He5 Charlotte Hester

    He5 Charlotte Hester was the daughter of William Hester (He6) and Catherine Waits
    Married: Morris Mitchell (Mi5) 20th Nov. 1823 in Flemming County Kentucky
    She is likely to be the niece or great niece of Agnes Hester, who married Simeon Walton and died in Bracken Co. Ky in 1821. These Hesters were from Louisa Co. Virginia,
    Morris Mitchell and Charlotte Hester had issue:
    (Mi4-1) Elyzibeth Mitchell, b 28 Aug. 1824
    (Mi4-2) Amelia (Permelia) Annie Mitchell, b 10 Sept. 1826
    (Mi4) Susan Jane Mitchell b 23 Nov. 1828 m John Kenton Hester
    (Mi4-4) James Edward Mitchell, b 30 April 1831
    (Mi4-5) Catherine Mitchell, b 31 July. 1837?2
    (Mi4-6) William Flemming Mitchell, b 4 Feb. 1836
    (Mi4-7) Nancy Mitchell, b 5 June 1838
    (Mi4-8) Ruben Mitchell, b 21 Oct. 1840
    (Mi4-9) George Mitchell, b 15 Mar. 1843
    (Mi4-10) Frederick Mitchell, b 18 May 1846
    The opinion has been voiced, that Charlotte's maiden name was not Hester but Hesler! A family of the latter name was in this area at the time, but so were Hesters.
    Source:  Geneology of the Descendents of John Hester, by Hester Geraldine Lester Searl

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