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Nevill 2

: Nevill of Latymer Latimer, Nevill of Salisbury, Nevill of Warwick, Nevill of Westmorland
Ne18 =21. Ralph Nevill of Raby, 1st Earl of Westmorland d 21.10.1425
m1 Margaret Stafford + 9 ch dau of->
+1 Hugh de Stafford, 2nd Earl of Stafford
Ne17-1. John, Lord Nevill b by 1387, dvp 1420/3
m Elizabeth Holand dau of Thomas Holand, 2nd Earl of Kent
Ne17-1-1 Ralph Nevill, 2nd Earl of Westmorland b 1406/7 d 03.11.1484/5
m1. 1426 Elizabeth Percy d 1437, dau of Sir Henry 'Hotspur' Percy
i. John, Lord Nevill dvpsp before 16.03.1449/50
m before 18.02.1440/1 Anne Holland dau of John Holland, 1st Duke of Exeter
m2. before 02.1441/2 Margaret Cobham dau of Sir Reginald Cobham
ii. Margaret Nevill d young
Ne17-1-2 Sir John Nevill d Towton 1461
m Anne Holand dau of John Holand, 1st Duke of Exeter, widow of John's nephew
i. Ralph Nevill, 3rd Earl of Westmorland b 1456, d 06.02.1498/9
m before 20.02.1472/3 Isabel or Margaret Booth dau of Roger Booth of Sawley
a. Ralph Nevill dvp 1498
m1. Mary Paston b 19.01.1469/70, d 1489, dau of William Paston by Anne Beaufort
m2. Edith Sandys d 22.08.1529, dau of Sir William Sandys
1 Ralph Nevill, 4th Earl of Westmorland b c1498, d 20.04.1549
m before 06.1520 Catherine Stafford d 14.05.1555, dau of Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham
A Henry Nevill, 5th Earl of Westmorland b 1524-5, d 02.02.1563/4
m1. 03.07.1536 Anne Manners a 06.1549, dau of Thomas Manners, 1st Earl of Rutland
i Charles Nevill, 6th Earl of Westmorland b 1542/3, d 1584
m 1563-4 Jane Howard bur 30.06.1593, dau of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey
a Katherine Nevill dsp
m Sir Thomas Grey of Chillingham
b Margaret Nevill
m Sir Nicholas Pudsey
c Anne Nevill
m David Ingleby
d+ other issue - son b 1569, dvp 21.04.1571,Eleanor d unm
ii Eleanor Nevill
m Sir William Pelham of Brocklesby d 24.11.1587, Field Marshal, Justiciar of Ireland
iii Katherine Nevill bur 27.03.1591
m Sir John Constable of Kirby Knowle
iv+ other issue - Ralph dvpsp, Adeline d unm
m2. Jane Cholmondeley d before 12.1558, dau of Sir Richard Cholmondeley
vi+ other issue - Margaret, Elizabeth
m3. before 21.06.1560 Margaret Cholmondeley bur 02.04.1570, dau of Sir Richard Cholmondeley
B Dorothy Nevill
m John de Vere, 16th Earl of Oxford, Great Chamberlain d 02.12.1568
C Mary Nevill
m Sir Thomas Danby
D Margaret Nevill
m 03.07.1536 Henry Manners, 2nd Earl of Rutland d 17.09.1563
E Elizabeth Nevill
m Thomas Dacre, Lord of Gillesland
F Anne Nevill
m c1553 Sir Fulke Greville of Beauchamps Court b 1535, d 1606
G+ other issue - Sir Thomas, Edward, Christopher, George, Ralph, Cuthbert, Eleanor, Joane, Ursula
2 Isabell Nevill probably of this generation
m 1504-5 Sir Robert Plumpton of Plumpton a 1522
m2. Laurence Kighley of N***
3 Cecilia Nevill possibly of this generation
m 1526 John Weston of Lichfield
b. Anne Nevill
m1. Sir William Conyers of Hornby, 1st Lord b 21.12.1468, d 14.04.1524
m2. Anthony Saltmarsh of Hornby
C. Thomas Nevill
Ne20 =21. Ralph Nevill b c 1392 Raby Keverstone Castle Staindrop Durham d 26.02.1457/8 Oversley Warwick
m Margery Ferrers dau of
+1 Sir Robert de Ferrers, 2nd Lord of Wemme
Ne19 =20 John Nevill of Oversley
m Elizabeth Newmarch dau of
+1 Robert Newmarch +2
Ne18 =19 Joane Nevill
m1. Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe
m2. Sir James Harrington
Ne19-2 Havisia De Neville
Ne19-3 Mary Neville
Ne19-4 Joan Neville b c 1425 Oversley d 1456 Wormsley York
m Sir Walter Hart Griffith b 9 Aug 1481 Staffordshire d 9 Aug 1481 St Martin Burton Agnes Hall Humberside he m2 Agnes Constable + Walter Griffith
+1 Sir John Griffith of Abermarlais
m Catherine Tirwhit b c 1365 Ab Kettleby Manor Lincoln dau of
+2 Sir Robert Tirwhit
m Alice Kelke b c 1350 Kelke York d 1378 Ab Kettleby Lincoln
+3 Sir Robert Kelke
Ne19-4-1 Agnes Griffith b 1463 d 1485
m Sir Gervase Clifton b 1440 York he m2 Joan Byron
Ne19-4-1-1 Robert Clifton b 1485 d 9 Sep 1517 Clifton
m1 Anne Clifford b c 14877 Skipton York dau of Henry Clifford 10th Baron b 1454 d 23 Apr 1523 Vescy and Anne St John
m2 Alice Digby b 1472 dau of Simon Digby and Alice
Ne17-3. Maud Nevill d 10.1438
m before 06.08.1400 Peter, Lord Mauley b c1378, dsp 06.09.1415
Ne17-4. Philippa Nevill
m Thomas de Dacre, 6th Lord of Dacre and Multon d 15.01.1458
Ne17-5. Alice Nevill
m1. Sir Thomas Grey of Werke
m2. Sir Gilbert Lancaster
Ne20-6. Margaret Nevil b 06.1396, d 1463/4
m1. 31.12.1413 Sir Richard le Scrope, 3rd Lord of Bolton b 31.05.1393, d 29.08.1420
m2. William Cressener
Ne17-7. Anne Nevill
m Sir Gilbert Umfravill
Ne17-8.+ other issue - Margery abbess, Elizabeth nun
m2. Joan Beaufort b 1379, d 1440, dau of John Plantagenet 'of Gaunt', Duke of Lancaster continued her father's tradition of horse breeding as did his
Ne17 Richard Nevill, 1st Earl of Salisbury d 12.1460 continued his mother's tradition of horse breeding as did his daughters
m Alice de Montacute, Countess of Salisbury d 1463, dau of Thomas de Montacute, 3rd Earl of Salisbury
Ne16-1 Richard Nevill 'the Kingmaker', Earl of Warwick, 2nd Earl of Salisbury b 22.11.1428, d Barnet 14.04.1471
m Anne Beauchamp, Countess of Warwick dau of Richard de Beauchamp, 5th Earl of Warwick, Earl of Albemarle
i. Isabel Nevill b 05.09.1451, d 12.12.1476
m 11.07.1469 George Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence, Earl of Warwick b 21.10.1449, d 18.01.1477
ii. Anne Nevill d 16.03.1485
m1. 08.1470 Edward Plantagenet, Prince of Wales b 13.10.1453, dspvp Tewkesbury 04.05.1471
m2. 12.07.1472 Richard Plantagenet, Duke of Gloucester, King Richard III of England b 21.10.1450, d Bosworth 22.08.1485
partner unknown
iii. Margaret Nevill
m Sir Richard Hudleston, younger of Millom dvp by 1487
Ne16-2 Sir Thomas Nevill dsp Wakefield
m Maud Stanhope dsp 30.08.1497, dau of Sir Richard Stanhope of Rampton
Ne16-3 Sir John Nevill, Earl of Northumberland, Marquess of Montagu Montacute d Barnet 14.04.1471 continued his father's tradition of horse breeding as did his daughter Anne
m Isabel Ingoldsthorpe dau of Sir Edmund Ingoldsthorpe
i. George Nevill, Duke of Bedford dsp 1483
ii. John Nevill
iii. Anne Nevill continued her father's tradition of horse breeding as did her daughter Anne Stoner
m Sir William Stonor of Stonor
iv. Elizabeth Nevill d 09.1517
m1 Sir Thomas Scrope, 6th Lord of Masham and Upsal d 1494
m2. 10.1494, sps Sir Henry Wentworth of Nettlestead, de jure 4th Lord le Despenser d 1499/1500
v. Margaret Nevill
m1 Sir John Mortimer
m2 sp Sir Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk b 1485, d 22.08.1545
m3? Robert Downes b 1465 Melton-Parva, Norfold d 1524 in Suffolk -1 Elizabeth Downes m John Beet Marsham -1-1 Ann Marsham b 1521 Great Waltham d 23 Sep 1573 White Notley m William Drake, of White Notely b c 1518 Waltham Essex d 23 Sep 1555 White Notley Essex -1-1-1 Christopher Drake of White Notley
-1-1-2 Isabella Drake
vi. Lucy Nevill continued her father's tradition of horse breeding as did her son Anthony Browne and daughter Elizabeth Browne
m1. Sir Thomas FitzWilliam of Aldwarke
m2. Sir Ambrose or Anthony Browne Standard bearer of England
vii. Isabel Nevill d 12.10.1516
m1. Sir William Huddleston of Salston
m2. Sir William Smith of Elford d 1526 mentioned in Visitation Staffordshire, 1583, Bowes of Elford, etc.
Ne16-4 George Nevill, Archbishop of York, Chancellor of England d 08.06.1476
Ne16-4-1 Alice Nevill b c 1459 reputedly the Archbishop's daughter
m Thomas Tunstall of Thurland Castle b 1433 Thurland Castle d 1499
+1 Sir Thomas Tunstall b c 1380 Thurland Castle Lancashire d 4 May 1431 Scargill Yorks
m Eleanor
-b Sir Wiliam Tunstall, Kt.
-c Katherine Pennington, of Thurland
-d Margaret Pudsey
-e Johanna Tunstall
-f Isabel Tunstall m y Kirkby
-g Mary Tunstall m y Radclyffe
-h Alice Tunstall, of Thurland and
+2 Sir Thomas Tunstall b c 1358 Thurland Castle Lancashire d 4 May 1441 Thurland
m1 Jane Mowbray
m2 Eleanor Fitzhugh
m3 Isabella Harrington b c 1364 d 26 Oct 1414 Anslesey Wales + 8 ch dau of->
-a Margaret Tunstall m y Betham
-c Anne Tunstall
-d John Tunstall
-e SIr Richard Tunstall
+3 William Tunstall b c 1336 Thurland d there 1387 +3 Sir Nicholas Harrington b 1347 Farleton Lancashire d 8 Feb 1403/4 Farleton
m c 1363 Isabella English
Ne16-4-1-1 Brian Tunstall b c 1480 Thurland Castle k 9 Sep 1513 Flodden Field Branxton Northumberland m Isabel boynton b c 1483 Barmston d 1535 -1-1 Sir Marmaduke Tunstall
-1-2 Anne Tunstall m y Middleton
-1-3 Brian Tunstall
Ne16-4-1-2 Margaret Tunstall b 1480 Thurland Castle
m William Redman b 1480 d 20 May 1536 son of John Redman
-1 James Redman b 1500 Yorks m Mawd x b West Riding Yorks d 1584 Yorks -1-1
Ne16-5 Ralph Nevill d young
Ne16-6 Robert Nevill d young
Ne16-7 Joane Nevill
m William FitzAlan, 15th Earl of Arundel d 1488
Ne16-8 Cicely Nevill d 28.07.1450
m1. 1434 Henry de Beauchamp, Duke of Warwick b c1423, d 11.06.1445
m2. John Tiptoft, Earl of Worcester d 18.10.1470
Ne16-9 Alice Nevill continued her father's tradition of horse breeding as did her daughter Alice FitzHugh
m Henry FitzHugh, 6th Lord b 1430, d 1472
-1 Richard FitzHugh, 7th Lord d 1508 m Elizabeth Borough dau of Sir Thomas Borough
-2 Alice FitzHugh
m 19.11.1466 Sir John Fienes d 1483
-3 Elizabeth FitzHugh m1 Sir William Parr of Kendal d before 1512 m2 Nicholas Vaux, 1st Lord of Harrowden d 14.05.1523
-4 Anne FitzHugh dsp m Francis, Lord Lovell
-5 Margery FitzHugh dsp m Sir Marmaduke Constable of Flamburgh
-6 Thomas Fitzhugh reportedly m Christine Maidbury b ABT 1452 in England continued below
-6-1 William Fitzhugh b 1483 in England
-7+ other issue dsp - John, George, Edward, Joane nun
-1-1 George FitzHugh, 8th Lord dsp 1512
-2-1 Thomas Fiennes, 2nd/8th Lord Dacre 'of the South' b 1471/2, d 09.09.1534 continued his father's tradition of horse breeding as did his daughter Mary m 1492 Anne Bourchier a 09.1530, dau of Sir Humphrey Bourchier
-2-2 Anne Fiennes d 10.09.1497 m1 William Berkeley, Marquess of Berkeley b 1426, dsp 14.02.1491-2 m2 Sir Thomas Brandon
-2-3+ other issue
-3-1 Sir Thomas Parr of Parr and Kendal d 12.11.1517
m Maud Green d 01.12.1531, dau of Sir Thomas Greene of Greene Norton
-2 Sir William Parr, Lord of Horton d 10.09.1546
m Mary Salisbury dau of John Salisbury of Horton by Elizabeth, dau of Thomas Wylde of Bromham
-3-3 John Parr b about 1470 dsp 1504 m Constance Vere dau of Sir Henry Vere of Addington
-3-4 Anne Parr a 11.1513 m Sir Thomas Cheney or Cheyney of Irthlingborough d 13.01.1513/4

-3-1-1 William Parr, Earl of Essex, Marquess of Northampton d 28.10.1571
m1 09.02.1526, div 1551 Anne Bourchier dau of Henry Bourchier, 2nd Earl of Essex >issue illegitimated m2 01.1547/8 Elizabeth Brooke b 1526, d 1565, dau of George Brook, 4th Lord Cobham m3 05.1571 Helen Suavenburgh d 02.04.1635, dau of Ulf Henriksson Snakeburg or Suavenburgh of Sweden by Agneta, dau of Knut Lillie, m2 Sir Thomas Gorges of Langford
-3-1-2 Katherine Parr d 05.09.1548 m1 Sir Edward Borough dvpsp m2 1533, sps Sir John Nevill, 3rd Lord Latymer b 17.11.1493, d 02.03.1542-3 m3 12.07.1543 Henry Tudor, King Henry VIII of England b 28.06.1491, d 28.01.1547 m4 03.03.1546-7 Thomas Seymour, Lord of Sudeley dsp 10.03.1548-9, Lord High Admiral
-3-1-3 Anne Parr d 20.02.1551/2 m before 1534 Sir William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke d 17.03.1569-70
-3-2-1 Maud Parr
m Sir Ralph Lane 'of Horton'
-3-2-2 Anne Parr m1 Sir John Digby of Ketilby m2 Sir Henry Brooke
-3-2-3 Elizabeth Parr
m Sir Nicholas Woodhall
-3-2-4 Mary Parr m Sir Thomas Tresham of Rushton
Ne16-10 Eleanor Nevill continued her father's tradition of horse breeding as did her son George and grandson James and so on down to the 11th Earl of Derby
m Thomas Stanley, 1st Earl of Derby d 29.07.1504
Ne16 Katherine Nevill continued her father's tradition of horse breeding as did her daughter cicely Bonville and graqndson Thomas Grey
m1 William Bonville, 'Lord Harrington' d Wakefield 31.12.1460
Bo15 Cecily Bonville b c1461, d before 02.06.1530
m1 before 04.1475 Sir Thomas Grey, 1st Marquess of Dorset d 10 Apr 1501 and had issue
m1 Henry Stafford, Earl of Wiltshire dsp 06 Mar 1523
m2. William Hastings, 1st Lord Ashby de la Zouch b c1430, d 13.06.1483
BE1883 Nevill of Salisbury shows Katherine's sister Margaret as having married William Hastings as her second husband but TCP Hastings confirms his wife as Katherine, widow of Lord Bonville.
Ne16-12 Margaret Nevill
m John de Vere, 13th Earl of Oxford, Great Chamberlain d 1513
-1 John de Vere d y
-2 Katherine de Vere b 1466 Essex d 20.06.1504
m Robert Broughton b 1466, Nettlestead Suffolk d 10.08.1506, Denston Hall Kentwell Suffolk had issue

-2-1 John Broughton b 1491, Broughton Westmoreland England d 23.01.1518, Westmoreland
m JANE x

-2-1-1 JANE Broughton b 1510, Broughton Westmoreland England d 1570, Ashford Kent continued below
m Richard Osborne b 1510 Ashford Kent England d 11.08.1581 son of Richard Osborne and Elizabeth FLYDANE

-2-1-1-1 Sir Edward Osborne b 1540, London d 15.02.1592, London Middlesex
m Anne HEWETT b 1543 London Middlesex England d 04.07.1585 London Middlesex

-2-1-1-1-1 Anne Osborne b 25.03.1570 London d 14.01.1654 m Robert Offley b 18.06.1561 London d 16.05.1625 London

-2-1-1-1-1-1 Sarah Offley b 16.04.1609, London Middlesex England d 08.1657, VA m ADAM Thorowgood b 15.07.1604 Grimston Norfolk England d 1640 Lynn Haven Virginia Beach VA son of WILLIAM Thorowgood and Anne EdwardS

-2-1-1-1-1-1-1 Anne Thoroughgood b 30.10.1630, Charles City Co VA d 1704, Charles Co MD m GERARD FOWKE b 1625 Gunston Hall Staffordshire England d 10.10.1669
Ne17-11. Sir William Nevill, Lord Fauconberg, Earl of Kent, Admiral of England d 09.01.1462-3 continued his father's tradition of horse breeding as did his daughter Alice
m before 1422 Joane, Baroness Fauconberg bpt 18.10.1406, d 1491, dau of Thomas Fauconberg, 5th Lord
Ne17-11-1 Joan Nevill dsp
m Sir Edward Beetham of Beetham and Hazleslack dsp 22.02.1472
Ne17-11-2 Elizabeth Nevill
m Sir Richard Strangways of West Harsley d 13.04.1488
Ne17-11-3 Alice Nevill continued her father's tradition of horse breeding as did her son, William Conyers.
m Sir John Conyers of Hornby dvp Edgcote 26.07.1469
Ne20-12. George Nevill, 1st Lord Latymer d 30.12.1469 George inherited the barony of Latimer Latymer from his uncle John Nevill.
m Elizabeth Beauchamp dau of Richard Beauchamp, 5th Earl of Warwick
A. Sir Henry Nevill dvp Edgcote 14.07.1469
m Joanna Bourchier dau of
+1 Sir Humphrey Bourchier, dvp Barnet 14 Apr 1471, fought for the House of York
m Elizabeth Tylney dau of Frederick Tylney of Boston
+2 John Bourchier, Lord Berners
m Margery Berners d 18 Dec 1475
+3 Sir Richard Berners of West Horsley
by Philippe, dau of
+4 Sir Edward Dalynridge
i. Richard Nevill, 2nd Lord Latymer b 1468, d 1530
m1 c 1490 Anne Stafford dau of Sir Humphrey Stafford of Grafton
a. Sir John Nevill, 3rd Lord Latymer b 17.11.1493, d 02.03.1542-3
m1. Dorothy Vere d 07.02.1526-7, dau of Sir George de Vere
1 John Nevill, 4th Lord Latymer b c 1520, d 22.04.1577
m c 1545 Lucy Somerset b c1523, d 22.02.1582, dau of Henry Somerset, 2nd Earl of Worcester
A Katharine Nevill b c1545, d 28.10.1596
m1. before 25.01.1562 Henry Percy, 8th Earl of Northumberland b 1532, d 21.06.1585
m2. 1598 Francis Fitton of Binfield dsp 17.06.1608
B Dorothy Nevill d 23.03.1608
m 27.11.1564 Thomas Cecil, 1st Earl of Exeter b 05.05.1542, d 08.02.1622-3
C Lucy Nevill d 30.04.1609
m Sir William Cornwallis of Brome
D Elizabeth Nevill bur 24.06.1630
m1. Sir John Danvers of Dantsey d 10.12.1594
m2. Sir Edmund Carey of Moulton Park b c1558, d 1637
2 Margaret Nevill a 1542
m2. 20.07.1526, sp Elizabeth Musgrave d 1533, dau of Sir Edward Musgrave by Joan Ward
m3. sps Katherine Parr dau of Sir Thomas Parr of Kendal
b. William Nevill of Penwyn b 15.07.1497 had issue
m Elizabeth Greville dau of Sir Giiles Greville
c. Thomas Nevill of Piggot's Hardley b 24.12.1502, d 28.10.1544 had issue
m Mary Teye dau of Sir Thomas Teye of Mark's Teye
d. Marmaduke Nevill of Mark's Teye b 1506, d 28.10.1544 had issue
m Elizabeth Teye dau of Sir Thomas Teye of Mark's Teye
e. Margaret Nevill b 09.03.1494
m1. Edward Willoughby, younger de Broke dvp
m2. Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe
f. Dorothy Nevill b 29.03.1496, d 11.1532
m Sir John Daunay of Cowick, Sheriff of York d 02.03.1553
g. Elizabeth Nevill b 28.04.1500
m Sir Christopher Danby of Farnley
h. Susannah Nevill b 28.04.1501
m Richard Norton d c1588
i.+ other issue - John b 07.03.1503, Humphrey b 11.08.1505, dsp, George b 29.07.1509, dsp, minister, Christopher b 02.10.1511, d young, Christopher of Gray's Inn b 03.05.1513, dsp, Catherine b 07.01.1498, Joane
m2. Margaret Danby dau of Sir James Danby
ii. Thomas Nevill of Mathon and Shenstone a 1540 had issue
iii. Joane Nevill
m Sir James Ratcliffe
B. Thomas Nevill of Shenstone
C. Jane Nevill
D. Katherine Nevill
m1. Oliver Dudley d 1480
m2. Sir James Ratcliffe dsp
Ne20-13. Sir Edward Nevill, 3rd Lord Bergavenny d 18.10.1476
m Elizabeth Beauchamp dau of Richard Beauchamp, 2nd Lord of Abergavenny, Earl of Worcester
Ne20-14. Robert Nevill, Bishop of Durham
Ne20-15. Catherine Nevill d after 1483
m1. 12.01.1411-2 John de Mowbray, 3rd Duke of Norfolk d 19.10.1432
m2. Sir Thomas Strangwayes
m3. after 1442, sp John Beaumont, 1st Viscount, Constable and Chamberlain d Northampton 10.07.1460
m4. Sir John Wydeville d 12.08.1469
Ne20 =19 Eleanor or Elizabeth Nevill b 1407 Raby Durham d 14 73 St Albans, continued her father's tradition of horse breeding as did her son, Henry Percy
m1. Richard, Lord le Despencer dsp 1414
m2 aft Oct 1414 in Alnwick Henry Percy, 2nd Earl of Northumberland b 03.02.1393, k St. Albans 23.05.1455 -1 Henry Percy
-2 Joan Percy
-3 John Percy
-4 Henry Percy de Percy
-5 Thomas Percy
-6 Katherine Percy m Grey
-7 George Percy, Ralph Percy
-8 Elizabeth Percy
-8 Richard Percy
-10 William Percy
-11 Anne Percy m Vaughan
m3??? 1 May 1431 John Locke Baron Locke Lo19 (This claimed descent does not seem substantiated and only included to expedite DNA identification) -12??? Thomas Locke Lo18 b 1434 Wiltshire d 1507 London m Joan Wilcockes Wi18 b 1440 Rotherham Yorkshire dau of William Wilcockes and ???Jean Beaufort b 1410 -12-1 Sir William Locke Lo17 b 1486 London d 24 Aug 1550
m Katherine Cook
-12-2 Thomas Locke b 1494 in Brockhampton Green, Dorset d there 1561
-12-1-1 Michael Locke Lo16 b 1510 in London d 1580
m Jane Wilkinson
-12-1-2 Catherine Locke b 1534 London d 1568 #Essex m 1551 in Saffron Walden Thomas Stacy
-12-2-1 Nicholas Locke b 1517 in Brockhampton Green d there 1558
-12-1-1-1 Matthew Locke
-12-1-1-2 Samuel Lock Lo15 b 1554 Brockish Hall Norfolk Engl
-12-1-2-1 Thomas Stacy b 1552 Saffron Walden Essex
-12-1-2-2 Katherine Stacy b 18 Aug 1557/8 London
-12-2-1-1 John Locke b c 1530 in Bockhampton Dorset d c 1600 Cerne Abbas Dorset
-12-2-1-2 Edward Locke b 1540 in Brockhampton Green d there1578 m Joan Gould

-12-1-1-2-1 Elizabeth Locke m 26 Nov 1606 Thorpe Abbots Engl m Rev. John Howard b 1 DEC 1578 in Norfolk, England d 4 APR 1642 in Norfolk (?Saphron Waldon Essex) England or 22 MAR 1621/22 Jamestown Va in killed by Indians
-12-1-2-1-1 Symon Stacy b 11 May 1572 North Petherton Paris Somerset m 1590 in Somerset Elizabeth Fildewe + 8 ch
-12-1-2-1-2 Thomas Stacy b 1574
-12-2-1-2-1 William Locke b c 1559 Bockhampton d c 1611 Cerne Abbas
-12-2-1-2-2 Nicholas Locke b 1574 in Brockhampton d 1648 Dorset m Frances Lansden
-12-2-1-2-2-1 Thomas Locke b 1600 in Kingston, Surrey d 14 Aug 1629 London m 26 Jul 1624 London Christena French
-12-2-1-2-2-1-1 John Locke Sr b 16 Sep 1627 London d 29 Aug 1696 Rye Rockingham NH m Elizabeth Berry
-12-2-1-2-2-1-2 Nathaniel Locke b 11 Nov 1629 London d Mar 1674 Hampton NH m Judith Hermins
-12-2-1-2-2-1-3 Judith Locke b 6 May 1656 Portsmouth NH d 19 Jan 1753
Ne20-17. Anne Nevill d 20.09.1480
m1 Humphrey de Stafford, 6th Earl of Stafford, 1st Duke of Buckingham d Northampton 27.07.1460
m2. before 25.11.1467, sp Sir Walter Blount, 1st Lord Mountjoy b c1420, d 01.08.1474
Ne20-18. Cecily Nevill d 31.05.1495
m before 18.10.1424 Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York b 21.09.1411, d Wakefield 31.12.1460
Ne20-19.+ other issue dsp - Cuthbert, Henry, Thomas, Jane nun

Sources: BE1883 Nevill of Westmorland, BP1934 Latymer, BE1883 Nevill of Salisbury, Warwick, etc, BE1883 Montagu
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