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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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    Br6  James Brown III

    James Brown III was the son of James Brown II (Br7) and E1izabeth Clarkson Cl7.
    Born: 1780, October 10.
    Married 1809, September 25, Jefferson County, Kentucky to Urath Owings Lawrence (La6).
    Died: 1853, April 9, "aged 72 and 6 mo., 20 min. past 12 o'clook P M."
    Br5 Sarah Lawrence Brown b July 12, 1810 d 1884.
    Br5-2 Elizabeth C.
    Br5-3 Samuel L.
    Br5-4 Caroline
    Br5-5 Alfred
    Br5-6 Mary Ann
    Br5-7 Theodore
    Br5-8 Emeline
    Br5-9 James L.
    Br5-10 Francis C.
    Br5-11 Arthur Brown b 1 Jun 1834

    shows the marriage of a James Brown and Elizabeth clarkson as
    "James Brown , Elizabeth Clarkson, 1 Jan 1779", in SUSSEX COUNTY, see DELAWARE MARRIAGES 1645-1899 FHL FILM NUMBER 0006416-0006422

    Sources: Lawrence Bible. Copy at Filson Club.
    Records collected by Mrs. George Nicholas (Ni3-5). Tombstones in Lawrence Grave Yards.

    James Brown III was a wealthy farmer of Jefferson County, Kentucky. .
    His farm extended from the State Pike, or Shelbyville Road, over 3000 plus acres, beginning about opposite the old Arterburn house, and widening in a fan shape to the Taylorsville Road.
     The road through the farm became known as Brown' s Lane. It is was a County road in 1948. .
    The old residence, a large and beautiful old brick house, with hand carved woodwork, and wide ash floors, was owned by Mrs. John Monohan in 1948.
    Bear Grass Creek runs through the front pasture, and a tremendous jinko tree, said to be grown from seed given to Jamas Brown (Br6) by Henry Clay, is near the front of the house.
    The grave yard, which was still well preserved, is enclosed by a brick wall, with a stone coping, and is entered through large iron gates. It 1s called the Brown Grave Yard, but contains descendants bearing other names than Brown:  Patrick Henry Pope (Po5) is buried there, and also two Nioholas babies, his grand-chiIdren by his daughter Mary Anna Pope Nioho1as (Po4) wife of George Nicholas (Ni4).

    Appendix (Br6) - Ancestors of James Brown III.

    Br8 James Brown.
      m 1686.
    Died April, 1770, aged 84 years.

    Br7 James Brown II.
    Born 1710, Dorchester County, Maryland.
    Married: 1. Priscilla White, daughter of Thomas White.
    2. Elizabeth Clarkson Cl7 daughter of Richard Clarkson Cl8 of Caroline County, Maryland.
    Died, 1794, November 27, Sussex County, Delaware, aged 84 years.


    possibly the same James Brown:
    Other prominent individuals followed. One of the earliest was James Brown. Brown commanded a company of Lexington riflemen in General Wilkinson's expedition against the Indians in 1791. He served as the first Secretary of State for Kentucky and later moved to New Orleans where he was elected to the state legislature. In 1823, Brown was named Minister to France.

    1850 Census - District 1, Jefferson, Kentucky
    James Brown - 71 - farmer - $80,000 - Maryland
    Urith " - 60 "
    Sarah Pope - 40 - (widowed dau) KY & bel.
    Theodore Brown - 27 - farmer
    Arthur " - 16
    Urith Pope - 19
    Ellen " - 16
    Worden Pope - 14
    Mary Ann Pope - 11
    1 overseer
    owns 91 slaves

has the following entry showing Clarksons and Browns in Annapolis and Delaware but no Richard Clarkson:
James Cannon w.d.13 Feb 1748, p. 13 Dec 1751 Liber 28 f. 185 (Hall of Records, Annapolis Md)
sons James Cannon
William Cannon
Joseph Cannon
Matthew Cannon
Isaac Cannon
Jacob Cannon
Jeremiah Cannon
dau Sarah Cannon wife of Robt. Minors
wife Sarah Cannon
wits. Jesse Tull, William Clarkson Jr., Barzilla(Barzillai) Clarkson, Beriah Clarkson, Even Hooper

Thomas Cannon, Sr. w.d. 24 Jan 1746/47 p. 15 Jun 1748 Liber 25, f. 369
To Eldest son Thomas Cannon Poplar Hills 100 A.
to James and Clear(Claire?) the son and dau of my son James Cannon 60 or 70 A.
to son Joseph Cannon, 50 A. of tract Cannon Thicket, 50 A. Cannon's Long Square in Worc. Co.
to son Absolom Cannon, remainder of Cannon's Thicket
to son Stephen Cannon 72 A. Cannon's Sovana
to son Lowder Cannon Cannon's Venture and 20 A. of Efard
to son Levi Cannon remainder of Efard
to dau Sarah Cannon 1 slave at decease of wife
wife Catherine. exec.
wit. William Clarkson, Sr. Wm. Clarkson Jr. James Clarkson, Thos. Clarkson
Old Liber 19 f 50- 10 Nov 1763 - James Clarkson of Dorc. Co. to Lowder Cannon of the same Co. part of Luck on the N. side of the Nanticoke R. containing 2 A. more or less., wits.H. Ennalls, Robt. Polk /Ack. before H. Ennalls, Robt. Polk, Justices.
Old Liber 19 f 253-26 Jun 1764- Stephen Cannon and his wife Mary, and Curtis Cannon and his wife Love Elizabeth his wife of Dorc. Co., planters, to their mother Elizabeth Clarkson, widow of William Clarkson : negro slaves / Ack. before Robt. Polk, Justice
Old Liber 19 f 375 - 27 Jun 1764- Valuation of Land of Jesse Cannon. orphan of Wm.Cannon late of Dorchester Co.,decd, under the guardianship of Levin Cannon. Land valued by Henry Hooper and Edward Wright under appointment by Robt. Polk, Justice.
Old Liber 20 f 244 - 11 Jun 1765-... Deposition of Wm Cannon....of Dorc. 44 years old.
Old Liber 20 f 456 -21 Mar 1766- Stephen Cannon and Mary his wife, formerly Mary Newton, of Dorc. Co. , to Richard Newton of the same Co. lease of her right to dower in the land where Richard Newton now lives called Partnership, containing 500 A. more or less, for her lifetime-
Old Liber 21 f. 152 15 Oct 1766 Benjamin Cannon and his wife Rachel Cannon of Dorc. to Julius Augustus Jackson of same co., "Doctor of Phisic", Long Lott on branches of Turtle Creek, near road from Chapel to Mary Cruchers Ferry, cont. 55 A. more or less. wit: Robt Polk, Wm. Haskins, ack. before Robt. Polk and Wm. Haskins, Justices.
Old Liber 21 f. 160 14 Oct 1766 William Cannon or Dorc. Co. planter, to Robert Clarkson of same, planter, The Middle Tract adj Robt. Clarkson's dwelling plantation on the Hurtle Berry Swamp that makes out the south side of Brights Branch cont. 50 A more or less. wit: Robt Polk, Wm. Haskins, ack. before Robt. Polk and Wm. Haskins, Justices.
Old Liber 21 f. 162 14 Oct 1766 Robt. Clarkson of Dorc. Co. to William Cannon of same Clarkson's Folly on the main road leading from the Northwest Fork Bridge to Wm. Nutter's near said Clarkson's dwelling plantation and cont. 50 A more or less. wit: Robt Polk, Wm. Haskins, ack. before Robt. Polk and Wm. Haskins, Justices.
Old Liber 21 f. 366 12 Mar 1767 Alexander Mitchell and Alice his wife of Worc. Co. to Elijah Cannon of Worc. Co., Kurver Heath on Chicamacomico R., 274 A. more or less. wit: Robt Polk, Wm. Haskins, ack. before Robt. Polk and Wm. Haskins, Justices.
Old Liber 22 f. 232 -7 Mar. 1768 Thomas Cannon of Dorc. Co. planter, to Robt Polk of same, planter, Negro boy named Isaac wit. Wm Polk , Robt Polk ye 3rd.
Old Liber 22 f. 400 -12 Aug 1768 Richard Newton and Cliah(Clara?) his wife and James Cannon, all of Dorc. Co. to Joseph Cannon of same, pt. of tract called Cannon's Thicket at head of Herring Run which passes out of Jadwins Creek, containing 61 A. more or less. Robt. Polk, Thos. White. Ack before Robt. Polk and Thos. White, Justices.
Old Liber 22 f. 415- 11 Nov 1767 to 11 Jan 1768 ....perpetuate bounds of James Smith's land Little Brittain Regulated.... Deposition of Julius Augustus Jackson... shown a bounder of said land by John Cannon. Deposition of Henry Cannon aged about 64 years old... Deposition of John Cannon aged about 46 years old.....
Old Liber 22 f. 418- 14 Aug. 1764 to 4 Jan 1768...perpetuate the bounds of Job Slacum's lands part of William's Prevention and Joseph's Lane...deposition of Elizabeth Cannon aged about 34 years old....Deposition of William Cannon aged about 47 years old.
Old Liber 22 f. 433- 17 Mar 1768 to 9 Aug 1768 Robt Polk,...Wm Cannon to perpetuate bounds of Isaac Nichols called Rawley ...mentions James Brown, James Cannon, and Wm. Clarkson, Commissioners 33 years ago. ....
First Tax List of North West Fork -1775 (number represents tax money collects in pounds)
William Cannon 20
William Nutter Cannon 4
Hughitt Cannon 10
Constantine Cannon 15
Stephen Cannon 15
Henry Cannon 8
Charles Cannon 7
Willis Cannon 3
Abraham Clarkson 15
Newton Cannon 4
Benjamin Cannon 4
Robert Cannon 4
Thomas Cannon 2
Howard Cannon 2
Joseph Cannon 7
Absalom Cannon 9
Jeremiah Cannon 18
Jacob Cannon 10
James Cannon 6
James Cannon Jr 8
William Clarkson 3
Robert Clarkson 15
Levin Cannon 10
Jesse Cannon 15
William Cannon, Jr. 5
Beniah Clarkson 2
Barzali Clarkson 2
John Cannon 18
John Cannon Jr. 6
Hudson Cannon 6

Delaware Surveys. Warrants and Deeds 1776
William Cannon -
Three Brothers (Formerly Luck by Chance,on Green branch of Nanticoke River) 490 A.
Addition to Goshen
Wingate Cannon-
Assessment Roll of 1785 Northwest Fork Hundred, (at this time included what became Seaford Hundred)- among others... Willis Cannon, Newton Cannon, Mary Cannon, William Cannon, Truitt Cannon, Richard Cannon, Solomon Cannon, Joseph Cannon, Absalom Cannon, Stephen Cannon, William Clarkson, Robt. Clarkson, Levin Cannon, Jesse Cannon, Benedict Clarkson, John Cannon, Hudson Cannon, Howard Cannon, Robert Cannon, Levi Cannon, Charles Cannon, Edward Cannon, Jacob Cannon, Elizabeth Cannon, Whittington Cannon, Jacob Cannon, Elisha Cannon, Blackson Cannon.
Assessment List of 1797 Northwest Fork Hundred
Thomas Clarkson
William Cannon - 160 acres, 4 slaves
Whittington Cannon 441 acres, 2 slaves
Hodson Cannon 530 acres, 5 slaves
Elijah Cannon 150 acres. 3 slaves
John Cannon 500 acres, 2 slaves
Curtis Cannon 230 acres
Hughlitt Cannon 209 acres pat. 159 not patented. 4
Burton Cannon 150 acres not pat. 3 slaves
Burton Cannon (for Caleb Nutter's heirs) 250 acres
Isaac Cannon of Absalom Cannon
Richard Clarkson Cannon 1 slave
Levi Cannon
Edward Cannon 45 acres
Frances Cannon (widow of Absalom) 237 acres,1 slaves
William Nutter Cannon 451 acres 3
William Nutter Cannon (for Jesse Cannon's heirs)587 acres 2 slaves
Jesse Cannon
Elizabeth Cannon (widow of Jacob Cannon )
Isaac Cannon of Jacob Cannon
Joseph Cannon of Absalom Cannon
Henry Cannon of Charles Cannon
Peggey Cannon dau of Charles Cannon
Isaac Cannon of Elijah Cannon 427 acres, 4 slaves
Isaac Cannon of Elijah Cannon for Daniel Adams 347 acres
Isaac Cannon of Elijah Cannon for Peggy Adams,1 slave
Robt. Clarkson 239 acres not. pat. 200 acres, pat. 2 slaves
Joseph Cannon 106 acres pat 75 acres, not pat.2 slaves
Lowder Cannon 205 acres pat. 130 acres not pat
Wingate Cannon
Robert Cannon 23 acres
Jacob Cannon 180 acres
Jeremiah Cannon 200 acres pat 100 not pat 9 slaves
Federal Census of Bridgebranch and North West Fork of Delaware 1800
Benjamin Cannon
William N. Cannon
Hughlett Cannon
Abraham Cannon
Jacob Cannon
Stephen Cannon
Levi Cannon
Lowder Cannon
Joseph Cannon
Frances Cannon
John Cannon
Elijah Cannon
Thomas Cannon
Jesse Cannon
Edward Cannon
Josiah Cannon
Richard Cannon
Hudson Cannon
Isaac Cannon
Constantine Cannon
Elizabeth Cannon
Nutter Cannon
Whittington Cannon
Burton Cannon
Isaac Cannon
Howard Cannon
Sussex County Wills
Cannon, Henry w.d. 1 Jul 1782 p. 6 Aug. 1783 -A63 p. 27 Liber C f. 307
to wife Frances
son Charles Cannon
son Newton Cannon
son Willis Cannon
son Wateman Cannon
son Clement Cannon
dau Ellenor Cannon m. _____ Adams
dau Nancy Cannon m._______ Flower
dau Frances Cannon m. ______Coulburn
dau Uphramey Cannon m. _______Charles
wit. John Tennant, John Cannon Sr., John Cannon Jr.
Cannon, Henry w.d. 22 May 1834 p.14 Aug.1834 Bridgeville, De.
wife Mary
father Josiah Cannon
brother William Cannon
wit. Tilghman Layton, Thomas Jacobs, Wm. Gray
Cannon Charles B. w.d.11 Jan 1847 p.24 Jan 1850 Liber A62, f. 233-235
Adm. wife Rachel
Cannon, Clement w.d. March 1831 p. 16 April 1832 Liber A62, f. 239-241
Hiers- Thomas Hearn and wife Sally
Alefair Williams
Hudson Ennals
Charlotte Cannon
Ebe Walter and wife Betsy
Wingate Matthews and wife Nancy
Jacob Parker and wife Kitty
Adm. Thos. Hearn, Wingate Matthews
Cannon, Joseph w.d. 20 Nov. 1799 p 24 Nov 1799 A63 Liber F pg 81 Fol. 446-448
Robert Cannon
Elisha Cannon
Levi Cannon
Margaret Cannon
Rebecca Cannon wife of Haywood Cannon
Betsy Cannon wife of John Collings
Eliza Cannon grandau of Haywood Cannon
exec. Levi Cannon, son
wit. Abraham Cannon, Joseph Cannon Jr., Isaac Wingate, Isaac Wingate
Cannon, James d. 1814 Little Creek Hundred
brother to Joseph and Levi Cannon
wife Lucretia (?)
sons Clement Cannon
Ennals Cannon
Hudson Cannon
Allafore Cannon
Betsy Cannon
Nancy Cannon
Kitty Cannon
Charlotte Cannon
Sally Cannon
Cannon, Newton c. 1784 Shipwright Adm. A63 118-119
Adm. George Cannon
Cannon, Josiah w.d. 14 August 1843 p. 19 September 1843 Vol A63 95-97
to Elizabeth- wife
sons Wm Cannon
James Cannon
Josiah Cannon
Richard Cannon
daus. Rebecca Ann Cannon
Margaret M. Redden wit. George White, John Willey, William Jones, John Jones
Cannon, Wingate w.d. 22 Feb 1850 p. 5 Mar 1850 Vol A63 P. 156
son William S.Cannon
dau Margaret Cannon
Sally Cannon Horsey
wife Nancy
wits. Thos. Jacobs, Thos. Dawson, Jesse Brown
Cannon, Absolom, planter w.d.27 May 1792 p. 2 Oct. 1792 Vol A62 p 216 /Liber D. f 374
wife Frances
sons Isaac Cannon exec.
Edward Cannon
Joseph Cannon
daus Sarah Cannon
Tamsey Cannon m.________ Vincent
and Priscilla Cannon m.________ Vincent
Catherine Cannon m._______Coleburn
Clara Cannon m._______Jones
Frances Cannon m._______Patchett
wits. Robert Clarkson, Joseph Cannon, Levi Cannon
1776 Census of Maryland - Straights Hundred Dorchester Co. Md
Betty Cannon 1m 21-30,1m 50-60,1f 16-21
Susannah Cannon 1m -10,1m 21-30,1f 21-30
James Cannon 2m -10,1m 16-21,1m 21-30,1m 30-40, 3f -10, 1f 30-40, 1f 50-60
William Cannon 1m 10-16,1m 16-21,1m 50-60,1f -10,2f 10-16,2f 21-30, 1f 50-60
Elizabeth Cannon 1m 10-16, 1m 30-40, 2f 10-16, 2f 16-21,4f 21-30,1f 50-60
Delaware Marriage Bonds
Joseph S. Cannon m. Olivia Willey 8 Sept 1818 New Castle Delaware
Margaret Cannon m. Wm. O. Redden 26 June 1830 North West Fork, De
Margaret Ann Cannon m. John T. Cannon 17 Dec 1835
Cannon Willey m. Martha Connaway Sussex Co. De.
William Turpin of Dorchester Co. m. Elizabeth dau of John Cannon of Dorchester Co. ref., Bible Records and Wills, Annapolis Md.
Robert Minor married Sarah Cannon, dau of James and Sarah, ante 1745. ref wills Lib.28 pg. 181. Annapolis Hall of Records.
Henry Cannon married Frances Newton before 1729 ref. Wills Liber 26 fol 32
Edward Adams married Frances Newton before 1729 ref wills Liber C.P. 307 and Bible records and Wills, Annapolis Md.
John Willey m. Katherine Pope, dau of Robert Pope of Dorc. Co. before 1716 ref. wills Liber 5 p 198 Annapolis Md.
James Cannon of Dorc. Co. married Rosanna Pope(dau of Robt. Pope) before 1746 ref. wills Liber 5 p. 198 Annapolis, Md.
Thomas Cannon m. Betty Cox. 14 May 1712 Tred Avon Quaker Records
Tubman Cannon of Dorchester County, later of Sussex Co., resided in Fayette Co. KY.. in 1796
1747 Cambridge- James Cannon 64 yrs old. ref deeds Liber 14 p.23
The Cannon Family of Bridgetown, Caroline Co. Md
Submitted by Mary Cannon Godsey Macago@aol.com Copyright© 1997 James Cannon d. March 8, 1781 wife Mary______ d. May 9, 1772 children vitz: Margaret Cannon b. 26 Dec. 1749 Elizabeth Cannon b. 28 July 1752 James Eagle Cannon b. 25 Aug. 1754 William Cannon b. 28 July 1756 Solomon Cannon b. 13 Oct. 1758 (about whom) Mary Cannon b. 30 June 1760 Elizabeth Cannon b. 15 April 1762 Sarah Cannon b. 26 March 1764 Henry Cannon b. 8 Sept. 1766 Esther Cannon b. 27 Dec. 1771 Henry Cannon & Sarah married 23 May 1791 Sarah Bush b. Sept. 1764 Anne Cannon born 1 June 1792 married _______ McGuire Henrietta Cannon b. 13 Oct. 1804 William Cannon b. 17 Dec. 1807 married 21 Aug 1832 Sara Augusta Davis daughter of Robert Davis Sarah Cannon died 19 Nov. 1828 Henry Cannon died 21 Jan. 1831 William B. Cannon & Sarah A. Davis married Aug. 21, 1832 Ref: Dorchester Genealogical Magazine Jan. 1984 Cannon Bible records submitted by Barbara McEwing & Elizabeth C. Kfoury Found in DAR Bible Records-Delaware In possession of Mrs. Gussie D. Cannon, Chestertown, MD Solomon Cannon was born on 13 October 1758 to James and Mary Cannon . He married Rebecca Mason on 22 November 1797 in Caroline Co. MD. Two children vitz: John Mason Cannon b.19 July 1809 Mary Cannon b. 1805/06. Solomon Cannon joined the Maryland Militia and is listed in Caroline Co.Aug.13, 1777 during the Revolutionary War.( ref. MD Militia in the Rev. War by Clements & Wright, 1987, Family Line Pub). At a deposition in 1810 he gave his age as 52 years old.(Heirs & Legatees of Caroline Co. MD by Irma Harper, pg. 25-26, B275 Issac Purnell re: Dickinson's Plains) Solomon died by 5 August 1812, evidently intestate. A copy of his inventory reveals (among other things) furniture, one lot of old books, cows, hogs, silver knee buckles, old spectacles, a razor case and box, a piece of a saw mill saw and the whole of his shop tools. Solomon's widow Rebecca Cannon appeared in Caroline Co. court in later years to present lists of debts that Solomon owed. She also appeared in 1819 with her children, John and Mary Cannon, minors, to show distribution of their father's personal estate. Rebecca died in 1836. She is buried at Bridgetown Methodist Church. Her tombstone reads "Strangers now as you pass by, as you are now, so once was I, as I am now you soon shall be, prepare for death and follow me" Mary Cannon ,dau of Solomon and Rebecca Cannon, married 1829, Joseph Bernard, whose father was a long time magistrate of Greensborough, Caroline County Md. (ref. Sketches of MD Eastern Shoremen by Ed Wright pg. 77-78 no.292) John Mason Cannon, son of Solomon and Rebecca Cannon, married September 1834 Susan Elliott, in Talbot Co.,MD. She was the daughter of James G. Elliott who drowned in the Wye River on board the schooner Hester Ann in December 1835. Denton Journal 4 March 1893 pg. 3 Death of an Aged Citizen The Journal received the following dispatch on Thursday afternoon from Goldsborough: "John M. Cannon died at his home in Bridgetown to-day at one o'clock. Funeral at Bridgetown Church at one o'clock Saturday. Friends and relatives invited. J.E.Gibson" "Mr. Cannon was about eighty-four years of age. He was born in Bridgetown, and has lived in Caroline nearly all of his long life. In his early manhood he was active in business pursuits. He was the county's pioneer in the wheat-threshing business, and it is said, made with his own hands the first three threshers used. He was also the first one to engage in fruit packing, which industry has grown to be so extensive here. It is also said that he was among the first to apply steam power to lumber mills, and did a good business. Mr. Cannon was a life-long Democrat, having voted the straight ticket for sixty-two years. His sons follow in his footsteps, and to this fact he would allude with pride. One of them, John G. Cannon, was a few years ago a member of the Virginia Senate. During the war his sons were in the Confederate Army, serving under General Jackson."(author's note: John Mason Cannon's obit is wrong. There was no such person as John G. Cannon. The one in the Va Senate was James G. Cannon) John M. Cannon is buried at Bridgetown Methodist Church by his wife Susan, and near his mother. His tombstone reads "Peaceful be thy silent slumber." Susan Elliott Cannon, John M. Cannon's wife's tombstone reads: June 30, 1812 - December 30, 1887 "Asleep in Jesus." Last Will and Testament of John Mason Cannon recorded in Caroline Co. MD Liber JBS, No. 1, pg. 337-338 w.d. Oct. 2 1891 Bridgetown The Last Will of John M. Cannon made this second day of October 1891 I, John M. Cannon do will and bequeath to my son Walter R. Cannon all my Real and personal estate that I may hold and possess at my death, after paying such Legacies as I may hereafter direct which is as follows I want my daughter Mary E. Wells to have one dollar. And my son, James G. Cannon to have one dollar and my daughter Alice Wachletter[?sic]to have one dollar and my son William S. Cannon to have one dollar and my daughter Agnes Gibson to have one dollar and to my grandson Lewis Cannon to have one hundred dollars this being all the Legacies contributed that I wish to make. I do will Walter R. Cannon my executor and administrater and want him to pay all my honest debts and the above legacies. And the balance is to be his own. John M. Cannon seal Test : Jas. M. Knotts Wm. E. Paswater Witness to will Julia M. Councell Juliett Knotts Caroline Co. To Wit:~ The fifth of October 1893~ then came Jacob E. Gibson and made oath on the Holy Evangels of Almighty God that he doth not know of any will or codicil of J. M. Cannon late of Caroline Co. deceased other than the aforegoing instrument of writing and that he received the same from Agnes S. Gibson his wife and daughter of the deceased. On or about the 3rd day of October 1893 who told him that she had found it amongst the deceased papers after the death of the deceased. Sworn to in open court test James B. Steele Reg. of wills for Caroline Co. Caroline Co. To Wit~ The fifth of October 1893 ~ then came James M. Knotts and Juliett Knotts two of the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing last will and testament of J.M. Cannon late of Caroline Co. deceased. And severally made oath on the Holy Evangelles of Almighty God that they did see J.M. Cannon the testator sign and seal this will, that they heard him publish, pronounce and declare the same to be his last will and testament that at the time of his so doing he was to the best of their respective apprehensions, of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding and they they together with Wm. E. Paswater and Julia M. Councell (whom they saw sign their names as witnesses) respectively subscribe their names as witnesses to this will in his presence, at his request and in presence of each other. Sworn to in open court, test. Jas. B. Steele Regr. of Wills for Caroline Co. Children of John Mason and Susan Elliott Cannon: James Gibson Cannon m. Virginia Heale of Virginia Mary Elizabeth Cannon m. William Booker of Queen Anne's Co. MD John Henry Cannon m. (1st) Ada ____ (2nd) Georgieanna Morgan of Mathews Co. VA, (3rd) Ida Massey of Gloucester Co. VA Emily Katherine Cannon m. Joseph Peters of Queen Anne's Co. MD Walter Cannon m. Mariah Bissell of Phillips Co. KS Alice Cannon (Allie) m. (1st) Jonathan Williamson (2nd) _________ Barney Cannon died in a shipyard accident in Chester, PA May 1877 William S. Cannon m. (1st) Flora E. Kennedy of Cloud Co. KS (2nd) Carrie Borton of Cloud Co. KS Agnes Cannon m. Jacob Gibson of Caroline Co. MD 24 January 1881 After the Civil War brothers John Henry, William S., and Walter Cannon left their home in Bridgetown, MD in covered wagons. After a little more than a year of searching for the right place to call home, they claimed land in Clyde, Cloud Co. Kansas. William and Walter adapted to their new surroundings, married and raised families. John Henry was already married to his first wife when they left Maryland. During their early years in Clyde the brothers worked in a saw mill. William became a lawyer, was twice elected mayor of Clyde, and served as treasurer for 8 years. He is buried in Clyde.Walter eventually moved to Norton, KS and became postmaster. He and a partner operated a small store at a trading post near Norton. John Henry Cannon was not a welcome resident in the Midwest, and found his way back to the Eastern Shore. Back home he was found guilty of larceny and sentenced to the stone shop of the state penitentiary in 1874. Gov. James Groom pardoned him upon the condition that he never return to Maryland and Delaware. John Henry, who was married 3 times, was the father of at least 12 children. John Henry died while visiting one of his sons in Middlesex Co. VA in Nov. 1919, two days short of his 79th birthday. He is buried in his Confederate uniform in a Richmond, VA cemetery. Bridgeville Delaware "The town of Bridgeville has three main streets that run parallel through town by the names of William, Laws, and Cannon. Wm. Laws Cannon was the name of son of Governor William Cannon b. 15 Mar 1809, son of Josiah. He was Governor between 1862-1865 of Delaware who came from this area of the Northwest Fork. He owned a large General Store with his brother Henry, in Bridgeville. Garrett Sipple Layton was a clerk there, who was also Provost Marshall of Bridgeville. He was a very controversial and influential man and was during a time when many Delawareans were southern sympathizers. He was ultimately laid to rest in the Bridgeville Public Cemetery with his family, (which was then the Methodist Church Cemetery)" -R.A. Riggin Migration of the Cannon Family to the South "At least one descendant (Mrs.Gwendolyn Golden Smith of Blytheville, AR) of Euphamay Cannon, daughter of Minos, stated that Minos was a son of Clement Cannon, the son of Henry and Frances Newton Cannon of Sussex County, DE. Minos Cannon was born in Maryland. He moved from Guilford Co., N.C. in the 1790's to Davidson Co. TN and later to Williamson Co.,TN. Minos was b. 1756/7 m. to Letitia Thompson and had children: Sons, Newton, Clement, Minos Jr., Robert and Thompson. Daus., Euphamay and Letitia . Minos and his oldest son Newton remained in Williamson Co. while the rest of the children moved to adjoining Bedford Co. TN. Newton Cannon was an early governor of Tennessee. The children who moved to Bedford were all large landowners and influential people. Clement Cannon donated land for the creation of Shelbyville, the county seat of Bedford Co. In the late 1700s and/or the very early 1800s two Cannon's (probably brothers) moved from Delaware to the Scott/Harrison county area of Kentucky. They were a Willis Cannon and Newton Cannon who married Elizabeth (Betsy) Juett. They were probably the same Willis Cannon and Newton Cannon who were listed in the 1790 census of Sussex County, Delaware. Both of these men were probably grandsons of Henry Cannon and Frances Newton, but which of the sons of this couple were their father or fathers has not been ascertained. Both men were listed in the 1800 Kentucky census. It would appear that this Willis Cannon died probably in Scott County, KY prior to 1805. Newton Cannon was the only Cannon listed in Scott County in the 1810 census. By a newspaper account a younger Willis Cannon was apprenticed to a Scott County man and ran away from his master in 1806. This younger Willis enlisted at Lexington, Fayette County, (adjoins Scott) for the War of 1812. He was 20 years old. This younger Willis later moved to Nashville, TN where he married Letitia Thompson, the niece of Letitia Thompson, wife of Minos Cannon above. The younger Willis and wife Letitia moved to Bedford County, TN in the early 1820s. Two other Cannon men who were brothers of Willis also show up in Bedford County, TN records. They were Augustus Cannon and Minos Cannon. Willis, Minos and Augustus were all born between 1792 and 1800 and census records show that both Willis and Augustus were born in Delaware. Minos died in Madison County, Alabama in 1853 at the age of 56. His estate settlement, however, was in Bedford County, TN with Augustus being his administrator and he is buried in Lincoln County, TN. After his marriage in 1827, Augustus Cannon moved from Bedford County to Lincoln County. A fourth possible brother to Willis, Augustus and Minos was a William Cannon who had known sons: Elijah and Almon and by family tradition a son named Charles and a son named James. He may also have had a son named Willis. Very little is known about this William, but it is believed that he is the William who was listed in the 1820 census of Hall County, Georgia and then moved and was listed in the 1830 census of Limestone County, Alabama. By these census records William would have been born between 1794-1800. Elijah was born in Georgia about 1809 and Almon was also born in Georgia in 1812. In the early 1830s both of these brothers moved to Bedford County, Tennessee where Almon lived in close proximity to Willis Cannon and wife Letitia where he worked for Willis and called him "uncle". Elijah Cannon later moved to Lincoln County, TN." Contributed by Douglas L. 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http://genealogytrails.com/del/sussex/sussexmarriages-C.html: SUSSEX COUNTY, DELAWARE MARRIAGES 1645-1899
FHL FILM NUMBER 0006416-0006422

shows the following Clarkson marriages Eayard Clarkson to Hannah Salmons 19 Dec 1842
Joseph Clarkson to Mary Polk 23 Sep 1790
Robert Clarkson to Sarah Ann Southerland 5 Apr 1838
William Clarkson to Mary Adams 1 Jan 1784

Cain Brown Margaret Stockley 23 May 1832
Charles Brown Sarah Clarkson 1 Jan 1779
Charles Brown Sarah M. Cannon 1 Jan 1779
Charles Brown Nancy Wallace 1 Jan 1787
Charles Brown Bidney Turner 3 Sep 1791
Daniel Brown Ann Smith 17 Jan 1843
Edward Brown Levina Robinson 7 Dec 1826
Ezekiel Brown Molly Smith 1 Jan 1778
Francis Brown Sarah H. Hooper 5 Feb 1839
Francis Brown Ann Hooper 15 Feb 1832
Greensbury Brown Elizabeth Lawson 12 Nov 1829
Henry Brown Mary H. Williams 25 Feb 1834
Humphries Brown Rachel Macklin 8 Sep 1831
Jacob H. Brown Mary Ann Milby 4 Jan 1837
James Brown Elizabeth Clarkson 1 Jan 1779
James Brown Elizabeth Ennis 14 Jan 1824
John Brown Hannah Wharton 1 Jan 1789
John Brown Eleanor Wright 8 Sep 1790
John F. Brown Sarah Thomaston 22 Dec 1840
Lavin C. Brown Sarah Carmean 1 Jan 1841
Thomas Brown Rachel Vane 16 Feb 1828
Thomas H. Brown Hettie Simpler 31 Dec 1845
White Brown Lucretia Clarkson 1 Jan 1779
William Brown Sophia Vane 16 Feb 1828
William Brown Eliza Prettyman 1 Jan 1823
William Brown Sarah Ann Buchanan 3 Jun 1832
William Brown Patience Marvel 10 Oct 1791
William H. Brown Hannah Lewis 11 Dec 1838
William P. Jones Brown Margaret Jones 25 Aug 1841