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Douglas 2: Douglas of Angus, Douglas of Glenbervie, Douglas of Kilspindie, Douglas of Morton, Douglas of Parkhead, Douglas of Torthorwald
George Douglas, 1st Earl of Angus d c1403
m 1397 Mary Stewart dau of John Stewart, King Robert III of Scots
1. William Douglas, 2nd Earl of Angus d 1437
m Margaret Hay dau of Sir William Hay of Locherworth and Yester
A. James Douglas, 3rd Earl of Angus dsp 1446
B. George Douglas, 4th Earl of Angus d 12.03.1463
m by 1446 Isabel Sibbald dau of Sir John Sibbald of Balgony
i. Archibald Douglas, 5th Earl of Angus, Chancellor "Bell the Cat", b c1448, d c12.1513
m1 04.03.1467-8 Elizabeth Boyd d before 1498, dau of Robert Boyd, 1st Lord of Kilmarnock
a. George Douglas, Master of Angus d Flodden 09.09.1513
m 1488 Elizabeth Drummond dau of John Drummond, 1st Lord
b about 1489 d 22 Jan 1556/7

Margaret Douglas b 1515
Do17 Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus b about 1489 d 22 Jan 1556/7 biography
m1 mcrt 1509 Margaret Hepburn dsps 1513, dau of Patrick Hepburn, 1st Earl of Bothwell
m2 04.08.1514, div 11.03.1527-8 Margaret Tudor Tu17 b 29.11.1489, d 18.10.1541, dowager queen of Scotland and regent, widow of James IV and elder sister of Henry VIII of England. The marriage stirred up the jealousy of the nobles and the opposition of the faction supporting French influence in Scotland. Civil war broke out, and Margaret lost the regency to John Stewart, Duke of Albany. +1 Henry Tudor, King Henry VII of England
m 18.01.1486 Elizabeth Plantagenet b 1466, d 11.02.1503, dau of
+2 Edmund Tudor of Hadham, 1st Earl of Richmond d 1456
m 1455 Margaret Beaufort d 1509, dau of
m 01.05.1464 Elizabeth Wydville b c 1437, d 06.1492, dau of
Sir Richard Wydville, 1st Earl Rivers
+3 Sir Owen Tudor b 1402, d 1461
m 1429 Catherine of France b 27.10.1401, d 03.01.1437/8, dau of Charles VI, King of France
+3 John Beaufort, Duke of Somerset
+3 Edward Plantagenet, King Edward IV of England
Do16 Margaret Douglas b 1515, d 1577-8 In her youth she was high in the favour of her uncle, King Henry VIII, but twice incurred the King's anger, first for her unauthorized engagement to Lord Thomas Howard, who died in the Tower of London in 1537 because of his misalliance with her, and again in 1540 for an affair with Thomas Howard's nephew Sir Charles Howard, the brother of Queen consort Catherine Howard.
?m1 Thomas Howard Ho16 d 1536
?Ho15 Robert/Henry Howard b JAN 1536/37 in London, England
m 1574 in Norfolk, England, Philippa Buxton b 1539 d AFT 1603
m2 06.07.1544 Matthew Stuart, 4th Earl of Lennox b 21.09.1516, d 04.09.1571 -1 Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley b 07.12.1545, d 09.02.1567 m 29.07.1565 Mary Stewart, Queen of Scots b 7/8.12.1542, d 08.02.1586-7
-2 Charles Stuart, 5th Earl of Lennox b 1555, d 1576 Charles is sometimes known as the 6th Earl rather than the 5th on the basis that King James VI of Scotland assumed the title of Earl of Lennox for a time.
m 1574 Elizabeth Cavendish dau of Sir William Cavendish of Chatsworth
-1-1 James Stuart, King James VI of Scotland, King James I of England & Ireland b 19.06.1566, d 27.03.1625 žA m 23/4.11.1589 Anne of Denmark b 14.10.1574, d 02.03.1619, dau of Frederick II, King of Denmark and Norway
m3 1543 Margaret Maxwell dau of Robert Maxwell, 5th Lord
p. Lady Jane Stewart dau of James Stewart, 1st of Traquhair
Do16-2 Janet Douglas b 1520, d 1552
m 1546 Patrick Ruthven, 3rd Lord b c1520, d 13.06.1566
partners unknown
Do16-3 George Douglas, Bishop of Moray d 1590
Do16-4 Elizabeth Douglas
Do17-2 Sir George Douglas of Pittendreich d 08.1552
m Elizabeth Douglas dau of David Douglas of Pittendreich
A David Douglas of Cockburnspath, 7th Earl of Angus b 1525, d 06.1557
m 1552 Margaret Hamilton b 1528, dau of Sir John Hamilton of Clydesdale
i Archibald Douglas, 8th Earl of Angus, de jure Earl of Morton d 04.08.1588
m1 13.06.1573 Mary Erskine d 1575, dau of John Erskine, 1st Earl of Mar, the Regent
m2 1575, div 1587 Margaret Leslie dau of George Leslie, 4th Earl of Rothes
m3. mcrt 1587 Jean Lyon dau of John Lyon, 8th Lord Glamis
a daughter d young
ii Margaret Douglas d 1640
m1 mcrt 19.01.1567-8 Sir Walter Scott of Branxholme and Buccleuch b 1549, d 17.04.1574
m2 before 01.07.1592 Francis Stewart, Earl of Bothwell b 1563, d 1612
iii Elizabeth Douglas d 02.1637
m1 17.02.1572 John Maxwell, 8th Lord of Carlaverock, Earl of Morton b 24.04.1553, d 1593
m2 sp Sir Alexander Stewart, 6th of Garlies d 10.1597
m3. sp Sir John Wallace of Craigie
B James Douglas, 4th Earl of Morton, Regent of Scotland dspm 02.06.1581
m Elizabeth Douglas dau of James Douglas, 3rd Earl of Morton
The obtaining and passing of the Earldom of Morton provides quite a story which will be given, in due course, within this site. After James died, the title passed to Archibald, 8th Earl of Angus above, but it is the Earl after Archibald, Sir William Douglas of Lochleven, who is traditionally called 5th Earl of Morton.
partners unknown
i James Douglas, Prior of Pluscardine had issue
m mcrt 18.02.1577/8 Anna Home dau of George Home, fiar of Spott
ii Archibald Douglas of Pittendreich
m mcrt 09.11.1590 Elizabeth Sutherland dau of Alexander Sutherland of Duffus
a Elizabeth Douglas
m John Innes of Leuchars
iii George Douglas of Parkhead
a Sir James Douglas of Parkhead, later of Torthorwald d 07.1608
m before 11.08.1587 Elizabeth Carlyle a 08.05.1642, dau of William, Master of Carlyle
1 James Douglas, Lord Torthorwald
m1 before 06.1611, div Elizabeth Gordon dau of Sir Robert Gordon of Lochinvar
A James Douglas bpt 02.01.1621
m2 11.1618, div 1622 Anne Saltonstall
2 Sir George Douglas of Mordington
Identified in BP1857 Lockhart as brother of James, Lord Torthorwald. Although it is known that there was a George in this generation, the dates suggest he should be of a generation earlier
A Martha Douglas
m 1619 Sir James Lockhart of Lee b 1596, d 04.06.1674, Judge as Lord Lee
3 other issue - Archibald, John
b Martha Douglas probably of this generation
m Robert Bruce, 1st of Kinnaird d 1631
c Agnes Douglas probably of this generation
m 1600 John Carruthers, 8th of Holmains d 27.06.1659
iv William Douglas of Mosshouses d before 11.1605
partners unknown
C George Douglas of Parkhead
D Margaret Douglas a 1619
m Sir John Carmichael of Carmichael d 16.06.1600, Ambassador
Do17-3 William Douglas d 02.10.1528, Abbot of Holyrood House
Do17-4 Elizabeth Douglas
m before 17.09.1509 John Hay, 3rd Lord of Yester d before 07.1543
Do17-5 Alison Douglas
m1 1511 Robert Blackadder d Flodden 09.09.1513
m2 Sir David Home of Wedderburn d 1524
Do17-6 Janet Douglas d 17.07.1537, burnt at stake
m1 John Lyon, 6th Lord Glamis b c1491, d 08.04.1528
m2 Archibald Campbell of Skipnish d 18.07.1537
Do17-7 Margaret Douglas
m 1513 Sir James Douglas, 7th of Drumlanrig d 1578
b. Sir William Douglas of Glenbervie d Flodden 09.09.1513
m 1501 Elizabeth Auchinleck dau of James Auchinleck of Glenbervie, son/heir of Sir John of that ilk
1 Sir Archibald Douglas of Glenbervie d 29.09.1570
m1 Agnes Keith d by 1548, dau of William Keith, 3rd Earl Marischal
A William Douglas, 9th Earl of Angus b c1532, d 01.07.1591
m 1552 Giles Graham a 1606, dau of Robert Graham of Morphie
B Elizabeth Douglas
m Sir Alexander Falconer of Halkerton d 10.11.1587
C Margaret Douglas
m before 1551 John Erskine of Balhagardy b 1528
D Marjory Douglas
m Andrew Keith of Ravenscraig
E Christian Douglas
m mcrt 1555 Alexander Irvine, younger of Beltie
F Joane Jean Douglas
m James Skene, 12th of Skene d 1605
G Isabel Douglas d 18.01.1582
m mcrt 1562 James Melville, younger of Dysart
H Alice Douglas
m mcrt 1567 Alexander Guthrie of Kincaldrum
I+ other issue - Agnes, Marion
m2 by 1554 Margaret Carmichael dau of John Carmichael of Meadowflat
m3. Elizabeth or Mary Irvine dau of Alexander Irvine, 6th of Drum
K James Douglas a 1634, parson of Glenbervie
m Grizel Irvine dau of Alexander Irvine of Beltie
L John Douglas ancestor of Douglas of Cruixton, Quarrelholes and Blackmill
M Archibald Douglas a 1570
N Katherine Douglas
m John Carmichael of Crawford
O Sara Douglas
c. Gavin Douglas, Bishop of Dunkfield d 09.1522
d. Sir Archibald Douglas of Kilspindie d by 1536
m 1515 Isabel Hoppar
1 Archibald Douglas of Kilspindie
e. Marion Douglas
m mcrt 1492 Cuthbert Cunningham, 3rd Earl of Glencairn d 1540-1
f. Elizabeth Douglas
m mcrt 1493, sp Robert Lyle, 3rd Lord
g. Janet Douglas
m 1495, div Andrew Herries, 2nd Lord of Terregles b c1477, d Flodden 09.09.1513
h. Isabel Douglas not recorded by TSP or BP1934
m Robert Craufurd of Auchenames d Flodden 09.09.1513
m2 Janet Kennedy dau of John Kennedy, 2nd Lord
m3. 01.06.1500 Catherine Stirling dau of Sir William Stirling, 2nd of Keir
ii. John Douglas a 05.1471
iii. Isabella or Elizabeth Douglas
m1 c1464 Alexander Ramsay of Dalhousie d before 16.03.1482-3
m2 Thomas Livingstone
iv. Elizabeth Douglas
m c 1476 Robert Graham, 2nd of Fintry
v. Margaret Douglas
m c 1479 Duncan Campbell, 2nd of Glenorchy d Flodden 09.09.1513
vi. Jane Douglas d 1494
m1 1472 David Scott, younger of Buccleuch d 1484
m2 c10.1492 George Leslie, 2nd Earl of Rothes dsp 03.1512-3
vii.+ other issue a 1471 - Egidia, Alison
C. William Douglas of Cluny dsp 1475
D. Hugh Douglas Rector of St. Andrew's 1466
E. Helen Douglas
m1 William Graham, 2nd Lord d 1472
Helen, dau of 2nd Earl, identified as William's wife by both BP1934 Hamilton and BP1934 Montrose but TSP shows Anne, dau of 4th Earl, as William's wife.
m2 James Ogilvie, 1st Lord
2. Elizabeth/Mary Douglas
m1 6/16.10.1423 Alexander Forbes, 1st Lord b c1380, d 1448
m2 Sir David Hay of Locherworth and Yester, Sheriff of Peebles d before 01.03.1478

Sources: TSP Angus, BP1934 Hamilton, TSP Morton, BP1934 Morton
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