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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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Touchet: Tuchet of Ashwell, Touchet of Audley, Audley of Pargave, Audley of Swaffam
Joscelin of Ashwell and Mackworth a 1086
1. Henry Tuchet of Long Clawson d before 1149
A. Henry Tuchet d c1178
m Maud
i. Simon Tuchet d c1204
m Pernel or Petronilla a 1218, probably dau of Roger de Cumbrai
a. Thomas Tuchet of Ashwell d before 02.01.1234/5
m Elizabeth a 1245
1 Henry Tuchet of Ashwell dsp before 08.01.1241/2
m1 Basilea
m2 Emma dau of Henry of Alditheley, Sheriff of Staffordshire
2 Robert Tuchet of Ashwell d 13.12.1248
m Alice
A Thomas Tuchet of Ashwell b 1244, d before 01.05.1315
m Margery
i Robert Tuchet of Tattenhale b c12.1264, d before 12.1341
m1 Agnes
a Thomas Tuchet d 18.08.1349
m Joan
To23 Sir John Tuchet of Markeaton b 25.07.1327, d before 10.01.1361/2
m Joane Audley dau of James Audley, 2nd Lord
To22 John Tuchet, 'Lord Audley' d 23.06.1372
TCP Tuchet identifies John's wife merely as Maud m before 1371, d before 03.11.1405 but we follow some other web sites which take the connection reported in BE1883 Mortimer and identify her as ...
m Margery Mortimer dau of Roger Mortimer, 2nd Earl of March
To21 John Tuchet, 1st Lord Tuchet, 4th Lord Audley b 23.04.1371, d 19.12.1408 - continued below
m Isabel or Elizabeth
To21=20 Jane Tuchet daughter of Lord Audley, assumed to be of this generation
m Jenkin of Welch Frankton
We19 Sioned
m Madog Kynaston a 1373
m2 Joan
b. Sarah Tuchet
m David de Herthall
To21 John Tuchet, 1st Lord Tuchet, 4th Lord Audley b 23.04.1371, d 19.12.1408 - continued above
m Isabel or Elizabeth
To20 James Touchet, 5th Lord Audley b c1398, d 23.09.1459
Daughters are as reported in various web sites.
m1 Margaret de Ros dau of William de Ros, 7th Lord
A. John Touchet, 6th Lord Audley d 26.09.1490
m Anne Echingham d 07.05.1498, dau of Sir Thomas Echingham
i. James Touchet, 7th Lord Audley b c1463, d 28.06.1497
m1 by 1483 Margaret Dayrell dau of Sir Richard Dayrell of Lillingstone Dayrell
a. John Touchet, 8th Lord Audley b c1483, d before 20.01.1557/8
m Mary Griffin dau of John Griffin of Braybroke
1 George Touchet, 9th Lord Audley bur 03.07.1560
m1 Elizabeth Tuke dau of Sir Brian Tuke
A Henry Touchet, 10th Lord Audley d 30.12.1563
m Elizabeth Sneyd d 12.1609, dau of Sir William Sneyd of Bradwell
i George Touchet, 11th Lord Audley, 1st Earl of Castlehaven b c1551, d 20.12.1616/7
m1 before 28.08.1584 Lucy Mervyn d before 04.1610, dau of Sir James Mervyn of Fonthill Giffard
m2 29.04.1611 Elizabeth Noel a 1643, dau of Sir Andrew Noel of Dalby
ii Anne Touchet probably of this generation
Thomas Brooke of Norton, Sheriff of Cheshire d 1622
m2 23.01.1559/60 Joan Platt of Eastcheap
m2 c12.1488 Joan Bourchier dau of Fulk Bourchier, Lord FitzWarine
To16-1 Ellinor Touchet identified in Visitation Sussex, Echingham
m Sir Roger Lewknor of Sussex
To16 Anne Touchet
m Sir John Wingfield of Letheringham, Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk a 1492
To16-4 Elizabeth Touchet
To16-5 John touchet
To16-6 Thomas Touchet
B. Margaret or Anne Touchet d 1503
m Sir Thomas Dutton of Dutton b 1421, d Blore Heath 23.9.1459
m2 Eleanor Holand dau of Edmund Holand, 4th Earl of Kent
TCP Audley identifies her firstly as an illegitimate daughter of Thomas, 3rd Earl of Kent, by Constance of York but then reports that some sources say that her parents were Edmund Holand by Elizabeth Burghersh, widow of Edward, Lord Despenser. TCP Kent, produced some years after TCP Audley, identifies her as an illegitimate daughter of Edmund, 4th Earl of Kent, by Constance of York - which we follow.
C. Sir Humphrey Touchet, later Audley d Tewkesbury 06.05.1471
m Elizabeth Courtenay d 01.09.1493, dau of Sir Philip Courtenay
i. Sir John Audley Awdeley of Swaffam Market, Norfolk
m Muryell Brewse dau of Sir Thomas Brewse of Wenham
a. Richard Audley Awdeley of Swaffam Market
m Katherine Scrope dau of Rafe Scrope, brother of the Lord of Bolton
1 Edmond Audley of Pagrave Magna
m1 Mary Parrys dau of Sir Philip Parrys of Lytleyenton
A Philip Audley of Pagrave
m _ Callibut dau of John Callibut of Castelleaker
B+ other issue - James, Thomas, Elizabeth
m2 Ann Terrell a 1563, dau of Sir Thomas Terrell of Warley
b. Jane Audley
m Henry Hunstone of Walpole
c. Ella Audley
m Thomas Dereham of Crymplesham
d.+ other issue - Robert archdeacon of Berkshire, Thomas, Phillip, Anne nun
ii. Philippa Audley
m Richard Hadley of Somerset d 1524 son of John Hadley b c 1440 and Joan Stawell
-1 James Hadley b 1495 d 1537 m Frideswyde Mathew -1-1 Christopher Hadley b 1515 d 1540 m Ann Hill dau of Giles Hill -1-1-1 Margaret Hadley b c 1538 d 1607 m John Strode of Parham b 1561 son of Robert Strode of Parham and Elizabeth Hody -1-1-1-1 Margaret Strode/?Strond b c 1565 m E Kerr/?Edmund Kenn
-1-1-1-2 Anne Strode m E. Stradling
-1-1-1-3 Dorothy Strode m W. Prowse
-1-1-1-4+ Hugh, Bridget, Alice
-1-1-1-1-1 Agnes Kerr m Capt John Locke b 1606 son of Nicholas Locke b c 1574 d 1648 and Frances Lansden
-1-1-1-1-2 Margaret Kerr m. Henry Morgan
-1-1-1-1-3 Katherine Kerr m. Christopher Greene
-1-1-1-1-4 Mary Kerr
-1-1-1-1-5 Alice Kerr m George Prouse
-1-1-1-1-6 Edmund Kerr m Frances Locke
-1-1-1-1-7 John Kerr
-1-1-1-1-8 Edward Kerr
-1-1-1-1-9 Anne Kerr
-1-1-1-1-10 Elizabeth Kerr m Jeremy Locke & Nicholas Locke /?
-1-1-1-1-1-1 John Locke b Somerset 29 Aug 1632 d 27 Oct 1704
iii. daughter
m _ Stewkeley of Devonshire
iv. Elizabeth Audley d 08.10.1530
This connection, reported on, 
m John Sydenham of Brimpton, Sheriff of Somerset and Dorset d 07.12.1542
D. Edmund Touchet, later Audley, Bishop of Rochester then Hereford then Salisbury d 23.08.1524
E. Elizabeth Touchet, later Audley
Elizabeth is shown by Visitation Norfolk as daughter of Margaret Ros but confirmed by TCP Cobham as daughter of Eleanor Holand.
m1 Edward Brooke, 6th Lord Cobham d 06.06.1464
m2 before 08.11.1464 Christopher Worsley
F. Margaret Touchet, later Audley
m1 Sir Roger Vaughan
m2 Richard Grey, 3rd Count of Tankerville d c1467
Some sources show the order of Margaret's marriages the other way round.
G. Constance Touchet apparently of this generation
m Robert Whitney of Whitney
2. Margaret Touchet
m Sir John Luttrell of Dunster Castle d 30.06.1430
3. Elizabeth Touchet probably of this generation
m Sir John Baskervile b 11.02.1403, d 23.12.1455

Sources: TCP Tuchet, TCP Audley + Visitation Norfolk, 1563, Audeley
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