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Wo11 John William Woertman

Wo11 John William Woertman or Workman was probably the son of Thomas Workman Wo12 d ?Amsterdam and grandson of Nicholas Workman Wo13 and Julyann Gyllian or he may have been a grand nephew of this latter couple.
Wo11 John William Woertman or Workman Born: 1598 in Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands
Died: 10 JAN 1640 in Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands
Buried: January 12, 1639/40, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands.
Married: 1628 in Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands m Hannah Hanntje b c 1600
from :
John William Workman
Birth: ABT. 1598 in Gloucester, England
Death: 10 JAN 1639/40 in Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
Burial: 12 JAN 1639/40 Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
John William Workman (Jans William Woertman) Died before 1647 in Amsterdam, Holland
Hannah (Harmtje) Died after 1685
Married about 1628

1. Elizabeth Jans (Woertman) Noorman
2. Richard John (Dirk Jan Woertman) Workman
3. Annetje Loderwycks Clause
Married: ABT. 1628 in Amsterdam, Holland
Dirck 'Richard' Jans Woertman b: ABT. 1630 in Amsterdam, Holland

It is believed that John William Workman emigrated from England to Holland in the early 1600s. All of the children left Holland to come to the New Netherlands in America. At this time the colony was under the judicial powers of Peter Stuyvesant. This area was not named "New York" until 1664 when the area was captured by the English. Elizabeth and her husband were among the first settlers of the town of Bushwick (now in Brooklyn) and Richard and Annetje made their home in what is now Brooklyn, Kings County.

Father: Thomas Workman b: ABT. 1540 in England 
Mother: Agnes Hale b: BEF. 1550

Marriage 1 Hannah Harmtje b: ABT. 1614 in Amsterdam, Noord, Holland, Netherlands

The emigration of John William Workman from Gloucester, England, would seem to have been between 1614 and 1628. The events of the reign of James I may shed light on the motivation, whether political, religious or criminal prosecution, but the strong religious ties to the Dutch Reformed Church indicate religious persecution.
and had:
Wo10-1 Elizabeth Jans Woertman m Noorman
Wo10 Richard/Derick Jans Woertman
. Wo9-1 Haramita Woertman - Chr. 6/6/1661
. Wo9-2 Femmetje (Phoebe) Woertman - Chr. 1/6/1663
. Wo9 Jan Derick Woertman Chr. 1665
. . Wo8-1 Andries Aka Andrew Woertman\wortman : 1691
. . Wo8-2 Dirck Woertman b 1693
. . Wo8-3 Jan Evertsen Bout Woertman b 1695
. . Wo8-4 Peter Woertman b c 1698 in New York
. . Wo8-5 Elizabeth Woertman b 1699
. . Wo8-6 Hermitien Woertman b 1704
. . Wo8-7 Anna Woertman b 1707
. . Wo8 Abraham Workman b 1709 NJ m 1732 Anna Smith b 1714 in Holland
. . Wo8-9 Jane Woertman b 1710
. . Wo8-10 Femmetchen Woertman b: 1716
. Wo9-4 Geertruy (Woertman) Sprong - Chr. 1667
. Wo9-5 Teunis Derick Woertman - Chr. 12/28/1669
. Wo9-6 Paulis/Paul Woertman - Chr. 4/2/1672
. Wo9-7 Catherine Woertman - Chr. 1667
. Wo9-8 Denyse/Dennis Woertman - Chr. 7/27/1678
. Wo9-9 Lysbeth/Elizabeth Woertman m Van Zutphen - Chr. 4/4/1681
. Wo9-10 Annetje Woertman - Chr. 6/15/1684 Brooklyn d there m Isaac de Riemer (the following is from Gary Caldwell´s tree)
. . Wo9-10-1 Antje Deremer b 1708 Staten Island d 1749 Millstone Mercer Co NJ m Peter Stryker b 4 Sep 1704 Flatbush Kings Co NY d 1774 Millstone
. . .Wo9-10-1-1 Elizabeth Stryker b 1742 d 1814 m Adrian Aten b 1737 d 1826 son of Adrien Hendrickse Aten and Jacobje Middagh
. . .Wo9-10-1-1-1 William Aten b 1815 d 19 Mar 1863 m Sarah M Russell b 22 Jun 1821 d 29 Nov 1902 dau of James Russell and Rachel Scott
. . .Wo9-10-1-1-1-1 Jane Young Aten b 1845 PA d 26 Aug 1901 Hickory Mt Pleasant Twp Washington Co PA m Ephraim Vogel
. . .Wo9-10-1-1-1-1-1 Sarah Vogel b 1870 d 1923 m David Miller b 1859 d 1940
. . .Wo9-10-1-1-1-1-1-1 Bessie Miller b 1887 d 1946 m James Caldwell b 1875
. . .Wo9-10-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 James Audley Caldwell b 1922 m Mabel Alene Tustin b 11 Feb 1924 dau of Harry Edward Tustin b 26 Feb 1892 m Verna Elizabeth Pettit b 19 Jun 1901 dau of John Thomas Pettit and Lucinda Hannah Bittner
. . . Wo9-10-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Gary Caldwell
. Wo9-11 Marretje Woertman - Chr. 11/21/1686
. Wo9-12 Peter Derick Woertman - Chr. 1688
. Wo9-13 Lorewyck Derick Woertman - Chr. 1690
Wo10-3 Annetje Loderwycks Clause