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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
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Barry 1: Barry of Barrymore, Barry of Buttevant, Barry of Ibawne, Barry of Olethan
Ba26. William de Barri or Barry of Manorbier ?
m Angareth dau of Gerald FitzWalter de Windsor by Nesta, Princess of South Wales
As reported on Windsor 1, there is some doubt as to whether Angareth was the daughter by her mother's 1st or her 2nd marriage. The 1st is presumed correct for need of a choice.
Ba25-1. Sir Robert de Barri, "Barry More" d Lismore c1185
Ba25. Philip de Barry of Olethan d c1200
m ?? dau of Richard FitzTancred
Ba24 William de Barry of Olethan a 1206
Ba23 David de Barry of Olethan d Callan 1261
Ba22. David de Barry of Olethan, 1st Lord Barry or Barrymore or Buttevant d 1278
TCP reports that the early Irish Peers were not always formally appointed as such. The numberings are therefore somewhat arbitrary. We follow what is recommended by TCP.
Ba21-1 John de Barry of Olethan, 2nd Lord Barry or Barrymore or Buttevant a 1285
Ba21 David FitzDavid de Barry of Olethan, 3rd Lord Barry or Barrymore or Buttevant d c1290
m Maud de Boultron of Wales or Joan
Ba20-1 John Barry, 4th Lord Barrymore or Buttevant dsp c1330
Ba20 David Barry, 5th Lord Barrymore or Buttevant, Sheriff of Cork d 12.05.1347
Ba19 David Barry, 6th Lord Barrymore or Buttevant d 06.09.1392
Ba18 John Barry, 7th Lord Barrymore or Buttevant, Sheriff of Cork d c 1420
m Ellice FitzGerald dau of Gerald FitzMaurice FitzGerald, Earl of Desmond
William Barry, 8th Lord Barrymore or Buttevant, Sheriff of Cork d c1480
m Ellen Roche dau of Lord Roche
Ba16-1 John 'the lame' Barry, 9th Lord Barrymore or Buttevant d 25.12.1486
m1. ??
i Thomas Barry, 10th Lord Barrymore or Buttevant dsp after 06.1488
m2. Sheely MacCartie dau of MacCartie Reagh
ii John Barry, 11th Lord Barrymore or Buttevant d 1500
m Sheely MacCartie dau of Cormac MacTeig MacCartie of Muskerry
a John Barry, 12th Lord Barrymore or Buttevant dsp c1530
iii John Barry, 13th Lord Barrymore or Buttevant d c1534
m Ellen FitzGibbon dau of _ FitzGibbon, the White Knight
a John Barry, 1st Viscount Barrymore or Buttevant b 1517/8, dsp 1553
m1 Ellen Roche dau of Lord Roche
m2. _ Fitzgerald dau of Gerald FitzJohn Fitzgerald of the Decies
b Edmund Barry, 2nd Viscount Barrymore or Buttevant dsp c1556
m1. 'div' Joan Fitzgerald d 1600, dau of James Fitzgerald, Earl of Desmond
m2. Sheely dau of Donal MacCartie Reagh
c James Barry, 3rd Viscount Lord Barrymore or Buttevant d 20.03.1557/8
m1. Ellis Fitzgerald dsp, dau of Maurice Fitzgerald of the Sean
m2. Ellen MacCartie dau of Teig MacCormac oge MacCartie of Muskerry
1 Catherine Barry
m Richard, Lord Le Power b c1553, d 1607
iv+ other issue - David Archdeacon of Cork, 4 sons
Ba16 Ellice Barry
m1 Thomas FitzJames FitzThomas, 7th Earl of Desmond d 1468
m2 Maurice FitzGibbon, 'the white knight' a 1496
Ba17-2+ other issue - Richard had issue, David had issue, James had issue
Ba20-3 William Barry of Ibawne
m Margaret Courcy d 1373, dau of Miles, Lord Courcy
i William Barry of Ibawne dsp
ii Lawrence Barry of Ibawne
m Orlagh dau of O'Brian of Thomond
a James Barry of Ibawne
m ?? dau of Earl of Desmond
1 Richard Barry of Ibawne
m _ O'Driscol
A James Barry of Ibawne
m1/?p Ellain MacCartie dau of Cormac MacTeig MacCartie of Muskerry
i Richard Barry of Rathbarry
m1. Isabel Fitzgerald dau of James Fitzgerald
a James FitzRichard Barry, 4th Viscount Barrymore or Buttevant d 10.04.1581
m Ellen dau of Cormac MacCarthy Reagh
m2. Moyra MacMahon dau of y MacMahon of Corkovaskin
a Richard Barry
m2. Ilin dau of Fynin MacDermot Downe of Carbery, 'MacCartie Reagh'
ii James Barry of Ibawne dsp 1507
iii David Barry of Ibawne
a+ issue - Redmond, Richard, David, John
Ba25-3. Walter de Barry
Ba25-4. Gerald 'the Welshman' de Barry, 'Giraldus Cambrensis' b c1146, d c1223, chaplain to King Henry II, author, chronicler

Sources: TCP Barry, BE1883 Barry of Barry's Court, Buttevant, Barrymore
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