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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
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Brown 1: Browne of Battle Abbey, Browne of Beechworth Castle, Browne of Caversham, Browne of Cowdray Park, Browne of Easebourne, Browne of Elsing, Browne of Kiddington, Browne of Montagu or Montacute, Browne of Wesenham
Br17 =22. Sir Anthony Browne a 1377
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Br16 =21 Sir Robert Browne of Beechworth
Br15 =20 Sir Thomas Browne of Beechworth Castle
m Eleanor FitzAlan dau of Sir Thomas FitzAlan of Beechwood
Br14 =19 Sir Ambrose or Anthony Browne, Governor of Queenborough Castle d 1505/6, Standard bearer of England
m Lucy Nevill dau of Sir John Nevill, Earl of Northumberland, Marquess of Montagu or Montacute
Br13. Sir Anthony Browne d 06 May 1548, Ambassador, etc
m1 Alice Gage dau of Sir John Gage
Br12 Sir Anthony Browne of Battle Abbey and Cowdray Park, Sheriff of Surrey and Sussex, 1st Viscount Montagu or Montacute b c1528, d 19 Oct 1592
m1 Jane Ratcliffe b c1532, d 22 Jul 1552, dau of Robert Ratcliffe, 1st Earl of Sussex
Br11-1 Anthony Browne dvp 29 Jun 1592
m Mary Dormer dau of Sir William Dormer of Eythorp
i Anthony Mary Browne of Battle Abbey and Cowdray Park, 2nd Viscount Montagu b 01 Feb 1573/4, d 23 Oct 1629
m 03 Feb 1591 Jane Sackville dau of Thomas Sackville, 1st Earl of Dorset
a Francis Browne, 3rd Viscount Montagu b 02 Jul 1610, bur 02 Nov 1682
m 1637 Elizabeth Somerset b c1618, dau of Henry Somerset, 1st Marquess of Worcester
1 Francis Browne, 4th Viscount Montagu dsp 04.1708
m before 1690 Mary Herbert d 30 Oct 1744, dau of William Herbert, Marquess of Powis
2 Henry Browne, 5th Viscount Montagu b before 1641, d 25 Jun 1717
m before 1685 Barbara Walsingham d 23 Nov 1723, dau of Thomas Walsingham of Little Chesterford
A Anthony Browne, 6th Viscount Montagu b 1686, d 23 Apr 1767
m 28 Jul 1720 Barbara Webb d 07.04/24 Sep 1779, dau of Sir John Webb, 3rd Bart of Odstock and Hatherop
i Anthony Joseph Browne, 7th Viscount Montagu b 11 Apr 1728, d 09 Apr 1787
m 02 Jul 1765 Frances Mackworth b 28 Aug 1731, d 03 Mar 1814, dau of Herbert Mackworth of the Gnoll
a George Samuel Browne, 8th Viscount Montagu b 26 Jun 1769, d unm 10.1793
b Elizabeth Mary Browne b 05 Feb 1767, dspms
m 1794 William Stephen Poyntz of Midgham, later of Cowdray Park bpt 20 Jan 1770, d 08 Apr 1840
ii Mary Browne d 17 Sep 1767
m 30 Mar 1761 Sir Richard Bedingfield, Bart b 1720, d 1795
B Barbara Browne
m Ralph Sheldon
i Catherine Sheldon
m George Collingwood of Esslington
C Catherine Browne
m George Collingwood of Estlington
D Anne Browne
m Anthony Kemp of Slindon
E Henrietta Browne
m Richard Harcourt
F+ other issue d unm - Mary, Elizabeth
3 Elizabeth Browne
m 1674 Christopher Roper, 5th Lord Teynham d before 24 Jul 1689
b Mary Browne d 13 Nov 1692
m1 William Paulet, Lord St. John of Basing, 'Earl of Wiltshire' dvpsp 08.1621
m2. William Arundell of Horningsham
c Catherine Browne
m William Tyrwhitt of Kettleby
d Mary Browne
m 1620 Robert Petre, 3rd Lord d 23 Oct 1638
e Frances Browne identified in TCB vol ii, Webb of Odstock
m John or William Blomer of Hatherop Castle
f+ other issue - Anne nun, Lucy nun
ii John Brown of Easebourne
m Anne Giffard
a Stanislaus Browne of Easebourne a 1687
1 Stanislaus Browne of Easebourne
m Honor Malbrank sister of Claudius Malbrank of Methley
A Mark Browne of Easebourne and Methley d 07 Feb 1755, 4th son
m1 Mary Simpson dsp, dau of Simpson of Monksherborne
m2. 07 Feb 1744 Anastasia Moore bur 26 Dec 1780, dau of Sir Richard Moore, Bart of Fawley
i Mark Anthony Browne of Eastbourne, 9th Viscount Montagu b 02 Mar 1745, dsp 27 Nov 1774
m 11 Feb 1797 Frances Manby d 07 Jan 1823, dau of Thomas Manby of Downsell Hall
ii Stanislaus Browne b 28 Oct 1752, d 26 Feb 1763
iii Anastasia Browne b 10 May 1749, d 08 Apr 1814
m 17 Apr 1780 Sir Thomas Mannock, Bart of Gifford's Hall dsp 02 Sep 1781
iv Mary Browne b 03 Jul 1747
m 19.5.1772 Oliver John de Moulin of London
B Anna Browne d 28 Apr 1750
m Henry Mathew of Heathhouse Bureton
C Mary Browne d 28 Apr 1757
m Roger Langley of Higham Gobious
D Elizabeth Browne
m 1706 Richard Astley of East Court House Escott Hall d 1718
E Mary Browne
m Robert Alwyn of Treford
F+ other issue d unm - Francis of Easebourne, Nicholas, Stanislaus
iii George Browne
iv Dorothy Browne
m Edward Lee of Stanton Barry
v Jane Browne d c1650
m Sir Francis Englefield, 1st Bart of Wotton Basset b c07.1562, d 26 Oct 1631
vi Catharine Browne
m _ Treganion
Br11-2 Mary Browne d 11.1607
m1 19 Feb 1565/6 Henry Wriothesley, 2nd Earl of Southampton bpt 24 Apr 1545, d 04 Oct 1581
m2. Sir Thomas Heneage
m3. sp Sir William Harvey, Bart, Lord Ross, Lord Kidbrook bur 08 Jul 1642
m2. before 10 Feb 1558 Magdalen or Margaret Dacre b 1538, dau of William Dacre, 3rd Lord of Gillesland
?Br11 Sir George Browne of Wickham Brews
m1 Eleanor Bridges dau of Anthony Bridges of Sheffield
m2. Mary Tyrwhitt dau of Sir Robert Tyrwhitt of Kettleby
Br10 Sir George Browne of Caversham b about 1605 died circa February 1683/84.1 He was buried on 9 February 1683/84 at St. Gile's-in-the-Fields Church, London, England.1 Sir G. Browne, Bart._ Vol. vii., p. 528..--The particulars given by NEWBURY, while introducing his Query, are extremely vague and inaccurate.
In the first place, the individual he styles _Sir_ George Browne, _Bart._, was in reality simple George Browne, _Esq._, of Caversham, Oxon, and Wickham, Kent. This gentleman, who would have been a valuable acquisition to any nascent colony, married Elizabeth _not_ Eleanor, second daughter of Sir Richard Blount, of Maple Durham, and had by her nineteen children, pretty evenly divided as to sex: for I read that of the daughters, three at least died young; other three became nuns and one married ---- Yates, Esq., a Berkshire gentleman. Of the sons, three, as NEWBURY relates, fell gloriously fighting for Charles, their sovereign. Neither of these latter were married: indeed, the only sons who ventured at all into the bonds of wedlock were George, the heir, and John, a younger brother. George married Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Francis Englefield, Knt., a Popish recusant, and left two daughters, his co-heiresses. John, his brother, created a baronet May 19th, 1665, married Mrs. Bradley, a widow, and had issue three sons and three daughters. The sons, Anthony, John, and George, inherited the baronetcy in succession, the two former dying bachelors: the third son, Sir George, married his sister-in-law, Gertrude Morley, and left three sons, the first of whom, Sir John, succeeded his father; and with him the baronetcy became dormant, if not indeed extinct.
m Eleanor Blount dau of Sir Richard Blount of Mapledurham
Br9-1 Sir George Browne was invested as a Knight, Order of the Bath K.B. in 1661.1
b about 1630
m Elizabeth or Mary Englefield dau of Sir Francis Englefield of Englefield
1 Winifred Browne
m Basil Brooke of Madeley
2 Helen/Eleanor Browne
m Henry Fermor of Tusmore
Br9-2 Sir John Browne, 1st Bart of Caversham b about 1631
m 1666 Elizabeth Bradley ?
1 Sir Anthony Browne, 2nd Bart of Caversham dsp, dvp ??, bur 23 Dec 1688
2 Sir John Browne, 2nd/3rd Bart of Caversham d unm 1692
3 Sir George Browne, 3rd/4th Bart of Caversham b about 1670-5 d 20 Feb 1729/30
m1 Gertrude Morley
A Sir John Browne, 4th/5th Bart of Caversham dsp 20 Jan 1774/5
B+ other issue - Anthony, James
m2. Mary Thorold d 19 Dec 1725, dau of George Thorold of Harmstone and Anne Clarke
4 Catherine Browne
m _ Fortescue of Crookhill
5 Elizabeth Browne
m _ Morley
6 Magdalen Browne d unm
Br9+ 17 children including 3 daughters who became nuns of these may have been James Browne Br9 or the nephew James above. The dates of birth postulated above seem to exclude the nephew. But the data fro Delaware may be erroneous. Pending details on these chldren, we risk the presumption he was of this generation.
Br10-2 Mary Browne
m Thomas Paston of Norfolk
-1 Clement Paston of Barningham d before 07.04.1663
m 1654/6 Dorothy Plumpton d 1662, dau of John Plumpton of Plumpton
-1-1 Edward Paston of Barningham
m1 Margaret Eyre b c1666, d 1689, dau of Thomas Eyre of Hassop
Br10-3+ other issue - Jane, Elizabeth, Frances
Br11-4 Sir Henry Browne of Kiddington
m1 Anne Catesby dau of Sir William Catesby of Ashby Leger
i+ 2 daughters d unm
m2. Mary Hungate dau of Sir Philip Hungate of Saxton
iii Sir Peter Browne of Kiddington b c1615, d Naseby 14 Jun 1645
m Margaret Knollys dau of Sir Henry Knollys of Grove Place
a Sir Henry Browne, Sheriff of Oxfordshire, 1st Bart of Kiddington b c1639, d c1689
m before 1662 Frances Somerset dau of Sir Charles Somerset of Troy
1 Sir Charles Browne, 2nd Bart of Kiddington d 20 Dec 1751
m Mary Pitt d 08.1739, dau of George Pitt of Strathfield Saye
A Sir George Browne, 3rd Bart of Kiddington b c1694
m1 c May 1725 Barbara Lee dau of Edward Lee, 1st Earl of Litchfield
i Barbara Brown
m1 Jun 1748 Sir Edward Mostyn, 5th Bart of Talacre b 27 Apr 1725, bur 03.1775
m2 Edward Gore of Barrow Court d 1801
m2. Mrs Holman of Warkworth
m3. Frances Sheldon sister of William Sheldon of Beoley
2+ other issue - Henry, Peter, Mary, Frances, Catherine
b Francis Browne
Br11-5 Sir Anthony Browne of Effingham dsp
m Anne Bell of Norfolk
Br11-6 Elizabeth Browne a 09.1623
m 1590 Sir Robert Dormer, 1st Lord of Wyng bpt 26 Jan 1551, d 08 Nov 1616
Br11-7 Mabel Browne
m Sir Henry Capel
Br11-8 Jane Browne
m Sir Francis Lacon of Willey
Br11-9+ other issue - Thomas d unm, Philip dvp, William dvp
2 William Browne of Elsing and Wesenham
m Anne Hastings b 1528, d 1572, dau of Sir Hugh Hastings of Elsing
The following comes from TCP Hastings.
A Sir Anthony Browne of Elsing and Wesenham d 1628
i Thomas Browne of Elsing, etc. d 1632
a Thomas Browne of Elsing, etc. d 1666
1 Thomas Browne of Elsing, etc. d 1706
A Anne Browne had issue, extinct before 1771
B Philippa Browne b c1667, d 1759
m John Berney of Wesenham d 1719
Elsing passed into the Berney and then the Eaton family. One of their descendants took the name Browne of Elsing.
b Camilla Browne probably of this generation
m John Playters
c Philippa Browne possibly of this generation
m 1651 William Berney of Elsing d before 17 Dec 1658
ii Anne Browne probably of this generation
m Sir Thomas Playters, 1st Bart of Sotterley
3 Francis Browne 4th son
m Anne Goring dau of Sir William Goring of Burton
4 Mary Browne
m1 John Grey of Pirgo
m2. Sir Henry Capel of Hadham
5 Mabel Browne
m 28 May 1534 Gerald 'the Wizard' FitzGerald, 11th Earl of Kildare b 25 Feb 1525, d 1585
6 Lucy Browne
m Thomas Roper of Eltham d 1567
7+ other issue - Henry, Henry 2nd
m2. Elizabeth FitzGerald b c1528, d 1589, dau of Gerald FitzGerald, 9th Earl of Kildare not mentioned by BE1883
b. Elizabeth Browne
m Henry Somerset, 2nd Earl of Worcester d 26 Nov 1549
c. Lucy Browne
m1 Sir Thomas Clifford
m2. John Cutts
Br19-2 Sir George Browne of Beechworth Castle, Sheriff of Kent d 1483
m Elizabeth Paston dau of Sir William Paston, widow of Robert, son of Robert, Lord Poynings not widow of Richard, Lord Poynings
Br19-2-1 Richard Browne
m _ Sands
1+ 2 sons
Br19-2-2 William Browne
1+ 2 sons - Richard, Edmond
Br19-2-3 Sir Matthew Browne of Beechworth a 1530
m Fridiswide Guildford dau of Sir Richard Guildford of Hemsted
Br19-2-3-1 Henry Browne of Beechworth dvp
m1 Mary Fitzherbert dau of John Fitzherbert
m2. Catherine Shelley dau of Sir William Shelley of Michel Grove
Br19-2-3-1-1 Sir Thomas Browne of Beechworth Castle BE1883 shows the marriages as first to Helen Harding, second of Mabel FitzWilliams. We follow BEB1844 which is more logical, given that Thomas's son Matthew was his successor at Beechworth.
m1 Mabel FitzWilliams dau of Sir William FitzWilliams
Br19-2-3-1-1-1 Sir Matthew Browne of Beechworth Castle d c 1603
m Jane Vincent b c 1565 dau of Sir Thomas Vincent of Stoke Dabernon
Br19-2-3-1-1-1-1 Sir Ambrose Browne, 1st Bart of Beechworth Castle d 16 Aug 1661
m 1 Oct 1607 Elizabeth Adam bur 17/9 Oct 1657, dau of William Adam of Saffron Waldron Apart from Adam, BE1883 and BEB1844 disagree on their children.
1 Sir Adam Browne, 2nd Bart
m before 1651 Philippa Cooper d 20 May 1701, dau of Sir John Cooper, 1st Bart of Winbourn St. Giles
A Ambrose Browne dvp unm
B Margaret Browne of Beechworth
m 1691 William Fenwick, Sheriff of Surrey dsp 1726
2 Ambrose Browne dvp unm shown by BEB1844
3 x Browne shown by BEB1844
m John Browne of Buckland
4 x Browne shown by BEB1844 m y Jevon
other issue shown by BE1883:
Edward Browne d 1622
Thomas Browne a 1623
Mabel Browne d unm
Br19-2-3-1-1-2 Jane Browne BE1883 shows Jane as daughter rather than sister of Sir Ambrose but BP1934 Kemp identifies her as Sir Matthew's daughter.
m Sir Robert Kempe, 1st Bart of Gissing d 20 Aug 1647
Br19-2-3-1-2 Elizabeth Browne
m Robert Honywood of Kent
Br19-2-3-1-3 Jane Browne
m Sir Oliff Leigh of Addington
m2. Helen Harding dau of William Harding
Br19-2-3-1-6 Richard Browne
m Margaret Astyn dau of James Astyn of Westerham
Br19-2-3-1-6-1 John Browne of Shingleton
m Elizabeth Scott dau of Edward Scott of Scott's Hall
Br19-2-3-1-6-2 Cecilia Browne d 09.1677
m1 Francis Knollys
m2. Richard Whithead
Br19-2-3-1-6-3 Margaret Browne
m Walter Bourchier of Barnesley
Br19-2-3-1-6-4+ other issue - Thomas, Robert, Elizabeth, Anne
Br19-2-3-2 Jane Browne
m Sir Edward Bray
Br19-2-3-3 Catherine or Elizabeth Browne
m John Poyntz of Alderley, Sheriff of Surrey d 29 Nov 1544
Br19-3 William Browne dsp
Br19 Sir Robert Browne
m Mary Mallet dau of->
+1 Sir William Mallet
Br18 Eleanor/Ellynor Browne b c 14901 Details of her children come from Visitation Kent, 1530-1, Kempe.
2 Visitation Kent, 1574, Kempe suggests that she married Sir William Kempe before Sir Thomas Fogge.
m?1 Sir William Kempe of Ollantigh Olantyne or Olentygh b 1487, d 28.01.1538/9
-1 Sir Thomas Kempe of Ollantigh & Wye d 07.03.1591
m1 Catherine or Cicely Cheyney dau of Sir Thomas Cheyney
-1-1 Margaret Kempe m William Crowmar
-1-2 Anne Kempe b c 1545 m Thomas Shirley of Wiston b 1542, d 10.1612

-1-2-1 Sir Thomas Shirley of Wiston b 1564, d c 1620 m Frances Vavasor dau of Sir Thomas Vavasor
-1-2-2 Robert Shirley
-1-2-3 Mary Shirley m Sir John Croftes of Suffolk
-1-2-4 Elizabeth Shirley m Edward Onslow
-1-2-5 Margery Shirley m Pexsall Brocas
-1-2-6 Jane Shirley m John Shirley of Isefeild b 1569, d 1631
-1-2-7 Anne Shirley b 23.12.1573 m c 1590 Sir John Tracy of Toddington, Sheriff of Gloucestershire, 1st Viscount of Rathcoole d before 14.02.1648
-1-2-8 Cecily Shirley bur 31.07.1662 m 25.11.1596 Thomas West, 3rd Lord De La Warr b 09.07.1557, d 07.06.1618

-1-2-1-1 Henry Shirley dramatist, younger son
-1-2-8-1 Henry West, 4th Lord De La Warr (b 03.10.1603, d 01.06.1628) m 03.1624-5 Isabella Edmunds (b 11.1607, d c1677, dau of Sir Thomas Edmunds)
-1-2-8-2 >Cecilia West d 02.1638 m1 Sir Francis Bindlosse of Barwick Hall m2 Sir John Byron, 1st Lord of Rochdale dsp 08.1652
-1-2-8-3 Lucy West m Sir Robert Byron, Governor of Liverpool (Colonel)
-1-2-8-4 claimed to be here was Anthony West b 1605 England d 25 May 1652 d Northampton Co Va
-1-2-8-5 claimed to be here was: Martha West b 1615 Va d England m William Woodward b 1620 England d King and Queen Co Va son of Christopher Woodward and Catherine Audley b 1597 d 11 Jan 1632

-1-2-8-4-1 Col. John West b 7 Apr 1638 England d c 1703 Accomack Co
m Matilda Scarburgh Sc13 b c 1637 Accomack Co d c 3 Jan 1720 Accomack Co dau of Col. Edmund Norton Scarborough Jr Sc14 2 OCT 1617 -- 23 MAY 1671 and Mary Littleton b 1619 d 15 DEC 1691
-1-2-8-5-1 Martha Woodward b 1648 Kg Wm Co Va d 1743 New Kent Co

-1-2-8-4-1-1 Frances West b c 1655 d c 1731 Wachapreague Accomack Co m Richard Kellam II Ke12 b c 1651 d 6 Apr 1731 son of Richard Kellam Sr and Sarah Ansley
-1-2-8-4-1-2 John West b 1675 d 1719 Accomack Co m Frances Yeardley b 1677 Accomack Co d there 1714 dau of Argoll Yeardley Jr and Sarah Michael b 1654 d 1697
-1-2-8-4-1-3 Ann West m William Sellman b 22 Jan 1688/9 in Accomac, Accomack Co Va d 31 Mar 1743 AA Co

-1-2-8-4-1-1-1 Richard Kellam m Susanna x
-1-2-8-4-1-1-2 Thomas Kellam d before 30_Nov_1756, Accomack Co.m Abigail Watson b before 1741 wife of Thomas Kellam d. before 12_Dec_1775, Accomack Co. VA
-1-2-8-4-1-1-3 Sarum Kellam d 1744 m Elizabeth x
-1-2-8-4-1-1-4 John West Kellam d 1769 m Elizabeth x
-1-2-8-4-1-1-5 Sarah Kellam b c 1680 Marionville Northampton Co Va m John Sill Si11 b 1676 Accomack Co Va d Chester Co PA
-1-2-8-4-1-2-1 Sarah West b 1710, Accomack Co m Isaac Smith b 1698 Accomack d there 1760
-1-2-8-4-1-3-1 Charles Sellman b 5 Aug 1722 All Hallows Parish Anne Arundel Co MD d 20 Dec 1770 m Elizabeth Gassaway b c 1722 AA Co dau of Nicholas Gassaway b 6 Feb 1696 will proved 21 Apr 1757 and (m1 2 Jun 1719) Elizabeth Hawkins b 1700 Anne Arundel Co d 1736
m1 Sir Thomas Fogge of Assheforde
1 Alice Fogge
m Edward Scote 2nd son of Sir William
2 Anne Fogge
m Willyam Scott son of Sir John
m2. Sir William Kempe of Olantye
Br19-5 Katherine Browne
m 1471 Humphrey Sackville of Buckhurst b 1426, d 24 Jan 1488
2. Sir Stephen Browne, Lord Mayor of London a 1439

Sources: BE1883 Browne of Montacute or Montagu with input from TCP Montagu, BEB1844 Browne of Kiddington, BEB1844 Browne of Caversham, BEB1844 Browne of Beechworth, TCB.
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