Pe11 Susanna Perry

    (Pe11) Susanna Perry was the daughter of Nicholas Perry (Pe12) b about 1625
    Born about 1642 in Bristol
    Married: Edward Thruston, son of John Thruston and Thomasine Rich, on 3 September 1671.
    Died: on 2 August 1683 Ashton.
    Buried: at Parish Church of Ashton near Bristol, England.
    They seem to have lived in Long Ashton when their son Edward was born, but not when the other children were born.
    Susannah is one of the author's possible X chromosome donors of this generation.
    Julie Blake's mother, an X chromosome DNA match, had ancestors in this area, but only her maternal grandfather, William Albert Jack Webb b 12 Jun 1899 in Gloucestershire, could have given her the matching X chromosome. The earlier source names are Wheeler, Jones and Porter around 1800.

    Nicholas Perry was a Lawyer. Nicholas Perry lived at Great Marlow, County of Burks, England.
    Child of Nicholas Perry
    Susanna Perry + d. 2 Aug 1683

    Children of Susanna Perry and Edward Thruston
    Th10-1 Thomasin Thruston b. 6 Jul 1672, d. 18 Feb 1672/73 Elizabeth Thruston b. 26 May 1675
    Th10-2 Mary Thruston b. 13 Dec 1677
    Th10 Edward Thruston + b. 5 Feb 1679/80 bap 13 Feb 1679/80, d. 1762
    Ann Loving
    d. 17 December 1670Loving married Edward Thruston, son of John Thruston and Thomasine Rich, on 28 October 1666. Ann Loving died on 17 December 1670 at Bristol, England.

    Children of Ann Loving and Edward Thruston
    John Thruston b. 2 Dec 1668
    Thomasin Thruston b. 28 Nov 1670, d. 5 Dec 1670

    There is a place called Cold Ashton in Pucklechurch Hundred in Gloucester, but neither Thrustons nor Perrys shown there in the 1590s. But there is a John Thurstone at Wortley in Wotton under Edge, Goucester as well as a Thomas Perry.