An15 Elizabeth Andrews

    Elizabeth Andrews was the daughter and coheir of John Andrews An16 and Elizabeth Stratton St16 and granddaughter of James Andrews An17 and Alice Weyland We17
    Born: 1444 Baylam, Suffolk
    Died: 1485
    Married: Thomas de Windsor, Lord Stanwell.
    Thomas de Windsor, Lord Stanwell, and Elizabeth Andrews had issue:
    Wi14-1 Elizabeth Windsor
    Wi14-2 Anne Windsor
    Wi14) Andrew de Windsor, 1st Baron de Windsor of Bradenham
    Wi14-4 William Windsor
    Wi14-5 John Windsor
    Wi14-6 Thomas Windsor
    Wi14-7 Alice Windsor
    Wi14-8 Miles Windsor
    Wi14-9 Anthony Windsor
    Wi14-10 Bridget Windsor
    Wi14-11 Margaret Windsor (Prioress of Syon Abbey)
    Source: College of Arms, London;
    Monograph of The Windsor Family