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Nevill 5: Nevill of Holt, Holt of Pickhall Pickhill, Nevill Nevell of Ragnall Ragnell, Nevill of Rolleston
Ne24. Jollan or John de Neville BLG1886 Nevill of Nevill Holt reports that John was a son of John, lord of Pickhall, son of Geoffrey de Nevill by Emma de Bulmer. That is discounted because, had he been a legitimate son of that Geoffrey, he would have been Geoffrey's heir which was not the case. BLG1952 names him as Jollan, as does the whosyomama web site, and shows the connection we provide.
m ?? dau of Richard, son of Losoard of Rigby
Ne23 Jollan or John de Nevill of Rolleston d 1208
m Amfelicia/Amphyllis de Rolleston Nottingham b c 1155 d aft 1219 dau of
+1 Sir Allan de Richmond of Rolleston b 1106 Richmond York d 11201 Constable of Richmond Castle
m Olivia de Croft
Ne22 Jollan de Nevill of Rolleston b 1287 d 1246 The following is as reported in BLG1952 Nevile of Thorney. The whosyomama web site identifies Jollan's wife as Maud, daughter of Andrew de Beauchamp by Eva, dau of Anschetil de Grey by Eva de Redvers, dau of Baldwin, Earl of Devon. BLG1952 identifies her as ...
m1 Sarra b c 1190 Pickhill Yorkshire a 1249 no ch
Ne21-1 Andrew de Nevill b c 1250 d a 1271
Ne21-1-1 Jollan de Nevill a 1313
1 Thomas de Nevill of Rolleston a 1351
m Cicely
A William de Nevill of Pyhball a 1377
m Elizabeth
i Robert de Nevill a 1402
BLG1886 Nevile of Thorney identifies the following William as son of Sir Robert Nevile of Eldon but BLG1952 Nevile of Thorney shows the above ancestry which was abstracted from research reported in The Genealogist in 1909 and 1911. Visitation starts with the following William.
a William Nevill of South Leverton d after 1466
m Elizabeth Barker dau of _ Barker of South Leverton
1 Thomas Nevill had issue
2 George Nevill of Ragnall or Ragnell a 1434
m Mabel or Isabel Croftes dau of John Croftes of Ragnall
A William Nevill of Ragnall
m _ Mandevile
i George Nevell of Ragnell a 1546
m Elizabeth Cooke dau of John Cooke of Fledborough
a Robert Nevell of Ragnell
m1 Isabel Hare dau of John Hare of Clifton
1 Gervase Nevell of Ragnell a 1614
m Elizabeth Johnsonn
A+ issue - Rosamund, Elizabeth, Jane, Margaret, Barbara
m2 Margaret Stuting
2 Robert Nevell
b George Nevill of London
m Ellen Cutle dau of William Cutle of Herckfield
1 Rosamund Nevill
m Thomas White of London stationer
c Jane Nevell
m George Anderson
d+ other issue - William dsp, Alexander, Richard, Cuthbert
B Robert Nevill 'of Ragnall'
m Joanna Woodford dau of Ralph Woodford of Leicestershire
i Andrew Nevill
m _ Oxton
a Christopher Nevill
ii John Nevill
iii Robert Nevill of Ragnall or Regnell
m Alice Boswell dau of William Boswell of Chete or Chevet
a George Nevill of Ragnall and Thorney a 1567, 3rd son
m1 Barbara Hercy dau of Sir Humphrey Hercy
m2 Mary Williamson dau of John Williamson
b daughter
m _ Fotherby
c Elizabeth Nevill
m1 Thomas Boswell of Erdesley or Ardsley
m2 Martin Anne of Frickley
d+ other issue - Richard dsp, Robert dsp, Beatrice, Alice
iv Edith sb Sith or Sytha or similar? Nevill
m Anthony Stanton d 1560
v Elizabeth Nevill
m Thomas Digby
vi Ann Nevill
m George Eyre
C Alexander Nevill of Hablethorpe
i Margaret Nevill
m Richard Reyner
D George Nevill
i George Nevill
The whosyomama web site shows the following additional children of Jollan by Maud de Beauchamp ...
Ne21-1 Andrew Nevill, lord of Pickhill b about 1251 d
The web site shows this Andrew as father of Jollan de Nevill of Rollaston who, by Margart Fytting, was father of Thomas de Nevill of Rollaston who by Cecily, daughter of Ralph Blancminster was father of William with whom the site ends. There appears to be some confusion here with the Andrew of Pickhall and Rolleston whom we show below as father, by Cecilia Blanchminster, of a William.
Ne21 Margaret Nevill b c 1252 d
m William Warde
Wa21 Simon Warde
Wa20 Joanna Warde
m John de Calverley
Ne21-4 Jollan b about 1254
Ne21-5 John
Ne21-6 Walter
Ne22-2 Sir Andrew Nevill, lord of Holt, Pickhall and Rolleston The following is as reported in BLG1886 Nevill of Nevill Holt. BLG1952 Nevill of Kewland Hall formerly of Nevill Holt starts with the William Nevill of Holt who died in 1516 and was grandfather of the heiress Margaret. This removal of the following generations from BLG1952 might suggest concern that the following is not fully secure. Note the possible connection given by the whosyomama web site, reported just above.
m Cecilia Blanchminster dau of Ralph Blanchminster
i. Sir Andrew Nevill of Holt
m _ Fancotte dau of Sir Thomas Fancotte
a. Sir Robert Nevill of Holt
m _ Langford dau of Sir Ralph Langford
1 Sir Thomas Nevill of Rolleston
m Elizabeth Babington dau of William Babington of Chiswell / Chilwell
A William Nevill of Rolleston and Holt
m Katherine Palmer dau of Thomas Palmer of Holt
i Thomas Nevill of Holt, Pickhall and Rolleston
m Isabel Griffin dau of Sir Nicholas Griffin of Braybrook
a William Nevill of Holt d 1516
m _ Lucy dau of Thomas Lucy
1 Sir Thomas Nevill of Holt, Sheriff of Leicestershire d 1569
m1 Clara Nevill dau of Ralph Nevill of Thornton Bridge
A Margaret Nevill
m1 Thomas Smyth of Cressing Temple, later Nevill of Holt
m2 Francis Harvey or Hervey son of John of Ickworth
m2 Katherine Foljambe dau of Sir Godfrey Foljambe
p. Lucy Staresmore
B Blund Nevill
2nd son of William of Holt, presumed of this generation, was the following Thomas, reported in a note in Visitation Bedfordshire, 1566+1582+1634, Butler of Sharnebrook which refers to Harl. MS. 1531.
2 Thomas Nevell of Cotterstock, Northamptonshire
A Anne Nevell
p. Sir John St. John of Bletneshoe
b Alice Nevill possibly of this generation
m Sir Gervase Clifton of Clifton d 12.05.1491
ii Isabel Nevill possibly of this generation
m Sir Robert Woodforde of Ashby Folvile & Sproxton d 1457-8
B Margaret Nevill possibly of this generation
m John Disney of Norton Disney
ii. daughter
m _ De La River
iii. daughter
m _ Champion

Sources: BLG1952 Nevile of Thorney, BLG1886 Nevill of Nevill Holt, Visitation Nottinghamshire, 1569+1614, Nevell + and BLG1886 Nevile of Thorney.
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