Th10 Edward Thruston

    Th10 Edward Thruston was the son of   Edward Thruston (Th11) and Susanna Perry: (Pe11)
    was born 1678,/80, February 5, at Ashton (probably the Ashton near Bristol where his mother was buried in 1683), where his father then lived. His father removed to Virginia, where he settled prior to 1713.
     He married  on Saturday, 31st August 1706  Elizabeth Housden, (Ho10),
     daughter of Thomas Housden (Ho11), minister of the upper parish of Nansemond in Virginia.
     He died 1762
    Will dated 25th September 1761

    Edward Thruston and Elizabeth Housden had issue:
    (Th9-1) Mary Thruston b. 9th Dec 1707 in the afternoon
    (Th9) Colonel John Thruston + b. 24th Oct 1709 at 3 AM, d. 20 Feb 1766
    (Th9-3) Elizabeth Thruston b. 8th Apr 1712 at 7 in the afternoon, d. 18 Jan 1782, married Cornelius Calvert 5 May 1772
    (Th9-4) Francis Thruston b. 7th Jan 1713/14 about 5 in the morning, d. 21 Aug 1749, married x Smith
    (Th9-5) Edmond Thruston b. 14th Jul 1717 about 6 in the afternoon
    (Th9-6) Susannah Thruston + b. 30 Jul 1719, d. 27 Dec 1748
    (Th9-7) Perry Thruston b. 30 Aug 1721
    (Th9-8) Thomas Thruston b. 4 Dec 1725, d. 15 Feb 1738

    Notes of Mrs. George Nicholas (Ni3-5) based on a certified copy of this Edward Thruston's Family Bible on record at the Filson Club in Louisville Kentucky.