Bl4 Thomas Pope Bland

    Thomas Pope Bland b 12 Oct 1832, picture c 1880 age 48 presuming he was blond, otherwise we would have to presume he greyed so young.
    The total greying in the later picture leaves the possibility open that he was fully grey by the time he was 50.

    Thomas Pope Bland in about 1905 age 73
    Thomas Pope Bland was the son of Thomas Pope Bland (Bl5) b: 10 DEC 1791 in Lincoln County, Virginia Colony
    Mother: Elizabeth Jennings Duncan b: 1796 in Virginia

    Birth:  12th Oct. 1832, Pike Co., Missouri

    Spouse: Levicy Jane Harris  Family. Census for Distr 2 of Shelby Co of 12 Jun 1860.
    Marriage: 31 JAN 1861, Shelby Co., Kentucky
    Died: 11 Feb. 1914 in Bagdad, Shelby Co. Ky.


    Thomas Pope Bland and Levicy Jane Harris had children:
    Bl3-1 Martha Elizabeth BLAND b 18 DEC 1861 in Shelby Co Kentucky
    Bl3-2 William Leland BLAND b 15 MAR 1863 Shelby Co Ky
    Bl3 Thomas Eugene BLAND b 13 JUL 1864 in Bagdad, Shelby Co Ky
    Bl3-4 Lewellyn BLAND b c 1867
    Bl3-5 Sarah Prudence  BLAND b c 1866
    Bl3-6 John Henry Bland b 2 Mar 1870
    Bl3-7 Mary Beatrice BLAND b: 2 Feb 1878
    Bl3-8 Harvey Erwin Bland b: 15 Feb 1885

    Back Row Left to Right: Martha Bland, Lou Ellen Bland (Sleadd), Mary Beatrice Bland (Busey), and Sarah/Sallie Bland (Sanford).
    Front row Left to Right: Thomas Eugene Bland, William Leland Bland, and John Henry Bland.
    Judging from the dates of birth above this picture was taken between 1889 and 1895

    This is the double row of elms along the entrance to the older home of Thomas Pope Bland as seen in March 1985. The house in the background dates from a much later period and replaced the older home.

    This is the newer home of Thomas Pope Bland as seen in March 1985

    Bagdad Cemetery, March 1985


    The  list of children may be incomplete, as we have one picture named Aunt Nan by Aunt Jane Bland Bl2-2 shortly before the latter's death, but we can often observe that girls do not like their names and insist on being called by a different name. The subject of this picture seems most similar to Mary Beatrice. The style of dress seems to pre-date 1900 and is definitely not later than 1920. If any similarity is to be seen in the younger generation then perhaps Emily.
    The two children below also seem to belong to this family and there is a similarity to Thomas E. Hester He1-1

    The photographer is Grutchfield of Shelbyville and the fading/browning effect seems to place it at about 1885 +/- 15 years.
    The older girl seems to b about 8 to 11 years old and most strongly resembles Martha Bland in the picture above.
    The other child seems to be about 2 or 3 and could be either Lewellyn Bland, Sarah Prudence  Bland or  John Henry Bland.

    Bl3-4 Lou Ellen Bland b Nov 1867 d Jul 1906
    m William Thompson Sleadd b 12 Jan 1858 d 20 Feb 1928 son of James B. Sleadd and Sarah Thompson
    Bl3-4-1 Agnes B. Sleadd b 02 May 1898 d 19 Jan 1994
    Bl3-4-2 Bernard B. Sleadd b 17 Jan 1900 d 15 May 1972
    m Annabelle Gladwell b Abt. 06 Jul 1907 d 15 Sep 1952
    Bl3-4-2-1 Franklin Bland Sleadd b 30 Jan 1930 d 22 Jun 2009
    Bl3-4-2-1-1 Robert Bland Sleadd
    Bl3-4-2-2 Helen Douglas Sleadd b 27 Jun 1932 d Abt. 1969
    Bl3-4-2-3 Bernard Allen Sleadd b 15 Aug 1933
    m1 Unk
    m2 Lori S. Epstein b Abt. 1945
    m3 Judith A. Auge b Abt. 1948
    Bl3-4-2-4 Mary Lou Sleadd b 07 Oct 1936
    Bl3-4-2-5 William Carroll Sleadd b 25 Feb 1939
    Bl3-4-2-6 Nancy Ann Sleadd b 14 Mar 1940
    Bl3-4-2-7 James Thompson Sleadd b 09 Oct 1942
    Bl3-4-2-8 Phyllis Jean Sleadd b 27 Feb 1944
    m y Roos
    Bl3-4-3 Helen Sleadd b 12 Jul 1903 d Apr 1985
    m James Augustus Arvin b 14 Aug 1900 d Dec 1978 son of Roscoe Elmer Arvin and Lucy Catherine Young
    Bl3-4-3-1 Virginia Arvin b 16 Aug 1925
    Bl3-4-3-2 Robert Powers Arvin b Oct 1938

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