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Windsor of Estain, Windsor of Stanwell, Windor of West Horsley, FitzGerald, FitzMaurice, Carew, Carru
Probably nominated by Bernard I, King of Italy and the Lombards b c797, d 17.08.818 was:
Wi33 Cosimo Gheradini b in 870 in Italy, first Grand Duke of Florence, father of:
Wi32 Matthias Gheradini b 900 in Florence Italy, father of:
Wi31 Otterus Gheradini (Wi31) b 934 father of:
Wi30. Gherardine or Gherardowas possibly the father of ..
Wi29 Otho or Other b about 1037, d before 1100
Walter FitzOther or FitzOtho, Keeper of the Forest, Constable of Windsor Castle b about 1090 was granted West Hagbourne
m1 Gwladus verch Gruffydd dau of Gruffydd, Prince of Gwynyedd b 1055 and Angharad d c1162, dau of Owain ap Edwin, Lord Tegaingl
m1 Beatrice
Wi27 William FitzWalter/FitzOtho de Windsor, Constable of Windsor Castle b about 1105
Wi26. Sir William de Windsor (b about 1135 a 1194)
Wi25-1 Walter de Windsor (b about 1150 d c1205)
-1-1 Christian de Windsor b about 1170
m Duncan de Lascelles
-1-2 Gunnora de Windsor
m Ralph de Hodeng
Wi25 William de Windsor of Stanwell b about 1155 (a 1212) and West Hagbourne
Wi24 William de Windsor of Stanwell (d c1275)
m Agnes
Wi23 William de Windsor of Stanwell (b about 1195 d c1279)
m Margaret Drokensford (dau of John Drokensford)
Wi22 Sir Richard de Windsor of Stanwell (came of age 1279 so b 1258 d c1326)
m1 Julian Stapleton (dau of Sir Nicholas Stapleton of Hachilsay)
Wi21 Richard de Windsor of Stanwell (3 Apr 1367)
m1 Joane
Wi20-1 daughter
m2 Julian Molyns (dau of James Molyns of Hants)
Wi20 Sir James de Windsor of Stanwell (d 02.10.1371)
m Elizabeth Strechie (dau of Sir John Strechie of Wombro)
Wi19 Sir Miles de Windsor of Stanwell, 1354 -1387, Witness at the Scrope & Grosvernor Controversy, from whom the present Earl of Plymouth is descended, only 16 years old at the death of his father, he appeared on that great trial at Chester, on September 30th, before John of Gaunt, King of Castile, & Duke of Lancaster, in relation to the bearing of the coat of arms then in contest between Richard le Scrope, Lord Scrope of Bolton, & Sir Robert Grosvenor, Knight, certifying, that the said Richard, Lord Scrope, had a right to the arms, Azure, a Bend Or, which was confirmed to him, the said Lord Serope, went in the King’s service into Spain, under the command of John, King of Castile & Leon, & Duke of Lancaster, had the King’s letter of protection for 1 year, from March 6th, 1366, when they were granted: and probably he died there.
m c.1371 Alice de Wymondam (-1394) dau of Adam de Wymondam of Wymondam)
Wi18 Brian de Windsor of Stanwell
m Alice Drewe (dau of Thomas Drewe of Segrave)
Wi17-1 Miles de Windsor of Stanwell (d unm)
Wi17 Richard de Windsor of Stanwell d seized of West hagbourne 16 Apr 1428
m Christian Falconer (dau of Richard Falconer)
Wi16 Miles Windsor of Stanwell (d 30.09.1451)
m Joan Green (dau of Walter Green of Bridgenorth)
Wi20-3 Sir William de Windsor, Baron (d 15.09.1385/6) mentioned as being in service in Ireland in the patent rolls of 1364
Assumed to have been also by the second marriage were ...
Wi20-4 Isabel de Windsor (b c1347)
Wi20-5 Christian de Windsor (b c1351)
m Sir William Moraux
Wi20-6 Margery de Windsor (b c1353)
m John Duket
m3. Claricia Drokensford (dau of John Drokensford) she m2 Helming Leget m3 John York
Wi21-2 William de Windsor (rector of Stanwell)
Wi22-2+ other issue - Walter, Margaret (nun)
Wi23-2 Hugh de Windsor
(a) Joan de Windsor
m Sir Richard de Dray
Wi26 Hugh FitzWilliam de Windsor of West Horsley (a 1166)
The following comes from VCH (Surrey, vol 3, West Horsley).
Wi25 Hugh de Windsor of West Horsley (younger son?)
Wi24-1 Hugh de Windsor
Wi22=24 Christina de Windsor, heiress of West Horsley (d before 1325)
m Ralph de Berners (d 1297)
Gerald FitzWalter de Windsor, Constable of Pembroke Castle b about 1110
m Nesta of Deheubarth (d before 1136, dau of Rhys, Prince of South Wales)
Ge28=Ca29 William FitzGerald of Carru (Kerrin) Castle b about 1130 d 1173)
Ca27 Otto FitzWilliam de Carris Castle b about 1160 d about 1204 m Margaret fitz Tancred and supposedly had 8 sons (TP shows only 4): 
Carew Coat of Arms
Ca26 William de Carew, of Moulsford Oxon, Baron Odrone Co Carlow   b before 1194 d before 17 Sep 1213 had three son Thomas "Wallensis" d 1255 Bishop of St David's in 1248, Richard and:
Ca25 Nicholas de Carew b after 1203 d before Jul 1228 , m Catherine de Courcy
Tudor shows
also shown by TP is
Ca24 William de Carew b before 1228 d 1279  Baron de Carew before 1247, possibly the William who had a serjeanty of co. Waterford in 1277.
Tudor shows
Alice Marshall and had Maurice de Carew, Robert de Carew 
According to BP1912 (Carew), from Otho "5th in lineal descent was" ... Ca23 Sir Nicholas Carew, lord of Carew and Mulsford (a c1300) 
Ca27-2 Solomon de CAREW
Ca27-3 Stephen de Carew emigrated to Ireland
Ca27-4 Walter de CAREW
Ca27-5 Robert de CAREW
Ca27-6 Thomas or Tancred de Carew emigrated to Ireland
Ca27-7 Morice de CAREW
Ca27-8 Raymond de Carew emigrated to Stillorgan Co Dublin Ireland, 1st Baron Odrone of Stillorgan see below Ge27-3
Ge27 William FitzWilliam
Ge26 William FitzWilliam of Kingsley
m Emma de Kingsley (dau of Richard de Kingsley)
Ge25 William Gerard of Kingsley (b c 1250 d before 1316)
m Margaret
Ge25-2? Possibly here was:
Joan Gerard b 1247 ?Woodbury Devon d there 1275
m John More de Heydon b c 1235 ?Woodbury
Ge27-3 Raymond Crapus
Commoners, vol IV, Fitzgerald of Glyn, shows Raymond as ancestor of the Grace family and the Fitzmaurice Earls of Kerry, but whether there is confusion with the above Raymon or they are the same has to be clarified.
Wi26=Fi28. Maurice FitzGerald, Lord of Maynooth and Naas (b 1100, d 01.09.1176)
m Alice de Montgomery (dau of Arnulf de Montgomery, lord of Pembroke, 'Cimbricus')
Wi26-3 David FitzGerald, Bishop of St. Davids (d 1176)
(1) Milo FitzBishop of Iverk
Wi26 Angharad or Angareth DitzGerald TCP (Barry) shows Angareth's father whose mother was Nesta, dau of Rhys, Prince of South Wales, was Stephen, Constable of Cardigan Castle. He was Nesta's 2nd husband. This is doubted by many who believe that Nesta was Angareth's mother by her 1st marriage rather than her 2nd.
m William de Barry
Wi26-5? Hawise de Windsor
m Walter de Hastings b at Port Reece, c 1068 Steward to King Henry I
Wi28-3. Robert FitzWalter de Windsor b c 1072 d 1130 Hereford, lord of Eston or Estain
m1 Sybil de Chesney + 5 ch
m2 x ´3 ch
Wi28-3-1. William de Windsor of Estain
m Hawise de Guerres b c 1120 d 1219 Bliston Suffolk dau y de Guerres and Amicia de Breteuil
(1) Delicia de Windsor b about 1110
m Robert de Hastings
(A) Delicia de Hastings
m Henry de Cornhill
(i) Jane de Cornhill
m Sir Godfrey de Lovaine
(a) Sir Matthew de Lovaine of Estain
(2) Robert de Hastings
(2) Anabalis Foliot
Wi28-3-2 William de Cheney, Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk Lord of Horsford b c 1090 d 29 Sep 1174
m1 Sybil de Cheney b c 1085
Wi28-3-3 Roger FitzRobert
Wi28-3-4 John FitzRobert
Wi28-3-5 Margaret de St. Clair
Wi28-3-6 Simon de Cheney
Wi28-3-7 Elias FitzRobert
Wi28-3-8 Peter FitzRobert
m2 Gwladys of Gwynedd dau of Gruffydd, Prince of Gwynedd

Sources: BP1934 (Plymouth), BP1934 (Leinster), BP1934 (Gerard), BE1883 (Windsore), RoyalData.

Tudor shows
Nicholas De Carew Ca26 and John Marshall had the custody of Moulsford manor for a short time after his death. In Jul 1228, the manor was committed to Bertram De Crioil, Constable of Dover, for his maintenance in the king's service during pleasure. In the following Sep, the grant was extended until the heir of Nicholas should be of age. John Marshall endeavored to recover the custody of the lands and heir of Nicholas Carew in 1230 and Crioil was disseised, but restored again in 1232.

In 1195, William de Carew Ca27 made fine with the King not to be impeded concerning his land in Moulsford, co. Berkshire. Again in 1207, he paid 40 oz. of gold not to be impeded by Geoffrey concerning this land as King John wished him to remain in peach thereof. In 1212, he had further confirmation of the grant to his great-grandfather, Gerald FitzWalter. King John restored to him the Lordship of Moulesford in Berkshire which Henry I gave to his great-grandfather, Gerald fitz Walter De Windsor, succeeded his father at Carew and received the barony of Odrone, co. Carlow, from his uncle Raymond Fitzgerald le Gros.

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