He4-9 Dennis Hester

     (He4-9) Dennis Hester was the son of Glen Hester b 1926
    Henry Hester He5 of Henry Hester and Sarah Griffith Gr5.
    He4-9 Dennis Hester Born: 20 Nov 1840 in Fleming Co., Ky. He was  the youngest of the 9 children. d 30 Nov 1932 bur Muses Mill Cemetery. Dennis Hester settled on a farm near Wallingford in Fleming Co., Ky, in 1874, where his great grandson Clayton Hester lived in 1974.
    Married 22 Dec. 1864 Minerva J. Whalen (23 Feb 1841 - 8 Apr.1916)
    He4-9-1 Calvin Hester, (23 Dec. 1865 - March 1951)
    m Mary E. Marshall (Lizzie)
    He4-9-1-1 Everett Hester b 17 Oct 1888 in Fleming Co Ky d 7 Aug 1962 in Fleming Co He lived at the old Dennis Hester Farm, bur at Muses Mills Cemetery
    m Sep 1918 Edith L. Wyatt McRoberts b13 May 1901 daughter of A. D. McRoberts and Minnie Wyatt
    He4-9-1-1-1 Raymond Hester b 2 Oct 1919 served in WWII
    He4-9-1-1-2 Noel Hester b 1 Jun 1921 served in WWII
    He4-9-1-1-3 Blanch Hester b 3 Apr 1923
    He4-9-1-1-4 Clayton Hester b 17 Jul 1924 served in WWII
    m Jean Doyle and had son Roger
    He4-9-1-1-5 Keith Hester b 1927 served in the occupation of japan
    He4-9-1-1-6 Lela Hester b 1929 served in Korea
    He4-9-1-1-7 Jesse Wills Hester b 1931 served in Korea
    He4-9-1-1-8 Minnie Hester b 1933
    He4-9-1-1-6 Joyces Hester b 1941
    He4-9-1-2 Evan Hester b 13 Aug 1900 in Fleming Co Ky. He lived on the farm adjoining the old Dennis Hester farm.
    m Dora Dunnaway b 13 Sep 1905 dau of George Dunnaway
    He4-9-1-2-2 Eulene Hester b 1928
    He4-9-1-2-3 Robert Hester b 1932 m Bertha Sipple widow of Cecil Gulley, son of Henry Gulley and Ottie Hester He4-9-1-4
    He4-9-1-2-4 Douglas Hester b 1934
    He4-9-1-2 Betty Hester b 1938
    He4-9-1-3 Claude Hester (30 Jun 1894 - ) served in the Army in WWI
    m Ethel Gulley dau of James Gulley and Ina Fields and sister of Henry Gulley whomarried Ottie Hester He4-9-1-4
    He4-9-1-3-1 Kenneth Hester b 1927
    He4-9-1-3-2 Eugene Hester b 1930
    He4-9-1-3-3 Maxine Hester b 1932
    He4-9-1-3-4 Lowell Dean Hester b 1940
    He4-9-1-2-1 Douglas Hester
    He4-9-1-2-2 Robert Hester
    He4-9-1-4 Ottie Hester (1897 - )
    He4-9-1-4-1 Mefford Gulley b 1919
    He4-9-1-4-2 Ervin Gulley b 1921
    He4-9-1-4-3 Cecil Gulley b 1924
    He4-9-1-4-4 Clifton Gulley b 1926
    He4-9-1-4-5 girl twin b &d 1929
    He4-9-1-4-6 girl twin b &d 1929
    He4-9-1-4-7 Juanita Gulley b 1931
    He4-9-1-4-8 Lester Gulley b 1934
    He4-9-1-4-9 Kermit Gulley b 1938
    He4-9-1-5 Etta Hester ( c 1899 - )
    m James Baily
    He4-9-1-5-1 Wood Baily b 1915
    He4-9-1-5-2 Calvin Baily b 1923
    He4-9-1-5-3 Phoebe Baily b 1926
    He4-9-1-5-4 Charles Baily b 1929
    He4-9-1-5-5 Edna Ruth Baily b 1932
    He4-9-2 Oliver Hester, (30 Nov. 1868 - )
    m1 Belie Limbrick
    He4-9-2-1 Alvin Hester b about 1890
    m Maude Gulley d in childbirth dau James Gulley and Ina Fields and sister of Henry Gulley
    He4-9-2-1-1 Ina Belle Hester b about 1915
    m2 Celia Jackson
    He4-9-2-2 Maude Hester
    He4-9-2-3 Oscar Hester
    He4-9-2-4 Charlie Hester
    He4-9-3 Andrew Hester, (23 Mar 1873 - 21 Feb 1885)
    He4-9-4 Margaret  Hester, (9 Apr. 1876 - ) married George W. McKee, no children.
    Source: Geneology of the Descendents of John Hester, by Hester Geraldine Lester Searl