Do12 Edward Dorsey

    There is a disproved (see below) claim that Edward Dorsey was the son of Edward Darcy Do13
    although DNA rather supports the theory of Irish descent.
    Born: 1619, probably in Ireland or England
    Died: 8/2/1659, Isle of Kent, Anne Arundel Co MD at age 40
    Marriage: Anne HOWARD in 1638 in MD (Anne HOWARD died in MD.)

    John Jeffries has written a lot about the immigrant, Edward Dorsey, and the religious intolerance in Virginia that led to the resettling of the Dorsey, Howard and Wyatt families from the area between Sewell´s point and Tanner´s Point in Virginia to the Severn River in Maryland.. For the reformation of the Church of England under King Henry VIII was only a recast of the hierarchical structures designed control the people. While the possession of a Tynsdale Bible brought a death sentence from the 1540´s on, King James I believed in his Devine calling and authorized a "new" translation of the Bible to strengthen men´s faith in God (and hierarchy). However, the King James Bible was actually 80 % William Tynsdale´s own translation, as it so well reflected the ancient metaphorical Greek and Hebrew texts in the English spoken in the 16th century. So as fodder to ponder over about the glory of God (and Royalty), the people were given the writings of the man Henry VIII had had burned at stake for denying the right of divorce of Holy matrimony, and ponder they did indeed, as they have even to this day and will continue to.


    Edward Dorsey Do11 b about 1645 in Virginia
    Do11-3 Sarah Dorsey b 1652
    Do11-4 Joshua Dorsey b: 1654 in Anne Arundel
    Do11-2 John Dorsey b about 1658 d. 22 March 1714/15, m Pleasance Ely

     Anne Arundel Co., MD land records IH3:62-63, FHL microfilm 0,013,208. 6 Dec. 1681 Edward Dorsy, "Son and heir of Edward Dorsy late of the County of Ann Arundell" sold the parcel Hockley in the Hole granted to "the said Edward Dorsy, Joshua Dorsy and John Dorsey my brothers" on 20 Aug. 1664.

    Do8-3 Sarah Dorsey m Matthew Howard
    Birth: 1652
    Death: BEF 1691 in Anne Arundel County, MD
    Colonial Families of the United States of America: Volume 6
    IV. Sarah (DORSEY or DARCY), so far as record discloses, was the only dau. of Edward DORSEY, the Immigrant; she d. 1692; m. Matthew HOWARD, the second (son of Matthew HOWARD and Ann Hall. She was the daughter of Richard Hall b between 1579 and 1585 in England and x Lloyd b about 1583 in England) and grandson of John HOWARD who came to this country in 1621 and was killed by the Indians. There is probably a connection to the Howards of Arundel but the eact details have yet to be established. Matthew HOWARD, the second, was Associate Judge of the County and upon the Committee of the Port of Entry.
    Father: Edward Darcy or Dorsey b: 1619 in England
    Mother: Anne Howard b: ABT 1625
    Marriage 1 Matthew Howard b: 1640 in Virginia
    Married: 1667 in Anne Arundel
     Sarah Dorsey Howard b: 1673 in Anne Arundel County, MD
     John Howard b: ABT 1670 in Broadneck Hundred, Anne Arundel, Maryland
     Matthew Howard b: ABT 1675 in Anne Arundel , Maryland

    Data from

    Edward DORSEY was married to Ann,1 her surname being unknown. Some researchers
    have inaccurately listed her as Ann, daughter of Matthew HOWARD.  While
    Matthew HOWARD did have a daughter named Ann, there is record of her
    husband being James GRENEFFE.2 Also, there is evidence that Edward DORSEY's
    daughter Sarah married Matthew HOWARD, Jr., son of the previously mentioned
    Matthew HOWARD.  If Edward DORSEY's wife were the daughter of Matthew
    HOWARD, that would mean that his daughter Sarah's marriage to Matthew
    HOWARD, Jr. would have been to her blood uncle, a relation that was
    strictly forbidden, then as now.

    The listing of Edward DORSEY's wife Ann as a HOWARD probably came about
    through some researcher's incorrect interpretation of his son Joshua
    DORSEY's will. In his will, Joshua made bequests to his "cousins" John,
    Samuel and Matthew HOWARD. Though not stated these were children of
    Matthew HOWARD, Jr. [who married Joshua's sister Sarah DORSEY].  "Cousin"
    in the 1600s was a term often used for nephew or nieces, and sometimes
    used to refer to grandchildren. That researcher being unfamiliar with
    usage of the term apparently intrepretted that they were true first cousins,
    and incorrectly concluded that Edward DORSEY's wife Ann was a daughter
    of Matthew HOWARD, Sr.

    Another possibility for the surname of Ann, wife of Edwrd DORSEY, is that
    suggested by Jay Worrall, Jr.  He suggested she may have been the daughter of
    Humphrey BACHE of London, and the aunt of Elizabeth HARRIS, of Quaker fame.

    There are several other inaccurate statements regarding the first generations
    of the DORSEY family.  Some researchers have attributed a daughter to
    Edward DORSEY a daughter Ann who married Nicholas GREENBERRY.  There is
    no evidence that Edward DORSEY had a daughter named Ann. While Nicholas
    GREENBERRY's wife was named Ann, she could not have been a daughter of
    Edward DORSEY.  Nicholas GREENBERRY did not emigrate from England to
    Maryland until 1674, at which time he arrived with his wife and two
    children.3  His wife could not have been the daughter of Edward DORSEY,
    who had been living in the colonies for over 25 years.

    The other major error in print regarding Edward DORSEY is in regard to his
    ancestry. Edward DORSEY was claimed by some as being descended from Sir
    Norman D'Arcie cousin of William the Conqueror, and from the Lord D'Arcy
    family of Hornby Castle.4  DNA evidence has proven that theory to be incorrect,
    showing that Edward DORSEY is not related to those families.5 The latest DNA
    results [November 2005, updated March 2006] would indicate a likely Irish origin
    for Edward Dorsey.15

    Edward DORSEY drowned near the Isle of Kent in 1659.14 Caroline Kemper
    Bulkley in a 1938 article contended that he was living in 1667.16  She cited from Maryland
    Land Patents a warrant in 1650 to Edward DORSEY of 200 acres, and also 200
    acres more that were part of a warrant for 400 acres granted to John NORWOOD
    and Edward DORSEY in 1651, "said DORSEY of Ann Arundell, Boatwright"
    assigned all his rights to George YATE on 23 April 1667.   Her "transcription" of
    the record moved the location of the words "said Edward DORSEY," making the
    record appear to say something it did not.  The record reads:17

    Warrant was the xith of November MDCL Granted to Edward DORSEY
    of the County of Ann Arundell County for two hundred acres of Land the
    which heas signds away as followeth, as also two hundred acres more
    part of a warrnat for four hundred acres, granted John NORWOOD and
    the said DORSEY dated the xxiiii of February MDCLi.
    Know all men by these presents that I Edward DORSEY of the County of
    Ann Arundell, Boatwright, have granted bargained and Sold, for a
    Valuable Consideracon allready received all my right title intrest Clame
    and demand of an in a warrant, for two hundred acres of Said Land bear
    =ing date one thousand six hundred and fifty and also two hundred
    acres more, being the one half of a warrant for four hundred acres the
    one half belonging to Capt NORWOOD bearing date one thousand six hundred
    fifty one, unto George YATE of the said County his heirs or assignes for ever
    from me the Said DORSEY my heir assignes forever Winttness my hand
    and Seal the xxiiid day of April MDCLxvij
    Signed Sealed and delivered in                            Edward DORSEY   Seale
    the presence of us Cornelius Howard
                     John HOWARD
                 October the xxvi MDCLxvij

    There are two separate parts to the document. The first is the 1650 and 1651 warrants,
    for which the word "said" is in reference to the 1651 record being the same Edward
    as in  1650.  The second part of the document is the 1667 sale to YATE.  The "said"
    in that part is referring back to the Edward DORSEY mentioned in the first line of
    the sale.  There is no part that states that the Edward of the 1667 sale is the same
    (or "said) Edward of the 1650 and 1651 warrants.  Edward of the 1667 sale would
    be the son, who as the eldest son would have inherited the land under English common

    Edward DORSEY and wife Ann had children:
    1. Edward DORSEY11 b. say 1644; m.1 Sarah WYATT;12 m.2 Margaret7; d. between
       26 Oct. 1704 and 31 Dec. 1705 Baltimore Co., MD7
    2. Joshua DORSEY11 b. say 1646; m. Sarah6; d. between 20 Feb. 16876 and
       3 May 168810 Anne Arundel Co., MD6
    3. John DORSEY11 b. say 1648; m. Pleasance8; d. between 26 Nov. 1714 and
       22 Mar. 1714/5 Baltimore Co., MD8
    4. Sarah DORSEY6,13 b. say 1650; m. Matthew HOWARD6,13; d. before 3 Oct. 1691
       Anne Arundel Co., MD9

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