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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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Buchanan 3

: Buchanan of Arnpryor Arnprior, Buchanan of Bardowie, Buchanan of Bochlvyie Buchlyvie, Buchanan of Brachern, Buchanan of Cashlie, Buchanan of Gartinstarrie, Buchanan of Leny, Buchanan of Spittal
Bu16. John Buchanan, 1st of Arnpryor or Arnprior, 'King of Kippen' d Pinkie 10.09.1547
m Dorothea Levingstoun

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Bu15. Andrew Buchanan, 2nd of Arnpryor d before 19.11.1560
m before 15.05.1545 Eupham Stirling
Bu14 John Buchanan, 3rd of Arnpryor b c 1545 d 04.1598
m Isabella Shaw
Bu13 John Buchanan b c 1570 d 1641 in Ireland
m Margaret Livingstone
Bu12. William Buchanan b c 1600 known to have had issue in Ireland
m ?Jane x
Bu11? y Buchanan b c 1625 Tyrone IRE, the probable missing generation
Bu10 George Buchanan b 1648 Duron Tyrone d 1675 Devoran Tyrone
m Elizabeth Mayne b 1654 d 1723
Bu9 William Buchanan b 1677 Tyrone IRE d there 1749
m Rebecca
Bu8-1 Janet Buchanan b 1688 d 1720
Bu8-2 Patrick Buchanan b 1695 d 1765
Bu8? Robert Buchanan b 1697 Tyrone, Ireland d 1767 ?= 1748 bur Marsh Creek, border Of Adams and Cumberland Co, Pennsylvania -1? Mary Buchanan b PA d Baltimore m John Smith of Baltimore Sm6-1 Gen. Samuel Smith
Sm6 Mary Smith, married George Nicholas Ni6
Sm6-3 Robert Smith, served as Secretary of the Navy under Thomas Jefferson and Secretary of State under James Madison.
Sm6-4 Margaret Smith m Wilson Cary Nicholas Ni6-3
Ni5-1 Col. Robert Carter Nicholas (1779 - 1836)
Ni5-2 Maria Nicholas (1780 - ? ) 17 March 1804 m Col. Thomas D. Owings of Kentucky in Lexington Ky.
Ni5-3 Smith Nicholas (1782 - ? )
Ni5-4 Ann Nicholas (1783 - ?)
Ni5-5 Sidney Nicholas (1785 - ? )
Ni5-6 Major Cary Nicholas (1786 - ? )
Ni5-7 George Ann Nicholas (1788 - ?)
Ni5-8 Margarette Gailbraith Nicho1as (1789 Aug.13, 1819) m1 Gen. J.C. Bartlett, m2 Gov. Thomas Fletcher, died without issue. She was portraited by Jouet; the portrait in the posession of Gen Charles Parsons Nicholas Ni3-5-4 in 1975.
Ni5-9 John Nelson Nicholas (1791 - 1826)
Ni5-10 Elizabeth Randolph Nicholas b1793 m James Gabriel Trotter of Lexington
Ni5-11 George Wilson Nicholas (1795 - ? )
Ni5 Samuel Smith Nicholas(1797 - 1869)
Ni5-13 Henrietta (Hetty) Morrison Nicholas (1798 - ? ) m Richard Hawes
Ni5-14 Clara Nicholas, unm
Bu8-3 Joseph Buchanan b 1700
Bu8-4 Walter Buchanan b 1702 d 1788
Bu8-5 Janette Buchanan b 1704 d 1724
Bu8-6 William Buchanan b 1705 d 1769
Bu8-7 George Buchanan b 1705 d 1775
Bu8-8 Margaret Buchanan b 1709 d 1779
Bu8-9 Arthur Buchanan b 1710 d 1760
Bu8-10 Mary Buchanan b 1718 Augusta VA d there 1755
m Thomas Berry b 1718 Augusta VA d 1798 Abington Washington Co VA son of James Berry b 1690 Ulster d 1756 Augusta VA and Elizabeth Davis
-1 James Berry b 1740 d 1804 m Janie Doak b 1768 d 1849
-2 Barbara Berry b 1746 Washington VA d there 1818
-3 Mary Berry b 1750 d 1803
-4 Thomas Berry b 1752 Augusta VA d 1781/?1805 Maryville Blount Co TN
-5 Rebecca Berry b 1751 d 1825
-6 William Berry b 1752 Augusta VA d 6 Mar 1781 Whitzells Mill NC
-7 Elizabeth Berry b 1754 Augusta VA d 1799
-8 William Berry b 10 Oct 1755 d 19 Dec 1838 St Louis MO
-9 George Berry b 1756 d 1829
-1-1 Grisal Berry b 177 d 1820
-1-2 Mary Berry b 1770 d 1850
-1-3 Prudence Berry b 1772
-1-4 James Berry b 1773 d 1842
-1-5 Samuel Berry b 1775 d 1830 m Nancy Crow b 1778 d 1860
-1-6 Thomas Berry
-1-7 Jonathan Berry b 1783
-1-8 Sarah Berry b 1785 d 1846
-1-9 John Berry b 1788 d 1857

-1-5-1 Robert Berry b 1797 d 1872
-1-5-2 John Berry b 1797 d 1837/?86
-1-5-3 Samuel Berry b 1800 d 1877
-1-5-4 James Berry b 1801 d 1864
-1-5-5 Thomas Berry b 1802 Carter TN d 1865 Sullivan Co TN m Ellenor King b 1792 d 1888 dau of Thomas King and Susan Sharp
-1-5-6 William Berry b 1806 d 1881
-1-5-7 George Berry b 1808
-1-5-8 Elizabeth Berry b 1813/24 ?m Rufus Crewse
-1-5-9 Henry Berry b 1814 d 1881
-1-5-10 Rice Berry b 1822
-1-5-11 Nancy Berry b 1830 d 1916
-1-5-12 Ellen Berry b 1832 Carter Co TN d 1871 TX m1 Thomas Berry b 1828 d 1863 m2 Joshua Parker b 1798 d 1873

-1-5-5-1 Samuel Berry b 1820 d 1880 m Sarah Morrow b 1835 d 1920
-1-5-5-2 Thomas Berry b 1828 d 1863 m Ellen Berry b 1832 d 1871 -1-5-12 dau of Samuel Berry and Nancy Crow

-1-5-5-1-1 Louvinna Berry b 1857 d 1943 m James Berry b 1856 d 1927
-1-5-5-2-1 James Berry b 1856 d 1927 m Louvinna Berry b 1857 d 1943 -1-5-5-1 dau of Samuel Berry b 1820 d 1880 and Sarah Morrow b 1835 d 1920

-1-5-5-1-1-1 Frank Leslie Berry b 1884 Aurora Lawrence Co MO d there 1968 m Lucy Cochran
-1-5-5-1-1-1-1 Grace Berry b 1907 d 1979 m Loyal Shoemaker b 1905 d 1942
Bu8-11 James Buchanan b 1719
Bu8-12 Thomas Buchanan b 1721
Bu8-13 James Buchananan b 1722 d 1805
Bu8-14 John Buchanan b 1724 d 1805
Bu8-15 Elizabeth Buchanan b 1725 d 1760
Bu8-16 Benjamin Buchanan b 1727
Bu8-19 William Buchanan b 1729
Bu12-2 David Buchanan
Bu12-3 Dorothy Buchanan
m1 Robert Buchanan of Leny family
m2 Captain Hublethorn, Governor of Waterford
Bu12-4 Alice Buchanan
m William Cuninghame of Drumbeg
Bu12-5 Anna Buchanan
m Edward Cuninghame of Finnick Drummond
Bu13-2 Andrew Buchanan
Bu13-3 David Buchanan dsp
Bu13-4 William Buchanan dsp, minister
Bu14-2 Walter Buchanan of Hiltoun or Miltoun of Bochlyvie
Bu14-2-1 John Buchanan of Hiltoun or Miltoun of Bochlyvie d Glenfruin 1603
m Margaret Buchanan of Brachern, Cashlie and Gartinstarrie dau of Duncan Buchanan of Brachern, etc @1@ below
Bu14-2-1-1 John Buchanan of Brachern, Cashlie and Gartinstarrie
m1 Jonet Buchanan d 11.1623, dau of Thomas Buchanan of Drummikill and Moss
Bu14-2-1-1-1 Duncan Buchanan of Cashlie and Gartinstarrie
m Katherine Napier
A John Buchanan of Gartinstarrie
i James Buchanan of Gartinstarrie a 1748
ii John Buchanan in Glasgow maltman
iii Katrine Buchanan a 01.1722
m William Gairdner of Wester Balfunning
B Andrew Buchanan of Nenboig and Provanstoun
m2 30.06.1624 Isobel Leckie d before 02.1633, dau of Walter Leckie of Descheouris
Bu14-2-1-1-2 Jonet Buchanan
m mcrt 30.03.1648 James Buchanan, fiar of Spittal dvp 01.1662 @2@ below
m3. Helen Forgie
Bu14-2-1-1-3 Andrew Buchanan of Ballochneck
Bu14-2-1-1-4 Elizabeth Buchanan
m Duncan Buchanan of Harpertoun
Bu14-2-1-2 Andrew Buchanan had issue in Ireland
Bu15-2. Walter Buchanan
Bu15-3 Duncan Buchanan of Brachern
Bu15-3-1 Duncan Buchanan of Brachern, Cashlie and Gartinstarrie a 1618
Bu15-3-1-1 Margaret Buchanan of Brachern, Cashlie and Gartinstarrie
m John Buchanan of Hiltoun or Miltoun of Bochlyvie d Glenfruin 1603see above

Walter Buchanan of Easter Catter, 1st of Spittal
m Isabella Cunyngham dau of Alexander Cunningham, 1st Earl of Glencairn
1. Edward Buchanan, 2nd of Spittal
m Christian Galbraith dau of Galbraith of Culruich
A. Robert Buchanan, 3rd of Spittal
m c1570 Margaret Galbraith
i. Walter Buchanan, 4th of Spittal d c1630
m1 mcrt 07.10.1593 Jean Stirling dau of John Stirling of Craigbarnet
m2 before 1608 Margaret Lawson dau of Galbraith of Belgair
Uncertain which wife was the mother of ..
a. Edward Buchanan, 5th of Spittal d 05.1669
m1 before 1630 Helen Edmonstone dau of Edmonstone of Balleum
1 James Buchanan, fiar of Spittal dvp 01.1662
m mcrt 30.03.1648 Janet Buchanan dau of John Buchanan of Cashlie, etc@2@ above
A Edward Buchanan, 6th of Spittal
m mcrt 24.01.1673 Christian Mitchell dau of Thomas Mitchell, minister of Kilmaronock
i John Buchanan, 7th of Spittal d before 06.06.1733
m c1707 Margaret Muirhead dau of Patrick Muirhead of Rashie Hill / Mill
a Robert Buchanan, 8th of Spittal dsp 1783, Colonel
b Peter Buchanan, 9th of Spittal dsp 171
m Agnes Hamilton dau of James Hamilton of Hutcheson
c Thomas Buchanan, 10th of Spittal and of Leny & Bardowie
m1 Katharine Buchanan dsp, dau of Henry Buchanan of Leny
m2 Elizabeth Hamilton dau of John Hamilton of Bardowie
1 Henry Buchanan d unm
2 John Buchanan-Hamilton of Spittal & Bardowie b 1758, dsp 10.01.1818
m 1790 Margaret Crawford dau of Sir Hew Crawford of Jordanhill
3 Robert Hamilton Buchanan b 1760, d before 01.1818
m Cornelia Tinker
A Robert Hamilton Buchanan d unm before 01.1818, Captain
4 Francis Buchanan-Hamilton of Spittal, Bardowie and Leny, 'Chief of Clan Buchanan' b 15.02.1762, d 15.06.1829
m Anne Brock dau of Andrew Bock
A John Buchanan-Hamilton of Spittal, Bardowie and Leny b 14.02.1822, d 16.05.1903 had issue
m 09.07.1845 Margaret Seton d 05.07.1892, dau of George Seton, representative of Cariston family
B Catharine Buchanan-Hamilton b 1819, d unm 1839
5 Peter Buchanan b 1767, d unm, Captain
6 Elizabeth Buchanan
m1 Robert Cunninghame-Graham of Gartmore
m2 Robert Fairfoul of Strowie
7 Marion Buchanan b 1766
m J.H.S. Crawford of Cowdonhill
d Christian Buchanan
m Robert Buchanan of Leny
ii Thomas Buchanan
m _ Napier dau of Napier of Ballachairn
a John Buchanan
m _ Primrose dau of Sir Archibald Primrose, Bart
1 Susan Buchanan
b Christina Buchanan
m Thomas Napier of Glasgow
iii 2 daughters
B+ other issue - John Captain, Archibald Captain, Andrew, Walter
2 John Buchanan d Inverkeithing, Captain
m2 mcrt 03.07.1646 Margaret Buchanan dau of John Buchanan, 2nd of Ross
3 daughter
m Cunningham of Trinbeg
4+ other issue - Robert, Edward
b. Janet Buchanan
m Walter Buchanan of Drummikill and Moss d before 30.10.1582
ii. Christian Buchanan
m mcrt 17.01.1607 Andrew Wod
B. George Buchanan ancestor of Buchanans in Arrachybeg
2. Patrick Buchanan a 04.1546
3. John Buchanan a 04.1559

1 "Strathendrick and its Inhabitants from Early Times" by John Guthrie Smith, published in Glasgow in 1896
2 For Buchanan of Spittal in support of 'Strathendrick': BLG1952 Murray-Buchanan of Leny.
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