Ca17 Philip Cary

    Sir Philip Cary was the son of Sir Robert Cary (Ca18) and ???Margaret de Courtenay (Co18), daughter of of Sir Philip de Courtenay of Powderham ( gives the mother as Jane Hanksford, which is probably more acurate) Jane Hanksford was the daughter of Sir William Hanksford.
    Born: 1400 in Cockington
    Died: 1437
    Married: about 1436 Christian Orchard, daughter of Sir William Orchard.
    Philip Cary and Christian Orchard had issue:
    A Sir Richard Carey with the Lancastrians at the Battle of Towton and may have been a younger brother of Philip or William Cary

    Sir Phillip Cary lived during the reigns of Henry IV, V, VI.
    His death at a young age and in the year Henry VI became of age leaves the question open of whether he died in battle.