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Shirley: Shirley of Ettington Ettendon, Shirley of Preston, Shirley of Shirley, Shirley of Staunton Stanton, Shirley of West Grinstead, Shirley of Westneston Wiston
m2 1606 Grace Stapley bpt 06.12.1586 dau of Anthony Stapley of Framfield
Sh30. Sasuallo or Sewallus of Ettington, etc. b c 1925 d c 1085
Sh29 Fulcher of Ettington, etc. b c 1060 d c 1105
Sh28-1 Henry ancestor of Shirley of Ireton and families named Ireton
Sh28 Sewallis of Shirley b c 1080 d c 1129
Sewallis and the next few generations may well have been known as 'de Ettington' rather than 'de Shirley'.
m Matilda dau of Ridel of Halaughton
Sh27 Henry de Shirley b c 1110 d c 1165
m Joanna dau of John de Clinton of Essex
Sh26 Sewallis de Shirley b c 1140 a 1167
m Isabel Meynell dau of Robert Meynell of Langley Meynell
Visitation adds 2 intervening generations here: Henry then Sewall, apparently younger son of Henry the other son being another Henry and father of the following, but greater span between the guesstimated births indicate the existance of (an) intermediate generation(s).
Sh25 Sir James de Shirley and Ettington b c 1240 d c1278
m Agnes de Walton dau of Simon de Walton, Bishop of Norwich
Sh24 Sir Ralph de Shirley, Sheriff of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire b c 1270 d 1327
m Margaret dau of Walter de Waldeshief of Fairfield
Sh23 Sir Thomas Shirley b c 1310
m Isabel Basset sister of Ralph Basset, Lord of Drayton
Sh22 Sir Hugh Shirley d Shrewsbury b c 1345 a 1403, grand falconer
m Beatrix de Braose sister of John de Braose of West Neston d Shrewsbury b c 1330 a 1403, grand falconer
Sh21 Sir Hugh Shirley d Shrewsbury b c 1370 a 1403, grand falconer, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire b c 1370 a 1422
m1 Joan Basset b c ?1391 dau of->
Basset 4 shows her marriage to son Ralph. As the complier of the Shirley pedigree is more likely to have know which Shirley Joan married, but this does have to b checked. The date given for father's marriage favors guesstimating Hugh's to have been no earlier than 1370.
+1 Thomas Basset of Braylesford
m c 1390 Margaret Meringe
Sh20 Ralph Shirley of Ettington, Shirley and Staunton b c 1400 constable of Melbourne Castle
m1 Margaret Staunton dau of John de Staunton of Staunton Harold
Sh19-1 John Shirley of Ettington, etc. d 1485
m Eleanor Willoughby dau of Sir Hugh Willoughby of Wollaton
Sh19-1-1 Sir Ralph Shirley of Ettington, Shirley and Staunton d 1517
m1 Elizabeth Walsh dau of Thomas Walsh of Wanlep
m2 Jane Sheffield dau of Sir Robert Sheffield
m2 Elizabeth Blount b c 1445 dau of-> +1 Sir Thomas not John Blount b c 1380 d 1456, treasurer of Normandy
m1 Margaret Gresley ne of the author's DNA matches does have a double Blunt ancestral line and others in the match group indicate that the matching DNA on chr 12 does come over the West/Shirley line of decent for them and the author.
+2 Sir Walter Blount of Barton and Belton b c 1355 k Shrewsbury 21 Jul 1403, standard bearer
m c 1373 Sancha de Ayala d 1418, dau of Don Diego Gomez de Toledo
+2 Sir Thomas Gresley of Gresley
m in 1391 Margaret Walsh dau of Walse Lord of Anlep
+3 Sir John le Blount of Sodington b c1298, d 1358
m Isolda de Mountjoy d 1347, dau of Sir Thomas de Mountjoy
+4 Sir Walter le Blount of The Rock b c 1265 d 1322
m by Feb 1294 Johanna de Sodington b c 1274 d c 1331 dau of Ralph, sister of Sir William de Sodington
Sh19 Ralph Shirley of Westneston Wiston b c 1440 continued below
m Jane Belingham dau of Thomas Belingham of Lemyster
Sh19-3+ other issue - Elizabeth, Alice, Sanchia sic, Ann, Margaret
m3 Lucia Aston or Assheton dau of Sir John Assheton of Atherton
Sh20-2 Beatrix Shirley
m John Brome of Bedesley Clynton
m2 Alis Blunt
Sh21-2 Isabel Shirley
m Sir Gey Cockend John Cokayne of Ashburne
Sh21-3+ other issue - Elizabeth, Nichola
Sh23-2 Isabel Shirley
m Geffrey Lee Burgylond of Weston sic
Sh25-2 Elizabeth de Shirley
m John de Walton son of Simon, Bishop of Norwich
Sh27-2+ other issue - Fulcher dsp, Hugh priest, Ralph, Richard
Sh28-3+ other issue - Fulcher dsp, Nicholas, Robert
Sh19. Ralph Shirley of Westneston Wiston b c 1440 continued above Visitation shows this Ralph as married also to Elizabeth, dau of Thomas Blount, with a note apparently provided The Harleian's Society's editor saying that she was "added, but in a like hand". On the basis that this looks like a repetition of his mother whose marriage to his father is mentioned in BP1934 we ignore this. However,.
m Jane Belingham dau of Thomas Belingham of Lemyster
Sh18 Sir Richard Shirley of Westneston or Wiston b c 1485 d 1543-4
m1 Ann Shelley dau of John Shelley of Michelgrove
Sh17 William Shirley of Westneston or Wiston b c 1510
m Mary Isley dau of Thomas Isley or Issley of Kent
Sh16 Sir Thomas Shirley of Westneston or Wiston b c 1540 a 1585 A web site gives Sir Thomas's dates as 1542-10.1612 and reports that he also married a Frances Vernon probably of the family of Hodnet who was mother of Sir Anthony. Visitation reports only one wife ...
m Anne Kempe dau of Sir Thomas Kempe of Wye by Catherine Chenye
Sh15-1 Sir Thomas Shirley of Wiston b 1564, d c 1620
m Frances Vavasor dau of Sir Thomas Vavasor Visitation merely names Thomas and his wife. A web site confirms he inherited Wiston, gives his dates, and reports that he was father of ...
Sh15-1-1 Henry Shirley dramatist, younger son
Sh15-2 Sir Anthony Shirley @@ note probable duplication below
m Barbara Walsingham dau of Sir Thomas Walsingham
Sh15-3 Robert Shirley
Sh15-4 Mary Shirley
m Sir John Croftes of Suffolk
Sh15-5 Elizabeth Shirley
m Edward Onslow
Sh15-6 Margery Shirley
m Pexsall Brocas
Sh15-7 Jane Shirley
m John Shirley of Isefeild b 1569, d 1631
Sh15-8 Anne Shirley b 23.12.1573
m c1590 Sir John Tracy of Toddington, Sheriff of Gloucestershire, 1st Viscount of Rathcoole d before 14.02.1648
Sh15 Cecily Shirley bur 31.07.1662
m 25.11.1596 Thomas West, 3rd Lord De La Warr b 09.07.1557, d 07.06.1618
Sh16-2? Anthony Shirley see note probable duplication above
m Barbara Walsingham dau of Sir Thomas Walsingham
Sh16-2-1 Thomas Shirley of Preston, Sussex d 02.1636-7
The folllowing is supported by Visitation Susse, 1662, Shirley of Preston with input also from BEB1841 Shirley of Preston.
m1 13.06.1598 Jane Essex bur 03.11.1599, dau of Thomas Essex of Lamburne, sister of Sir William
1 Thomas Shirley of Preston bpt 31.03.1599, bur 20.05.1654
m Elizabeth Stapley dau of Drew Stapley of London
A Sir Anthony Shirley, 1st Bart of Preston b 05.07.1624, bur 22.06.1683
m Anne Onslow dau of Sir Richard Onslow of West Clandon
i Sir Richard Shirley, 2nd Bart of Preston b c1654, bur 30.03.1692
m 13.03.1676-7 Judith Bateman bur 04.06.1729, dau of Joas Bateman of London, sister of Sir James, m2. Sir Henry Hatsell
a Sir Richard Shirley, 3rd Bart of Preston d unm 1705
b Anne Shirley
m Thomas Western of Rivenhall
c+ other issue - Anthony dsp?, Judith, Mary
ii Elizabeth Shirley bpt 17.11.1651
m c03.1676-7 William Boys of Hawkhurst
B+ other issue - Elisabeth, Mary, Abbigale, Jane, Francis/?ces?
2 Anthony Shirley
m3.02.02.1614-5 Elizabeth Stoner bur 25.01.1630, dau of John Stoner, widow of Thomas Stephens
3 Abbigale Shirley
Sh16-2-2 Judith Shirley
m Sir Henry Mallory
Sh16-2-3 Elizabeth Shirley
m Sir Samwell Smyth
Sh16-2-4 Sarah Shirley
m Edward Godman of Etehale
Sh16-2-5+ other issue - Anthony dsp, Richard, Walsingham, Edward, Henry
Sh17-2 Ciseley Shirley
m John Ledys
Sh17-3 Ann Shirley
m Richard Fernwold
Sh17-4 Elizabeth Shirley
m John Mychell of Stammerham
Sh17-5 Alys Shirley
m Thomas Chaunceler of Lyndford
Sh17-6+ other issue - John, Edward dsp
m2 Elizabeth Gifford dau of Sir Richard Gifford
Sh18-2. Thomas Shirley of West Grinstead
m Elizabeth Gorges dau/coheir of Marmaduke Gorges alias Russell of Gloucestershire
Sh18-2-1 Francis Shirley of West Grinstead b c 1540 reported by a web site to have been Sheriff of Surrey and Sussex a 1574
m Barbara BlountBarbara Blount b c 1560 dau of Richard Blount
i. Thomas Shirley of West Grinstead b c1555, a 1577
m _ Carell
a. Scissely Shirley
m Sir George Snelling of West Grinsted or Grinstead
b. Barbara Shirley
m1 Sir Thomas Thornhurst
m2 Anthony St. Leger
B.+ other issue - Isabel, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Joan
Sh18-3. Jane Shirley
m1 John Daney sb Dawtrey of Petworth
m2 Sir Richard Lister d 14.03.1553
Sh18-4. Elizabeth Shirley
m John Lee of Little Worth
Sh18-5. Beatrix Shirley
m Edward Eldrington of Hogston
Sh18-6. Isabel Shirley
m John Dawney of Hampton

1 BP1934 Ferrers, Visitation Sussex, 1530+1633-4, Shirley
2 Visitation Sussex, 1530+1633-4, Shirley
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