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Berkeley 5

: Berkeley of Beverstone or Beverton Castle, Berkeley of Wymondham
Sir John de Berkeley of Beverstone b 1349, d 1428
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m. Elizabeth Bettershorne dau of John Bettershorne of Bisterne
1. Sir Maurice de Berkeley of Beverstone b 1424, d 1474
m Laura FitzHugh dau of Henry FitzHugh, 4th Lord
A. Maurice Berkeley of Beverstone d 1474
m. Anne West dau of Reginald West, Lord de la Warre
i. William Berkeley of Beverstone dsp before 1492
m. Catherine Stourton
ii. Katherine Berkeley d 25.06.1494
m1. John Stourton, 3rd Lord b c1453, d 06.10.1485
m2. Sir John Brereton
B. Sir Edward Berkeley of Beverton Castle, Sheriff of Gloucester d c1505
m1 Christan Holt dau of Richard Holt of Coldrey
i. Lora Berkeley d c12.1501
m1. by 1477 John Blount, 3rd Lord Mountjoy d 12.10.1485
m2. Sir Thomas Montgomery d 1495
m3. before 1496 Thomas Butler, 7th Earl of Ormonde d 03.08.1515
m2. Alice Cock d 29.10.1509
ii. Thomas Berkeley of Beverton Castle d c1500
Some sites show Thomas as Sir Edward's son by his first marriage.
m. Elizabeth Neville dau of George Neville, 4th Lord of Abergavenny
a. Anne Berkeley
m. John Brent of Charing
1 Margaret Brent BP1934 Dering reports that Margaret was dau of John Brent of Charing by Anne, dau of Sir Edward Berkeley. We show Anne as Sir Edward's granddaughter.
m. John Dering of Surrenden d 1550
b. Elizabeth Berkeley
m George Herbert of Swansea
c. Alice Berkeley
m. George Whettenhall
iii. Maurice Berkeley of Beverton Castle dsp 09.09.1513
iv. William Berkeley of Beverton Castle d c1549
m. Margaret Pawlet
a. John Berkeley of Beverton Castle dsp 08.10.1581
m Frances Poyntz d 08.1576, dau of Sir Nicholas Poyntz of Iron Acton
2. Elizabeth Berkeley d c08.12.1478
m1. sp Sir Edward Cherlton, Lord Powis
m2 John Sutton, 1st Lord of Dudley b 25.12.1400, d 30.09.1487
3. Eleanor Berkeley d 01.08.1455
m1. John FitzAlan, Lord Maltravers, 12th Earl of Arundel d 21.04.1421
m2. Sir Richard de Poynings dvp 10.06.1429
Be22 =23 =24 =25. Sir Thomas de Berkeley of Coston
m Isabel Hamelin dau of Sir John Hamelin of Wymondham
Be21 =22 =23 =24 Sir John de Berkeley of Wymondham this generation reported in BEB1841 but not in the Visitation record
m. Joan a 1368
Be20 =21 =22 =23 Sir John de Berkeley of Wymondham d 1374
m. Elizabeth
Be19 =20 =21 =22 Sir John Berkeley of Wymondham a 1403
Be18 =19 =20 =21 Sir Laurence Berkeley of Wymondham d 1458
m. Joan Woodford sister of Sir Robert Woodford
Be17-1 Sir Thomas Berkeley of Wymondham d 1488
m Emma or Petronell Brokesby dau of William Brokesby
Be17-1-1 Sir Maurice Berkeley of Wymondham d 1522
m Margaret Byron dau of Sir John Byron of Over Colwick
Be17-1-1-1 Thomas Berkeley dvp
m Margaret De la Laund dau of Thomas De la Laund by Katherine Welles
Be17-1-1-1-1 Maurice Berkeley of Wymondham
m Margaret Harrington dau of Sir John Harrington
1 John Berkeley of Wymondham dsp
2 Elizabeth Berkeley d 24.10.1573
m1. Robert Pakenham of Streatham d 30.08.1552, Clerk of the Green Cloth
m2. Robert Levesey
Be17-1-1-1-2 William Berkeley of Wymondham d 1536
m. Mary Baunde dau of Robert Buade or Band of Hornby
1 Maurice Berkeley of Wymondham b c1530, d 1600
m. Mary Hall dau of John Hall of Grantham
A Sir Henry Berkeley, Bart of Wymondham b 1566, a 1611, dsp
m1. _ Mynne
m2. Katherine Beaumont dau of Nicholas Beaumont of Cole Orton
B+ other issue d unm - John, Nicholsa, Ursula
2 Edward Berkeley
Be17-1-2 Lawrence Berkeley
Be17-1-3 Elizabeth Berkeley
m. Sir William Hussey of Sleaford d 08.09.1495, attorney general, chief justice
Be17-2 Elizabeth Berkeley d 05.08.1494
BEB1841 identifies Elizabeth's husband as Sir William Hussey, lord chief justice, but the Visitation record shows that Elizabeth as of the next generation. We follow Visitation as the Hussey records identify his wife's father as Thomas rather than Laurence Berkeley. Visitation shows this Elizabeth as having married ...
m. Sir John Bussey
Be17 =18 =19 =20 Alice Berkeley
m Thomas Woodford
Be19-2 Thomas de Berkeley
Be19-2-1 Elizabeth de Berkeley
BEB1841 suggests that this was the Elizabeth who was married to Richard de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, but TCP Warwick confirms that Richard's wife was another Elizabeth, the daughter of Thomas de Berkeley, 5th Lord.
Be19-3 Lawrence de Berkeley a 1374

1 For upper section uploaded 01.11.04 : various web sites including 'RootsWeb'
2 For lower section uploaded 03.05.05 : BEB1841 Berkeley of Wymondham, Visitation Leicestershire, 1619, Berkley of Wymondha' Leye
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