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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
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Vawr and Phelip

The following has been pieced together from various cross-references in the database plus notes in BP1934 Newborough and data from various websites.
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Gathvoew Vawr
1. Cynan of Tegaingl BP1934 Newborough identifies Cynan's daughter Madlan as sister of ...
A. Ednowain Bendew
Although there is uncertainty on this noting his description in BLG1952 Lloyd-Davis of Whittington as "Edwyn ab Owain-bendew", this Ednowain is presumed to be the Ednowain Bendew Edwyn ab Owain-bendew of Llys y Coed y Mynydd, Bodfari who married ...
m Gwerfyl dau of Lluddocaf/Llydoch, Lord of Chirk, Whittington, etc who died in 1037
It is also an uncertain presumption that this was the Ednowain Bendew, Lord of Tegiengle, who is identified in BE1883 Cherlton of Powys as father of ...
i. Blettwrs
a. Efa
m Maredud / Meredith , Prince of Powys d 1132
B. Madlan Beludan
m Collwyn ap Tangno, lord of Efionydd and Ardudwy, of Bronwin's Tower 'Collwyn'
Knockvergus, Earl of Hereford
m Tegir Owen Vren dau/heir of King Pelemore
1. Monarcke, lord of Brecknock
A. Denebenodge, lord of Counterseline
m Wenlian dau of Justin, King of Glamorgan
i. Morridigge Worwine , lord of Counterseline
m Eleanora dau of Rhees, King of South Wales
a. Llewllyn, lord of Lycheard
m Frene dau of Knwyllyon ap Rhees, lord of Esterden
1 Cecil, lord of Lycheard
m Leke dau of Modac ap Rodreed, Lord Soughend
A Leven
m Jennett dau of John ap Rees Greig
i Roger Vower of Lycheard
m Katherine Baskerville dau of Roger Baskerville
a Welts Soyes
m Wilian Bidwood dau/coheir of Sir Welts Bidwood
1 Roger Hereer of Badwardine
m Ann Devereux dau of Sir Walter Devereux
A Roger Vichon of Badwardine
m1 Phillis Gamme dau of David Gamme
m2 Jane Herbert dsp, dau of Sir William Herbert
B. Rice
i. Sir Roger Williams
- - - - - - - -
Ph20. Richard Phelip
Ph19. Sir William Phelip of Dennington, Suffolk b 1342 or before, d between 1402 and 1405, see below for activities
m1 Catherine Chamberlain 'William Chamberlain, [who held Little Wilbraham, Cambs.] by 1345, died in 1351. His daughter and heir Cecily married Andrew of Bures, of Suffolk. Denise Chamberlain, probably William's widow, held the manor c. 1360. Cecily was dead by 1365, Andrew retaining the estate by curtesy. After he died in 1369 the Chamberlain lands were divided between William's two sisters: Little Wilbraham fell to Catherine d. 1371. She married William Phelip of Dennington Suff.. who apparently bought out the rights of Brian Hemesi, her son by an earlier marriage.
m m Julian/Gillian Erpingham dau of Sir Robert Erpingham of Erpingham marriage after 1371. William's widow Gillian occupied Little Wilbraham in 1412. Her brother, Sir Thomas Erpingham, was first chamberlain in Henry IV's household and then steward of the Household.
Ph18-1 Sir John Phelip was a good friend of Sir John le Strange. He deceased at Harfleur on the second day of September, 3 Henry V from the effects of dysentery, which committed such ravages among the forces previous to their journey towards Calais.
Ph18-2 and Katherine, wife of Sir Andrew Boteler, knight, Escheator of the Counties of Norfolk and Suffolk.'
Ph18 Sir William Phelip of Dennington, '6th Lord Bardolf' b 1383, d 06.06.1441, Chamberlain to Henry VI, styled Lord Bardolf from 1437, was lord in 1428.'
m before 1407 Joan Bardolf b 11.11.1390, d 12.03.1446/7, dau of Thomas, Lord Bardolf, by Anice
Ph17 Elizabeth Phelip d before 30.10.1441
m1 m John Beaumont, 1st Viscount, Constable and Chamberlain d Northampton 10.07.1460
Be16-1 Henry Beaumont dvp after 10.08.1441
Be16-2 William Beaumont, 2nd Viscount dsp 19.12.1507
m1 before 04.05.1461, div before 1477 Joan Stafford dau of Humphrey Stafford, 1st Duke of Buckingham
m2 24.04.1486 Elizabeth Scrope d 26.06.1537, dau of Richard Scrope of Bolton family
Be16 Joan Beaumont d 05.08.1466
m1 John Lovel,, Lord of Titchmarsh d 09.01.1464-5
m2 after 11.11.1465 Sir William Stanley
m2 John Clowting of Laxfield
Cl16 =19 Evelyn/Adeline Clowting
m William le Rous
Ph18-4. Rose Phelip apparently of this generation d 1441 although
m m John Glemham of Glemham
?Ph18-5 Alice St. Philibert The contacts between William Phelip and Sir BryanStapleton lead me to believe that the Alice's family name was incorrectly recorded int that pedigree.
m Sir Bryan Stapleton
Biographical data on William Phelip Ph20 from
From the Patent Rolls, 37 Edward III, Pt. II - P. 409, 6 Nov 1363. To William Phelipp. The king greatly commends him for his Westminster, continual labour about the mending and raising of the highway between Heghgate and Smethfeld which in many places is muddy and worn down, supplying wood, sand and other things necessary for the repair of his own means; and because his means are not sufficient for this, he has granted that for one year he may take from all persons passing by that road the following customs to be applied in the repairs, to wit, on every cart bound with iron loaded with merchandise, 2d. a week, on every such cart not bound with iron, 1d. a week, and on every horse carrying such wares, 1d. a week.Alive in 1369 "Given at Norwich, Monday after feast of St Mary Magdalene, 43 Edw.III. Witnesses: Nicholas Gernoun, kt, John Haukere, Geoffrey de Coue, William Phelyp, William Mondevile, William Sparhauk, John Mondevile and others."
And in 1375 From the Patent Rolls 49 Edward III, Pt. II - P. 203 2 Dec 1375 Pardon, for 50£. paid to the king by Robert de Swyllyngton, Westminster 'chivaler,' Brian de Stapelton, 'chivaler,' Nicholas Gernon, 'chivaler' Roger de Boys, 'chivaler' John de Pyshale, clerk, Reynold de Eccles, Ralph de Walsham, William Phelip, Robert Aisshefeld, Roger de Wolfreston, Henry Sergeant and Thomas Wroxham,to them of their trespass in acquiring in fee the castle and town of Orford, the manors of Walsham, Combes and Wykesufford, co. Suffolk, the leet of the town of Wynterton,co. Norfolk, the advowson of the church of Combes and a mediety of the advowson of the priory of Ixeworth from William de Ufford, earl of Suffolk,who held them in chief, and entering therein without licence ; and grant that they may retain the same.
Stapleton, in 'Cronica Maiorum', falls into the common error of knighting this William being granted an annuity as "the king' esquire" might be the equivalent of being knighted, and also gives him one less daughter than he appears to have had: 'The family of Phelipp was seated at Dennington, a parish in the hundred of Hoxne, com. Suffolk, and Sir William Phelipp, knight, and Juliana, his wife, daughter of Sir Robert Erpingham of Erpingham in the hundred of South Erpingham, com. Norf. by deed, in the year 1387, settled the manor of Colby, a parish adjacent to Erpingham on Sir Simon Felbrigg, knight, for the term of the life of the said Juliana, which had doubtless been assigned to her in frankmarriage. The issue of this marriage were two sons and a daughter, Sir William named above, born in 1383, Sir John Phelipp, knight, deceased at Harfleur on the second day of September, 3 Hen V. from the effects of dysentery, which committed such ravages among the forces previous to their journey towards Calais, and Katherine, wife of Sir Andrew Boteler, knight, Escheator of the Counties of Norfolk and Suffolk.'

He was granted a pardon in May 1383 as a co-executor in the estate of William de Ufford, Earl of Suffolk. and a co-defendant with John Pyshale,clerk, Thomas Wroxham, John Calf, Benedict Walssheworth and others against Margaret Mareschall, Countess of Norfolk for breaking "her closes and houses at Framelyngham, Bongey and Saham,co. Suffolk, felled her growing trees, fished in her fishponds, and carried away trees, timber and other goods, and four chests containing charters, writings, &c"
HD 1538/298/1
Feoffment Creation dates: 20 Jul 1386 Physical characteristics: 2 seals, 1 incomplete Language: Latin Scope and Content
1. William Phelip of Denyngton [Dennington]
William Cloutyng' of L
Geoffrey Richer, barker of Lowystoft' William Dunmowe of Lowystoft' [Lowestoft]
2. John atte Grene of Somerleton' [Somerleyton] 1 to 2, messuage in Lowystoft' lying between common lane of Lowystoft' on E. and toft of Geoffrey de Mildenhale on W., abutting S. on [property of] G.M. and N. on messuage of Robert Plomer; to hold of chief lord of fee for accustomed services. Witnesses: --- [illegible], John Launey, kt, Robert de Reueshale, William --- [illegible], John Lacy, John de Langele and others. Given at [illegible], Friday the feast of St Margaret the Virgin, 10 Ric.II.
DEEDS AND RELATED DOCUMENTS East and West Beckham and elsewhere FILE - Quitclaim - ref. Phi/23 576 x 9 - date: 1392 [from Scope and Content] Quitclaim by William Wynter to Thomas Erpingham, Robert Berneye, and Thomas Geneye knights, William Boteller chaplain, William Phelyp, George Felbrigg and John, parson of Salle, of the manor of East Beckham with lands etc. formerly of Roger de Beckham knight in East and West Beckham, Sheringham, Beeston, Runton, Shipden, Felbrigg, Aylmerton, Sustead and Gresham. 17th April

FRESSINGFIELD - ref. HD 1538/230

FILE - Evidences of title - ref. HD 1538/230/1-40 - date: Early 13c.-1613
item: Feoffment chirograph - ref. HD 1538/230/12 - date: 18 Feb 1395
[from Scope and Content] 1 to 2, manor called Chebenhale [Chepenhall] in Fresyngfeld [Fressingfield] and all 1's other lands and tenements in Fresyngfield and other adjoining towns in Hoxne hundred, which 1 lately had by feoffment of Robert de Ufford, kt; to hold of chief lords of fee for accustomed services; provided that 2 pay £86 13s.4d. at Fresyngfeld on next morrow of Purification. Witnesses: Thomas de Bedyngfeld, kt, William Phylipp, William Cloutyng, Richard del Chyrch, John Caltoft and others. Given at Fresyngfeld, Thursday after feast of St Valentine, 18 Ric.II.
1 Henry IV, Pt. VII - P. 314
28 May 1400
Commission to John Staverton, John Wynter, William Phelip, John Glenham and Richard Bowet, escheator in the county of Suffolk,to enquire about all purpresturos within the town of Dunwich and the port of the same and all usurpations upon the king and the burgesses there in the withdrawal of toll, custom and other commodities belonging to the town and burgesses and about the occupation of the marsh called 'le Kyngesholm.'
4 Henry IV, Pt. 1 - P. 184
19 Dec 1402
Grant for life, with the assent of the council, to the king's esquire William Phelipp of 10 marks yearly at the Exchequer.

It is thought likely that the following Norfolk family was connected in some way to the Bacons of Harleston, Norfolk.
Sir Thomas Bacon of Baconsthorpe, Norfolk a 1360
m Alice or Joan Anthingham dau of Sir Thomas or Roger Antingham
1. Sir Roger Bacon of Baconsthorpe
A. John Bacon of Baconsthorpe
m Maude Bedingfield
i. John Bacon of Baconsthorpe
m Margaret Baynard dau of Robert Baynard of Spexhall
a. Thomas Bacon of Baconsthorpe
1 Elizabeth Bacon elder dau/coheir
m Sir John Glemham of Glemham & Farnham d 15.10.1537
2 Anne Bacon coheir probably of this generation
m Robert Garneys of Kenton Hall d 02.08.1556
This section first uploaded on 03.08.08.
BEB1841 reports that the Stapleys of Sussex are said to have derived from the Stapleys of Cheshire.
John Stapley of Framfield d 1593
m Joane Thatcher d before 18.12.1596, dau of Thomas Thatcher of Warbleton
1. Anthony Stapley of Framfield
m3. Ann Thatcher dau of John Thatcher of Presthawes
A. Anthony Stapley of Patcham, Sussex bpt 30.08.1590, d 31.01.1654-5
m 19.05.1614 Ann Goring bur 11.11.1637, dau of George Goring, sister of George, Lord Goring
i. Sir John Stapley, Bart of Patcham bpt 29.06.1628, d 22.08.1701
m Mary Springett b 1633-4, d 20.03.1708, dau/coheir of Sir Herbert Springett, Bart of Broyle
a. Herbert Stapley b c1656, dsp
m Alice Culpeper dau of Sir Richard Culpeper of Preston Hall
b. Philadelphia Stapley b 07.05.1652, d 18.10.1676
m 1667 Peter Courthorpe of Danny & Hurstperpoint a 1651
c. Elizabeth Stapley b 15.02.1657, d 09.06.1721
m 30.08.1684 John Briggs of Chichester
d. Mary Stapley bpt 03.10.1663
m 23.01.1682-3 Walter Dobell of Street
e. Barbara Stapley d 1700
m 16.09.1690 William Hay of Glyndborne see below
ii. Anthony Stapley b c1630, dsp 09.0.1671-2
m Douglas Holcroft d 21.02.1694-5, dau of Sir Henry Holcroft of Long Acre
iii. Anne Stapley b c1625, d 1645
Probably of this generation, but if so by which marriage is unknown, were ...
B. Anne Stapley
m Thomas May of Pachley d 09.07.1610
C. Grace Stapley bpt 06.12.1586
m 1606 Thomas Shirley of Preston d 02.1636-7
William Hey of Roberts Bridge
m _ Tufton of Nordiam
1. Thomas Hey or Hay of Bushill, later of Netherfield in Battle, Mayor of Hastings d before 23.03.1591-2
m2 Elizabeth Baker d before 20.10.1597, dau of John Baker of Battle
A/B. Edmund Hay of Netherfield
m Margery Morgan dau of Robert Morgan of Little Hallingbury
i. John Hay of Netherfield a 1662
m Elizabeth Towers dau/cohbeir of Samuel Towers of the Cliffe
a. Elizabeth Hay
ii.+ other issue - Thomas, Elizabeth, Mary, Margaret
B/A. John Hey or Hay of Buhsill or Bushill, later? of Herstmonceux or Hurstmonceux d 05.09.1605
m1 Mary Morley d 17.05.1598, dau of William Morley of Glind = Glynde Place
i. Herbert Hay of Glindborne or Glyndebourne b 21.12.1591, d 03.02.1652
m Frances Colepeper d 16.06.1643, dau of John Colepeper or Culepepher of Wigsell
a. John Hay of Glindborne or Glyndebourne b by 1626, a 1662, MP
m1 Cecilia Routh dsp 30.10.1663, dau of Sir John Routh of Boughton-on-Bleane
m2 Elizabeth Burdett d 19.01.1671, dau of Richard Burdett of Southover
1 William Hay 'of Glyndebourne' b 08.04.1671, d before 15.11.1698
m 16.09.1690 Barbara Stapley d 1700, dau of Sir John Stapley of Patcham, Bart@@ above
Visitation shows that William & Barbara had issue but does not name them though it does refer to Horsfield's 'History of Lewes, ii, 122. Various web sites identify his successor as ...
A William Hay of Glyndebourne b 21.08.1695, d 1755, 2nd sonhad issue
His last child dsp 1803. In 1833 "by virtue of distant relationships" Glyndebourne passed to Langham Christie.
2+ other issue - John b 1665, d 1682, Herbert b 1666, d 1675, Henry d infant, William d infant
m2 Anne Coulston of Essex

1 notes above 2 Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees 1942, Vaughan of Sutton-upon-Derwent
3 TCP Bardolf
4 Visitation Suffolk, 1561, Glemham of Glemham
5 BEB1841 Stapley of Patcham, Visitation Sussex, 1662, Stapley of Patcham
6 Visitation Sussex, 1634, Hay, Visitation Sussex, 1662, Hay of Glindborne & Hay of Netherfield in Battle
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