
c Mary Molyneux
m Michael Fawkes of Farnley
d Elizabeth Molyneux
m Gilbert Gregory of Barnby
m2 Anne Harrington dau of Sir James Harrington of Ridlington
e Roger Molyneux Colonel
m Jane Monson d 1648, dau of Sir Robert Monson of Carleton
ii Thomas Molyneux
iii Elizabeth Molyneux
m Sir Anthony Thorold of Marston
2 Mary Molyneux bur 24.04.1609
m Daniel Disney of Norton Disney
ii. Elizabeth Molyneux
m1 John Bacard
m2 Stephen Hatfield of Willoughby
m2 Catherine Cotton dau of John Cotton of Redware
iii. Sir Edmund Molyneux d 1552, judge
m Jane Cheynes dau of John Cheynes of Chesham-Bois
a. John Molyneux of Thorpe
m Anne Lascelles dau of George Lascelles of Gatfoy
1 Edmund Molyneux of Thorpe
m1 _ Hearles dau of John Hearle
A Anne Molyneux d unm
m2 Bridget Sapcote dau of Robert Sapcote
B Sir John Molyneux of Thorpe
C+ other issue - Edmund, Richard
Possibly of this generation, but if so by which marriage is not known, was ...
E Bridget Molyneux
m 01.05.1612 William Disney of Norton Disney b 03.01.1589-90, d 1656
2 Rutland Molyneux of Woodcotes
m Mary Bevercotes dau of Cuthbert Bevercotes of Bevercotes
b. Thomas Molyneux
m Jane Molyneux dau of Sir Richard Molyneux of Sefton
c. Margaret Molyneux
A site visitor SC, 19.02.07 has kindly advised us that this Margaret is reported in her father's will as having married ...
m1/2. Robert Fletcher
It is not known if the marriage to Robert Fletcher was before/after or instead of the marriage reported in BEB1844 which was to ...
m2/1. Francis Fleetwood
d. Dorothy Molyneux
m Robert Parslow
e.+ other issue - Edmund, Anthony
iv. Anthony Molyneux d 1558, rector of Sefton and Walton
a. Ellen Molyneux
m1 John Bond of Coventry
m2 Laurence Ireland of Lidiat
b. Margaret Molyneux
m Sir Hugh Willoughby of Risley
Mo18-3. Elizabeth Molyneux probably of this generation
m 1429 Sir Richard de Southworth b c1420, d 1472
Mo18-4. Janet Molyneux
m Sir Robert Preston, 1st Viscount Gormanston d 05.04.1503
Mo18-5.+ other issue - 6 sons and 1 daughter
m2 Helen Radcliffe dau of James Radclyffe of The Tower
Mo18-13. Anne or Ellenor/Ellen Molyneux
m Sir Robert Nevil of Leversedge
Mo18. Margaret Molyneux
m Sir Roger not Peter Legh of Bradley Lyme and Hadcock d 1478
2. Adam Molyneux, Bishop of Chichester d 09.06.1442
3. Robert Molyneux
m Margaret L'Estrange dau of Sir Baldwin L'Estrange
A. daughter only dau/heir
m Sir William Troutbeck
i. Ellen Troutbeck dau/heir
m Sir Gilbert Talbot of Grafton
4. Agnes Molyneux possibly of this generation
m Sir Thomas de Clifton of Clifton a 1415
5. daughter

1 BP1934 Sefton with input from TCP Molyneux of Maryborough and TCP Sefton
2 BEB1844 Molyneux of Teversal
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* Allusion is made in the old ballad, “The Scottish Field,” a poem on the Battle of Flodden, to the device of an eagle's foot having been worn as a badge by the Lancashire levies who fought in that battle under the command of Sir John Stanley and Sir William Molyneux.

“Sir John Stanley, that stoute knight,
that sterne was of deedes!
With four thousand fursemen
that followed him after;
They were tenants that they tooke,
that tenden on the bishopp,
Of his household, I you bete,
hope ye no other.
Every burne had on his brest
browdered with goulde,
A fote of the fairest foule
that ever flew on wings!
With their crownes full cleare
all of pure goulde!
Yt was a semely sight,
to see them togeder
Fourtene thousand egill feete
feteled in arraye.
Then the Skottes king
called to him a heralde,
Biddeth tell him the truth,
and tary no longer,
Who were the banners of the burnes
that bode in the valley?
‘They are standartes of the Standles,
that stand by themselven,
Yf he be faren into Fraunce,
the Frenchmen to feere,
Yet is his standart in that stede,
with a styffe captaine,
Sir Henry Kighley is called,
that bene is of deede;
Sir Thomas Jarred that jollie knight
is joyned thereunder,
With Sir William Molynex,
With a manful meany.
Theis freakes will never flee
for feare of no weapon.
But they will stick with their standarts,
in their stele weedes,
Because they busked them at Berwick
That bolded them the more.”