Wa17 Sir William Wadham

    Wa17 Sir William Wadham was the son of John Wadham and Elizabeth Popham Po18
    Born: c 1390

    Died: 1452

    Wa16 Joan Wadham, married Thomas Malet Ma16 Ilminster takes its name from the river Ile and its large church of St Mary, which is known as The Minster. The Hamstone building dates from the 15th century, but was refurbished in 1825 by William Burgess and the chancel restored 1883. Further restoration took place in 1887-9 and 1902. Among the principle features are the Wadham tombs; those of Sir William Wadham and his mother, dated 1452 and Nicholas and Dorothy Wadham 1609 and 1618.

    The tower contains a bell dating from 1732 and made by Thomas Bilbie and another from 1790 made by William Biblie of the Bilbie family.[2] The church has been designated by English Heritage as a grade I listed building.[3]


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