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Pettus 1

: Pettus of Norwich, Pettus of Rackheath
Thomas Pettus of Norwich b Abt. 1470 in tailor in Norwich England, 1492 London1, d Abt. 1520 in London, St. Edmonds Church, Lombard St.
1. John Pettus of Norwich b 1496 in Norwich, d 28 Aug 1558 Norwich bur St Simon and Jude
m in 1522 qt St Simon & Jude, Norfolk Joan b 1500 widow of Simon Dethick b 1509 d 1539 + 3 ch
m2 Cicelyn Capon d 1542
m3 1 Feb 1542/3 Rose Beatrice Duckett
A. Thomas Pettus, Mayor of Norwich b 1519?23 d 7 Jan 1596/7 in Norwich, bought Rackneath Manor in Nowich, sheriff of Norwich in 1566 and mayor in 1590, and alderman in 1591 and 1592a 1591
m Christian Dethick dau of Simon Dethick of Norfolk born 1503 in Norfolk, England; died Abt. 1545. and his wife Rose Crowe 1526 in Norfolk, England. Rose Crowe, born 1506 in Norfolk, England; died 1566 in Norwich, Norfolk, England. She was the daughter of Christopher Crowe and Christian Crowe.
i Alexander Pettus had issue,
ii. Sir John Pettus b about 1545 d 09.04.1613, MP 1601 Mayor 1608
m Bridget Curtis dau of Augustine Curtis of Honnington
a. Sir Augustine Pettus b about 1565 dvp 1612-3
m1 Mary Vylett b about1565 d 1611-2, dau of Henry Vylett or Violett of Lynn
1 Sir Thomas Pettus, Sheriff of Norfolk, 1st Bart of Rackheath b c 1590 d 21.11.1654
m1 Elizabeth Knyvet dau of Sir Thomas Knyvet of Ashwellthorpe
A Sir Thomas Pettus, Sheriff of Norfolk, 2nd Bart of Rackheath d 1671
m Elizabeth Overbury dau of Walter Overbury of Barton
i Elizabeth Pettus d 10.1705
m Rowland Okeover of Okeover, Sheriff b 21.09.1651, d 1730
B Augustine Pettus dsp before 01.07.1661
C Sir John Pettus, 3rd Bart of Rackheath b c1643, d 25/8.10.1698
m Mary Burwell b c1650, d 24.02.1728, dau of Nicholas Burwell of Gray''s Inn, niece of Sir John of Rougham
i Sir Horatio Pettus, 4th Bart of Rackheath d 09.03.1731
m Elizabeth Meers dau of Sir Thomas Meers of Kirton
a Sir John Pettus, 5th Bart of Rackheath dspm 05.1743, 2nd son
m Rebecca Prideaux dau of Edmund Prideaux of Prideaux Place
b Sir Horatio Pettus, 6th Bart of Rackheath dsp 31.07.1772
c Mary Pettus
m Leonard Batchelor of Norwich
d+ other issue - Thomas b c 1703, d unm 1723, Anna Maria
ii Frances Pettus d 1700
m _ Faucett rector of Castor
iii+ other issue - John, Robert, Charles, Mary dsp
m2 Anne Everard d 14.01.1662, dau of Arthur Everard of Stow Park
m2 Abigail Heveningham b c 1592, d 1673, dau of Sir Arthur Heveningham of Heveningham
3 Thomas Pettus
m1 1614 Anne Walpole dau of Calibut Walpole of Houghton She remarried in 1619 Sir Henry Hungate of Bradenham
3 Sir John Pettus of Chediston b about 1600, d 1690
m 1637 Elizabeth Gurnay dau of Sir Richard Gurnay of London
A Thomas Pettus b about 1620
B Elizabeth Pettus
m Samuel Sandys of Ombersley d 04.08.1701
?4 y/Theodore Pettus possibly of this family and branch or a son of William Pettus and Elizabeth Rolfe, see below, b about 1600, who came to Virginia in 1623 and was still in Virginia near the end of 1626, when he made a testimony in court.
?5 William Pettus had a son
Thomas Pettus who emigrated with uncle Thomas to Virginia and had a
daughter Pettus who married y Fugate
Josiah Fugate married Mary Matin
b. Anne Pettus
m Robert Knightly of Offchurch
c. Christian Pettus
m Sir Peter Saltingstall of Barkway
d. Bridget Pettus
m Martin Sidley of Morley
e. Elizabeth Pettus dsp
PEiii. Thomas Pettus, Mayor of Norwich b 17 Sept 1552 in Norfolks d 6 Jun 1620 bur St Simon and Jude mayor of Norwich in1614
m Cecily King dau of William King of Hempstead
William Pettus of London b 1583 d 18 Dec 1648 m 1607 in St. Peters, Mancroft Norfolk Mary Gleane dau of Sir Peter Gleane of Norwich
PE13 Col THOMAS PETTUS b 1597/?1610, Norwich, England d aft 1662/?1 New Kent Co Va stepchild ?= only son of Cecily or b c 1597 d 1661 if a divorce or widower he was possibly the same Col. Thomas Pettus who came to America in 1638-1641, after serving on the Continent in the Thirty Years War, for the Virginia Company in command of forty men to assist the colonists in their struggles with the Powhatan Indians at Jamestowne. (There may be a confusion between the Thomas and Theodore in this branch with the descendants of Thomas Pettus Mayor of Norwich b 17 Sep 1552 below who were in part also in Virginia.
m2? about 1639 possibly Ka-Okee Po12. dau of Pocahontas by Kocoum d in a battle with the Susquehanna tribe
?m3 about 1645 Elizabeth Freeman/?Mouring widow of Richard DURRANT sister of Bridges Freeman, added substantial holdings to the estate which eventually encompassed 1280 acres. The PETTUS plantation left a lasting imprint on the Jamestowne and Williamsburg landscape. lived on land adjoining that of Chief Wahanganoche m1 Ka-Okee b abt 1610 + 4 ch dau of PocahontasPo14 and Kocoum. m2 bef 11 Apr 1643 Elizabeth Mouring + 5 ch
PE12-1 Pe12-1 Stephen Pettus of New Kent Co b c 1625 d aft 1662 -1 Stephen Pettus II b c 1670 d 1687 grantor in the sale of the Pettus estates in 1700 m Mary Dabney dau of George Dabney and Elizabeth m2 Mourning Burgh
-2 JOHN PETTUS b about 1681, m ANN OVERTON dau of Samuel Overton b 1680 and Elizabeth/?Ann Carr
-4 DABNEY PETTUS, b 1685, New Kent, Va m New Kent, Va
-1-1 STEPHEN PETTUS, b 1726
-1-2 JOHN PETTUS, b 1728
-1-3 DABNEY PETTUS, b 1730
-1-4 GEORGE PETTUS, b 1732
-1-5 THOMAS PETTUS b 1734
-2-1 JOHN PETTUS b c 1736 m MARY MINOR
PE12-2 Christian Pettus b c 1627
m John Martin
-1 Christian Martin b c 1654 d 12 Nov 1721 m Evan Williams -1-1 Mary Williams b c 1672 VA m Richard S Elkins Sr -1-1-1 Mary Pettus and Chillian Palmer
PE12-3 x Pettus b about 1627
m Mr. Goldsby
PE12-4 Robert Pettis b about 1628
PE12 Mary Pettus b c 1635 ???m Wahanganoche -1 Keziah Arroyah Ja11 b c 1648
m Richard Bryant
-1-1 Dr. Richard Bryan b c 1650 m Ann Meese/Amees, dau of Henry Meese and Mary C
-1-2 Thomas Bryant b c 1652 m Elinor his Indian Servant
-1-3 Martha Bryant b about 1654 - after 1690) married Thomas Foley and had 5 children, m 2nd William Burton.
-1-4 Silent Bryant b c 1655 m Lucy Doniphan
-1-5 Nathaniel Bryant b c 1657 p Mary Amees, b/d in Stafford Co Va,
-1-6 Elizabeth Bryan, b/d in Stafford Co Va
-1-1-1 Dr. Joseph Richard Bryan b ?1687, ancestor of Bryan Reddick, PhD., Bryan or Sheila Reddick [] d 1749 King George, Va
-1-4-1 Elinor Bryant m1 Robert Gallup m2 John I Owens

-1-4-1-1 Phyllis Gallop b 1712/?1695 m1 Thomas Monteith
PE12-6 x Pettus b about 1638
m ?Bridges Freeman bap 25 Mar 1603 d bef 1664 Charles City Va son of Thomas Freeman of Wallingford Berks and Frances Bennet
by ?m2 Capt Thomas Pettus b c 1640
-1 Bridges Freeman Jr b c 1660 ( The name occurs again in the neighborhood!, likely relationship.)
-2 James Freeman
-3 Henry Freeman

-2-1 John Freeman Sr b ABOUT 1675 of Surry/sUSSEX cO Va on the north bank of the Nottoway River

-2-1-1 Henry Freeman b about 1690 d 1753 Sussex Co Va m Prudence Jones, dau of Arthur Jones, a miller who lived north and west of Freeman's Bridge in Surry Co
-2-1-2 William Freeman b about 1692 Sussex Co Va who left Sussex Co

-2-1-1-1 Josiah Freeman [111] (ca. 1720 - 1774) m Phoebe x
-2-1-1-2 Henry Freeman b about 1722 d 1776)
-2-1-1-3 Joel Freeman b about 1724
-2-1-1-4 Jones Freeman m Rebecca b about 1726
-2-1-1-5 Arthur Freeman b about 1718 d 1752 m Agnes Stokes dau of Silvanus Stokes b about 1739/40.
-2-1-1-6 Amy Freeman b about 1729 m x Blanks
PE12-7 Ann Pettus b c 1630 d 18 Mar 1703 ( shows her as dau of William Pettus d 18 Mar 1703
m PHILIP HUNLEY/Hundley b 1631^VA d 1696 Kingston Parish Gloucester Co VA son of Geoffrey
-1 Phillip Hundley b 1658 Gloucester Co VA d 1704 VA m Ann Kemp b 1660 Gloucester Courthouse VA d Gloucester Co VA dau of Edmund Kempe b 1633 Gloucester VA son of Edmund Kempe b 1633 Gloucester VA and Mary Digges b c 1625 d 10 May 1690 VA
-2 George Hunley m Judith
-3 Richard Hunley m Ann x

-1-1 Caleb Hunley b 1682 Gloucester Courthous VA
-1-2 Ambrose Hunley b c 2684 Gloucester VA d 1759 VA m Elizabeth Wilkinson b 29 Jan 1678 York Co VA d 1718 Hanover VA dau of George Wilkinson and Sara Lydall
-1-3 Phillip Hunley, III
-1-4 Wilkinson Hundley
-1-5 Dinah Hunley b 9 Aug 1732 m Horsington/Housington
-1-6 Charles Hunley, Sr.
-1-7 Joshua "Anthony" Hunley Sr b 1711 Gloucester VA d 1784 m1 Ann Dupuy b 1712 + 10 ch dau of Pierre Peter Dupuy and Judith LeFevre m2 Frances x b 1709 Amelia Co VA d there 1773 + 1 ch

-1-2-1 Wilkinson Hundley b 1702 Gloucester Co VA d 2 May 1772 Amelia Co VA m Elizabeth Mostley
-1-2-2 Ambrose Hundley
-1-7-1 Joshua Hunley
-1-7-2 Anthony Hunley
-1-7-3 Elijah Hundley
-1-7-4 William Hunley
-1-7-5 Leticia Hunley
-1-7-6 Elizabeth Crouch
-1-7-7 Cyer Joshia Hunley
-1-7-8 Charles Wilkinson Hunley
-1-7-9 Henry Hundley
-1-7-10 Ann Hundley
-1-7-11 Sarah Hundley b 1736 d 1810 Lincoln Co KY m Christopher Columbus Singleton b 1735 SC son of Robert Singleton b c 1698 d 1743 and Mary Avis

-1-2-1-1 Nehemiah Hundley b 10 May 1747 Gloucester Co VA m Mildred Martin
-1-2-1-2 George Hundley, Sr.
-1-2-2-1 Caleb Hunley b c 1760 d 1841 m Sarah Walker b c 1762 d c 1836

-1-2-1-1-1 Thomas Llewellyn Hundley b c 1791 m REbecca M x
-1-2-2-1-1 Thomas Hunley b c 1782 m Lucy Beck

-1-2-1-1-1-1 Thomas George Hundley m Amelia Pittman
-1-2-2-1-1-1 Ambrose D Hunley b c 1822 d aft 1880 m Susan C Devin

-1-2-1-1-1-1-1 Josephine Hundley b 5 Aug 1863 m Samuel Lawrence James b 5 Jun 1859 Monroe Co VA d 27 Feb 1935 Robson Fayette Co WV son of Smith James and Martha Radford
-1-2-2-1-1-1-1 Robert W Hunley b c 1853 m Kate Townesw

-1-2-1-1-1-1-1-1 Henry Harrison James
-1-2-1-1-1-1-1-2 William Franklin James
-1-2-1-1-1-1-1-3 Wilbur Timothy James
-1-2-1-1-1-1-1-4 Jesse French James
-1-2-1-1-1-1-1-5 Samuel Joseph James
-1-2-1-1-1-1-1-6 Theodore Roosevelt James
-1-2-1-1-1-1-1-7 Cecil Jodie James
-1-2-1-1-1-1-1-8 Carrie Mae James b 6 Sep 1906 Beards Fork Fayette Co WV d 14 Nov 1983 Robson WV m Troy Oliver Settle
-1-2-1-1-1-1-1-9 Oscar Tillman James
-1-2-1-1-1-1-1-10 Edward Weymon James
-1-2-2-1-1-1-1-1 B C Hunley b 1881 d 1967 m Benjamin Cabell Philpott and had Harvey Cloyd Philpott
PE12-8 JOHN PETTUS, b c 1635 WFT Est. 1619-1650, NEW KENT CO VA d WFT Est. 1675-1733
-1 JOHN PETTUS, b 1672, KING & QUEEN CO Va d WFT Est. 1715-1764
PE12-9 Mary Pettus b c 1647/8 d 18 Mar 1703/4 bur Timberneck, Gloucester Co VA m John Mann b c 1631 d 7 Jan 1694 bur Timberneck Gloucester Co Mann is a sept of Clan Gunn. ?m2 y Berkeley -1 Mary Mann b 1672 Gloucester Co d 27 Mar 1707 Gloucester Co m c 1689 Matthew Page of "Rosewell", Gloucester Co b 1659, Williamsburg d 9 Jan 1702/3, Gloucester Co; memb. House of Burgesses 1692; charter trustee of William and Mary College 1692; escheater for the district between the York and Rappahannock Rivers 1699-1702; memb. of Council 1700-03.
-2 Edmund Berkeley
-1-1 Elizabeth Page b ca 1690, Gloucester Co d 15 Mar 1692/3, Gloucester Co; bur. Timberneck, Gloucester Co
-1-2 Mann Page of Rosewell b 1691 Gloucester Co d 24 Jan 1730/1 educ. Eton & St. John's College Oxford Univ memb. King's Council 1714-30/31. m1 Aug 1712 Judith Armistead Wormeley b 1695 Middlesex Co d 12 Dec 1716 Gloucester Co + 3 ch m2 1718 Judith Carter b ca 1694 Lancaster Co + 5 ch
-1-2-1 Ralph Wormeley Page b 2 Dec 1713, Gloucester Co d 1732
-1-2-2 Maria Judith Page b 24 Feb 1713/14 Gloucester Co m 1736 William T. Randolph b 1713 Goochland Co d 1746 Goochland Co
-1-2-3 Mann Page b 8 Dec 1716 Gloucester Co d 12 Dec 1716 Gloucester C
-1-2-4 Mann Page of Mansfield n Fredericksburg b ca 1718 Gloucester Co. m1 31 Dec 1741, Middlesex Co Alice Grymes b 10 Aug 1724, Middlesex Co d 11 Jan 1746, Gloucester Co; bur. Rosewell + 2 ch dau of Col. John Grymes of Brandon & Lucy Ludwell. m2 1748 Anne Corbin Tayloe b 25 Aug 1723 Richmond d 1784 Spotslyvania Co + 7 ch dau of Col. John Tayloe, Councillor & Elizabeth Gwynn.
-1-2-5 Robert Carter Page "of Mansfield" b 1751, Gloucester Co m 7 Sept 1775) Elizabeth Carter dau of Charles Carter of Ludlow & Elizabeth Chiswell.
PE12-10 Capt THOMAS PETTUS b c 1656, Williamsburg, James City Co Va d 1690, Lunenburg, Va m1 Mary Elizabeth Dabney s.b. m2 Mourning Glenn
PE13-2 JOHN PETTUS b about 1612.
PE13-3 EDWARD PETTUS b about 1614.
PE13-4 WILLIAM PETTUS b about 1616.
PE13-5 ANNE PETTUS b c 1613/?30 d 18 Mar 1703 m PHILIP HUNLEY b 1631 VA d 1696 gloucester Co VA son of Geoffrey Hunley b 1611 Kent d 1678 Goucester Co. -1 Phillip Hundley b 1658 Gloucester Co d 1704 VA m Ann Kemp b 1660 d 1728 dau of Edmond Kemp
-2 George Hunley
-3 Richard Hunley
-4 Robert Hunley
-5 James Hunley
-6 William Hunley
-7 Joshua Hunley
-8 Matthew Hunley
-1-1 Ambrose Hunley b 1684 Glouster VA d 1759 VA m Elizabeth Wilkinson b 29 Jan 1678 York Co VA d 1718 Hanover Va dau of George Wilkinson and Sara Lydall
-1-2 Phillip Hunley b c 1685
-1-3 Wilkerson Hunley b c 1689 Gloucester Co
-1-4 Charles Hunley, Sr b 1700 Glouster VA d 30 May 1778 Kingston Parish Gloucester Co m Anne Motley b 1702 d 1763 dau of Joseph Motley and Elizabeth Forrest
-1-5 Joshua "Anthony" Hunley Sr b 1711 Glouster d 1784 Amelia Co m Ann Dupay b 1712 Glouster Va d 1800 Nottaway Va
-1-6 Caleb Hunley
-1-1-1 Wilkinson Hundley b 1702 Gloucester Co VA d 2 May 1772 in Amelia Co Va m Elizabeth Mostley
-1-1-2 Joshua Hundley
-1-4-1 Hannah Hunley b c 1707? Amelia Co VA d 1760 m Edmond Harper
-1-4-2 Charles Hunley
-1-4-3 John Hunley
-1-4-4 Anthony Hundley
-1-4-5 Anne Hunley
-1-4-6 Josiah Hunley
-1-4-7 Mary Hunley
-1-4-8 Sarah Sallie Hunley
-1-4-9 Joel Hundley, Sr.
-1-4-10 Elizabeth Hunley
-1-5-1 Charles Wilkinson Hunley
-1-5-2 Joshua Hunley
-1-5-3 William Hunley b 29 Fev 1744 Gloucester Co d 1800 Mecklenburg Co m Lecretia Wynne b 23 Feb 1753 Lunenburg Co VA d 1810 Sumner Co TN dau of John Wynne and Ann Stone b 1728 North Farnham Richmond VA d 12 Sep 1805 Lunenburg Co Va
-1-5-4 Leticia Hunley b 1748 Amelia Co
-1-5-5 Elizabeth Hunley b 1750 Amelia Co d 1798
-1-5-6 Cyer Joshia Hunley b 1754 Amelia Co d 1791 Mecklenburg Co Va
-1-5-7 Anthony Hunley d 1818 Washington Co KY
-1-5-8 Henry Hundley b 1735 Gloucester
-1-5-9 Ann Hundley b 1758 Amelia Co
-1-1-1-1 Nehemiah Hundley b 10 Mai 1747 Gloucester Co d 14 November, 1833 in Albemarle Co m Mildred Martin
-1-4-1-1 Hannah Harper m William Claiborne Craddock
-1-5-3-1 Willis Hunley
-1-5-3-2 Nancy Stone
-1-5-3-3 William Hunley
-1-5-3-4 Lucretia Booker
-1-5-3-5 Mary (Polly) Epperson
-1-5-3-6 Patty C. Wilkes
-1-5-3-7 Martha Winn
-1-5-3-8 Jane Jennie Hunley
-1-5-3-9 John Hunley
-1-1-1-1-1 Thomas Llewellyn Hundley b c 1770 m Elizabeth Henley
-1-4-1-1-1 Moses Craddock b 1748 Amelia Co d 23 Feb 1801 Nottaway VA 1 Elizabeth + 2 ch m2 Elizabeth J Zachary
-1-4-1-1-2 Henry Craddock
-1-4-1-1-3 Charles Craddock
-1-4-1-1-4 David Craddock
-1-4-1-1-5 John Craddock
-1-4-1-1-6 Edward Archibald Craddock
-1-4-1-1-7 Archer Craddock
-1-4-1-1-8 Edith Craddock
-1-4-1-1-9 Sally Sarah Craddock
-1-4-1-1-10 Hannah Craddock
-1-4-1-1-11 Edward Craddock
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Thomas George Hundley b c 1810 m Amelia Pittman
-1-4-1-1-1-1 Nancy Ann Cabaniss b 1790 d 1868 m Courtland Henry Cabaniss
-1-4-1-1-1-2 John Cross Craddock
-1-4-1-1-1-3 William Rackerby Craddock
-1-4-1-1-1-4 Pleasant Craddock
-1-4-1-1-1-5 Sarah Craddock
-1-4-1-1-1-6 Elizabeth Craddock
-1-4-1-1-1-7 Robert Craddock
-1-4-1-1-1-8 Nancy Craddock
-1-4-1-1-1-9 Moses Craddock
-1-4-1-1-1-11 Paskal Craddock
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Josephine Hundley b c 1845 m Samuel James
-1-4-1-1-1-1-1 Matthew Craddock Cabaniss b 1808 m Nancy Hill dau of William Hill and Nancy
-1-4-1-1-1-1-2 John Coleman Cabaniss
-1-4-1-1-1-1-3 Sarah Ann Cabaniss
-1-4-1-1-1-1-4 Lucy Mary Cabaniss
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Carrie Mae James b 6 Sep 1906 Beards Fork, Fayette Co WV m Troy Oliver Settle b 3 Apr 1914 Fayette Co d 4 Nov 1989 Son of Nelson L Settle and Effie
-1-4-1-1-1-1-1-1 Matthew David Cabaniss
-1-4-1-1-1-1-1-2 John Wesley Cabaniss
-1-4-1-1-1-1-1-3 Sarah Ann Cabaniss
-1-4-1-1-1-1-1-4 John Cortland Cabaniss
PE13-6 MARTHA PETTUS b about 1615.
PE13-7 ELIZABETH PETTUS b about 1617
PE14-2 ANNE PETTUS, b. 1582; m y ALDRICH
P14-3 SIR JOHN PETTUS* b 1584 Norwich, England d 9 Apr 1613 m BRIDGET CURTIS dau of AUGUSTINE CURTIS -1 SIR AUGUSTINE PETTUS b Norwich, England d. Bef. 1613 m1 MARY WYLETTE, dau of HENRY WYLETE ESQ. m2 ABIGAIL HAVENINGHAM 1608.
-1-1 SIR JOHN PETTUS* b about 1609 d about 1686 Chadiston Hall MP 1650 m ELIZABETH GURNEY
PE14-4 EDWARD PETTUS, b 1585
PE14-5 HENRY PETTUS, b 1586 d. Rappahannock Co. Va -1 HENRY PETTUS.
-2 JOHN PETTUS, b. Rappahannock Co. Va.
-3 AUGUSTINE PETTUS, d. bef 1613 Stephney or Shiffkey
PE14-8 GEORGE PETTUS, b 1591.
PE14-10 MARY PETTUS, b 1594
PE14-13 ROBERT PETTUS, b 1602
PE14-14 ANNE PETTUS, b 1604
PE-15 HENRY PETTUS, b 1606
Pe15-4. Elizabeth Pettus
m 29 Aug 1573 Augustine Whale/Whaley/Whall/Hall of Norwich
Pe15-5 Cicely Pettus
m 13 Sep 1581 in Norwich Humphrey Camden of London
Pe15-6 Anne Pettus
m Robert Debny/Dabney, alderman of Norwich
-3 JOHN DABNEY b 1598 m Elizabeth x
-3-1 MARY ELIZABETH DABNEY, b. 1644, New Kent, VA d by 1690 m Capt Thomas Pettus son of Thomas Pettus and Elizabeth Mouring.
-3-2 GEORGE DABNEY b 1659.
-3-3 WILLIAM DABNEY b 1660.
-3-4 SUSANNAH DABNEY b 1662.
-3-5 JUDITH DABNEY b 1663, New Kent Va.
-3-6 SARAH DABNEY b 1665
-3-1-1 STEPHEN PETTUS b New Kent Va d Aft 1758.
-3-1-3 ELIZABETH PETTUS b 1683
-3-1-4 DABNEY PETTUS b 1685, New Kent, Va
Pe15-7 Isabel Pettus
Pe15-8 William Pettus b about 1575 dsp 1608 -1 WILLIAM5 PETTUS.
?m Elizabeth Rolfe
B Agnes Pettus, born Abt. 1525 in Norwich, Norfolk, England; died October 01, 1544.
C Joan Pettus, born Abt. 1525; died 1548.
D Anne Pettus, born Abt. 1527

Main sources: BEB1841 Pettus of Rackheath, Visitation Norfolk, 1664, Pettus
Additions from
Burke's "Extinct Baronage"
Walter Rye's "Norfolk Families" ii 656
Edmund Farrer's "Church Heraldry of Norfolk" 116
Norris's "Pedigrees" 917: "Alumni Cantabrigienes " iii 353, published,1924, at Cambridge and edited by John Venn
Percy Milligan's "Freeman of Norfolk 1548-1713", published in 1934
and Talloch's "Sketch of the Pettus Family".
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* The name of SIR JOHN PETTUS, KNIGHT, appears in "Brown's Genesis of the United States:. The third charter, period III. Nov. 1609 to July 1614,p. 966. "This document was drawn, I suppose by Sir Edwin Sandys, it was published by Rev. William Stith, 1747." p. 966--SIR JOHN PETTUS, 3 Sub---pd 25 pounds, Of Norwich. M.P. for Norwich, 1601 and 1604.11 . died; April 9th 1613.


SIR JOHN PETTUS, of Norwich, knight, 10 January 1613, proved 13 May 1614.
To be buried in the church of St. Symon and Jude, Norwich, nigh to my father's grave. To ward the building of a porch at the North door ofthe said church, over my grandfather's grave , twenty marks. MY SON THOMAS PETTUS. THOMAS PETTUS MY GRANDCHILD, son of SIR AUGUSTINE PETT US my son deceased, at twenty=one. Dame Bridget my wife. My brother Thomas Pettus. My lease of house and c in London wherein my brother William Pettus dwelt at the time of his decease . John Pettus my godson, son of the said William, my brother at two and twenty. Item, I do give and bequeath unto Bridgett Saltonstall my grandchild the sum of one hundred pounds and unto Susan Saltonstall my granchild one hundred pounds and unto Christian Saltonstall my grandchild one hundred pounds to be paid unto them at their several ages of eighteen year s of days of marriage, which shall first happen. My cousin Thomas Potter and Anne his wife shall have the use of the corner nessuage in the parish of St. Symon and Jude, late my uncle Richard Swifte's, after my decease, for the term of seven years upon the condition that he shall pay unto John Pettus my godson, son of my brother Thomas Pettus, yearly, at the said corner messuage, eight pounds. I bequeath unto my brother Thomas Pettus, my sister Whall, my sister Joanes, the late wife of my brother William, deceased, my sister in law Mrs. Reeves, Mr. George Downing, my brother in law Robert Debny (and others named) a nest of cups or bowls of silver of ten pounds price, with a superscription, "IN MEMORIAN JOHANNIS PETTUS MILITIS." Cousin Stile, cousin Myles, cousin Richard Dethicke and William Blackhead's wife. To my son i n law Sir Peter Saltonstall knight one bason and ewer of silver double gilt, and one each to m y sons in law Robert Knightley and Martyn Sedly. My niece Susan Pettus of London. My wife Dam e Bridget. My son Thomas Pettus to be sole executor and my son in law Martyn Sedley, my brother Robert Debney and my cousin Henry Pendleton to be supravisors. Lawe, 51. Setentia pro comfirmatione was pronounced 4 November 1614 in a causebetween Thomas Pettus, so n of the deceased, and executor of the foregoingwill, on the one part and Dame Bridgett Pettu s, the relict, DameChristian Saltonstall, Ann Knightley and Bridget Sedley, daughters, andTho mas and John Pettus, grandsons of the deceased on the other part. Lawe 116

Reference:--Genealotical Gleanings in England by Henry F. Waters, A.M. Vol II, pp. 940-941.


Sir John Pettus knighted by Elizabeth, a Member of Parliament in 1601;Mayor of Norwich in 160 8. There is a handsome portrait of him in official robes in the Guild Hall. He was a member of the "Virginia Company:. His will (Genealogical Gleanings in England by Henry Waters,p. 9 4-) says he must be buried in the church of S.S. Simon and Jude, "nigh to my father's grave" . Left money for building a porch at the door of the church, over his grandfather's grave. H is grave is marked by "the sumptuous tomb" erected by his younger son to him and his oldest so n whodied before he did. Will dated Jan. 10, 1613. Inscription on the tomb reads: "Sacraet septernae Moeriae clarissimi Patris et dilectissimi Fratris, Johannis et Augustini Petti, mi letum, maetissimus Filius et Frater Thomasus Pettus armiger pietatis et amoris ergo posuit. " Sir John was a public spirited citizen and devoted churchman. For many years his memory wa s honored by a special annual service in the church. He m.1-25-1580 at Hourington, Bridget , dau. of Augustine Curtis, Esq. Shedied in 1622 and was buried in the church.

Sir John Pettus Knt. MP for Norwich 1601 and Mayor of Norwich 1608 Information taken from LDS files, World Family Tree Records, Some Prominent Virginia Families, Vol. IV and Genealogies of Virginia Families. The Old Churches of Norwich
By Noel Spencer & Arnold Kent Publ ished by Jarrold Publishing, 1990 ISBN 0-7117-0544-5

** Notes for ColTHOMAS PETTUS:

1 AUTH Hist. and Register of ancestors and Members of the Society of Colonial Dames

1 AGNC p. 505

1 DEST Will, Meade, 115

1 MEDI Will. "Gleanings in England" by Henry F. Waters.

Authorities as to service: Stanard's Colonial Virginia Register p. 35 Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol Authorities as to descent:

Thomas McAdory Owen, History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography (1921) Vol. 4, p . 1316, New York Public Library. Ibid.: Mrs. L. Clarence Stacy (Pocahontas Hutchinson): The Pettus Family(1957). (New York Public Library) p. 7 and 44, will of Chilion Palmer,Halifax County, Virginia, copy attached signed Chilion, Stacy gives name as Chilton, See also; Excerpt B, opposite Column: Excerpt B: History ofJefferson County, Florida--Mary Oakley McRory and Edith Clarke Barrows, Monticello, Florida (1939) p. 26, In 1758 Martin Thomas Palmer appeared in Virginia, married twice and became the father of several children. A son by the later wife, by name Chilian married Mary Pettus in 1779, they were the parents of ten children. Stacy: The Pettus Family, pp. 517.


Ibid. pp. 5, 6, 48 Note: Authorities disagree as to the identity of the wife of Dabney Pettus , b. 1685. See--W.F. Anderson: Early Descendants of William Overton...(no date), p. 92 (4) a nd infra. Also, F. Hamilton Baskervill, A.M. (1921): Andrew Meade of Ireland and Virginia, pp .142-143, 152. It would appear in the references cited that Dabney Pettus, b. 1685 married Anne Overton, and that a later Dabney (or John?) Pettus b. 1704 married another Anne Overton . However, the evidence isnot conclusive. Stacy: The Pettus Family, pp. 4-5, 46 Baskervill, p. cit. p. 142. Stacey" The Pettus Family pp. 3-4, 48 Baskervill, op. cit. pp. 147, 142. Va. Genealogical Histories, Vol. p. 847 Col. Thomas Pettus was 40 years old when he came to Virginia. Probably a widower. With him o r before him came a Stephen Pettus. Here by 1637.Had land grants in 1655 and 1667. Was accused and acquitted of withholding tithes in 1674. Sued the sheriff of New Kent in 1662. Thena me Stephen is not found in records of Pettuses of Norwich, Eng. But Capt. Thomas Pettus named a son Stephen. Looks like the "first Stephen"was a son of Col. Pettus by a first wife an d named for her family. Have heard of no one claiming descent from "the first Stephen". To summarize: Col. Pettus, Councilor, had son Capt. Thomas and daughters Mary and Ann. So prove d. Also possibly a daughter who married Freeman.And very probably sons Stephen ("the first Stephen") and John of Rapahannock and New Kent.


Baptized August 23, 1610, served on the Continent with Sir Thomas Dale in the Thirty Years War, and was sent to Virginia by Sir John Pettus of the London Company in command of 40 men. H e married in 1645 Elizabeth Durant, widow of Richard Durant. He was known as Col. Thomas Pettus and was a member of the King's Council in 1642-1660.


Appointed by Crown Gov. Council of VA 1641-1660, highest honor of Virginia, title given "Colonel" Vestryman of Bruton Parish 1636-40 Littletown Plantation on James River Referenced in Hopkins of Virginia, The Pettus' of Cornhill, and The Pettus' of Virginia and England. (Rudd)


Colonel Thomas PETTUS (aka Councilor) came to America in 1638-1641, after serving on the Continent in the Thirty Years War, for the Virginia Company in command of forty men to assist the colonists in their struggles with the Powhatan Indians at Jamestowne. Colonel Thomas built a substantial residence on the James River on a tract four miles downriver from the Jamestown settlement not long after his arrival. He named the seventeenth century plantation house Littletown. Colonel Thomas, son of William Pettus, sought a lifestyle different than was offered in his native environs. He found Virginia an attractive alternative lifestyle. He quickly became a member of the emerging provincial elite. Colonel Thomas PETTUS became a Governor's councilor in the mid-seventeenth century, serving on the prestigious Governor's Council from 1641 until 1660. Colonel Thomas probably was entitled to some Jamestowne property through investments made by his granduncle Sir John PETTUS, who had purchased stock in the company holding the third charter to Virginia, The Third Virginia Charter Company. 11 The marriage of Colonel Thomas to the widow, Elizabeth ( Mrs. Richard) DURRANT, added substantial holdings to the estate which eventually encompassed 1280 acres. The PETTUS plantation left a lasting imprint on the Jamestowne and Williamsburg landscape.

About 1972 the Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission located and began excavation of Colonel Thomas PETTUS' Littletown 15 site at Kingsmill (right) and determined the layout and size of the buildings from discolored earth where dwelling supporting postholes existed. Several plantation sites comprised the Kingsmill area. The Pettus Littletown Plantation archaeological site, uncovered by historical archaeologist William M. Kelso, is located near the marina on the private Kingsmill Resort property south of Williamsburg, VA. An article entitled "The Virginians" in the November 1974 National Geographic Magazine 8 gives an account of this archaeological find and excavation and further insight into the development of Colonial Virginia. Below is the complete four paragraph excerpt from the section on pages 593-596, under the subtitle "Post Molds" Reveal a Colonial Saga, which pertains to Colonel Thomas PETTUS. Author Mike W. Edwards writes:

"Thomas Pettus was one of those hardy settlers - a land clearer and housebuilder. When, he arrived in 1641, land was available near Jamestown. He built on a tract four miles downriver from the settlement."

"I came on Pettus's holdings on a hot July afternoon and met half a dozen young people who had cleared the land again - at least, a little of it. They scraped the earth with trowels; one brushed with a whisk broom."

"From beneath his yellow hard hat - protection from the sun - archeologist William Kelso of the Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission explained that the team sought 'post molds' - discolored earth that would disclose where posts had stood. Judging from the ashes here, this had been Pettus's smokehouse. 'As you can see,' Bill said, waving a hand toward rows of holes, ' we've found the other buildings of the homestead.' "

"It was not a grand manor. Pettus built a T-shaped house and haphazardly added outbuildings, all of wood. 'It was almost a medieval layout,' Bill continued. 'In the 17th century, men like Pettus were concerned more with survival than pleasing architecture.' He apparently possessed little china or crystal. 'Mostly we've found items of local clay, crudely formed and crudely fired.' "

Later findings and thinking can be found in William M. Kelso's "Rescue Archaeology of the James - Early Virginia Country Life" 3 and Kingsmill Plantations, 1619-1800, Archaeology of Country Life in Colonial Virginia, Studies in Historical Archaeology 12 which is an extensive study of the Kingsmill Plantations and contains many references to Thomas PETTUS' Littletown Plantation.

Colonel (Councilor) Thomas PETTUS was an active participant in the affairs of Jamestowne and Old Fields at Middle Plantation, Williamsburg's name until the 66-year-old community was incorporated in 1699, and he is mentioned in many documents of the period. After Colonel Thomas died in 1660, the plantation house and land passed to his son Captain Thomas PETTUS, Jr.

More About THOMAS PETTUS , COL: Fact 1: Christened 2-19-1598

+ Sir John Pettus of Chediston Hall, younger son of Sir Augustine Pettus,was a Member of Parliament in 1650 and author of various works. Died at the age of 77 in Fleet Station Prison, after many years of persecution, for which his wife was largely to blame. She was Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Richard Gurney, 1661. This lineage of Pettuses of Norwich shows how Virginia Pettuses were related to their neighbors, --the Sandyses, Burwells, Dabneys, Bacons, Rolfes, and Wyatts. Sir Francis Wyatt, Governor of Virginia, 1621-25 and 1639-41, m. Margaret, dau. of Sir Samuel Sandys, son of Edwin Sandys, Archbishop of York. Another son of the Archbishop was George Sandys, Secretary of the "Virginia Company" in London and later Member of the Council in Virginia.

The brothers Sir James Bacon of Friston Hall and Sir Nathaniel Bacon of Shiffkey, Norfolk were 1st cousins of Sir Francis Bacon, the great scientist, thought by some to have written Shakespeare's plays. Sir Nathaniel's granddaughter married Sir Thomas Pettus.

- - - -

Dabney-Pettuses by Mrs. P. Stacy, Va. Genealogical Hist., p. 849

Stephen Pettus (Thomas, Thomas) called himself "Stephen Pettus of Hanover" in deeds to his son s in 1745 and 1754. In 1700 he was "of Blissland Parish, New Kent" when he signed a "lease-re lease" deed for "Littleton" and "Utopia" in favor of his stepmother's 2nd husband, James Bray . This deed is something of a mystery, quite lengthy but not complete. The "release" was not within it when found and we do not know what price Mr. Bray paid. How it was found and a full copy is given in Va. Hist. Mag., xivi 5. It was signed also by Elizabeth and Jane Freeman and their husbands. If Mr. Bray was safeguarding his wife's title to property left her by Capt . Pettus, why did not other cousins sign?

Blissland Parish was in lower New Kent, adjoining King William. Dabneys lived in New Kent an d King William. Stephen married Mary, daughter of Capt. George Dabney of King William. His will, 1729, names daughter Mary Pettus, and grandson Dabney Pettus, son of Stephen Pettus." I n 1720 Hanover was set off from New Kent. In 1727 Stephen Pettus patented extensively in western Hanover. Louisa set off from Hanover in 1742,included part of his holdings. He deeded Louisa lands to sons, Dabney, John and George. To son, Stephen he deeded or willed Hanover lands .Hanover records were burned in 1865. He seems to have had a daughter who married Terry. I n 1761 John Pettus deeded "for love" to George Terry, had on his bond Dabney Pettus, son of Stephen. But this was down inCharlotte Co. Stephen Pettus , of Hanover's sons, all left Hanover and Louisa. And, oddly, as they went elsewhere, Overton Pettuses moved into Hanover and Louisa, and are known as the Pettuses of Louisa. George Pettus (Ste. Tho. Tho) was probably the youngest of the brothers. He may have gone to Jefferson Co., which became the state of Kentucky. There in 1792 a Stephen Pettus married Elizabeth, daughter of Francis Adams.