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Grey 1

: Grey of Codnor, Grey of Merton, Grey of Rotherfield, Grey of Sandiacre
We hope in due course to record earlier generations for this family, showing inter alia how it connects to the Greys of Heton shown on Grey04.
Gr27. Henry de Grey of Thurrock a 1195
m1 Isolda or Iseuda Bardolf dau of Hugh Bardolf by Isabel, sister/niece of Robert Bardolf of Great Carlton & Hoo
Gr26-1. Richard de Grey of Codnor Derbyshire, Governor of the Channel Islands
m Lucia de Humez dau of John de Humez or Humez
Gr26-1-1 John de Grey of Codnor d c 1275
m Lucy Mohun probably dau of Reginald de Mohun, 5th of Dunster
i. Henry de Grey, 1st Lord of Codnor d 1308
m1 Eleanor Courtenay sister or dau of Sir Hugh de Courtenay, Lord of Okehampton, 1st Earl of Devon
a. Richard de Grey, 2nd Lord of Codnor b c1281, d 1335
m Johanna FitzPayn dau of Robert FitzPayn, 1st Lord
1 John de Grey, 3rd Lord of Codnor b 1305, d 14.12.1392
m1 before 04.09.1325 Eleanor
m2 before 20.10.1330 Alice de Lisle + ch dau of Sir Warin de Lisle de Insula of Kingston-Lisle by Alice, dau of Henry de Tyes, Lord Tyes
A Henry de Grey dvp
m Johanna Cobham dau of Reginald de Cobham, 1st Lord of Sterborough
i Richard de Grey, 4th Lord of Codnor b by 1371, d 01.08.1418
m before 1378 Elizabeth Basset b c1371, dau of Ralph Basset of Sapcote, 3rd Lord of Sapcote, by Alice, dau of John Derby
a John de Grey, 5th Lord of Codnor b by 1396, dsp 14.09.1430
m Joan
b Henry de Grey, 6th Lord of Codnor d 1443-4
m before 05.05.1434 Margaret Percy d 1464, dau of Sir Henry Percy of Atholl
1 Henry de Grey, 7th Lord of Codnor b c1434, dspl 1495-6
m1 after 08.1454 Catherine Strangways dau of Sir Thomas Strangways by Catherine Neville, dau of Ralph, Earl of Westmorland
m2 by 1474 Margaret
m3. after 1485 Catherine Stourton dau of William, Lord Stourton, widow of Sir William Berkeley of Beverston
partner unknown possibly Katherine Fynderton
A Richard Grey of Radcliffe-upon-Trent
B Henry Grey ancestor of Greys of Langley
C Henry Grey 2nd
c William de Grey, Bishop of Ely d 1479
d Elizabeth de Grey
m Sir John la Zouche
Codnor passed into the Zouche family.
e Eleanor de Grey
m Thomas Newport of High Ercall and/or Bradfield
f Lucy de Grey
m Sir Rowland Lenthall of Hampton Court
B John de Grey
C Alice de Grey
m William de Everingham of Laxton
partner unknown
D Nicholas de Grey canon
2 Robert de Grey, later FitzPayn of Cherlton-Grey d 21.05.1393
m before 10.1354 Elizabeth de Briene dau of Sir Guy de Briene of Laugharne
A Isabel FitzPayn d 11.04.1394
m Richard de Poynings, 3rd Lord b c1355, d 25.05.1387
B Elizabeth or Isabel de Grey apparently of this generation
m John de Chideock of Chideock
3 Jane Grey
m1 Sir William de Harcourt of Stanton Harcourt d 1349
m2 Ralph de Ferrers
b. Nicholas Grey of Barton in Rydale, Yorkshire
m2 before 06.06.1301 Joan widow of Sir Ralph de Cromwell
Gr26-1-2 Agnes de Grey
m Sir William FitzWilliam
Gr26-1-3 Isabel de Grey
m William de Fauconberg
Gr26-2. John de Grey of Shirland, Sheriff of Buckingham, Bedford & Herefordshire d 1265
m1 Emma de Glanville dau of Sir Geoffrey de Glanville
A. ? Reynold de Grey dsp
B. Emma de Grey d 1264
m Sir William de Huntingfield of Huntingfield b 1237, d 1282/3
m2 Emma de Cauz dau of Roger de Cauz by Nichole, dau probably by Emma, dau of William Ruffus of Armston, Kingsham, etc. of Bartholomew de Leigh d c1217, of Thurleigh, etc., son of Hugh, probably by Beatrice de Glanville, widow of John de Segrave
C. Reginald de Grey, 1st Lord of Wilton Herefordshire d 1308
m Maud de Longchamp d before 21.11.1302, dau of Sir Henry de Longchamp of Wilton
m3. Joane widow of Paul Pevere or Peyver or Piper
Gr26-3. William de Grey of Sandiacre and/or Cavendish
A. Sir Richard de Grey of Sandiacre d before 26.05.1298
The following comes from TCP Grey of Sandiacre.
m Lucy
i. William de Grey dvp
m Joan
a. Richard de Grey of Sandiacre b c25.03.1288, d before 24.12.1310
m Felicia
1 William de Grey of Sandiacre b c1307, dspm 1369
A Alice de Grey b by 1322
m before 14.11.1343 Sir Edward Hillary d 1362
i John Hillary, later Grey, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire & Derby d 06.09.1403
m Emma
a Isabel Hillary or Grey b c1377
m John Walsh of Leicestershire
b Alice Hillary or Grey b c 1382
m John Leek
ii. Lucy de Grey
m Henry de Sutton
B. Sir Thomas de Grey d 1321
m c 1306 Alice de Cornerth dau of Sir Richard de Corneth
i. Sir Thomas de Grey d 1365
m Isabel Baynard dau of Fulk Baynard of Merton
a. Sir Roger de Grey of Merton d 1371
1 Thomas de Grey of Merton dsp 1375
2+ two daughters dsp
b. Thomas de Grey of Merton d before 1399
c. Fulke de Grey
m Margaret Vernon dau of Sir Thomas Vernon of Elme
1 Fulke de Grey of Merton d before 1423
m Eleanor Barnardeston
A William de Grey of Merton d 1474 ancestor of Barons Walsingham
m Christian Manning dau of John Manning of Great Ellingham
m2 Hawise
Gr26-4. Robert de Grey of Rotherfield
A. Walter de Grey of Rotherfield d c1268
m Isabel de Duston dau of William de Duston of Duston
i. Sir Robert de Grey of Rotherfield d before 27.05.1295
BE1883 identifies Sir Robert's wife as Avice, dau of William de St. Lis, but TCP identifies her as ...
m Joan deValoines d before 12.11.1312, dau of Thomas de Valoines
Gr21 Sir John de Grey, 1st Lord of Rotherfield b c1271, d 17.10.1311
BE1883 identifies John as the 1st Baron. TCP notes that he was summoned to a Council but does not identify this as signifying that he should be treated as a parliamentary lord.
m Margaret de Odingsells dau by Ela of William de Odingsells of Maxtock, sister of Edmund of Solihull & Maxstoke, m2. Robert de Moreby of Moreby
Gr20-1 John de Grey, 1st/2nd Lord of Rotherfield b 09.10.1300, d 01.09.1359
TCP identifies John as the 1st Lord, BE1883 as the 2nd.
m1 before 03.1311/2 Katherine FitzAlan dau of Bryan FitzAlan of Bedall by Maud
A John de Grey, 2nd/3rd Lord of Rotherfield d 04.06.1375
TCP and BE1883 differ at this point, showing his sono John dvp as father rather than brother of Bartholomew, Robert & Richard. TCP shows as follows ...
m Maud possibly dau of Sir Bartholomew de Burghersh 'the elder', Lord Burghersh
i John de Grey dvp before 08.02.1367/8 possibly son of an earlier marriage
m Elizabeth Poynings dau of Sir Michael de Poynings, 1st Lord
a Joane Grey d before 20.03.1378/9
ii Bartholomew de Grey, 3rd/4th Lord of Rotherfield dsp 12.11.1375
m Philippe
iii Robert de Grey, 4th/5th Lord of Rotherfield d 12/4.01.1387/8
m1 Joan
a Joane Grey, heiress of Rotherfield b by 20.07.1386, d 20.11.1408
m 1401 John Deincourt, 5th Lord b 28.02.1382, d 11.05.1406
m2 Elizabeth de la Plaunche dsps 1423, dau of William de la Plaunche of Haversham by Elizabeth, dau of Sir Roger Hillary of Bescote, widow of Sir John de Bermingham, m3. John, Lord Clinton, m4. Sir John Russell
iv Richard de Grey of Elton dsp 12.1399
B Maud de Grey
m1 John de Botetourt dvp 1369
m2 Sir Thomas Harcourt of Stanton Harcourt d 12.04.1417
m2 Avice Marmion dau of John Marmion, 2nd Lord
C John Marmion b c1343, dsp 1387
D Sir Robert Grey, later Marmion d before 30.11.1367
m Lora de St. Quentin dau of Herbert de St. Quentin
i Elizabeth Grey
m Henry FitzHugh, 4th Lord d 11.01.1424, Chamberlain
Possibly of this generation, but if so by which wife is unknown, was ...
E Joan de Grey
m Richard Quatermain
i Maud Quatermain
m1 Thomas de Luttleton or Luttelton of Frankley d c1421
m2 John Massey
Gr20-2 Matilda de Grey
m John de Botetourt, 2nd Lord b 1318, d 1385
Gr20 Joan Grey possibly of this generation
m Sir Richard Willoughby of Willoughby and Wollaton
Gr26-5. Walter de Grey of Rotherfield, Archbishop of York
Gr26? Henry de Grey
Gr25 According to BP1934 Ancaster, Archbishop Walter had a niece but by which of his siblings is not known who was ...
Eva de Grey
m 1222 Walter Beke of Eresby
Be24 John Beke, Lord Beke of Eresby b before 1230, d c 1303
m Sarah dau of Thomas, Lord Furnival name given by BP1934 but not mentioned by TCP
Be23-1 Walter Beke, Lord of Eresby dsp BP1934 reports that Walter "survived his father but a few years" but TCP Beke reports that Walter died soon after 01.08.1301 and that his father dspms.
m Joan dau of Matthew Fitzjohn
Be23 Alice Beke, heiress of Eresby b c 1250
m William de Willoughby Wi23 b c 1250 d 1306
Be23-3 Margaret Beke
m Sir Richard de Harcourt of Stanton Harcourt d 1293
Be23-4 Mary Beke d unm
Be24-2 Anthony Beke of Eresby, Bishop of Durham, Partiarch of Jerusalem d 02/3.03.1310/1
Be24-3 Thomas Beke, Bishop of St. David's d 20.04.1293
iBe24-4+ 2 daughters

Sources: TCP Grey of Codnor, BE1883 Grey of Codnor, TCP Grey of Rotherfield, BE1883 Grey of Rotherfield.
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