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Burgh 2: Burgh, Bourgh, Borough of Gainsborough
Bu24 =25. Sir Hubert de Burgh a c1240
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Bu23 =24 ?? de Burgh
Bu22 =23 ?? de Burgh
Bu21 =22 ?? de Burgh
Bu20 =21 ?? de Burgh (four to nine intervening generations between Hubert and Thomas).
Bu19 =20 ?? de Burgh
Bu18 =19 ?? de Burgh
Bu17 =18. Sir Thomas de Burgh, later of Gainsborough b c 1425
m Elizabeth Percy d 28.09.1455, dau of Sir Henry Percy of Atholl or Harthill< Through this marriage, a descendant in 1916 successfully claimed the barony of Strabolgi/Strathbogie.
Bu16 =17 Thomas Burgh, 1st Lord of Gainsborough b c 1440 d 18.03.1495/6 - continued below
m c 1463 Margaret Ros b c 1445 d 10 Dec1488, dau of Thomas Ros, 9th Lord
Bu16 =17. Thomas Burgh, 1st Lord of Gainsborough b c 1440 d 18 Mar 1495/6 - continued above br>m c1463 Margaret Ros d 10.12.1488, dau of Thomas Ros, 9th Lord
Bu15-1. Edward Burgh, 2nd Lord of Gainsborough b by 1473, d 20.08.1528
m 1477 Anne Cobham d 26.06.1526, dau of Sir Thomas Cobham of Sterborough
Bu15-1-1 Thomas Burgh, Sheriff of Lincolnshire, 3rd Lord of Gainsborough d 28.02.1549/50 BE1883 differs here from TCP. BE1883 shows Thomas, 3rd Lord d 1552, as having married Anne Tyrwhit and been father of another Thomas, 4th Lord m1. Elizabeth Owen, m2. Alice, father of William, 5th Lord. Against the name of Thomas, 4th Lord, BE1883 provides a note that "Sir Harris Nicolas omits this Thomas de Burgh as if he considered him identical with Thomas, the 3rd baron." We follow TCP BP1934 and BLG1886 and therefore hereafter use different numberings of the Lords from BE1883.
m1 1496 Agnes Tyrwhitt dau of Sir William Trywhitt of Kettleby
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir David Owen, is identified by BE1883 as the faithless wife who had children by another person during the marriage with her husband obtaining an Act of Parliament to have them bastardised and thereafter identifies William, successor of Thomas '4th Lord', as by his second wife Alice. However, TCP, which we follow, identifies Agnes Tyrwhitt as that wife but shows William as accepted by Thomas as his legitimate successor.
Bu15-1-1-1 Sir Edward Borough dvpsp
m c1529 Katharine Parr d 05.09.1548, dau of Sir Thomas Parr of Parr and Kendal
Bu15-1-1-2 Sir Thomas Borough dvp had issue
m Elizabeth Owen dau of Sir David Owen BP1934 reports that Sir Thomas's children were "bastardised by Act of Parliament".
Bu15-1-1-3 William Burgh or Borough, 4th Lord of Gainsborough b by 1522, d 10.09.1584
m Katharine Clinton dau of Edward Clinton, Earl of Lincoln
a. Thomas Burgh, 5th Lord of Gainsborough b by 1558, d 14 Oct 1597
m Frances Vaughan bur 19.07.1647, dau of John Vaughan of Sutton-on-Derwent by Anne Pickering
1 Robert Burgh, 6th Lord of Gainsborough b c1594, d 26 Feb 1601/2
2 Thomas Burgh d young
3 Elizabeth Burgh
m1 1599 George Brooke bur 05.12.1603, prebendary of York
Through this marriage came claims for the baronies of Strabolgi Strathbogie and Burgh.
m2 before 24.10.1605, sp Francis Reade son of Sir William of Osterleigh
4 Anne Burgh
m 11.10.1604 Sir Drew Drury, Bart of Riddlesworth dsp before 07 Feb 1624-5
5 Frances Burgh
m Francis Coppinger
6 Catherine Burgh bur 01.05.1646
m 28.02.1620 Thomas Knyvet of Ashwellthorpe bpt 10.06.1596, d 30 Jun 1658
b. Mary Burgh
m Sir Richard Bulkeley of Beaumaris and Baronhill b c1533, d 28 Jun 1621
c. Elizabeth Burgh
m _ Rider
d. Anne Burgh
m Sir Henry Ashley
e.+ other issue - Henry, Sir John b c1542, d 07 Mar 1594, Admiral
m2 Alice London d by 1559, dau of William London
Other than William, shown above, BE1883 shows the following as children by this marriage. As TCP identifies William as 3rd and youngest son of the first marriage, it is assumed that BE1883 was mistaken in suggesting that Henry if he was of this generation was born before William. BP1934 mentions Henry noting his ancestry of the family of Stowe but, as it does not mention the marriage to Alice London, identifies him as 4th son of Agnes Tyrwhitt.
Bu15-1-1-4 Henry Burgh of Stowe dvpsp ancestor of Burgh of Stowe
m Elizabeth Constantine dau of Richard Constantine of Bewdley
Bu15-1-1-5 Dorothy Burgh
m Sir Anthony Nevill
Bu15-1-2 Henry Burgh
m Catherine Neville dau of Sir Ralph Neville
Bu15-1-2-1 Anne Burgh
m Richard Vaughan
Bu15-2. Thomas Burgh
Bu15-3. Elizabeth Burgh
m1 Richard FitzHugh, 7th Lord d 1508
m2 sp Sir Henry Willoughby of Wollaton d 1528
Bu15 =16 Anne Burgh b c 1470
m Sir George Talbois of Kyme, Sheriff of Lincolnshire, de jure 9th Lord Kyme b c1467, d 21.09.1538

Sources: BE1883 Burgh of Gainsborough, TCP Burgh of Gainsborough, BLG1886 De Burgh of West Drayton, BP1934 Burgh
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