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Grey 2

: Grey of Enville, Grey of Ruthyn, Grey of Wilton

Gr22 =25. Reginald de Grey, 1st Lord of Wilton Herefordshire d 1308 BE1883 identifies Reginald's wife as Maud, dau of William, Lord FitzHugh by Hawys, dau of Hugh de Longchamp, but TCP identifies her as ...
m Maud de Longchamp d before 21.11.1302, dau/heir of Sir Henry de Longchamp of Wilton
Gr21 =24 John de Grey, 2nd Lord of Wilton, Governor of Caernarvon d 28.10.1323
m1 Anne Ferrers dau of William de Ferrers of Groby
Gr20-1 Henry de Grey, 3rd Lord of Wilton b 28.10.1281-2, d 10/6.12.1342
m Anne Rockley dau of
+1 Ralph de Rockley
by Isabel, dau of
+2 William de Clare
Gr20-1-1 Reginald de Grey, 4th Lord of Wilton b 01.11.1311, d 05/6.1370
m before 10.01.1327/8 Maud Botetourt d 14.09.1391, dau of Sir John Botetourt of Weoley
a. Sir Henry de Grey, 5th Lord of Wilton d 22.04.1396
m before 03.02.1379/80 Elizabeth Talbot d10.01.1401/2, dau of Gilbert Talbot, 3rd Baron
Gr18 Richard Grey, 6th Lord of Wilton d 13/20.08.1442
m1 Blanche de la Vacche dau of Sir Philip de la Vacche by Elizabeth, dau of Sir Lewis Clifford
Gr17-1 Sir Reginald Grey, 7th Lord of Wilton d 22.02.1493/4
BE1883 Grey of Wilton identifies Reginald's wife as Tacina, sister of Owen Tudor. TCP Grey of Wilton identifies her as ...
m before 06.10.1447 Thomasine or Tacine natural dau of John Beaufort, Duke of Somerset
i John Grey, 8th Lord of Wilton d 03.04.1499
m1 Anne Grey dau of Edmund Grey, 1st Earl of Kent
a Sir Edmund Grey, 9th Lord of Wilton d 05.1511
m before 05.1505 Florence Hastings dau of Sir Ralph Hastings
1 George Grey, 10th Lord of Wilton dsp before 1514/5
2 Thomas Grey, 11th Lord of Wilton dsp 30.10.1517
3 Richard Grey, 12th Lord of Wilton dsp 15.10.1521?
4 Sir William Grey, 13th Lord of Wilton b 1509, d 14/5.12.1562
m Mary Somerset dau of Charles Somerset, 1st Earl of Worcester
A Sir Arthur Grey, 14th Lord of Wilton b 1536, d 1593
m1 Dorothy dau of Richard la Zouche, Lord of Harringworth
i Elizabeth Grey
m Sir Francis Goodwin
m21 Jane Sibylla Morison d 07.1615, dau of Sir Richard Morison of Cashiebury
ii Sir Thomas Grey, 15th Lord of Wilton dsp 06.07.1614
iii William Grey dsp 1605
iv Bridget Grey d 28.07.1648
m Sir Rowland Egerton of Ferminghoe, 1st Bart of Egerton and Oulton bur 03.10.1646
B William Grey
C Honora Grey
m Henry Denny b 1540, d 1574
5 Elizabeth Grey d 29.12.1559
m John Brydges, 1st Lord Chandos b 09.03.1491/2, d 12/.04.1557
m21 Elizabeth Vaughan d 15.01.1514/5, dau of Thomas Vaughan, widow of Sir Thomas Cokesey otherwise Grevile of Cooksey, m3. Edward Stanley, Lord Monteagle
m21 1427 Margaret Ferrers d 16.01.1451/2, dau of William, Lord Ferrers
Gr17-2 William Grey b c1423
Not sure by which marriage various web sites show her mother as Margaret Ferrers was ...
Gr17 Alice Grey
m Sir John Burley possibly the same person as Sir William Burley of Bromcroft
Gr18-2 Margaret Grey
m1 John Darcy, 5th Lord b 1377, d 1399
m21 Sir Thomas Swinford of Kettlethorpe
ii. Agnes de Grey may be a generation out
m Sir Robert de Clifton dvp
Gr20-2 Joan de Grey d 1353 apparently of this generation
m Ralph Basset, Lord of Drayton d 25.02.1343
m21 Maud Basset dau of Ralph Basset, Lord of Drayton
Gr20 =23 Roger de Grey, 1st Lord of Ruthyn d 06.03.1352-3
m Elizabeth Hastings dau of John Hastings, Lord of Bergavenny
Gr19-1 John de Grey dvpsp c 1349
m mcrt 12.06.1335 Anneys de Mountagu dau of William, Earl of Salisbury, by Katherine Grandison
Gr19 =22 Reginald Reynold de Grey, 2nd Lord of Ruthyn b c 1319/22, d 07-8.1388 TCP reports that Reynold's wife Alianore Eleanor "is usually said to have been da. of John, Lord Strange of Blackmere", which is what is reported by BP1934, but then goes on to identify her as ...
m before 29.11.1360 Eleanor Strange d 20.04.1396, dau of Sir Roger Strange Lestraunge of Knockin, Lord Strange
Gr18 =21 Reginald Reynold de Grey, 3rd Lord of Ruthyn b c1362, d 20.09.1440 or 18.10.1440 TCP notes that Dugdale citing Glover identifies his 1st wife Margaret as daughter rather than sister of William, 7th/6th Lord Ros. BP1934 follows Dugdale. We follow TCP.
m1 c12.1378 Margaret de Ros dau of Thomas de Ros, Lord of Hamlake, by Beatrice Stafford
Gr17-1 Sir John Grey dvp 27.08.1439
m before 24.02.1412/3 Constance Holand d 12/14.11.1437, dau of John Holand, Duke of Exeter
A Edmund Grey, 4th Lord of Ruthyn, 1st Earl of Kent d 22.05.1490
m before 1459 Katherine Percy b 1423, dau of Henry Percy, 2nd Earl of Northumberland
B Sir Thomas Grey of Richemount, Lord Richemount Grey dsp 1461
m before 14.02.1445/6 Margaret Ferrers d 1451/2, dau of William, Lord Ferrers
Gr20 Elizabeth or Eleanor Grey assumed to be of this generation and of this marriage
m Robert de Poynings, 4th Lord b 03.12.1382, d 02.10.1446
Gr17-3 Margaret Grey a 05.1426 identified by 'Tudor', etc
m Sir William Bonville of Chewton, 1st Lord b 30.08.1393, d 18.02.1460/1
Gr17 =20 Alice Grey
m Sir John Knyvett d c 1492.
m2 c 1406 Joan Astley d 1448, dau of William de Astley, 4th Lord, widow of Thomas Raleghe
Gr17-5 Sir Edward Grey, 1st Lord of Groby d 18.12.1457
m Elizabeth Ferrers b 1419, dau of Henry Ferrers, younger of Groby
Gr17-6 John Grey of Barwell
Gr17-7 Robert Grey of Enville and Whittington The following was found on 'Tudor' with some support from other web sites.
m Eleanor Lowe dau of Humphrey Lowe of Enville
A Humphrey Grey 'of Withybrook' of Enville d 1500
m Anne Fielding dau of William Fielding by Agnes St. Liz
i Sir Edward Grey of Enville b 1472, d 14.02.152
m Joyce Horde Whorwood
a Thomas Grey of Enville d 31.12.1559
m Anne Verney dau of Sir Ralph Verney of Pendley by Anne Weston, widow of William Cave
1 John Grey of Enville
m Jane Harcourt
2 George Grey of Enville
m Joyce Levenson
A Mary Greyprobably the Mary bur 29.01.1623-4 who married ...
m William Stanley b c1585, a 1614
Enville appears to have sold to another Grey family.
3 Catherine Grey
m Walter Blount dsp
4 Eleanor Grey
m William Cave
b Cassandra Grey
m Sir William Whorwood d 1554, Attorney General to King Herny VIII
c Joyce Grey probably of this family, of this generation
m John Whorwood 'of Compton'
d Anne Grey probably of this generation
m Richard Mytton of Shrewsbury d 28.11.1591
e Jane Grey possibly of this generation
m George Kinaston of Oteley and Stocks d 08.12.1543
ii Margery Grey
m Richard St. Barbe of Ashington
iii Mary Grey
m John Dixwell of Coton
Gr17-8 Eleanor Grey
m William Lucy of Charlecote d 1466
Gr18-2 Ida or Ede/Edith Grey probably of this generation
m John Cokayne of Cokayne Hatley d 1427, chief baron of the Exchequer
Gr18-3 Mary Grey
m Sir William de Isney of Norton D'Isney, Sheriff of Lincolnshire a 1340
Gr19-2. Joane de Grey
Joan is shown by BE1883 as wife of Ralph Basset, Lord of Drayton. TCP is more likely showing such a Joan as of a later generation.

Sources: TCP Grey of Wilton or of Shirland, BE1883 Grey of Wilton, BP1934 Grey de Ruthyn, TCP Grey of Ruthin
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