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Ros 1

: Ros of Belvoir Castle, Ros Roos of Ros, Ros Roos of Hamlake Helmsley or Helmesley, Ros of Wark Werke
The family name of this family was often spelled Roos rather than Ros.
Peter de Ros or Roos temp King Henry I 1100-1135
m Adeline dau of Walter Espec, lord of Helmesley and Wark
1. Everard de Ros d by 1153
m Eustache
2. Robert de Ros of Helmesley Hamlake d 1162-3
m Sybil de Valoines or Valoniis she m2. William de Percy, m3. Ralph D'Aubigny
A. Everard de Ros of Hamlake d 1183
m Roysia Trusbut b c1151, d before 12.1196, dau of William Trusbut or Trussebut of Wartre by Aubrye de Harcourt
i. Robert de Ros of Hamlake, 'Farfan' or 'Furfan', Sheriff of Cumberland d 1226/7 §C
m 1191 Isabel natural dau of William 'the Lion', King of Scots
a. Sir William de Ros of Hamlake or Helmsley d 1258/1264
m Lucia sister/dau of Reginald FitzPiers of Blewleveny
Ro26-1 Robert de Ros of Hamlake and Belvoir, '1st' Lord d 17.05/16.06.1285
BE1883 identifies Robert as the 1st Lord but TCP, whilst accepting that in 1806 the House of Lords accepted the decision in 1616 to allow precedence of the relevant writ, adds that such writs "are no longer regarded as valid for the creation of peerages" and numbers his son as the 1st Lord. Noting that there are a number of cross-references using 'the old system', we show both numberings.
m Isabel de Albini d 15.06.1301, dau of William de Albini of Belvoir Castle
A William de Ros, 2nd/1st Lord d 1316
m Maud / Matilda de Vaux dau of John de Vaux, son of Sir Oliver
i William de Ros, 3rd/2nd Lord d 03/16.02.1342-3
m before 25.11.1316 Margery de Badlesmere dau of Bartholomew de Badlesmere, 1st Lord
a William de Ros, 4th/3rd Lord b 19.05.1329/1326, dsp 1352
m before 08.05.1341 Margaret Nevill d 12.05.1372, dau of Ralph Nevill, 2nd Lord of Raby
b Thomas de Ros, 5th/4th Lord b 13.01.1336/7, d 08.06.1384
m Beatrice de Stafford d 04.1415, dau of Ralph de Stafford, 1st Earl of Stafford
1 John de Ros, 6th/5th Lord dsp 08.1393-4
m before 12.06.1382 Mary Percy b 1366/7, dsp 25.08.1394, dau of Henry Percy, 3rd Lord of Alnwick, by Joan de Orreby
2 William de Ros, 7th/6th Lord d 01.09.1414
m c1394 Margaret dau of John de Arundel, Lord Maltravers, by Eleanor Mautravers
A John de Ros, 8th/7th Lord b c1393, dsp Beauge 22.11.1421
m Margaret Despencer dau of Sir Philip Despencer of Goxhill, 2nd Lord
B Sir Thomas de Ros, 9th/8th Lord b 26.09.1406, d 18.08.1430/1
m Alianor Beauchamp dau of Richard de Beauchamp, 5th Earl of Warwick
i Thomas de Ros, 10th/9th Lord b 09.09.1427, d 17.05.1464
Thomas was attainted for his support of Lancaster in the Wars of the Roses.
m Philippa Tiptoft dau of John Tiptoft, 1st Lord
a Edmund de Ros, 11th/10th Lord d unm 23.10.1508
b Eleanor de Ros d 13.10.1508
m Sir Robert Manners of Etal, Sheriff of Northumberland
Their eldest son became 12th Lord Ros.
c Isabel de Ros dsp 1524
m1 Sir Thomas Everingham
m2 Thomas Grey of Werke family
m3. Sir Thomas Lovel
d+ other issue - John dsp, Margaret d unm
ii Margaret de Ros d 1488
m1 before 1458, sp William de Botreaux, 3rd Lord b 20.02.1388/9, d 16.05.1462
m2 c1463 Thomas, Lord Burgh d 18.03.1495/6
C Sir Robert de Ros
i Elizabeth de Ros
m1 Robert Lovel
m2 Thomas Proude
m3. Sir Richard Haut
D Richard de Ros 5th son
i Mary de Ros
m Sir Giles Capel
E Margaret de Ros
BE1883 suggests that this Margaret was wife of Reginald de Grey, 3rd Lord Ruthyn, as well as James, Lord Audley. TCP Grey shows her as mistaken in this for her aunt Margaret.
m James Touchet, 5th Lord Audley b c1398, d 23.09.1459
F Elizabeth de Ros
m Robert Morley, 6th Lord d 25.09.1442
G+ other issue - William d Beauge 1421, Beatrice nun, Alice
3 Elizabeth de Ros
m Thomas de Clifford, 6th Lord d 18.08.1391
4 Margaret de Ros
m Reginald de Grey, 3rd Lord of Ruthyn b c1362, d 20.09.1440
5+ other issue - Thomas, Robert
c Margaret de Ros mentioned by TCP Ros
m Edward de Bohun son of Humphrey, Earl of Hereford
d Maud de Ros d 09.12.1388
m John de Welles, 4th Lord b 23.08.1334, d 11.10.1361
e Alice de Ros d before 04.07.1344
m Nicholas, Lord Meinell d before 20.11.1341
f Elizabeth de Ros mentioned by TCP Ros
m William la Zouche, 2nd Lord b 1322, d 23.04.1382
g ?? Milicent de Ros this marriage and perhaps her existence is doubted by TCP Deincourt
m William Deincourt, 2nd Lord b c1300, d 02.06.1364
ii John de Ros, Baron de Ros of Watton dsp 1338
m before 22.04.1314 Margaret de Gousille b 1294, d 07.1349, dau of Ralph de Gousille by Hawise, dau of Sir Fulk Fitzwarin, widow of Philip de Despenser
iii Thomas de Ros
iv Margaret de Ros possibly the Margaret who married ...
m Sir Henry le Scrope b 1271, d 07.09.1336, Chief Justice
v Agnes or Anne de Ros only dau mentioned by TCP Ros
m Paine de Tibetot, 1st Lord d Stirling 1314
vi Mary de Ros d 1362
m1 William Braose
m2 Ralph de Cobham of Norfolk, Lord d 1325
m3. c1328, sp Thomas Plantagenet 'de Brotherton', Earl of Norfolk b 01.06.1300, d 1338
B John de Ros 3rd son presumably the John who was father of ...
i Lucy Ros
m by 1280 Sir William Ryther
C Isabel de Ros mentioned by TCP Ros
m Walter de Faucenberg, 2nd Lord d 1318
D Mary de Ros d before 23.05.1326 not in BE1883 but given by TCP Ros & TCP Brewes
m by 1271 William de Braose, Lord of Bramber and Gower d c01.1290/1
E Joan de Ros d 13.10.1348 not in BE1883 or TCP Ros but given by TCP Lovel of Titchmarsh
m Sir John Lovel, 1st Lord of Tichmersh b 1255, d 1310/1
F+ other issue - Robert, Nicholas
The following connection was kindly brought to our attention by a site visitor GK, 01.06.04.
Ro26 Sir William de Ros of Ingmanthorpe
m Eustache FitzHugh dau of Ralph FitzHugh, widow of Nicholas de Cauntelo/Cantilupe
Ro25-1 Isabel de Ros d 1309
m 1273 Marmaduke de Thweng, 1st Lord d before 26.02.1322/3
Ro25 Lucy de Ros duplication with Lucy shown just below ???
m Robert de Plumpton
Ro25-3 Juette or Ivette de Ros presumed to fit here
m Geoffrey le Scrope of Masham d 12.1340
Ro26-3 Lucy de Ros duplication with Lucy shown just above ???
m Robert de Plumpton son of Robert
Ro26-4 Alice de Ros
m Sir John Comyn of Badenoch
Ro26-5+ other issue - Alexander, Herbert, John, Piers
b. Sir Robert de Ros of Wark or Werke Castle d before 11.1270
m2 Christine Bertram sister of Roger son of Roger Bertram of Mitford, she m2. Robert de Penbury
It is not known if Christine was mother of ...
1 William de Ros
A William de Ros
2 Robert de Ros of Wark or Werke Castle d before 20.04.1274
m Margaret Brus b c1218, d before 30.01.1306/7, dau of Peter/Piers Brus, lord of Skelton and Danby
A Robert de Ros, Lord Ros of Wark d after 1295
Robert became a Baron but was attainted for treason after he fought for the Scots against his brother William.
m Laura
i Margaret de Ros
m 1312-3 John Salveyn
ii Isabel de Ros
m John de Knockes
B William de Ros of Kendal Castle
i ?? de Ros
a ?? de Ros
Probably this number of intervening generations as BE1883 Lancaster identifies Elizabeth below as "descendant, in the 5th degree" of Robert de Ros and Margaret Brus.
1 John de Ros of Kendal Castle
A Elizabeth de Ros, heiress of Kendal Castle
m 1383 Sir William de Parre d 04.10.1405
ii. son

Sources: BE1883 Ros, TCP Ros or Roos of Helmsley
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