Jo17 Edward Jordeyne

    Jo17 Edward Jordeyne was the son of
    Born: c 1485 in English Byknow, Gloustershire, Eng.
    Died: died 1514 in Essex?, Middlesex?. 
    His body was interred in St. Peter, West Chepe.
    His will was probated in PCC, 29 Fetiplace. He owned Gerberville Manor, Rainham, Essex., Vic. Hist. Cos. Eng. Essex V.7, pp.??; Visitation of ???.
    Married: Alice
    Sir Edward Jordeyne was  a leading goldsmith at Cheapside with a manor at Raynham and employed at the mint in the Tower of London.

    Jo16 Katheryn Jorden b c 1510 m Sir Thomas Moyle Mo16