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         The Pedigree of Edith de Windsor (Wi13)

Miles de Windsor (Wi16) (About 1410-1451)
Joan Green (Gr16)
(About 1414-)
John Andrews (An16)
(About 1415-)
Elizabeth Stratton (St16)
Walter Blount (Bl16)
(About 1410-1451)
Ellen Byron (By16)(About 1414-)
Sir Thomas Echingham (Ec16)
(About 1415-)
Margaret West (We16)(1428 - )

Thomas de Windsor (Wi15)

Elizabeth Andrews (An15)

Sir William Blount (Bl15)

Margaret Echyngham (Ec15)
Andrew de Windsor (Wi14), 1st Baron de Windsor of Stanwell aft. of Bradenham
Elizabeth Blount (Bl14)
(About 1471-1514) 
Edith Windsor (Wi13)


Family Links
George Ludlow and Edith Windsor had issue:
  • (Lu12-1) Sir Edmund Ludlow  - m. 1st Bridget Coker, dau. of Henry Coker of Maypowder, Dorset. Bur. Sept. 1587, Hill Deverhill, Wilts. m. 2nd Margaret Manning, dau. of Henry Manning and Katherine Kirkener, widow Viscountess Howard of Binden, Wid. of Thomas Howard Viscount Binden, . 
  • (Lu12) Thomas Ludlow
  • (Lu12-3) Anne Ludlow, married Thomas Hall of London
  • (Lu12-4) Margaret Ludlow, married Robert Vaux of Odiham, Hants
  • (Lu12-5) Mary Ludlow, married Hugh Riley.
  • (Lu12-6) Philippa Ludlow, married Thomas Zaich
  • (Lu12-7) Jane Ludlow, m. Bassett
  • Lu12-8) Ursula Ludlow

Edith Windsor

  • Birth: 1514

  Marriage Information:

Edith married George Ludlow Esq., son of William Ludlow and Jane Moore. (George Ludlow Esq. died in 1580.)

Pedigree Windsor/Blount/Eychingham/Knyvet/Botetort Bo22 -John de Botetourte b: 1265, d: 25 Nov 1324
Fi21 sp: Maud FitzThomas d: After 28 Apr 1329, m: 1285-1292
B020 -Sir Otto de Botetourte d: 1345
sp: Sibyl
Bo19 |-Sir John de Botetourt b: About 1333, Mendlesham, Suffolk, d: 1377, Hamerton, Huntingtonshire
We19 sp: Katherine de Weyland b: About 1337, d: After 1377
Bl18 |-Joan de Botetourt b: About 1362, Mendlesham, Suffolk, d: After 1428
Kn18 sp: Sir John Knyvet II b: About 1358, d: 4 Dec 1418, Mendlesham, Suffolk
Kn17 |-Margaret Knyvet b: 1395, d: After 1467
Ec17 sp: Sir Thomas Eychingham b: About 1401, Etchingham, Sussex, d: 15 Oct 1444, m: 1415
Ec16 |-Sir Thomas Eychingham II b: 1423, Echyngham, Sussex, d: 20 Jan 1482-1483
We16 sp: Margaret West b: 1428, Snitterfield, Warwickshire, m: 1448
Ec15 |-Margaret Eychingham b: 1443, Echyngham, Sussex, d: After 1482, Middlesex, England
Bl15 sp: Sir William Blount b: 1442, Rock, Worcester, England, d: 14 Apr 1471, Battle of Barnet, Hertfordshire, England, m: 1463
Bl14 |-Elizabeth Blount b: About 1471, Rock, Worcester, England, d: 1514, Hounslow, Middlesex, England
Wi14 sp: Baron Andrew de Windsor b: 1 May 1467, Stanwell Manor, Stanwell, Middlesex, England, d: 30 Mar 1543
Wi13 |-Edith Windsor b: 1514