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Welles: Welles of Welles
We27 =28 =31. Ravemer/Rademer/Ragemer d before 1118
We26 =27 =30 Walter a 1118
We25 =26 =29 William FitzWalter of Wells and Claxby d before 1198
m ? de Gant dau of Walter de Gant
We24 =25 =28 Robert FitzWilliam de Welle d before 12.1206
m Maud
We23 =24 =27 William de Welle d 1241-2
m by 1207 Emma de Grainsby a 09.1226, dau of William de Grainsby
We22 =23 =26 Robert de Welle d before 24.09.1265
m Isabel de Periton d before 05.01.1314/5, dau of Adam de Periton of Ellington
BE1883 identifies the father of Adam, 1st Lord, as William son of William who married Isabel de Vesci. We follow TCP.
We21-1 Philip de Welle a 1276, dsp
We21-2 William de Welle a 1286, dsp
m Helwise
We21 =22 =24 =25 Adam de Welle, 1st Lord d 01.09.1311
m by 1296 Joan Engaine d 01.06.1315, dau of Sir John Engaine of Laxton and Blatherwycke
We20-1 Robert de Welles, 2nd Lord b c1297, dsp before 29.08.1320
TCP Welles reports that, contrary to what was reported in the earlier-released TCP Clifford, Robert de Welles did not marry Maud de Clare, widow of Robert Clifford, 1st Lord.
We20 =21 =23 =24 Adam de Welles, 3rd Lord b 22.07.1304, d 02.1344/5
m before 1334 Margaret probably dau of->
+1 Thomas Bardolf, 2nd Lord BE1883 reports that Margaret was daughter of John, 3rd Lord Bardolf. TCP reports that that John Bardolf was one of Adam's son John's godparents. The dates certainly make it more likely that, as separately suggested by TCP, the 2nd Lord Bardolf was Margaret's father rather than the 3rd Lord. +2
We19 =20 =22 John de Welles, 4th Lord b 23.08.1334, d 11.10.1361
m Maud de Ros d 09.12.1388, dau of William de Ros, 3rd Lord
we18 =19 =21 John de Welles, 5th Lord b 20.04.1352, d 26.08.1421
m1 before 05.1386 Margaret de Mowbray dau of John de Mowbray, 4th Lord
We17 =18 =20 Ives / Eudo de Welles dvp
m Maude de Greystock dau of Ralph de Greystock, 5th Lord of Greystoke
We16 =17 =19 Sir Lionel Leo de Welles, 6th Lord, Lieutenant of Ireland b 1406, k Towton 29.03.1461 supported the House of Lancaster in the War of the Roses and was attainted after his death. His barony was forfeited but later pardoned.
m1 15.08.1417 Joan or Cecily Waterton dau of Sir Robert Waterton of Waterton and Methley
We16-1 Sir Richard Welles, 7th Lord Willoughby of Eresby, 7th Lord Welles b c 1420 d 12.03.1469
m1 c 1446 Joan Willoughby, Baroness of Eresby b c 1420 d 1461/2, dau of Robert Willoughby, 6th Lord of Eresby
We16-1-1 Sir Robert Welles, 8th Lord Willoughby, 8th Lord Welles b c 1440 dsp 19.03.1469
m Elizabeth Bourchier d 10.1470, dau of John Bourchier, 1st Lord Berners
We16-1-2 Joane Welles, de jure suo jure Baroness of Welles and Eresby b c 1440 dsp before 03.1474/5
m1 Richard Pigot not mentioned by TCP
m2 Sir Richard Hastings bur 09.1503
m2 10.08.1468 Margery Strangways a 1475, dau of Sir James Strangways of Harsley Castle, Speaker of the House of Commons
We16-2 Alianore Welles b c 1420
m1 Thomas, Lord Hoo and Hastings d 13.02.1454/5
m2 James or Sir Thomas Lawrence
m3. Hugh Hastings
We16 Cecily Welles b c 1420
m Sir Robert Willoughby of Parham d 30.05.1465-6
-1 Sir Robert Willoughby b c 1450 d c 1468 m Joane FitzHugh
-2 Sir Christopher Willoughby of Parham b 1453 Knotishall Suffolk d c 1498/9 Campsey Suffolk m Margaret Jenney b 1460 Knotishall d there 1515 dau of Sir William Jenney of Knottshall

-2-1 William Willoughby, 10th Lord of Eresby b 1482 d 19.10.1525 m1 Mary Hussey dsp, dau of Sir William Hussey of Sleaford m2 Maria de la Salines/Salinas dau of Count of Salines
-2-2 Sir Christopher Willoughby m Elizabeth Talboys dau of Sir George Talboys/Tailboys
-2-3 George Willoughby had issue
-2-4 Sir Thomas Willoughby d 1545, chief justice m Bridget or Katherine Read dau of Sir Robert Read of Bore Place
-2-5 Catherine Willoughby m Sir John Heydon of Baconsthorp
-2-6 Elizabeth Willoughby m William Eure, 1st Lord b c1483, d 15.03.1547/8
-2-7+ John, Dorothy
-2-9 (by p x Woodward) Edward Woodward b 1530 Shropshire d there 1600 m Anne x b 1550 d 1600 Shropshire
We15 =18 Margaret Welles b c 1425
m Sir Thomas Dymoke of Scrivelsby b c1427, d 12.03.1470
-1 Sir Robert Dymoke of Scrivelsby d 13.04.1544 m1 Ann Cresmore dau of Alexander Cresmore
-2 Sir Lionel Dymoke, Sheriff of Lincolnshire b c 1465 Mareham Lincoln d 17.08.1519 m Joan Griffith dau of Richard Griffith of Stickford
-1-1 Sir Robert Dymoke of Scrivelsby King's Champion, b 1536/7 bur 26.09.1580 m Bridget Clinton Fiennes b about 1536 dau of Edward Clinton Fiennes, 1st Earl of Lincoln
-1-2 Arthur Dymoke
-1-3 Margaret Dymoke bur 15.09.1591 m before 1558 William Eure, 2nd Lord b 10.05.1529, d 12.02.1593/4
-1-4 Elizabeth Dymoke a 03.1592 probably of this generation m Sir Henry Ayscough of Blyborough b before 1535, d 22.10.1611
-1-5 Susan Dymoke bur 05.07.1620 apparently of this generation m1 Arthur Walpole of Pinchbeck bur 12.08.1585 m2 Sir Thomas Lambert of Pinchbeck
-1-6 Frances Dymoke apparently of this generation younger daughter of Sir Edward Dymoke of Scrivelsby in Lincolnshire,
m Sir Thomas Windebank of Haines Hall b before 1556

-1-2-1 John DYMOKE of Gray's Inn m Katherine BROXHOLME
-1-6-1 Mildred Windebank d 1630 m 31.07.1600 Robert Reade of Linkenholt Re11 =14 d by 12.1626

-1-6-1-1 Col George Reade, Acting Governor of Virginia b 25.10.1608 in Linkenholt Manor, Hampshire, England, d 10.1674, 5th son m Elizabeth Martiau d 1686, dau of Nicholas Martiau of Hugenot descent
We16-5 Catherine Welles
m1 Sir Thomas de la Launde
>We16-5-1 Joan de la Launde
m William Denton
>We16-5-2 Margaret de la Launde
m Thomas Berkeley
m2 Robert Tempest
3+ 2 sons dsp - William, Maurice
m2 1447 Margaret Beauchamp b 1410, d 08.08.1482, dau of John de Beauchamp, 3rd Lord of Bletsho
We16-6 John Welles, Viscount Welles d 09.02.1498/9
m 01.12.1487 Cecily Plantagenet d 24.08.1507, dau of King Edward IV
We16-6-1 Elizabeth Welles d young
We16-6-2 Anne Welles d infant
We17-2 Sir William Welles, Chancellor of Ireland
m Anne Barnewall dau of ?? Barnewall of Crickstown
We17-2-1 Elizabeth Welles d before 26.04.1506
m1 before 05.01.1463/4 Christopher Plunkett, Lord Killeen d 1467
m2 James Fleming, 12th of Slane, 7th Lord d 28.03.1492
We17-2-2 Ismay Welles
m Thomas Nangle of Navan
We18-2 Margaret/Margery de Welles d 29.05.1422
m1 John de Huntingfield dvpsp before1374
m2 Stephen Scrope, 2nd Lord of Masham b c1351, d 26.01.1406
We18-3 Anne de Welles
m James Butler, 3rd Earl of Ormonde d 06.09.1405
m2 before 13.08.1417 Margery d 08.04.1426
We19-2 Margaret de Welles
m William Deincourt dvp
We19 =23 Elizabeth de Welles
m before 14.10.1338 Wa19 Sir Roger La Warr, 3rd Lord b 0.11.1326, d 27.08.1370
We20-3 John de Welles
We20-4 Margaret de Welles, prioress of Greenfield
We21-4? probably of this family and generation was:
Cecily de Welles b c 1295 dau/heir
m m before 1323
Sir Thomas de Stirkeland of Sizergh b c 1290, d 1376 (If she was heiress, then the Adam above was probably of a different line.)
We21-4-1 Sir Walter de Stirkeland of Sizergh, Sheriff of Westmorland d 1407
m1 Margaret de Lathom
We21-4-1-1 Sir Thomas Strickland of Sizergh b c 1366, d 1455
m 1405 Mabel de Bethom dau of
+1 Sir John de Bethom
We21-4-1-1-1 Walter Strickland of Sizergh b 1411, d 1466
m c 1425 Douce Croft b c 1415 dau of
+1 Nicholas Croft of Dalton & Leighton b c 1390
We21-4-1-1-1-1 Sir Walter Strickland of Sizergh b 1464, d 16.09.1506
m 1491 Elizabeth Pennington d 1546, dau of
+1 Sir John Pennington of Muncaster
We21-4-1-1-1-1-1 Sir Walter Strickland b 5 Apr 1516
m Alice
We24-2 Solomon FitzWilliam
We24-3 Isabel or Elizabeth b c 1135, a 1212
m Robert FitzHugh of Tatteshall d 1185
We24-3-1 Philip FitzRobert, Sheriff of Lincolnshire d c1200
We24-3-2 Robert de Tatteshall, Sheriff of Lincolnshire 3rd son?
m by 1202 Rose de Wahull d c09.1213, dau of Simon de Wahull of Odell, m2. Robert de Lisle
We24-3-3 Walter FitzRobert d 1199/1200, younger son
m Iseult Pantulf dau of William Pantulf of Breedon-on-the-Hill
We24-3-3-1 Robert de Tatteshall of Tatteshall d 16.07.1249
m1 Mabel / Maud de Albini d before 1242 + 1 ch dau of William de Albini, Earl of Sussex, 3rd Earl of Arundel
m2 before 1242 dau de Grey dau of John de Grey
We24-3-3-1-1 Robert de Tatteshall of Tatteshall b 1222, d 22.07.1273
m before 1249 Nichole a 05.1277
We24-3-3-1-1-1 Robert de Tatteshall of Tatteshall and Buckenham, 1st Lord b 05.12.1248, d c07.1298 BE1883 shows the 1st Lord as son of the Robert who married Amabill Mabel de Albini, husband of Joan FitzRalph FitzRandulph, and dying 1272. We follow TCP.
m Joan FitzRandolph d c 03.1310, dau of Ralph FitzRandolph of Middleham
-1 Robert de Tatteshall, 2nd Lord b c1268, d before 08.1303 m 1280 Eve de Tibetot b after 1267, d 22.03.1349/50, dau of Robert de Tibetot
-2 Emma de Tatteshall m Adam de Cailly Cayly a 1303
-3 Joan de Tatteshall m Robert de Driby
-4 Isabel de Tatteshall d before 1313 m John de Orreby, Lord Orreby d before 18.03.1328/9
-1-1 Robert de Tatteshall, 3rd Lord b 18.03.1287/8, dsp before 30.01.1305/6 m Joan d before 10.11.1335, probably dau of Hugh Bardolf
-3-1 Alice de Driby m Sir William Bernake of Tattershall

-3-1-1 John Bernake of Tattershall m Joan Marmion dau of John Marmion of Tanfield etc, 2nd Lord

-3-1-1-1 William Bernake of Tattershall dsps
-3-1-1-2 Maud Bernake d 10.04.1419 m before 20.06.1366 Ralph de Cromwell, 1st Lord of Tattershall d 27.08.1398
We24-3-4 Roger FitzRobert
We24-3-5 John FitzRobert
We? - - - - - (From Elizabeth Hansonīs tree)
Of no established relation to the above was:
John Wells b c 1660 England
m Mary Pippen b York England
We?-1 Abraham Wells b 20 Jan 1686 Bradford York d there 1721
m Mary
We?-1-1 John Wells b 4 Nov 1694 Bradford York d there 12 Apr 1719
m Sarah Naylor b 25 Feb 1699 Calverly St Wilfred York d 1 Mar 1779
We?-1-1-1 John Wells b 1718 Bowling York
m Frances Hall b 20 Mar 1721 Anston York d 18 Nov 1760 Bradford
We?-1-1-1-1 Mary Wells b 1738 d y
We?-1-1-1-2 John Wells d y
We?-1-1-1-3 Hannah Wells b 1743
We?-1-1-1-4 John Wells b 1745
We?-1-1-1-5 Mary Wells b 1748 d 1821
We?-1-1-1-6 Isaac Wells b 26 Nov 1752 Bowling York d 17 Jul 1821 Bradford
m Mary CLAYTON b 20 Jun 1761 Bowling York d 12 Apr 1826 Bradford York
+1 George CLAYTON b 1728 Bradford York
m Martha Binns b 1734 Bradford d 10 Sep 1759 Glusburn York dau of
+2 Benjamin Binns b 26 Mar 1705 Farnhall York d 17 Nov 1785 Knaaresborough York
m Mary Barrett b 22 Jan 1707 Skipton York
+3 John Binns b 29 Sep 1663 Clough Heigh York d 25 Apr 1731 Carleton York
m Abigail King
+3 Edward Barrett b 1680
m Mary
+4 John Binns b 1640
+4 William King b 1641 Mirehouse York d 9 Aug 1698 Surrey
m x Parker b 1640
Cl?-1-1 Joshua Wells b 1777 d 1805
m Faith Thompson
Cl?-1-3 Sarah Wells b 1781
m John Hillas b 1781 had issue
Cl?-1-5 John Wells b 1783 d 25 May 1850
m Mary Speight b 5 Jan 1782 East Morton York d Stickler Lane Bowling York
+1 John Speight b York
m Hannah
+2 Henry Speight b West Riding York
Cl?-1-1-1 William Wells b c 1810 Bowling York d there 27 Apr 1870
m Betty Tetley b 1813 d 1871
-1 Elizabeth Wells d 1894 m1 Job Stowell b 1827 d 1874 m2 John Butterfield
-2 Mary Ann Wells b 1830 Bowling York d Bradford York m John Coe d 1896
-3 Isaac Wells b 1832 d 1913 m?1 Hannah Wallis b 1840 + 1 ch m?2 Emma Sagar d 1868
-4 James Wells b 1844 Wakefield Rd Bowling York d 10 Jan 1877 Bradford York m Martha Coultas b 1853 d 1919
-5 Henry Wells b 1846 d 1915 m Sarah Coultas b 1849 d 1922
-6 y Wells m Martha Sagar had issue
-7 y Wells m Betsey Lock b 1849 had issue
-8 Emma Wells b 1850
-9 Obiah Wells b 1857 d 1933 m Hartwell Clough b 1855 d 1924
-2-1 John Wells b 1849 m x
-2-2 Jeremiah Coe b 1852 Bradford York d there 1916
-2-3 Emma Coe b 1863
-2-4 Mary Coe b 1865
-2-5 Miranda Coe b 1866 d 1896
-2-6 Edwin Coe b 1870
-2-7+ 3 others
-3-1 Eunice Wells b 1871
-4-1 Harriet Wells m y + 3 ch
-4-2 Obiah Wells b 1875 m y
-5-1 Susannah Wells b 1866 d 1888 m Henry Schultz b 1841 d 1891 +
-5-2 George Wells b 1867 d 1868
-5-3 Arthur Wells b 1869 d 1953 m Jennie Wells +
-5-4 Ernest Wells b 1870 d y
-5-5 William Wells b d 1872
-5-6 Emma Wells b 1873 d 1968 m George Davison b 1872 d 1961 had issue
-5-7 Florence Wells b 1875 d 1907 m Eugene Chapman had issue
-5-8 x Wells b d 1877
-5-9 Anna Wells b 1878 d 1964 m1 y m2 John Johnson d 1964 +
-5-10 Henry Wells b 1880 d 1899
-5-11 Albert Wells b 1883 m Gertrude Slater b 1899 + 2 ch
-5-12 Jesse May Wells b 1884 Deuel Co Dakota Territory d 1965 Golden CO m Oscar Gunder Hanson b 1882 Rose Dell Rock Co MN d 2 Dec 1946 Yankton
-5-13 Frederick Wells b 1887 d 1957 m Emma Anderson b 1890 d 1956 had issue
-5-14 Alice Wells b 1889 d 1898
-5-15 Sara Wells b d 1892
-5-16 Freedom Wells b 1893 d 1971 m1 Martle Drake + 1 ch m2 Amelia Wernlund d 1980
-9-1 Florence Clough b 1877
-9-2 Leone Clough b 1888

-5-1-1 Florence Schultz m Gustav Anderson had issue
-5-3-1 Ethemia Wells b 1900 d 1998
-5-6-1 Ralph Davison b 1898 d 1983 m had issue
-5-6-2 Dee Davison b 1900 m x
-5-6-3 Ralston Davison b 1903 d 1930
-5-6-4 Amy Davison d 1990
-5-6-5 Harold Davison d 1983 m De Eichinger b 1903 d 1993 m2 x
-5-6-6 Donald Davison b 1905 d 2000
-5-6-7 Mildred Davison b 1907
-5-6-8 Albert Davison b 1914 d 2003 m Paula Mueller b 1915 d 2003
-5-7-1 Estella Chapman m Wilfred Johnson
-5-7-2 Elton Chapman
-5-7-3 George Chapman
-5-9-1 Sybil Johnson b 1902 m y Fulton
-5-12-1 Wallace Wayne Hanson b 1920 d 1980 m Maude Gibson b 1926 d 2008
-5-12-2 Alice Hanson b 1908 d 2001 m Herman Amend b 1903 d 1971
-5-12-3 x Hanson m Robert Birdsong b 1924 d 2002
-5-12-4 Alda Hanson b 1912 d 1985 m Frank Wulff b 1908 d 1974 had issue
-5-16-1 Henry Wells d 2000 m Lorna Paulson b 1918 d 1993

-5-1-1-1 Normas Anderson b 1917
-5-1-1-2+ Robert Anderson b 1924 d 1945 3 others
-5-12-1-1 authorīs DNA match
-5-12-1-2+ Roy Hanson b 1948 d 1998 2 others
-5-12-2-1 Linda Amend b 1942 d 1983 m y
-5-12-2-2+ Louise Amend b 1933 d 1957 m Wayne Van Wyhe 2 others
-5-16-1-1+ Karen Wells b 1941 d 1999 + 4 others
Cl?-1-7 Obadiah Wells b 1789
m Hannah Marsden b 1795 d 1871
Cl?-1-8 Jonas Wells b 1792
m Hannah Goodall b 1791 d 1859 had issue
Cl?-1-9 William Wells b 1795
m1 Betty + 5 ch
m2 Ann Barnes
We?-1-1-1-7 Joseph Wells b 1758 m Priscilla b 1760
We?-1-1-1-8 Joshua Wells b 1758

Sources: TCP Welles, BE1883 Welles
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