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Talbot 2

: Talbot of Albrighton, Talbot of Grafton, Talbot of Lacock, Talbot of Salwarp, Talbot of Shrewsbury, Talbot of Worvill
Sir John Talbot, 1st Earl of Shrewbury (b 1390, d Chastillon 20.07.1453)
m1. (12.03.1406) Maud Nevill, Baroness Furnivall (b c1391, d before 1433, dau of Thomas Nevill, Lord Furnival)
Ta17 John Talbot, 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury, Lord Chancellor of Ireland (b 1413, d Northampton 10.07.1460)
m1. (before 08.06.1421) Catherine Burnel (dau of Sir Edward Burnel) this marriage may not have taken place
m2. Elizabeth Butler (d 08.09.1473, dau of James Butler, 4th Earl of Ormonde, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland)
Ta16-1 John Talbot, 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury (b 12.12.1448, d 28.06.1473)
m. (1467) Catherine Stafford (d 26.12.1476, dau of Humphrey de Stafford, 1st Duke of Buckingham)
Ta16-1-1 George Talbot, 4th Earl of Shrewsbury (b 1468, d 26.07.1538)
m1. Anne Hastings (dau of William Hastings, 1st Lord)
a. son (dsp)
b. Francis Talbot, 5th Earl of Shrewsbury (b 1500, d 25.09.1560)
m. Mary Dacre (dau of Sir Thomas Dacre, 2nd Lord of Gillesland)
(1) George Talbot, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury, Earl Marshal (b 1528/c1522, d 18.11.1590)
m1. Gertrude Manners (d 1566, dau of Thomas Manners, 1st Earl of Rutland)
(A) Gilbert Talbot, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury (b 20.11.1552, d 08.05.1616)
m. (09.02.1567-8) Mary Cavendish (dau of Sir William Cavendish)
(i) Mary Talbot (dsp 03.1649)
m. (04.11.1604) William Herbert, 3rd Earl of Pembroke (b 08.04.1580, dsps 10.04.1630)
(ii) Elizabeth Talbot (d 07.12.1651)
m. (before 09.1602) Henry Grey, 8th Earl of Kent (dsp 21.11.1639)
(iii) Alathea Talbot (d 24.05.1654)
m. (09.1606) Thomas Howard, Earl of Arundel, Surrey and Norfolk (b 07.07.1585, d 04.10.1646)
(B) Edward Talbot, 8th Earl of Shrewsbury (bpt 25.02.1561, dsps 08.02.1617)
m. (11.12.1583) Jane Ogle, Baroness Ogle (bur 07.01.1625-6, dau of Cuthbert Ogle, 7th Lord)
(C) Henry Talbot (4th son)
m. Elizabeth Reyner (dau of Sir William Reyner of Orton Longueville)
(i) Gertrude Talbot (b c1588, d 1649)
m. (08.01.1601) Robert Pierrepont, 1st Earl of Kingston-Upon-Hull (b 06.08.1584, d 25.07.1643)
(ii) Mary Talbot (dsps 06.03.1674-5)
m1. Thomas Holcroft of Vale Royal (a 1613)
m2. (28.08.1628) Sir William Armine, 1st Bart of Osgodby (b 11.12.1593, d c10.04.1651)
(D) Mary Talbot
m. Sir George Savile, 1st Bart of Thornhill, Sheriff of Yorkshire
(E)+ 1 son and 2 daughters
m2. (09.02.1568) Elizabeth Hardwick (d 13.04.1607, dau of John Hardwick of Hardwick)
(2) Anne Talbot (dsp 03.02.1584)
m1. John Braye, 2nd Lord (b c1523, dsp 19.11.1557)
m2. (18.11.11561) Thomas Wharton, Wharton, 1st Lord (b c1495, d 23.08.1568)
c. Elizabeth Talbot
m. Sir William Dacre, 3rd Lord of Gillesland (d 1563)
d.+ plus 4 sons and 4 daughters
m2. Elizabeth Walden (dau of Sir Richard Walden of Erith)
l. Anne Talbot (bur 08.08.1588)
m1. Peter Compton
m2. (sp) William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke
ii. Thomas Talbot (dsp)
Ta16 Sir Gilbert Talbot of Grafton, Sheriff of Shropshire (d 19.09.1518, 5th son)
m1. Elizabeth Greystock (dau of Ralph Greystock, 7th Lord of Greystoke)
Ta15 Sir Gilbert Talbot of Grafton (d 22.10.1542)
m1. Anne Paston (dau of Sir William Paston)
Ta14-1 Humphry Talbot (dsp)
Ta14-2 Walter Talbot (dsp)
Ta14-3 Margaret Talbot
m. Sir Robert Newport
(1) Jane Newportpossibly of this family, of this generation
m. Anthony Pennyston
Ta14 Elizabeth Talbot
m. John Lyttelton of Frankley (d 17.05.1532)
Ta14-5 Mary Talbot
m. Sir Thomas Astley of Patshull
m2. Elizabeth (widow of _ Wynter)
Ta15-2 Sir Humphry Talbot (dsp)
m2. Etheldreda/Audley Cotton (dau of William Cotton of Landwade)
Ta15-3 Sir John Talbot of Albrighton and Grafton (d 10.09.1549)
m1. Margaret Troutbeck (dau of Adam Troutbeck of Mobberley)
Ta15-3-1 Sir John Talbot of Grafton and Albrighton (d 06.06.1555)
m. Frances Giffard (dau of Sir John Giffard)
(1) Sir John Talbot of Grafton
m1. Catherine Petre (dau of Sir William Petre, Secretary of State)
(A) George Talbot, 9th Earl of Shrewsbury (d unm 02.04.1630)
(B) John Talbot of Longford (d 1607)
m. Elizabeth Baskerville (dau of Sir Thomas Baskerville of Wolvershill)
(i) John Talbot, 10th Earl of Shrewsbury (d 08.02.1653-4)
m1. Mary Fortescue (dau of Sir Francis Fortescue of Salden Hill)
m2. Frances (dau of Thomas, 1st Lord Arundel of Wardour)
(ii)+ other issue (d unm)
m2. Margaret (dau of Lord Windsor)
(2) Bridget Talbot (d 1619)
m. Sir John Talbot of Castlering (d 07.11.1613)
(3) Jane Talbot probably of this generation
m. Sir George Bowes of Streatlam (Knight Marshall)
(4) daughter possibly of this generation
m. Robert Winter
Ta15-3-2 Mary Talbot possibly of this generation, if so probably of this marriage
m. Thomas Poole of Poole (d 1536)
m2. Elizabeth Wrottesley (dau of Walter Wrottesley of Wrottesley)
Ta15-3-3 Sir John Talbot of Salwarp (d 09.12.1581)
m. (13.09.1574) Olive Sherrington (dau of Sir Henry Sherrington of Lacock)
(1) Sherrington Talbot of Salwarp and Lacock
m1. Elizabeth Leighton (dau of Sir Thomas Leighton of Feckingham)
(A) Sherrington Talbot (d 1677)
m. (13.10.1627) Jane Lyttelton (dau of John Lyttelton of Frankley)
(i) Sir John Talbot of Lacock
m1. Elizabeth Keyt (dau of Sir John Keyt, 1st Bart of Ebrington)
(a) Sherrington Talbot (dvpsp)
m. Anne Lawley (dau of Sir F. Lawley)
m2. Barbara Slingsby (dau of Sir Henry Slingsby, 1st Bart of Scriven)
(b) Anne Talbot
m. Sir John Ivory of Ireland
((1)) John Ivory Talbot of Lacock ancestor of Talbot of Lacock Abbey
(c) Barbara Talbot (b c1665/71, d 31.01.1763)
m. (11.07.1689) Henry Yelverton, Lord Grey of Ruthin, 1st Viscount Longueville (b c1664, d 24.03.1703/4)
(d)+ other issue - Gilberta (d unm), 2 sons (dsp)
(ii) Elizabeth Talbot probably of this generation
m. (22.10.1665) Henry Davenport (d 07.1698)
m2. Mary Washbourne (dau of John Washbourne of Wichinford)
(B) George Talbot of Rudge or Ridge
m. Catherine Whittington (dau of Edmond Whittington of Notgrove)wife of George & mother of ...
(i) Catherine (aka Sarah) Talbot
m. Sir Clement Clerke of Launde Abbey
(C) Edward Talbot
(D) William Talbot of Whittington (d 27.03.1686)
m. Mary Doughty (d 1661, dau of Thomas Doughty of Whittington)
Ancestors of the Earls Talbot and the 18th & later Earls of Shrewsbury.
(E) Francis Talbot (d unm)
Possibly of this generation but, if so, of which marriage is unknown, was ....
(F) Mary Talbot (a 1682)
m. Foulke Grosvenor of Sutton Coldfield (d 06.05.1652)
(2) John Talbot of Badgworth
m. Mary Trimmel (dau of Thomas Trimmel of Okely)
(A) John Talbot of Okely
m. Margaret Gower (dau of Thomas Gower of Droitwich)
(3) Thomas Talbot of Worvill
m. Magdalen Wyvill (dau of Sir Marmaduke Wyvill)
(A) Robert Talbot of Worvill
m. Anne Sheldon (dau of William Sheldon of Broadway)
(i)+ issue - Thomas of Worvill, Gilbert, George
Ta15-4 Anne Talbot
m. Thomas Needham of Shenton
Ta16-3. Anne Talbot
m Sir Henry Vernon of Haddon d 1511 governor and tresurer to Prince Arthur son of Sir William Vernon and Margaret Swinfen -1 Humphrey VERNON of Hodnet b 1463 Shrewsbury d aft 1495-1542 m Alice Windsor
-2 Thomas VERNON m Anne/Amy LUDLOW b 1480 dau. of Sir John Ludlow of Hodnet and Elizabeth Grey
-3 Sir John VERNON b c 1474 d 1545 Sudbury m c 1505 Helen Montgomery the heiress of Sudbury and became the progenitor of the Vernons of Sudbury, Hilton, Clontarf Castle in Ireland, etc. His coat-of-arms was the fretty sable, a quarter gules. Argent (silver) is the background or field for all these bearings.
-4 Margaret VERNON b. ABT 1475
-5 Anne VERNON b c 1476 Haddon Ralph SHIRLEY of Staunton Harold b. ABT 1458 - d. 6 Jan 1517 son of John Shirley and Eleanor Willoughby w1 of Elizabeth Walsh - m3 Anne Warner - m4 Jane Sheffield 23 Jul 1496, Haddon, Derbyshire
-6 Richard VERNON of Haddon
-7 x VERNON b ABT 1478
-8 Elizabeth VERNON b c 1479 Hadddon Hall Derbyshire d 29 Mar 1563 Moreton Corbet Shropshire m 1497 Haddon Hall Sir Rober Corbet b c 1477 d 11 Apr 1513 son of Richard Corbet and Elizabeth Ververreux
-9 Christopher VERNON b c 1479
-10 x VERNON b ABT 1480
-11 Arthur VERNON b 1482
-12 George VERNON b ABT 1483
-13 x VERNON b ABT 1484
-14 Mary VERNON b c 1485 m Francis ROLLESTON son of Thomas Rolleston and Elizabeth Turbille
-15 x VERNON b ABT 1486
-16 John VERNON b ABT 1487
-17 y VERNON b ABT 1488
-18 Anne VERNON b 1489)
-19 y VERNON b ABT 1490
-20 Beatrix VERNON b 1491
-21 y VERNON b ABT 1492
-22 y VERNON b ABT 1494

-2-1 Eleanor Vernon b c 1520 Stokesby Derbyshire m Francis Curzon b c 1524 d 1569 son of Richard Curzon and Eleanor Pole
-3-1 y Vernon
-8-1 Dorothy CORBET b ABT 1500 m Sir Richard Mainwaring
-8-2 Roger CORBET b 1502 d 20 Dec 1538 m Anne Windsor
-8-3 Margery CORBET b BET 1510/13
-14-1 Isabel Rolleston

-2-1-1 Thomas CURZON
-2-1-2 Eleanor CURZON
-2-1-3 John CURZON
-2-1-4 George CURZON
-2-1-5 Anne CURZON
-3-1-1 Sir Henry Vernon of Hilton d 21 Jun 1592

-3-1-1-1 Margaret Vernon b Oct 1592 m Sir Edward Vernon of Houndhill gr granson of Sir Humphrey of Hodnet
-3-1-1-1-1 Anne VERNON
-3-1-1-1-2 Dorothy VERNON
-3-1-1-1-3 Henry VERNON of Sudbury
Ta16-4+ other issue - Sir James (dsp 02.09.1471), Christopher (a 1474, rector), George
Ta17-2. Sir Christopher Talbot d Northampton 10.07.1460
m2. Margaret Beauchamp (dau of Richard de Beauchamp, 5th Earl of Warwick)
Ta17-3. John Talbot, 1st Viscount L'Isle (d Chastillon 1453)
m. Joan Chedder (dau of Sir John/Thomas Chedder of Chedder)
A. Thomas Talbot, 2nd Viscount L'Isle (dsp 20.03.1469)
m. Margaret Herbert (dau of William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke)
B. Elizabeth Talbot (d 08.09.1487)
m. Edward Grey, 1st Viscount L'Isle (d 1492)
C. Margaret Talbot (dsp)
m. Sir George Vere
Ta17-4. Sir Humphrey Talbot dsp 1492, Marshal of Calais
Ta17-5. Sir Lewis Talbot of Penyard
Ta17-6. Joan Talbot
m c25.07.1457, sp Sir James de Berkeley, 1st Lord b c 1394, d 11.1463
Ta17-7. Elizabeth Talbot (d 1506/7
m by 27.11.1448 James Mowbray, 5th Duke of Norfolk b 18.10.1444, d 17.01.1475/6
Unsure of which marriage was ...
Ta17-8. Catharine Talbot probably of this generation
m. Sir Nicholas Eyton of Eyton, Sheriff of Salop (a 1455)

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