Wh7 Elizabeth Thruston Whiting

    Wh7 Elizabeth Thruston Whiting was the daughter of Colonel Thomas Whiting Wh8 of Gloucester County, Virginia, and Elizabeth Thruston Th8
    Married (first) October 13, 1782 to her first cousin John Thruston
    (second) June 18, 1805 to Colonel Aaron Fontaine (Fo7) in Jefferson County, Kentucky.
    Died 1822, July 2, Louisville, Kentucky. Buried back of the Fontaine home, (now Fontaine Ferry Amusement Park) between the house and the Ohio River.

    Children by her first marriage:

      (Th6-1) Mary Buckner Thruston
      (Th6) Elizabeth Taylor Thruston
      (Th6-3) Thomas Whiting Thruston
      (Th6-4) Sarah Thruston
      (Th6-5) Catherine Thruston
      (Th6-6) Charles Minn (Mynn) Thruston, lawyer in Louisville from 1800 to 1856
      (Th6-7) Fanny Badello Thruston
      (Th6-8) Alfred Thruston, cashier of the Bank of Louisville in 1833
      (Th6-9) Lucino Falkland Thruston
      (Th6-10) Algernon Sydney Thruston, Attourney General of Texas, killed at the side of Davy Crockett in "The Alamo:"

    Children by her second husband Aaron Fontaine (Fo7):

      (Fo6-13) Alexander Madison Fontaine (1806 ¬ ) married Delahunt, went to Texas.
      (Fo6-14) Henry Whiting Fontaine (1807 - 1839) married Susan Bryson, July 9, 1834.
      (Fo6-15) Emmeline Fontaine (1809 - ) married Patrick Dillon.
      (Fo6-16) Aaron Fontaine, Jr. (1811 - 1902) married Mary Elliot of Dublin, Ireland.
    The descendants of the four above, were not known to Mrs. Nicholas (Ni3.5).

    Births - Thruston Reeords, Filson Club.
    Marriage - Jefferson County Marriages. Copy at Filson Club.
    Deaths - Thruston Records, Filson Club.

    In conclusion it may not be amiss to mention some of the members of this family who have achieved something more than a local reputation. Among the number whose names are recalled are Gen. George Cosby, C.S.A., of California; Admiral Frank Coast, U.S. Navy; Gen. Gates Thruston, U.S.A., Nashville, Tenn.; Admiral Levin Powell, U.S.N., Washington D.C., Algernon Thruston, ex - Attourney General, of Texas; Henry Rector, formerly Governor of Arkansas; Alfred Thruston, first cashier of the Bank of Louisville; Judge Buckner Thruston, United States Senator from Kentucky from 1805 to 1809; Patrick ... (Fontaine?), member of Congress from the ... district of Kentucky, and Charles .... Thruston, eminent as a lawyer in Louisville from 1800 to 1856.