Wy7 Elizabeth Wyckoff

    Wy7 Elizabeth Wyckoff was the daughter of Samuel Wyckoff and Geertje Charity and a descendent of Pieter Claesen Wyckoff of Brooklyn N.Y.
    Born: 27 Oct.1749 in Readington, Hunterdon, NJ.
    Married: Jacob Workman
    Died: -1823 in Paris, Bourbon Co. Kentucky

    The Wyckoff House of Brooklyn N.Y.
    Clarendon Road/ Ralph Avenue
    Jacob Workman and Elizabeth Wyckoff had issue:
    Wo6-1 Abraham Workman born 1779 in New Jersey; died 1838 in Bath Co Ky.
    Wo6-2 Isaac Workman born 1781 in Allegany Co., Maryland died 1838 in Sangamon Co Ill.
    Wo6-3 Jacob Workman born 1783 in Allegany Co Md reported by his nephew, Jacob L. Workman, in these words: "Jacob the third son, I never saw or heard of, only my father said he was a bully fighter."
    Wo6-4 Benjamin Workman born 1785 in Allegany Co., Md; died about 1838 in Illinois.
    Wo6-5 Mary Workman born in 1787 in Allegany Co., Md; married Isaac Bilyeu (born 1799 in Green Co Ky son of John Bilyeu) and had
    children: Jacob Bilyeu; John Bilyeu and several others. Her nephew, Jacob L. Workman, said: "They have travelled through many of the states of the Union. Isaac was a man of good moral character and steady habits; quite industrious, but poor because he moved from place to place, not remaining in one place long at a time. He has lived in almost every state in the United States. The last I heard of them they were in Missouri in good health."
    Wo6-6 John Workman born 8 April 1789 in Allegany Co Md died 21 April 1855 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
    Wo6-7 Samuel P. Workman born 25 March 1795 in Allegany Co Md died 15 Aug. 1869 in Red Rock, Marion, Iowa.
    Wo6 James Workman born 1797 in Allegany Co Md died near Bratton, Robertson, Ky.
    Wo6-9 William Workman born 8 April 1799 in Allegany Co Md died 1 J an 1876 near Loami, Sangamon, Illinois.
    Wo6-10 Stephen Workman born 5 June 1800 in Allegany Co Md died 30 April 1866 in Prairietown Twp Christian Co Ill.
    Wo6-11 Michael Workman born 1802 in Allegany Co Md died in Bourbon Co Ky.
    Wo7-12 David Workman born 10 Sep 1804 in Allegany Co Md died 20 Feb. 1865 in Sangamon Co Ill.