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    Brown of Delaware, Maryland and Kentucky

    The data on the early generations, G9 and G8, of this family have been kindly supplied by Lisa Just, who has "a lot of original documents on these Browns from the Maryland Archives copies of wills, administrations, inventories, etc." This allowed correction of the author's earlier speculation the data "handed down" by memory and first recorded in the Lawrence Family Bible, which was the basis for Evelyn Belle Thompson Nicholas's genealogical sheet on this family.
    One possibility is one ofSir George Brown of Caversham's unnamed sons in the pedigree below. But others are mentioned in that pedigree and also possible. And there are 8 other Brown pedigrees to be checked. b about 1605 in England.
    m Eleanor Blount dau of Sir Richard Blount of Mapledurham This loyalist family is likely to have had among their unnamed children the following:
    ?Br9 ?Thomas Brown b about 1630 in ?Caversham England d there or Dorchester Co Md, possibly a supporter of James II or his nephew, the Duke of Monmouth
    The father of James Brown Br8 and Thomas Brown Br 8-1 has yet to be established, although Edward Papenfuse, et al. identify him as Thomas Brown.
    Lisa Just has supplied these early Dorchester Co data "...Arthur Wright deeded 106 acres to James Brown, Planter, on June 1, 1674. Two years later on Nov 7, 1676, James Brown assigned it back to Arthur Wright. See Dorchester Land Records 3 Old 40 and 3 Old 122."
    Will: "Dixon, Ambrose, Somerset Co., 7th Apr., 1686; 10th Apr., 1688. To dau. Eliza:, wife of Robert Dukes, grandson Thomas, son of Henry Potter, at majority, son-in law Bdmond Beauchamp, wife's son, Henry Pedington, and to Eliza:, wife of George Willson, and to James Brown, personalty. V Wife Mary, extx. and residuary legatee of estate during widowhood. To sons-in-law, Thomas Dixon, Thomas Cottingham, Edmond Beauchamp, Robert Dukes, and their hrs., estate afsd. at marriage or death of sd. wife. Any son-in-law who shall disturb the extx. afsd. shall lose his interest in the estate. 
    Test: Stephen Horsy, Sam'l Horsy, Jno. Atkins. 6. 22. Brown, David, Somerset Co., 19th July, 1697; 17th Sept., 1697. To Thomas Wilson, Sr., to the College at Glasgow as a memorial, James Brown, Margaret and Mary Eriskin, daus. of sister (unnamed), to the poor of the county, William Scott, Robt. Perry, Boger Woolford, Mary Woolford, Rebecca Stevens, Bobert Mathewson, Mary Gouldsmith, Capt. Nicholas Evans, John Jackson, and to sister Elisa: , personalty. " John Brown, interest in land ''South Bethlehem" and part of ''Thomas's Addition." " Alexander Brown and hrs., 80 A., "The Meadows," 600 A. ,' ' Thornton, ' ' 300 A., ' * Hachita, " and " Jeshimon. ' ' 8d. lands to pass to Ephraim Willson and hrs. in event of failure of Alexander Brown afsd. to cultivate same. Exs.: Abraham Wilson, Thomas Wilson, Jr., Margaret and Mary Eriskin. Test: Roger Woolford, Jas. Woolford, Robt. Mathewson, Thos. Benson, Jas. Poole, Geo. Hutchins. 6. 150."  So we have a number of Browns in this area before 1700 and the earliest James. The reference to the college in Glasgow and the name Erskine indicate Scottish rather than English association, although this is Dixon's will and not Brown's, but there are Scottish Browns too.
    Br8-1 Thomas Brown b about 1660 d bef 1722 m Rosanna x. Rosanna went on to marry Thomas Smith d. 1727.
    Br8-1-1 John Brown, b about 1700
    ?m Rhoda Hincly dau of John Hincly d 1727
    possibly here or as son of brother Thomas was:
    Br8-1-1 William Brown b about 1705
    m Susanna x widow Carmichael
    Br8-1-1-1 James Brown, b about 1732 d after 5 Apr but before 12 May 1776 Dorchester Co Md
    m Sarah Jones b about 1735 d bef 11 Mar 1777(not the Sarah Humphreys b about 1675 widow Clarkson who married Cptn James Brown) who protested the testament claiming her dower.
    Br8-1-1-2 Robert Brown b about 1734 d after 1776 inherited from his brother James "25 acres of marsh land lying in Somerset Co in the marsh between abortain Richard Williams and Nionna town and near the main Cawsway (a road that leads from said Williams to said Vienna town, it being part of a Survey of marsh Land which I sold apart of said survey to acertain Joseph Vennables of Somerset County aforesaid."
    -1-1 Nancy Brown d after Apr 1776 inherited two tracts of land called "Josseys Lott" and "Possom Ridg" near the town of Numia Dorchester Co Md on the main road leading from that town to her father's plantation.
    -1-2 James Brown b about 1760 d after Apr 1776 inherited main estate continued below.
    Br8-1-1-1-1-1 James Brown b about 1770 d aft. 26 Oct. 1833
    m Celia Williams widow Charles b ca 1781 d aft. 1830
    Rebecca Ann Brown b 6 Aug 1816 Dorchester Co., MD d 28 Jul 1878 Trappe, Talbot Co, MD
    Daniel B. Cannon b ca 1810 Sussex Co, DE d 20 Jul 1888 Trappe, Talbot Co, MD
    Laura Cannon b 11 Mar 1854 Bethlehem, Caro. Co MD d 3 Sep 1906 Easton, Talb. Co MD
    James Henry Gossage b 17 Apr 1828 Talb. Co MD d 2 Jan 1893 Trappe, Talb. Co MD
    Ella Mae Gossage b 29 Jan 1876 Trappe, Talb. Co MD d 22 Sep 1944 Williamsburg, Dorc. Co MD
    Francis Linwood Todd b 4 Aug 1871 Harmony, Caro. Co., MD d 20 May 1932 Harmony, Caro. Co MD
    gr grandpar of E. Parker Todd
    Br8-1-2 Thomas Brown, b about 1702 ?= b 15 May 1709 Pr Geo Co MD d Qu Anne Parish Pr Geo Co
    ?m x Hincly dau of John Hincly d 1727
    m2? DNA match with Elizabeth Hanson makes the following marriage seem likely:
    Anne Brashear b 4 Jan 1707 Pr Geo Co MD
    -a Benjamin Brashear b 1730 Geo MD d 1808 Natchez MS
    -b Robert Brashears b 19 Feb 1704 Pr Geo Co MD d 1 JUl 1786 Guilford Co NC m Charity Dowell b 1711 d 1787 dau of Phillip Dowell and Mary Tydings b 1693
    -b-1 Ann Brashears b 1729 d 1816 m Moses Ball b 2 May 1717 Arlington Fairfax Co VA d 3 Sep 1792 Clarendon Fairfax VA son of John Ball b 1670 d 1722 and Winifred Williams b 1676 d 1742
    -b-1-1 George Ball b 1743 d 1825 m1 Ann Noriss m2 Elizabeth Tunnell b 1744 d 1835 + ch dau of William Tunnell b 1702 d 1787 and Ann Howard b 1710 d 1814
    -b-1-1-1 James Ball b 1781 d 1883 m Nancy Breeding d 1869
    -b-1-1-1-1 Sarah Ball b 1795 d 1876
    -b-1-1-1-2 Hardin Ball b 1803
    -b-1-1-1-3 Elizabeth Ball b 1806 d 1855
    -b-1-1-1-4 Sarah Ball b 1808 m Alexander Wilson
    -b-1-1-1-5 Mahala Ball d 1865 m Richard Thompson
    -b-1-1-1-6 John Ball b 1810 m Martha Large
    -b-1-1-1-7 Harden Ball b 1812 m Mary Caldwell
    -b-1-1-1-8 John Ball b 1814 d 1897 m Martha Ball b 1817 d 1872
    -b-1-1-1-9 Robert Ball b 1814 d 1876 m Nancy Moore
    -b-1-1-1-10 Emily Ball b 1821 m Mitchell Chapman b 1813
    -b-1-1-1-11 Ellihue Ball b 1822 d 1891 m Pricy Thompson
    -b-1-1-1-12 Ricy Ball b 1823 d 1875 m William Berry
    -b-1-1-1-13 Elizabeth Ball m Henry Waller
    -b-1-1-1-14 Lucinda Ball b 1827 m David Moore + 3 ch
    -b-1-1-1-15 Nancy Ball b 1829 d 1899 m Thomas Thompson
    -b-1-1-1-16 Calvin Ball b 1830 m1 Zetta Young + 1 ch m2 Basrbara Diamond
    -b-1-1-1-17 James Ball b 1834 d 1862 m Cynthia Moore
    -b-1-1-1-18 Charlotte Ball b 1837
    -b-1-2 John Ball b 1746 d 1814 m Mary Thrift b 1750 d 1804
    -b-1-3 Moses Ball b 1748 m Mary Hardin
    -b-1-4 Robert Ball b 1750 d 1776
    -b-1-5 Basil Ball b 1754 m Malinda Mailand
    -b-1-6 Anne Ball b 1757 d 1812
    -b-1-7 James Ball b 1758 d 1783 m Cassandra Ellis
    -b-1-8 Sabilla Ball b 1760 d 1817
    -b-2 Philip Brashears b 1727 d 1797 m Ann Wilson b 1729 d 1816
    -b-2-1 Robert Brashears b 1759 Henry Co VA d 1830 Franklin Co IL m Martha Wilson b 1765 d 1816
    -b-2-1-1 Benjamin Brashears b 1790 m Jane Scott b 1793 d 1855
    -b-2-1-1-1 Arteme Brashears b 1833 d 1906 m John Austin b 1832 d 1911 son of Greene Austin b 1805 d 1885 and Nancy Freeman b 14 Sep 1807 d 24 Aug 1876 Greene Co MO
    -b-3 Robert Brashears b 1731 d 1816 m Phebe Nicks
    -b-4 Asa Braqshears b 1745 d 1818 m Jemima Nelson b 1755 d 1820
    -b-5 Zaza Brashears b 1756 d 1816 m Elizabeth Adkinson
    -c Elizabeth Brashear m Turner
    -d John Brashear
    -g Bazil Brashear
    -h Otho Brashear
    -i Mary Brashear m Boren
    +1 Samuel Brashear b 1700 Pr Geo Co MD d 1771 twice gandson of->
    m Elizabeth Brashears b 1709 Queene Anne Co MD d 1744 Pr Geo Co
    Br8-1-2-1 Ruth Brown b 1736 m Otho Brashear ?= -h son of Samuel Brashear and Elizabeth Brashear -1 Rignal Brashear b 1760 d 1844 m Elizabeth Brown Br8-1-2-2-1 b 1755 s.b. -1-1 Basil Brashear b 8 Apr 1798 m Hannah Eleanor Shaw b 1809 -1-1-1 Playford Brashear b 18 Sep 1830 Tuscarawas OH d 15 Feb 1873 d Ellisville IL m Mary Hatch Rose dau of Isaac Hobbs Rose and Anna Young ancestor of Elizabeth Hanson author´s DNA match
    Br8-1-2-2 Basil Brown b 25 Oct 1732 d 10 Feb 1807 m Elizabeth Brashear b 1737 d 11 Oct 1826 dau of Samuel Brashear and Elizabeth Brashear -1 Elizabeth Brown b 1755 m Rignal Brashear Br8-1-2-1-1 b 1760 s.a.
    Br8-1-3 Charles Brown b about 1704
    ?m x Hincly dau of John Hincly d 1727 probably had a son named Charles see below and d by 1773 Tilghman Brown was executor of his estate, Daniel Polk and Charles Brown Jr sureties.
    Br8-1-4 James Brown b about 1706 d 1756 planter -1 John Brown b about 1728 Upper Distrct Hundred Queen Anne Co Md d 1793 m 13 Jan 1757 Catherine, dau of William Carmichael b Scotland d 1769 and Elizabeth, step-dau of Ann Brooke b 1712 d abtou 1754, step-granddau of Roger Brooke b 1673 d 1718 of Pr George Co and Elizabeth Hutchins
    -2 James Brown
    -3 Joel Brown
    -4 William Brown b 1741
    -5 Samuel Brown b 1744
    -6 Elizabeth Brown
    -7 Hesther Brown m Andrew Hall
    -8 Sarah Brown
    -9 Ann Brown b 1746
    -10 Rebecca Brown b 1751
    Br8 Capt James Brown I b 1686, d before 3 May 1770 Dorchester Co Md, aged 84 years, the profession of the above James Brown as shipwright leads us to expect a seafaring tradition in the Brown family hence his title that he commanded a ship in his younger days, either as merchant marine or Navy or both. A James and Thomas Brown witnessed the will of Thomas Royall on 24 Jun 1745 in Dorchester Co. Md and James Brown administrated his estate G/Dau - Mary Brown HANDLEY Sureties - Joseph DAWSON & White BROWN (apparently a son by his first marriage or a nephew by his brother Thomas). A George Brown witnessed his testament and must have been either a brother or nephew or cousin. There were 7 children but only 2 seem to have survived him or the others were given their inheritance before his testament in 1770 and a disposition on 13 Jul 1773.
    m Sarah ?Humphreys widow Clarkson and became step-father of his wife's four children by William Clarkson. The display of children Br7-2 to 7-7 is as given by Parker Todd but four of the the grandcdaughters below provisionally placed with the daughter who married three times although they may belong elsewhere.
    There was a wreck of Browns' Ferry vessel sunk between 1740 and 50 found near Gerogetown SC in Black river.
    Boats were important to American colonists. So important that in the 1630s, when Lord Baltimore prepared a list of items that a prospective settler in Maryland should bring, it included [spelling modernized] “necessities for a boat of three or four tons, such as spikes, nails, pitch, tar, oakum, canvas for a sail, ropes, anchor, and iron for the rudder." Immigrants bringing servants were encouraged to include shipwrights or boatwrights.
    Br7 James Brown II b 1710 Dorchester Co Md d 27 Nov 1794, Sussex Co Delaware, aged 84 years.
    m1 15 Aug 1729 Priscilla White b 22 Oct 1722 Dorchester MD d 13 Dec 1794 + 2 ch, dau of Judge Thomas White of Kent Co. Delaware, Oct 1795, grandau of John White and Elizabeth Eccleston was born in Dorchester Co., MD and was a brother of Elizabeth White Brown Goslin *. (Priscilla is also said to have been the dau of John White and Elizabeth Eccleston)
    m2 1 Jan 1779 Sussex Co Del Elizabeth Clarkson Cl7 dau of his step-brother, Richard Clarkson
    +1 Richard Clarkson Cl8 of Caroline Co Md, which borders on Delaware
    m Elizabeth Covington b about 1717 Dorchester Md
    Richard also had a dau Sarah, who married Thomas Cannon before 1762, she m2 White and Elizabeth Eccleston)
    m2 1 Jan 1779 a Charles Brown of Sussex and son of Charles Brown (probably the above mentioned). A White Brown also married Lucretitia Clarkson also on White and Elizabeth Eccleston)
    m2 1 Jan 1779, And a William clarkson married Ann Admas on White and Elizabeth Eccleston)
    m2 1 Jan 1784, as well as a Joseph Clarkson and Mary Polk on 23 Sep 1790. A Richard Clarkson was the administrator of the estate of William Clarkson in 1774, a Robert Clarkson co-surety with David Nutter for the estate of Hewett Nutter in 1773, with William Polk and Eleanor his wife administrators. (Eleanor is likely to have been the eldest child and Robert married to another daughter and brother of Elizabeth and Sarah Clarkson)
    William Clarkson d. 1706 of Dorchester Co., MD
    m Sarah probably Humphries/Humphreys dau of Thomas Humphreys & Mary King of Somerset Co., MD, their daughter Sarah b at Wicomico 9 June 1676
    William Clarkson's will was witnessed by Thomas Humphris, Jr.
    They had four sons;
    1. William Clarkson (d. 1756) married Elizabeth Cannon
    2. Thomas Clarkson d 1731 will 13 Mar 1731, probate 20 Dec 1731: Extr: "to son Thomas of "Brown's Meddows" (formerly known as "Clarksons Forest"), £10 for schooling expenses at age of 16 yrs.; and personalty. to daus. Sarah and Rachel, personalty and money for schooling at ages of 10 and 13 yrs. to bro.-in-law Thomas Brown, personalty. to son Thomas and daus. afsd., residue of estate. Bros. William and Robert to have charge of money for schooling expenses of children. To wife Sarah, extx., personalty and use of estate during widowhood, af sd. legacies excepted. Test: Abraham Covington, James Cannon, Richard Clarkson, James Brown, Jr. Extx. claims her thirds." 
    3. Richard Clarkson (d. 1775) m Elizabeth Covington
    4. Robert Clarkson d. 1746 m1 Mrs. Priscilla ?Covington widow Polk ?m2 by 3 Aug 1727 Phillis widow Cooper
    Br6-1 White Brown b 23 Mar 1749 Dorchester Co MD d 25 Mar 1842 Ross Co OH
    m Sarah Thomas d 1847
    -1 Francis Asbury Brown b 4 Feb 1805 Ross Co OH d 15 May 1891 Macon Co IL m Sidney Barr b 1 Apr 1811 Pickaway Co OH d 1899
    Br6-2 Mary Brown b 1752 d 1790
    m Brown Twyford b 1750 d Caroline MD
    -1 Clement Twyford b 1785 d 1847 m Milcah Hicks b 1790 d 1828
    Br6 James Brown III b 10 Oct 1780 d 9 Apr 1853 "aged 72 and 6 mo., 20 min. past 12 o'clook P M.". He was a wealthy farmer of Jefferson Co Ky. His farm extended from the State Pike or Shelbville Road over more than 3000 acres beginning about opposite the old Arterburn house and widening in a fan shape to Taylorsville Road. The road through the farm became known as Brown's Lane and later became a county road The residence was a large and beautiful old brick house with hand carved wood work and wide ash floors, owned by Mrs John Monohan in 1948.
    m 25 Sep 1809 inJefferson Co Ky Urath Owings Lawrence La6
    Br5 Br5 Sarah Lawrence Brown b 12 Jul 1810 Jefferson Co Kentucky. d 22 Feb 1884 bur Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky. A dozen silver spoons marked with her initials SLP were inherited successively by Mary Anna Pope Po4, George Nicho1as Ni3-4 and Mrs. George Nicholas Ni3-5. Mrs. Nicholas gave them to her son Charles Parsons Nicholas Ni3-5-4 for a wedding present. Will approved 3rd March 1884
    m 19 Jul 1827 Patrick Henry Pope, US Congressman. Po5, US Congressman
    Po4-1 Po4-1 Elizabeth Thruston Pope twin 27 Apr 1828-1883, married Dr. Th. Galt also called Edmonia Pope, who married Dr. William Galt, their children being Ellen Galt and Urith Galt
    Po4-2 Urath Lawrence Pope twin 27 Apr 1828-1884, married Joshua Fry Lawrence
    Po4-3 James Brown Pope 1830-? ¬
    Po4-4 Mary Emmeline Pope 1832 ¬-?
    Po4-5 Ellen E. Pope 25 Jul 1834 - ?, married Dr. John Thruston
    Po4-6 Worden Pope 1836 - ? 

    Mary Anna Pope
    Po4 Po4 Mary Ann Pope 30 Sep 1838 d 7 Jun 1897 Shelby County, Kentucky at Fairview. Buried in Grove Hill Cemetery, Shelby Co Ky. She lived in Jefferson County Kentucky, in Louisville and later in Shelbyville, Ky.
    She was a woman of strong mind and more than average intelligence as characterized in Evelyn Thomas Nicholas's notes.
    m 29 Jan 1857 in Louisville, Kentucky, to George Nicholas Ni4.
    Ni3-2 Ni3-2 Samuel Smith Nicholas 1862-1864
    Ni3-3 Mary Emeline Nicholas 1863-1863
    Ni3-4 Worden Pope Nicholas 1864-1942 who had issue
    Ni3-5 George Nicholas 1866-1926 who married Evelyn Belle Thompson in Shelbyville, Ky., who compiled the extensive genealogical notes on which this part of the genealogy is based. They had 3 sons and a daughter.
    Ni3-6 Sarah Lawrence Nicholas 1868-1935
    Ni3-7 Patrick Pope Nicholas 1869-1941
    Ni3-8 Thomas Prather Nicholas 1872-1942
    Ni3-9 Lawrence Nicholas 1874-1942
    Ni3-10 Cary Nicholas 1876-1897
    Ni3 Ni3 Matilda Prather Nicholas 1878-1954 
    m Dr. Thomas Eugene Bland
    Anna Pope Bland b 26 Jun 1908 d 15 Feb 1970
    m Dr Eustace G Hester b 6 Dec 1906 d 8 Sep 1966
    Levicy Jane Bland b 28 Aug 1910 d 1985 unm
    Ni3-12 Mary Anna Nicholas 1880-1915
    Ni3-13 Samuel Smith Nicholas 1881-1927
    Po4-8 Alfred T. Pope, died young. 1840 ¬-?
    Br5-2 Elizabeth C. Brown
    Br5-3 Samuel L. Brown
    Br5-4 Caroline Brown
    Br5-5 Alfred Brown
    Br5-6 Mary Ann Brown
    Br5-7 Theodore Brown
    Br5-8 Emeline Brown
    Br5-9 James L. Brown IV
    Br5-10 Francis C. Brown
    Br5-11 Arthur Brown b 1 Jun 1834
    Br7-2 Hannah Brown d before 21 Jan 1754 m Marmaduke Handley Mary Brown Handley
    Thomas Handly
    Br7-3 John Brown d before 1767 m unk
    Br7-4 Margery Brown d before 25 Apr 1761
    m1 Thomas Kennerly/Kennedy
    m2 Benjamin Whalen/Wheland
    m3 John Gibbs
    Sarah Draversy
    Susanna Whalen
    Mary Hooper
    Grace Smith
    Br7-5 Mary Brown d before 1770 m Edward Newton/Norton
    Br7-6 Sarah Brown m John Edwards
    Br7-7 Thomas Brown b about 1730 d 1768
    m Elizabeth White b about 1737 d after 1783,
    dau of John White and Elizabeth Eccleston and sis of James Brown's wife Priscilla White see above Br7 James Brown II. Thomas Eccleston d 1745
    m Eleanor x
    Br7-8-1 Leah Brown
    Br7-8-2 Humphries Brown
    Br7-8-3 Sarah Brown
    Br7-8-4 Eccleston Brown b 12 Jan. 1763 d 25 Dec. 1846
    m Mary Hambleton Skinner b 6 Oct 1782 d 24 Apr 1852
    William Skinner b about 1742 d 28 Feb 1815
    Elizabeth Fooks b 5 Oct 1756 d Jun 1829
    Philemon Skinner b 2 Dec 1701 d 1762
    Lucy ?hambleton
    James Fooks d after 10 Mar 1774
    Mry Kirk Gunn b bef 8 Jan 1732 d aft 10 Mar 1774
    Br7-8-4-1 Margaret Ann Brown b 15 Sep 1820 Md d 22 Jan 1902 Federalsburg Md
    m Albert Gallateen Pennewill
    Mary Ann Pennewill b 25 Feb 1841 MD d 24 Feb 1881 Federalsburg, Caro. Co MD
    m Eli Coalscott Gullett b 27 May 1840 DE d 16 Oct 1885 Federalsburg, Caro. Co MD
    Nellie Gullett b 7 Jan. 1871 Federalsburg, Caro., Co., MD d 8 Nov. 1934
    m William Penn Willis b 25 Feb. 1866 Harmony, Caro. Co MD d 18 May 1943 gr grandpar of Patricia Ann Layton Todd m E Parker Todd above
    Br8-3 John Brown b about 1685
    m Mary Anderton
    Br??? extraneous Brown data to be fitted into this table:
    Levi Brown m 9 Feb 1809 in Dorchester Co Ann Abbett
    William Brown m 18 Jan 1796 in Dorchester Co Amelia Bestpitch
    Charles Brown m 3 Feb 1835 in Dorchester Co sophia Bradley
    Achsah Ann Brown m 22 Mar 1828 in Dorchester Co Samuel Parks
    Amelia Brown m 1 Nov 1810 in Dorchester Co Joseph Elliot 
    Amelia S Brown m 18 Oct 1838 in Dorchester Co William S Vinson
    Ann Brown m 15 Sep 1806 in Dorchester Co James Reed
    Ann Brown m 7 Sep 1825 in Corchester Co Joshua Humphriss
    Ann C Brown m 11 Nov 1828 in Dorchester Co John Rowens
    Charlotte L Brown m 17 Jan 1850 in Dorchester Co William P Barnett
    Dolly Brown m 8 Jan 1798 in Dorchester Co Joshua Dusky
    Dolly Brown m 1 Aug 1798 in Dorchester Co Zebulon Pritchett
    Eliza Brown m 6 Aug 1831in Dorchester Co Jefferson Warren 
    Elizabeth Brown m 6 Feb 1797 in Dorchester Co Benjamin Reed
    Elizabeth E Brown m 4 Jan 1844 in Dorchester Co William W Mitchell
    Ellen Brown m 27 Dec 1862 in Dorchester Co John Truitt
    Emeline Brown m 2 Mar 1840 in Dorchester Co James Benjamin Mills
    Fanny Brown m 23 Feb 1787 in Dorchester Co Jesse Cannon
    Harrriet Brown m 13 jan 1846 in Dorchester Co Daniel Bowdle
    L Caroline Brown m 14 Jan 1847 in Dorchester Co Edward Shepherd
    Lovey Brown m 19 Aug 1816 in Dorchester Co James Reed
    Margaret Brown m 19 Aug 1816 in Dorchester Co Meshack Bramble
    Margaret A Brown m 21 Feb 1840 in Dorchester Co Albert G Pennerwill
    Margaret A Brown m 30 Mar 1861 in Dorchester Co John W Moore
    Mary Brown m 19 Feb 1788 in Dorchester Co Cain Ross
    Mary Brown m 17 Sep 1795 in Dorchester Co Clement Brown
    Mary Brown m 31 Jan 1828 in Dorchester Co Joseph Bradshaw
    Mary Ann Brown m 5 Feb 1840 in Dorchester Co Moses Dellehay
    Mary S Brown m 16 Mar 1843 in Dorchester Co Sylvester H Smith
    Nelly Brown m 3 Mar 1806 in Dorchester Co Francis Higgins
    Priscilla Brown m 9 Aug 1826 in Dorchester Co William Shearman
    Rebecca Brown m 31 Jan 1803 in Dorchester Co Joseph S Collins
    Rebecca A Brown m 25 Jun 1833 in Dorchester Co Clement Stack
    James Brown m 15 Nov 1814 in Dorchester Co Celia Charles
    Edward Brown m 6 May 1806 in Dorchester Co Elizabeth Cook
    John W Brown m 21 Sep 1846 in Dorchester Co Mary Creighton
    Anderton Brown m 11 Aug 1786 in Dorchester Co Sarah Dawson
    James Brown m 22 Dec 1800 in Dorchesterr Co Priscilla Dudle
    Joseph Brown m 22 Mar 1822 in Dorchester Co Sophia Fraser
    John V Brown m 24 Oct 1826 in Dorchester Co Mary Gootee
    John Brown m 26 Dec 1814 in Dorchester Co Mary Grayham
    Joseph Brown m 12 Jul 1791 in Dorchester Co Dolly Griffith
    Levi Brown m 23 Dec 1797 in Dorchester Co Elizabeth Handley
    John BROWN m 11 JUN 1784 in Dorchester Co Ketura HENRY, 
    Thomas Brown m 30 Apr 1806 in Dorchester Co Elizabeth Hubbard
    Charles Brown m 5 Jan 1824 in Dorchester Co Kittura Hubbard
    Thomas Brown m 1 Jun 1805 in Dorchester Co Margaret Hubbard
    Daniel Brown m 12 Oct 1811 in Dorchester Co Mary James
    Robert L Brown m 16 Feb 1850 in Dorchester Co Elizabeth Johnson
    Thomas Brown m 30 Oct 1804 in Dorchester Co Anne Kirkman
    John Brown m 2 Jul 1862 in dorchester Co Helen Ann Martin
    William Brown m 17 Apr 1809 in Dorchester Co Elizabeth Pattisson
    Thomas E Brown m 19 Oct 1840 in Dorchester Co Sarah B Pattison
    William Brown m 8 May 1832 in Dorchester Co Louisa Pitt
    Eccleston Brown m 23 Jul 1810 in Dorchester Co Mary Hambleton Skinner
    Edwrd Brown m 15 Apr 1816 in Dorchester Co Eleanor Smith
    Charley Brown m 8 Apr 1858 in Dorchester Co Priscilla T Stack
    John R Brown m 28 Aug 1858 in Dorchester Co Sarah E Staplefort
    Levi Brown m 22 Feb 1816 In Dorchester Co Amey Sweeting
    White Brown m 6 Oct 1786 in Dorchester Co Anne Withgott
    William Brown m 30 Jul 1795 in Dorchester Co Lovey Woodland
    Joseph Brown m 18 Jan1822 in Dorchester Co Sarah Wrotten
    White Brown m 15 Dec 1792 in Dorchester Co Sarah Thomas
    Charles Brown m 2 Dec 1840 in Dorchester Co Eliza Ann Wiliams

    Lisa Just who supplied copies of probate records.
    Lawrence Bible. Copy at Filson Club.
    Records collected by Mrs. George Nicholas Ni3-5.
    Birth - Tombstone
    Marriage - Copy of Lawrence Bible at Filson Club.
    Death - Tombstones Brown Cemetery Jefferson Co Ky
    A Biographical Dictionary of the maryland Legislature 1635-1789, by Edward papenfuse, et al. Vol 426 pg 174, 175
    Certified copy of Sarah Lawrence Pope's Will

    Certified will copy dated 1881 in the posession of William Hester He1-2 names Vice Chancellor Alfred T. Pope as trustee and her three daughters, Urath, Ellen and mary Anna, as equal beneficiaries. Po4 Mary Anna Pope is named as mary Anna Nicholas, wife of George Nicholas.

    The will is witnessed by her brother-in-law, Po5-4 Hamilton Pope and

    Sources: See Ni4. Birth: Lawrence Bible – copy at Club, Louisville, Kentucky. Marriage: George Nicholas Bible owned by J. Shannon Nicholas. Death: George Nicholas Bible owned by J. Shannon Nicholas; and tombstone.
    If the latter data is correct, then the number of the generation I, II and III ought to be changed to II, III and IV respectively.
    William Galt Brown, 4405 West Pine, St. Louis, Missouri, search bulletin 1939

    The following was found indicating a connection between James Brown and Elizabeth Clarkson
    "Old Liber 9 f 149 16 Jun 1733- Feb 25 1733/4 Commision to James BROWN, James CANNON, William CLARKSON, and Abraham COVINGTON to perpetuate bounds of Solomon TURPIN's land on the Northeast Fork of the Nanticoke River called Folly and Return. Included deposition of Edward WRIGHT of Somerset Co., surveyor aged about 95 years."
    mentions several Clarksons in Maryland between 1740 and 1800 but no Richard Clarkson, although a Richard Clarkson Cannon in 1797.
    shows Richard Clarkson as administrator of William Clarkson's estate in 1774 in Account Records for Dorchester County, Md - Liber 70, folio 293 Dorchester Co. lies between Caroline Co., Md. and Accoma Co. Va.
    has data on one Virginia Clarkson line going back to a David Clarkson whose brother or cousin Richard might have been.

    The Clarksons may have been descendants of Elizabeth Tilney b about 1525 in Shelley or Stanfield.

    The following probate data was found in the Account Records for Dorchester County, Md - Liber 62:
    folio 207 1769
    BROWN, Thomas, dec
    Adm & widow - Elizabeth BROWN
    Sureties - Thomas WHITE & James BROWN
    Dau - Leah BROWN
    Son - Humphry BROWN
    Dau - Sarah BROWN
    Son - Eccleston BROWN

    folio 216 1769
    SULLIVANE, Anne, dec
    Adm - Richard SULLIVANE
    Sureties - James BROWN & Levi JONES
    Son - John SULLIVANE
    Son - James SULLIVANE
    Son - Thomas SULLIVANE
    gives his birth date as about 1754 and marriage about 1779 in Jefferson Co. Ky.

    A possible connection.
    Sir Anthony Browne a 1377
    1. Sir Robert Browne of Beechworth
    A. Sir Thomas Browne of Beechworth Castle b about 1400
    m Eleanor FitzAlan dau of Sir Thomas FitzAlan of Beechwood
    i. Sir Ambrose or Anthony Browne, Governor of Queenborough Castle b about 1446 d 1505/6, Standard bearer of England
    m. Lucy Nevill dau of Sir John Nevill, Earl of Northumberland, Marquess of Montagu or Montacute
    a. Sir Anthony Browne b about 1480 d 06.05.1548, Ambassador, etc
    m1. Alice Gage dau of Sir John Gage
    1 Sir Anthony Browne of Battle Abbey and Cowdray Park, Sheriff of Surrey and Sussex, 1st Viscount Montagu or Montacute b c1528, d 19.10.1592
    m1 Jane Ratcliffe b c1532, d 22.07.1552, dau of Robert Ratcliffe, 1st Earl of Sussex
    A Anthony Browne b about 1550 dvp 29.06.1592
    m. Mary Dormer dau of Sir William Dormer of Eythorp
    i Anthony Mary Browne of Battle Abbey and Cowdray Park, 2nd Viscount Montagu b 01.02.1573/4, d 23.10.1629
    m. 03.02.1591 Jane Sackville dau of Thomas Sackville, 1st Earl of Dorset
    a Francis Browne, 3rd Viscount Montagu b 02.07.1610, bur 02.11.1682
    m. 1637 Elizabeth Somerset b c1618, dau of Henry Somerset, 1st Marquess of Worcester
    1 Francis Browne, 4th Viscount Montagu dsp 04.1708
    m. before 1690 Mary Herbert d 30.10.1744, dau of William Herbert, Marquess of Powis
    2 Henry Browne, 5th Viscount Montagu b before 1641, d 25.06.1717
    m before 1685 Barbara Walsingham d 23.11.1723, dau of Thomas Walsingham of Little Chesterford
    A Anthony Browne, 6th Viscount Montagu b 1686, d 23.04.1767
    m 28.07.1720 Barbara Webb d 07.04/24.09.1779, dau of Sir John Webb, 3rd Bart of Odstock and Hatherop
    i Anthony Joseph Browne, 7th Viscount Montagu b 11.04.1728, d 09.04.1787
    m. 02.07.1765 Frances Mackworth b 28.08.1731, d 03.03.1814, dau of Herbert Mackworth of the Gnoll
    a George Samuel Browne, 8th Viscount Montagu b 26.06.1769, d unm 10.1793
    b Elizabeth Mary Browne b 05.02.1767, dspms
    m. 1794 William Stephen Poyntz of Midgham, later of Cowdray Park bpt 20.01.1770, d 08.04.1840
    ii Mary Browne d 17.09.1767
    m. 30.03.1761 Sir Richard Bedingfield, Bart b 1720, d 1795
    B Barbara Browne
    m. Ralph Sheldon
    i Catherine Sheldon
    m. George Collingwood of Esslington
    C Catherine Browne
    m George Collingwood of Estlington
    D Anne Browne
    m. Anthony Kemp of Slindon
    E Henrietta Browne
    m. Richard Harcourt
    F+ other issue d unm - Mary, Elizabeth
    3 Elizabeth Browne
    m. 1674 Christopher Roper, 5th Lord Teynham d before 24.07.1689
    b Mary Browne b about 1595 d 13.11.1692
    m1. William Paulet, Lord St. John of Basing, 'Earl of Wiltshire' dvpsp 08.1621
    m2 William Arundell of Horningsham
    c Catherine Browne b about 1600
    m. William Tyrwhitt of Kettleby
    d Mary Browne b about 1603
    m. 1620 Robert Petre, 3rd Lord d 23.10.1638
    e Frances Browne b about 1605 identified in TCB vol ii, Webb of Odstock
    m. John or William Blomer of Hatherop Castle
    f+ other issue - Anne nun, Lucy nun
    ii John Brown of Easebourne b about 1575
    m. Anne Giffard
    a Stanislaus Browne of Easebourne b about 1600 a 1687
    1 Stanislaus Browne of Easebourne
    m. Honor Malbrank sister of Claudius Malbrank of Methley
    A Mark Browne of Easebourne and Methley d 07.02.1755, 4th son
    m1. Mary Simpson dsp, dau of Simpson of Monksherborne
    m2. 07.02.1744 Anastasia Moore bur 26.12.1780, dau of Sir Richard Moore, Bart of Fawley
    i Mark Anthony Browne of Eastbourne, 9th Viscount Montagu b 02.03.1745, dsp 27.11.1774
    m. 11.02.1797 Frances Manby d 07.01.1823, dau of Thomas Manby of Downsell Hall
    ii Stanislaus Browne b 28.10.1752, d 26.02.1763
    iii Anastasia Browne b 10.05.1749, d 08.04.1814
    m. 17.04.1780 Sir Thomas Mannock, Bart of Gifford's Hall dsp 02.09.1781
    iv Mary Browne b 03.07.1747
    m. 19.5.1772 Oliver John de Moulin of London
    B Anna Browne d 28.04.1750
    m. Henry Mathew of Heathhouse Bureton
    C Mary Browne d 28.04.1757
    m. Roger Langley of Higham Gobious
    D Elizabeth Browne
    m. 1706 Richard Astley of East Court House Escott Hall d 1718
    E Mary Browne
    m. Robert Alwyn of Treford
    F+ other issue d unm - Francis of Easebourne, Nicholas, Stanislaus
    iii George Browne b about 1577
    iv Dorothy Browne b about 1580
    m. Edward Lee of Stanton Barry
    v Jane Browne b about 1582 d c 1650
    m. Sir Francis Englefield, 1st Bart of Wotton Basset b c07.1562, d 26.10.1631
    vi Catharine Browne b about 1595
    m. y Treganion
    B Mary Browne b about 1550  d 11.1607
    m1. 19.02.1565/6 Henry Wriothesley, 2nd Earl of Southampton bpt 24.04.1545, d 04.10.1581
    m2. Sir Thomas Heneage
    m3. sp Sir William Harvey, Bart, Lord Ross, Lord Kidbrook bur 08.07.1642
    m2. before 10.02.1558 Magdalen or Margaret Dacre b 1538, dau of William Dacre, 3rd Lord of Gillesland
    C Sir George Browne of Wickham Brews b about 1555 
    m1. Eleanor Bridges dau of Anthony Bridges of Sheffield
    m2. Mary Tyrwhitt dau of Sir Robert Tyrwhitt of Kettleby
    i Sir George Browne of Caversham b about 1605 died circa February 1683/84.1 He was buried on 9 February 1683/84 at St. Gile's-in-the-Fields Church, London, England.1 He was buried on 9 February 1683/84 at St. Gile's-in-the-Fields Church, London, England.1 Sir G. Browne, Bart._ Vol. vii., p. 528..--The particulars given by NEWBURY, while introducing his Query, are extremely vague and inaccurate.
    In the first place, the individual he styles _Sir_ George Browne, _Bart._, was in reality simple George Browne, _Esq._, of Caversham, Oxon, and Wickham, Kent. This gentleman, who would have been a valuable acquisition to any nascent colony, married Elizabeth _not_ Eleanor, second daughter of Sir Richard Blount, of Maple Durham, and had by her nineteen children, pretty evenly divided as to sex: for I read that of the daughters, three at least died young; other three became nuns and one married ---- Yates, Esq., a Berkshire gentleman. Of the sons, three, as NEWBURY relates, fell gloriously fighting for Charles, their sovereign. Neither of these latter were married: indeed, the only sons who ventured at all into the bonds of wedlock were George, the heir, and John, a younger brother. George married Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Francis Englefield, Knt., a Popish recusant, and left two daughters, his co-heiresses. John, his brother, created a baronet May 19th, 1665, married Mrs. Bradley, a widow, and had issue three sons and three daughters. The sons, Anthony, John, and George, inherited the baronetcy in succession, the two former dying bachelors: the third son, Sir George, married his sister-in-law, Gertrude Morley, and left three sons, the first of whom, Sir John, succeeded his father; and with him the baronetcy became dormant, if not indeed extinct.
    m. Eleanor Blount dau of Sir Richard Blount of Mapledurham
    a Sir George Browne was invested as a Knight, Order of the Bath K.B. in 1661.1
    b about 1630
    m. Elizabeth or Mary Englefield dau of Sir Francis Englefield of Englefield
    1 Winifred Browne retired to France after her husband's death, where she died in 1716, leaving her estate in North Aston to Mrs. Henrietta Fermor, her niece
    m. Basil Brooke of Madeley d 22 Aug 1700 bur North Aston 
    2 Helen/Eleanor Browne
    m. Henry Fermor of Tusmore
    b Sir John Browne, 1st Bart of Caversham b about 1631
    m. 1666 Elizabeth Bradley ?
    1 Sir Anthony Browne, 2nd Bart of Caversham dsp, dvp ??, bur 23.12.1688
    2 Sir John Browne, 2nd/3rd Bart of Caversham d unm 1692
    3 Sir George Browne, 3rd/4th Bart of Caversham b about 1670-5 d 20.02.1729/30
    m1. Gertrude Morley
    A Sir John Browne, 4th/5th Bart of Caversham dsp 20.01.1774/5
    B+ other issue - Anthony, James
    m2. Mary Thorold d 19.12.1725, dau of George Thorold of Harmstone and Anne Clarke
    4 Catherine Browne
    m. _ Fortescue of Crookhill
    5 Elizabeth Browne
    m. _ Morley
    6 Magdalen Browne d unm
    c+ 17 children including 3 daughters who became nuns b between 1620 and 1650 of these may have beenThomas Browne Br9. We note that the siblings of this family were Royalists and that any younger brother born in 1666 would have been 23 when James II was deposed and probably had Cotholic leanings. Hence it would seem that there may well have been involvement in either the support of James II in 1689 or his nephew, the Duke of Monmouth just a few years earlier. Either would have made emigration an advisable decision.
    ii Mary Browne
    m. Thomas Paston of Norfolk
    iii+ other issue - Jane, Elizabeth, Frances
    D Sir Henry Browne of Kiddington b about 1560
    m1. Anne Catesby dau of Sir William Catesby of Ashby Leger
    i+ 2 daughters d unm
    m2. Mary Hungate dau of Sir Philip Hungate of Saxton
    iii Sir Peter Browne of Kiddington b c1615, d Naseby 14.06.1645
    m. Margaret Knollys dau of Sir Henry Knollys of Grove Place
    a Sir Henry Browne, Sheriff of Oxfordshire, 1st Bart of Kiddington b c1639, d c1689 1688. This year He " ...went to the Gild Hall & nominated severall Justices in the places of the former, some that had been ejected before, that had been violent enemies to the papists. . . . The High Sheriff had about 30 liveryes. . . . Strange alterations made at this time in regulating corporations & putting ... in & out justices of the peace & other officers, to the great discontent of the nation. Great things are designed which time will reveal." These action obviously made him and his supporters a prime target for the anti Catholic insurgence in 1689. 
    m. before 1662 Frances Somerset dau of Sir Charles Somerset of Troy
    1 Sir Charles Browne, 2nd Bart of Kiddington d 20.12.1751
    m. Mary Pitt d 08.1739, dau of George Pitt of Strathfield Saye
    A Sir George Browne, 3rd Bart of Kiddington b c1694
    m1. c05.1725 Barbara Lee dau of Edward Lee, 1st Earl of Litchfield
    i Barbara Brown
    m1. 06.1748 Sir Edward Mostyn, 5th Bart of Talacre b 27.04.1725, bur 03.1775
    m2. Edward Gore of Barrow Court d 1801
    m2. Mrs Holman of Warkworth
    m3. Frances Sheldon sister of William Sheldon of Beoley
    2+ other issue - Henry, Peter, Mary, Frances, Catherine
    b Francis Browne
    E Sir Anthony Browne of Effingham b about 1562 dsp
    m. Anne Bell of Norfolk
    F Elizabeth Browne b about 1555  a 09.1623
    m. 1590 Sir Robert Dormer, 1st Lord of Wyng bpt 26.01.1551, d 08.11.1616
    G Mabel Browne b about 1557 
    m. Sir Henry Capel
    H Jane Browne b about 1559 
    m. Sir Francis Lacon of Willey
    I Thomas Browne b about 1562 d unm, 
    J Philip Browne dvp, 
    K William Browne dvp
    2 William Browne of Elsing and Wesenham b about 1530 
    m. Anne Hastings b 1528, d 1572, dau of Sir Hugh Hastings of Elsing
    The following is from TCP Hastings.
    A Sir Anthony Browne of Elsing and Wesenham d 1628
    i Thomas Browne of Elsing, etc. d 1632
    a Thomas Browne of Elsing, etc. d 1666
    1 Thomas Browne of Elsing, etc. d 1706
    A Anne Browne had issue, extinct before 1771
    B Philippa Browne b c1667, d 1759
    m. John Berney of Wesenham d 1719
    Elsing passed into the Berney and then the Eaton family. One of their descendants took the name Browne of Elsing.
    b Camilla Browne probably of this generation
    m. John Playters
    c Philippa Browne possibly of this generation
    m. 1651 William Berney of Elsing d before 17.12.1658
    ii Anne Browne probably of this generation
    m. Sir Thomas Playters, 1st Bart of Sotterley
    3 Francis Browne 4th son b about 1535 
    m. Anne Goring dau of Sir William Goring of Burton
    4 Mary Browne b about 1532 
    m1. John Grey of Pirgo
    m2. Sir Henry Capel of Hadham
    5 Mabel Browne b about 1534 
    m. 28.05.1534 Gerald 'the Wizard' FitzGerald, 11th Earl of Kildare b 25.02.1525, d 1585
    6 Lucy Browne b about 1536 
    m. Thomas Roper of Eltham d 1567
    7+ other issue - Henry, Henry 2nd b about 1538 
    m2. Elizabeth FitzGerald b c1528, d 1589, dau of Gerald FitzGerald, 9th Earl of Kildare not mentioned by BE1883
    b. Elizabeth Browne b about 1495, a lady-in-waiting to Queen Anne Boleyn and seems to have been a friend of Anne’s. On 8 Apr 1536, she borrowed £100 from the queen, a debt that had not yet been repaid when Queen Anne was arrested and sent to the Tower. An unsubstantiated story has Elizabeth taken to task for immorality by her brother, Sir Anthony Browne and responding that she was “no worse than the queen”. One variation on this story identifies Elizabeth as King Henry VIII’s former mistress and has her specifying that her brother should talk to Mark Smeaton and one of the Queen’s gentlewomen called Marguerite for details on the Queen’s misconduct. Another version has Lady Worcester issuing the reprimand and an unidentified woman comparing herself to the Queen. All that is certain is that gossip prevalent at the time of Queen Anne’s arrest did mention Lady Worcester as a source of some of the accusations against her, but without specifics. Comments Queen Anne made during her imprisonment suggest that Lady Worcester may have recently miscarried of a child but give no indication that Anne thought Elizabeth had turned on her. As for the loan, Elizabeth wrote to Thomas Cromwell on 8 Mar 1538, thanking him for his kindness in that matter and asking that he not mention it to her husband, since the earl did not know she had borrowed the money.
    m. Henry Somerset, 2nd Earl of Worcester d 26.11.1549
    c. Anne Browne b about 1484 reported by wikipedia
    m Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk. 
    d. Lucy Browne b 1501 d 26 Nov 1557  m1. Sir Thomas Clifford and had Elizabeth (Maud) Clifford
    m2. John Cutts/Cutte
    f. mentioned by Tudor: William Browne b 1503
    f. mentioned by Tudor: Henry Browne b 1509 m Anne HAZELHURST 
    ii. Sir George Browne of Beechworth Castle, Sheriff of Kent b about 1430 d 1483
    m Elizabeth Paston dau of Sir William Paston, widow of Robert, son of Robert, Lord Poynings not widow of Richard, Lord Poynings
    a. Richard Browne
    m. _ Sands
    1+ 2 sons
    b. William Browne
    1+ 2 sons - Richard, Edmond
    c. Sir Matthew Browne of Beechworth a 1530
    m. Fridiswide Guildford dau of Sir Richard Guildford of Hemsted
    1 Henry Browne of Beechworth dvp
    m1. Mary Fitzherbert dau of John Fitzherbert
    m2. Catherine Shelley dau of Sir William Shelley of Michel Grove
    A Sir Thomas Browne of Beechworth Castle
    BE1883 shows the marriages as first to Helen Harding, second of Mabel FitzWilliams. We follow BEB1844 which is more logical, given that Thomas's son Matthew was his successor at Beechworth.
    m1. Mabel FitzWilliams dau of Sir William FitzWilliams
    i Sir Matthew Browne of Beechworth Castle d c1603
    m. Jane Vincent dau of Sir Thomas Vincent of Stoke Dabernon
    a Sir Ambrose Browne, 1st Bart of Beechworth Castle d 16.08.1661
    m. 01.10.1607 Elizabeth Adam bur 17/9.10.1657, dau of William Adam of Saffron Waldron
    Apart from Adam, BE1883 and BEB1844 disagree on their children.
    1 Sir Adam Browne, 2nd Bart
    m. before 1651 Philippa Cooper d 20.05.1701, dau of Sir John Cooper, 1st Bart of Winbourn St. Giles
    A Ambrose Browne dvp unm
    B Margaret Browne of Beechworth
    m. 1691 William Fenwick, Sheriff of Surrey dsp 1726
    2 Ambrose Browne dvp unm shown by BEB1844
    3 daughter shown by BEB1844
    m. John Browne of Buckland
    4 daughter shown by BEB1844
    m. y Jevon
    5 Edward Browne d 1622, 
    6 Thomas Browne a 1623, 
    7 Mabel Browne d unm shown by BE1883
    b Jane Browne
    BE1883 shows Jane as daughter rather than sister of Sir Ambrose but BP1934 Kemp identifies her as Sir Matthew's daughter.
    m. Sir Robert Kempe, 1st Bart of Gissing d 20.08.1647
    ii Elizabeth Browne
    m. Robert Honywood of Kent
    iii Jane Browne
    m. Sir Oliff Leigh of Addington
    m2. Helen Harding dau of William Harding
    vi Richard Browne
    m. Margaret Astyn dau of James Astyn of Westerham
    a John Browne of Shingleton
    m. Elizabeth Scott dau of Edward Scott of Scott's Hall
    b Cecilia Browne d 09.1677
    m1. Francis Knollys
    m2. Richard Whithead
    c Margaret Browne
    m. Walter Bourchier of Barnesley
    d+ other issue - Thomas, Robert, Elizabeth, Anne
    2 Jane Browne
    m. Sir Edward Bray
    3 Catherine or Elizabeth Browne
    m. John Poyntz of Alderley, Sheriff of Surrey d 29.11.1544
    iii. William Browne b about 1432 dsp
    iv. Sir Robert Browne b about 1430
    m. Mary Mallet dau of Sir William Mallet
    a. Eleanor Browne
    1 Details of her children come from Visitation Kent, 1530-1, Kempe.
    2 Visitation Kent, 1574, Kempe suggests that she married Sir William Kempe before Sir Thomas Fogge.
    m1. Sir Thomas Fogge of Assheforde
    1 Alice Fogge
    m. Edward Scote 2nd son of Sir William
    2 Anne Fogge
    m. Willyam Scott son of Sir John
    m2. Sir William Kempe of Olantye
    v. Katherine Browne b about 1428
    m. 1471 Humphrey Sackville of Buckhurst b 1426, d 24.01.1488
    2. Sir Stephen Browne, Lord Mayor of London a 1439
James Brown I's testament: