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Drury: Drury of Horningsheath, Drury of Livermere, Drury of Rougham, Drury of Thurston

'The History of the Family of Drury' starts with 3 brothers: Peter of Horningsheath (a 1086), Burchard of Bardwell (3rd son who had a son Warin of Bardwell who had issue) and ... settled after the conquest at Thurston, Suffolk; and afterwards resided at Rougham, Suffolk and Leziate in Holt Norfolk
Dr29. Drieu/Drogo of St. Edmund b about1020 Normandy d after 1085 holding lands in Norfolk and Suffolk under control of the Abbey of St. Edmunds. Robert S. Gottfried's book, "Bury St. Edmunds and the Urban Crisis: 1290 - 1539", he states that, "The two outstanding families in the devlopment of late medieval Bury St. Edmunds were the Barets and the Drurys. They intermarried at least twice, and, at a time when only about one quarter of all burghal families survived through three generations, both had direct descendants through-out the entire later middle ages. The Drurys eclipsed even the Barets in wealth and influence."
Dr28 Walter of Livermere b about1030 a 1086
Dr27-1 Robert FitzWalter of Livermere (a 1114)
i. Robert of Horningsheath (a 1197)
Dr27-2 Richard FitzWalter (b about1050 a 1121)
Dr27 Drieu FitzWalter de St. Edmund of Horningsheath (b c1080)
Dr26 Sir Richard FitzDrieu de St. Edmund of Horningsheath (b about1120 a 1186, 2nd son)
Dr25-1 Humphrey FitzDrieu de St. Edmund of Horningsheath (a 1208)
m. Matilda
(1) Robert FitzDrieu of Livermere (a 1215)
(A) Thomas de Livermere of Horningsheath
(i) Robert de Livermere (a 1302)
(2) Richard FitzDrieu (a 1233)
(3) Alice FitzDrieu
m. Henry de Nekton of Fornham
Dr25-2 Walter FitzDrieu de St. Edmund (5th son)
(1)+ issue - Richard, Nicholas of Fornham
Dr25 Robert FitzDrieu de St. Edmund (b about1150 d 1200-3) m Matilda (dau of Anselm FitzOsard de Thurston) The family history book appears to suggest that the name Drury was not used until the 14th century at least, although FitzDrieu gradually became FitzDruri. We use Drury as the family name for generations from here on largely for the sake of simplicity.
Dr24 John FitzRobert Drury of Thurston (b about1200 2nd son)
Dr23 John Drury (a 1280)
Dr22-1 John FitzJohn Drury of Thurston
(a) Alice Drury (a 1305)
m Henry Le Lomb of Thurston
Dr22 Henry FitzJohn Drury b about 1240 a 1286, 1325
m1 Havise Green a 1297, dau of
Richard de la Grene of Barkway
Dr21 John Drury of Thurston (b about1280 a 1345)
m. Amabilia Newton (dau of Thomas Newton)
Dr20 Sir Nicholas Drury of Thurston and Rougham b about1325
m. Agnes Saxham (dau of Sir Simon de Saxham)
Dr19 Sir Roger Drury of Rougham (b about1365 d 1420)
m1. Margaret Naunton (dau of Sir Thomas Naunton of Chavents)
Dr18 Sir William Drury of Rougham (b about1405 d 1450)
m. Katherine Swinford (d 1478, dau of Sir Thomas Swinford)
Dr18-2 Thomas Drury of Hessett (d 1444)
m. Joan
((a))+ issue - William, John, Thomas, Walter, Alice, Joan, Margery, Agnes
Dr18-3 Elizabeth Drury (d 1467)
m. John Baret of Bury
Dr18-4 Margery Drury presumably the Margery who married ...
m. William Clopton of Long Melford (d 08.1446)
Dr18-5+ other issue - George (dsp), Roger (dsp), Nicholas (dsp), Joan
m2. Joan (d 1446)
Dr19 Nicholas Drury of Thurston b 1491 d 1456
m Joan Heath dau of Thomas Heath of Mildenhall
Dr18-1=17-1 Henry Drury of Ickworth (dvp)
m Elizabeth Haton (dau of George Haton)
((a)) Henry Drury (dvpsp)
((b)) Joan or Jane Drury
m1 Thomas Hervey of Ickworth (d 1477)
m2 Sir William Carew of Bury St. Edmund
Dr18=17 Roger Drury of Hawstead b c 1428 Halstead Suffolk d 20 Jan 1493 Halstead
m Felice Dunston/Denston dau of William Dunston of Besthorpe
Dr18-3=17-3 Elizabeth Drury
m. _ Monk
Dr19-3 John Drury of Wetherby
((i)) Roger Drury
Dr20-2 Roger Drury (a 1362, rector of Great Barton or Beckerton)
Dr21-2 Nigel Drury, Sheriff of London
m. Margery
((1)) Edward Drury of London
((2)) Sarah Drury
m. Thomas de Spayne of London
Dr21-3 Alice Drury
m. William Sweeting of Suffolk
Dr21-4+ other issue - Roger (rector of Bradfield), Matilda (a 1302)
m2. Cecily Reyner (dau of John Reyner)
Dr22-3 Roger FitzJohn Drury of Groton (a 1318)
Dr24-2 Jordan FitzRobert Drury
m. Matilda
(A) William FitzJordan Drury (a 1249)
Dr24-3+ other issue - Richard (dsp before 1249), Nicholas
Dr25-4+ other issue - Drieu, Geoffrey, William
Dr26-2 Humphrey of Livermere (dsp)
Dr26-3 Drieu fil. Drieu

Main source(s): 'The History of the Family of Drury in the counties of Suffolk and Norfolk from the Conquest' by Arthur Campling, 1937.
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