Pr13 George Prather

    Pr13 George Prather was the son of John Prater (Pr14) and grandson of William Prather (Pr15) and Alice Carew.
    Born: 1516 in Easton Water Wilts, England
    Married: in 1539 in Shefford Magna, Wiltshire, England Jane Plott, born about 1515 in BlewBerye, Berkshire, England; died 5 Feb 1587? in Latton Manor, Wilts. dau of Richard Plott and Alice x
    Died: 15 Jun 1585?/before 06/14/1564 in Bet Nunney & Somerset, England
    George Prater came into possession of other properties of Latton, Wiltshire from the heirs of the Earl of St.German (Ellis). Latton, Wilts. is recorded as belonging to Reinbold de Presbyster (Prater) the first Chancelor of England after the Norman conquest (1066). Reinbold de Presbyter (the Elder) (Prater) was a powerful Lord who was well established in England before the Norman conquest, he was also a priest of Noble linage. The noble priest of this period in history were usually of a fighting class of man who had right to hold arms and had their own army, such was the case with Rienbold. He also held the Manor of Frome in Somerset which was located next to the Manor of Nunney. 
    Children of George Prather and Jane Poltt were as follows:
    Pr12-1. Richard Prater, died Unknown.
    Pr12-2. George Prater, died Unknown.
    Pr12-3. John Prater, died Unknown.
    Pr12-4. Dorothy Prater, died Unknown.
    Pr12. Anthony Thomas Prather, born 1545 in Latton Manor; died 21 Aug 1593 in Staunton, St Bernard, Witts, England.
    Pr12-5. Nicholos Prater, died Unknown.
    Pr12-6. Bartholomew Prater, died Unknown.
    Pr12-7. Alis Prater, died Unknown.
    Pr12-8. Margaret Prater, died Unknown.
    Pr12-9. Elinor Prater, died Unknown.
    Richard was the heir to most of their father's property and titles. Richard lived in Nunney Castle located in Nunney, Somerset. Richard's holdings were vast, consisting of several manors (villages with all the businesses in the village), 40 farms with surfs that lived on them, 30 farms without surfs, 4000 acres of meadow land, and approximately 300 acres of timber. Richard held the title of "Esquire" and "Lord of Nunney". Anthony was named "Trustee" of the estates when Richard died in 1580. Anthony was trustee for 6 years until Richard's son George became of age (Nunney was acquired from "Lord St. John" - Sir William Paulet). 
    Shortly after the court found in Anthony's favor, Nicholis and "others" went to Anthony's manor and stole 18 prize cows. Nothing more is recorded as to the outcome of this act.
    It is recorded that Anthony was later "Excommunicated from the Catholic Church for his 'extorsionate practices'". He died without reconsiliation.
    In order for him to have a burial place in the church, Anthony must have taken the King's religion. Thus, by joining the Church of England he was able to secure his burial place in the church at Stanton St. Bernard.
    Jane Plott was from Blueberry Manor, Blueberry, Berkshire, England. The manor of Blueberry (Bluebury) was once in the holdings of Gerald of Windsor. For this reason I believe that the Plott family were descended from the Geraldine lines.