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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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Progenitor of this family was Ar15 Robert Armistead b 1479/1508 in England, probably Kirk Deighton, Yorkshire
his descendants were
Ar15 Robert Armistead b ?Yorkshire d 1535
Ar14. John Armistead Born: 1530 to 1541 Kirk Deighton, Yorkshire, England Married about 1550 Died about 1607 
Ar13 Roger Armistead of Kirk Deighton, Yorkshire, England, and Epham Hill
Ar12 Anthony Armistead b c 1585 Kirk Deighton, Yorkshire, England
m Frances Thompson Th12 b c 1585
+1 y Thompson
Ar11 William Armistead bapt 3 Aug 1610 at All Saints, Kirk Deighton,York, England. Yorkshire, England, d in 1666 in Hesse, Gloucester, Lands patented within the present boundaries of Gloucester and Matthews Counties, Virginia. Abstracted from the Land Patent Books in the Land Office, Richmond, Virginia. Book 2, Pg 331, July 1, 1651, 1231 acres. Matthews County, Book 2, Pg 331, July 1, 1651, 600 Acres.
m about 1632/42 Ann E. Ellis in Giggleswick, Kirk Deighton, Yorkshire b 7 Feb 1608 d 1660 dau of->
+1 Joseph Ellis b 1585 d 1610
Nancy Netherton b 1590 d 1610
possibly related was first: Henry Netherton b ABT 1660
m Sarah Tucker b 2 AUG 1663 in Westmoreland Co Virginia
second: Catherine Netherton, b 1838 m 11 JAN 1849 in Harrison Co MO Robert Y Ford b MAY 1824 KY d JUN 1864 son of Robert Ford, and Nancy Yarbrough,
-1 Johnson Ford, b SEP 1850 Harrison Co., MO
-2 James H. Ford, b 1856 Harrison Co., MO
-3 Nancy E Ford, b 1859 Harrison Co., MO
-4 Thomas W. Ford, b 1861 Harrison Co., MO
-5 Robert G. Ford b 1863 Harrison Co., MO
Ar10-1 William Armistead
Ar10 Col John Armistead, b c 1635 in Hesse, Gloucester Va or Yorkshire Engl, Sheriff of Gloucester Co Va. in 1675 bur 1685. Lands patented within the present boundaries of Gloucester and Matthews Counties, Virginia. Abstracted from the Land Patent Books in the Land Office, Richmond, Virginia. Book 6, Pg. 536, Sept 21, 1674, 440 Acres. Patented to Capt. John Armistead. Kingstone Parish near head of Creek out of Eastermost River adjoining X'pr Dickson. Headrights: John Perry, John Doblander, John Duckenhead, Eliz. So[e, W. Cleaves, Humphrey Jarvis, Tho. Prigg, Samll Curson (Carson), Tho. Davis. Matthews County, Bk 6, Pg. 657, Sept 21, 1678, 220 Acres. Patented to Lt. Coll. John Armistead. "Upon the head of the Eastermost River lying between two brances adjoining his own land and Capt. Dudley. Formerly granted Dunken (Duncan?) Bohonon and John Mekin 1667 who assigned to said Amestead & by him deserted and by order of Cort Granted Geo. Seaton who... neglected Pattening... by Council granted said Amestead." Headrights: Five negroes. ....
m c 1665 Judith Bowles Robinson Ro10
There are contradictions about the identity of this wife: first there is a wife named Judith Bowles, second a wife named Judith Bowls Robinson, third a wife named Judith Beverley. Presumably the identity of the first two was Judith Bowles widow Robinson which fits with the intermarriage Robinson in the next generation. The third may be a confusion with his sister's marriage to Robert Beverley or a result of this family tie. Although a Judith cannot be found among these Beverley relations, his brother-in-law, Robert Beverley, did have have and elder sister, Jane, b 1638/9 in Yorkshire, whose further life is yet unaccounted for. Certainly it is unlikely that he had threee wives by the name of Judith, so the truth requires some reconciliation of these contradictions. The occurrence of the names, Bowes and Robinson in the local history of the same part of Yorkshire let suspicion arise that there is some relationship involved in all these marriages.
?dau of:
+1 John Robinson b 1615 d 1 Mar 1688
m Elizabeth Potter
+2 George Robinson b 1585 in Cleasby Par, North Riding, Yorkshire d 1634 in Cleasby, Com Ebor, Yorkshire
m Frances Layton b 1589 in Cleasby North Riding Yorks d 13 Apr 1648 in St Peters, London
+2 Christopher Potter b 1594 d 10 Apr 1642
m Isabel x

Judith Armistead
Ar9 Judith Armistead,
m 1688 Robert "King" Carter Ct9 of Corotoman, Lancaster Co Va
+1 John Carter Ct10
m Sarah Ludlow Lu10
Ct8 Elizabeth Carter b 1688 d after Jan 1730
m1 Nathaniel Burwell, son of Lewis Burwell possibly and Abigail Smith (Ba11-2-6-1)
m2 Dr. George Nicholas Ni8
Ct7-1 Lewis Burwell (1710-1756) of Whitemarsh, Virginia, married Mary Willis.
Ct7-2 Elizabeth Burwell b 1713
m William Nelson of Yorktown (1711-1778). Signer of the Declaration of Independence.
Ct7-3 Nathaniel Burwell (1711/14-1720)
Ct7-4 Carter Burwell b 25 Oct 1716 d 3 Jan 1777 of the Grove James City Co Va
m Lucy Grymes.
Ct7-5 Lucy Burwell (1713-)
(Ct7-6) Robert Burwell (3Jun1720-30Jan1777) of Isle of Wight County, Virginia married S. Nelson.
Ni7 Ni7 Robert Carter Nicholas (b. 1725 or 8 - 1780)
m Anne Cary Ca7 dau of Col Wilson Cary and Sarah Pate

George Nicholas about 1774 age 20 or 21

Judge Sammuel Smith Nicholas
Ni6-1 Elizabeth Nicholas b. 11 Aug. 1752; m. 29 Aug. 1776 Gov. Edmund Jennings Randolph, son of John Randolph, 1776; d. 1810.
Ni6 Col George Nicholas (11 Aug. 1753 - 27 July 1799), married Mary Smith daughter of John Smith of Baltimore, Md., and moved to Kentucky and was the father of Judge Samuel Smith Nicholas who published a masterful plea for the right of habeas corpus when it was suspended by President Lincoln during the Civil War.
 Ni6-3 Gov. Wilson Cary Nicholas (31 January 1761 - 10 October 1820) married 1783 Margaret, daughter of John Smith of Baltimore, Md.,
Ni6-4 John Nicholas (1756 - 31 Dec. 1819 ),  married Anne Lawson, was member of Congress 1793 - ¬1801; removed to Geneva, New York, where he has numerous descendants.
 (Ni6-5) Sarah Nicholas, b. 1752 at Frederick Co., VA; m.  John Hatley Norton.
Ni6-6 Judith Nicholas (1765 - '1 )
Ni6-7 Lewis Nicholas (1766 - '/ ), who lived in Albemarle.
Ni6-8 Robert Nicholas (2 June 1768 - 7 )
Ni6-9 Philip Norborne Nicholas (1775 - 1849) m1 Mary Spear of Baltimore, m2 Maria Carter, daughter of Thomas Taylor and Mary Anne Byrd, daughter of William Armistead.
Ni6-10 Mary Nicholas b. 1759 d. 1796; unmarried.
Ni5-1 Col. Robert Carter Nicholas (1779 (?93 there is likely a confusion with a cousin of the same name who moved to New Orleans) - 1836 (?57), He was known as a brilliant talker.
Ni5-2 Maria Nicholas (1780 - ? ) 17 March 1804 married Col. Thomas D. Owings of Kentucky in Lexington Ky son of John Cockey Owings and Colegate Deye grandson of Joshua Owings Ow9-11 and grandnephew of Samuel Owings Ow9
Ni5-3 Smith Nicholas (1782 - ? )
Ni5-4 Ann Nicholas (1783 - ?)
Ni5-5 Sidney Nicholas (1785 - ? )
Ni5-6 Major Cary Nicholas (1786 - ? ) U.S. Army and great wit
Ni5-7 George Ann Nicholas (1788 - ?)
Ni5-8 Margarette Gailbraith Nicholas (1789 � Aug.13, 1819) married first Gen. J.C. Bartlett, second Gov. Thomas Fletcher, died without issue. She was portraited by Jewet; the portrait in the posession of Gen. Charles Parsons Nicholas Ni3-5-4 in 1975 and doublessly passed to his daughter, Frances.
Ni5-9 John Nelson Nicholas (1791 - 1826) ablest Journalist in Kentucky and in 1821 made Jefferson admit authorship of the Kentucky Resolution of 1798 with the further awowal that he wrote them at the insistance of George Nicholas Ni6
Ni5-10 Elizabeth Randolph Nicholas (1793 -) married James Gabriel Trotter of Lexington
Ni5-11 George Wilson Nicholas (1795 - ? )
Ni5 Samuel Smith Nicholas (1797 - 1869) m1 Matilda Prather Pr5 dau of Thomas Prather Pr6 and Matilda Fontaine Fo6
Ni5-13 Henrietta (Hetty) Morrison Nicholas (1798 - ? ) married Richard Hawes Jr.
Ni4-1 Mary Jane Nicholas (1830-? ) married y Graves
Ni4 George Nicholas (1831-1896) married first Emma Hawes, second Mary Anna Pope
Ni4-3 Thomas Prather Nicholas , (1833-1870)
Ni4-4 Matilda Nicholas (1835-1921) married Hon P Barrett of Mo.
Ni4-5 Hetty Nicholas (1837-1838)
Ni4-6 Julia Nicholas (1839-1907) married Maj. James Johnson/Johnston, C.S.A.
Ni4-6-1 Mary Johnston living in Louisville in 1920 corner of 4th and Braodway
Ni4-7 Margharetta Nicholas (1842-1905) married Thomas
Ni4-8 Samuel Smith Nicholas Jr (1844- ?) m Nannie Carter, daughter of Capt. Frank Carter + 2 dau

Children by his second wife:
Ni4-9 Cary Ann Nicholas, (l849- ?)
(Ni4-10) Catherine Nicholas (1850- ?) married Rudolph Fink
Ni4-11 Sarah Nicholas (1852- ?)

Ni3-1 Emma Juliet Nicholas (1854 � 1896) married John Churchill, had child, John Churchill Jr., who married first Lucy Jones, second Ardath � and died 8 Dec. 1944. Ardeth Churchill married second Paul Hays and was living in 1948 with name Ardeth Hays).
Chi1dren by second marriage:
Ni3-2 Samuel Smith Nicholas (16 March 1862- 14 April 1864)
Ni3-3 Mary Emeline Nicholas (7 Sept 1863 - 8 Sept.1863)
Ni3-4 Worden Pope Nicholas (20 Nov. 1864- 6 June 1942) married 7 Oct. 1891 Lulu Allen Cherry
Ni3-5 George Nicholas (10 Nov. 1866- 21 March 1926) married 15 July 1896 Evelyn Belle Thompson in Shelbyville, Ky., who compiled the extensive genealogical notes on which this part of the genealogy is based. They had 3 sons and a daughter.
Ni3-6 Sarah Lawrence Nicholas (16 June 1868- 13 June 1935 in Camrose Alta, Canada, bur. in Edna Texas)
Ni3-7 Patrick Pope Nicholas (17 Dec. 1869- June 1941) married 30 Sept. 1897 Mary Willis Middleton
Ni3-8 Thomas Prather Nicholas (4 March 1872- 30 Sept. 1942) married 29 Dec. 1897 Deborah Shannon
Ni3-9 Lawrence Nicholas (19 March 1874-June 1942)
Ni3-10 Cary Nicholas (28 April 1876- 2 Dec. 1897)
Ni3-11 Matilda Prather Nicholas (15 May 1878- June 1954 ) married Dr. Thomas E. Bland on 20 June 1906.
Ni3-12 Mary Anna Nicholas (11 Feb. 1880 - 30 Dec. 1915)
Ni3-13 Samuel Smith Nicholas (1 July 1881- 29 May 1927 in Edna, Texas)
Ni7-2 John Nicholas
Ni7-3 George Nicholas

Shirley Plantation
Ct8-2 John CARTER of Shirley b 1690 d 30 Apr 1743,
m 1723 Cecily Elizabeth Hill b 1703 inherited 'Shirley Plantation' on the James River in Va, dau of Edward Hill III and Elizabeth Williams (dau of Sir Thomas Williams of Wales), granddaughter of Edward Hill II b. 1637 and. Tabitha Scarburgh b 1696, great granddaughter of Col. Edward Hill b about 1610 m 1656 Hannah Jordan b about 1620 d 1663.

Shirley Plantation is the oldest plantation in Virginia (1613) and the oldest family-owned business in North America (1638.) The Carters residing in this 375-year-old agricultural business are descendants of the original owners.

-1 John Carter b 9 MAR 1727/28 in Corotoman, Lancaster, Va d 1781 in Tennessee m1 1755 Mary Pollard b 1735 in Va
-2 Elizabeth Hill Carter b 1731 d 1760, m 14 APR 1748 Col William Byrd III b 26 SEP 1728 in 'Westover' Charles City Co Va d 1 JAN 1777 in 'Westover' Charles City Co Va of suicide went deeply in debt and committed suicide. son of William E. Byrd II b 28 MAR 1674 n Williamsburg, Va and Maria Taylor b 10 NOV 1698 in London, England He m2 29 JAN 1761 Mary Shippen Willing b 24 SEP 1740 in Philadelphia, Pa dau of Charles Willing and Anne Shippen +5 ch
-3 Col. Charles Hill Carter15 OCT 1732 in Corotoman, Lancaster Co VA d 24 JUN 1806 in Charles City Co Va m1 ABT 1756 in Va Mary Walker Carter b 1736 in Corotoman, Lancaster, Va dau of Col. Charles Carter and Mary Walker m2 1770 Anne Butler Moore b 1750 in Westmoreland Co
-4 Edward Hill Carter b 1733/4 in Shirley, Charles City Co. VA d 22 Apr 1792 in Albemarle Co Va m Sarah Champe b 1740 dau of John Champe b 1670 and Jane Thornton b 10 AUG 1681 in Gloucester Co Va (dau of William Thornton b 27 MAR 1649 in Gloucester, Va and Elizabeth Fitzhugh b c 1650 in Gloucester, Va)
Charles Carter and Mary W. Carter had issue:
-3-1 John Hill Carter
-3-2 Charles Carter b 1757 in Charles City Co Va d 7 Jul 1808 m Anne Beale Carter b c 1768 Sabine Hall Richmond VA
-3-3 George Carter b 1761 in Corotoman, Lancaster Co VA
-3-4 Mary Walker Carter b 1763 in Charles City Co VA
-3-5 Elizabeth Hill Carter b 1764 in VA
-3-6 Edward Carter b 1767 in Cloverland, Prince William Co
-3-7 Landon Carter
Charles Carter and Anne Butler Moore had issue
-3-8 William Fitzhugh Carter b 16 AUG 1772 in Prince William Co
-3-9 Ann Hill Carter b 1773, d 1829 who married "Lighthorse" Harry Lee and had a.o. General Robert Edward Lee
-3-10 Dr Robert Carter b 1774 in Charles City County, Virginia
-3-11 Catherine Spotswood Carter b 1778
-3-12 Bernard Moore Carter b 1780 in Shirley Plantation, Lancaster Co
-3-13 Williams Carter b 1783 in VA
-3-14 Lucy Carter b 25 FEB 1789
Ct8-3 Judith CARTER b 1693 in Corotoman, Lancaster, Va d 1700 in Rosewell, Gloucester Co Va bur in Rosewell, Gloucester Co Va.
Ct8-4 Sarah CARTER b 1694 in Corotoman, Lancaster, Va. She died in 1694.
Ct8-5 Charles CARTER b about 1699.
Ct8-7 Judith Carter b about 1700.
m Mann Page Honorable b 1691 in Rosewell, Gloucester, Co Va d 24 JAN 1729/30 in Rosewell son of Matthew Page b 1659 in Williamsburg, Virginia d 26 Jul 1718 and Mary Mann b 1672 in Virginia, he m1 10 Jul 1712 Judith Wormeley, dau of Col. Ralph Wormeley and Elizabeth Armistead
-1 Mann Page b 1718 m1 Alice Grimes b 1723 + 2 ch m2 Anne Tayloe b 1723 d 1784 + 9 ch
-2 Robert Page b ABT 1726 in Rosewell, Gloucester Co Va m 20 Jan 1749/50 Sarah Walker b 30 JUN 1734
-3 Carter Page b 1724
-4 John Page , Honorable b 20 FEB 1723/24 in Gloucester Co Va d 1774 m 1746 Jane Byrd b 13 OCT 1729 in 'Westover' Charles City Co
-5 Matthew Page b 1726
-1-1 Gov John Page b 17 Apr 1743 Glouceter Co VA d 11 Oct 1808 Richmond VA m Frances Burwell b 1747 1787
-1-2 Judith Page b 1745 d 1778
-1-3 Robert Page b 1748 d 1805 m Elizabeth Carter b 1757 d 1787 (from Armand Garrand Ill's tree)
-1-4 Mann Page b 1749 d 1781
-1-5+ 7 siblings implause
-2-1 Robert Page b 15 JUN 1752 in Broadneck, VA d 1794 m Mary Braxton b 1756 in Va
-2-2 Judith Page b 15 OCT 1756 in Hanover Co Va m John Waller b 25 JUL 1753 in Va
-2-3 Catherine Page b 7 NOV 1758 in Hanover Co Va
-2-4 John Page b 29 JAN 1760 in 'Pagebrook' Frederick Co Va m Maria Byrd b 1761
-2-5 Matthew Page b 4 MAR 1762 in Va
-2-6 Sarah Walker Page b 16 FEB 1766
-4-1 Mann Page III b 1747 in Gloucester Co d 1779 m Mary Mason Selden b 1754 in Stafford Co
-4-2 John Page b 1749 m Elizabeth 'Betsey' Burwell b ABT 1752
-4-3 Judith Page b 1752 d 1827 m Hugh Nelson b 1740 in Yorktown, York County
-4-4 Carter Page b 1758 in Va m1 Mary Cary b 4 DEC 1766 dau of Archibald Cary b 24 JAN 1720/21 in Williamsburg, James City Co, Virginia and Mary Randolph b 21 NOV 1727 +3 ch m2 14 Dec 1799 2 JAN 1777 in Yorktown, York Co Va + 4 ch
-4-5 Robert Page, Honorable b 1764 in Gloucester Co
-4-8 Sarah Walker Page b 16 FEB 1766
-4-6 Lucy Page b c 1770 in Va m 1792 Francis Nelson b 25 JUN 1767 in Yorktown, Virginia
-4-7 William Page b 1753 North End Gloucester Co VA m Elizabeth Jones
Ct8-8 Anne CARTER b about 1700 d on 12 Aug 1745
m Benjamin Harrison of Virginia
-1 Lucy Carter HARRISON ABT 1723 d 12 JUL 1745 m ABT 1740 Edward Randolph b ABT 1725 son of Edward Randolph I of Breno b 1690 in "Turkey Island", Henrico Co VA and Elizabeth Graves/Groves b 1697 in? Bristol Eng or Henrico, Va
-2 Anne Carlin Harrison b 1723 d 1745 m1 (confusion with Ann below and husbands ?m Anthony Singleton ?m Beverley Randolph ?m William Randolph. As she was older and died young, probably only one marriage for her to Beverley Randolph, other marriage to the other Ann)
-3 Benjamin Harrison b 1726 d 1791 m Elizabeth Bassett b 1730 d 1792
-4 Hannah Harrison b 1730 m William Calvert b 22 Feb 1732 in Prince William Va d 15 Aug 1811 in Madison Co Ky. and
-4-1 Raleigh Calvert
-5 Carter Harrison b 1732 d 1796 m x Avery
-6 Nathaniel Harrison b 1741 m1 Anne Gilliam m2 Mary Ruffin
-7 Charles Harrison b 1742 d 1793 m Mary Claiborne b 1744 d 1775
-12 Ann HARRISON b c 1744 in Virginia
Ct8-9 Mary CARTER b 1712 in Corotoman, King & Queen Co. VA d 17 Sep 1736/?49 in Newington, King & Queen Co. VA
m 16 Jan 1732 in Corotoman George Braxton Jr. b 1712 in Chericoke, VA.
-1 George Braxton III b 13 Jan 1733 in King & Queen Co. VA
m 6 Dec 1753 in Williamsburg Mary Blair b 27 Sep 1734
-2 Carter Braxton b: 10 Sep 1736 in Newington, VA

-1-1 Elizabeth Braxton m Henry Whiting b 10 Dec 1748 in VA
-2-1 Mary Braxton b 1756
-2-2 Judith Robinson Braxton b 10 Dec 1757 in Newington, King & Queen Co. VA
-2-3 Nancy Braxton b 1760
-1-1-1 Francis Beverley Whiting
Ar9-2 Elizabeth Armistead b 16 Feb 1666/7, Gloucester Co VA d 16 Nov 1716 Rosegill Middlesex Co VA
m1 1687 Ralph Wormeley son of
+1 Capt. Ralph Wormeley
m Agatha Eltonhead
Ar9-2-1 John Wormeley b 1689, Rosegill, Middlesex Co VA d 1726 owned lands in Middlesex, Gloucester, King William, York and Caroline Counties will dated 15 Apr 1725 and names his wife, Elizabeth, and 6 children.
m Elizabeth x d. 1743 Elizabeth�s will is dated 3 Mar 1743 , and gives her son, John, 650 acres in York Co
Ar9-2-2 Ralph Wormeley III (1690 - )
Ar9-2-3 Letitia Wormeley (1692 - )
Ar9-2-4 Judith Armistead Wormeley b 1694/6 in Middlesex Co VA d 1716
m1 Mann Page of Rosewell b 1691 Gloucester Co d 24 Jan 1730/1 educ. Eton & St. John's College Oxford Univ memb. King's Council 1714-30/31.
-1 Ralph Wormeley Page b 2 Dec 1713, Gloucester Co d 1732
-2 Maria Judith Page b 24 Feb 1713/14, Gloucester Co m 1736 William T. Randolph b 1713 Goochland Co d 1746 Goochland Co
-3 Mann Page b 8 Dec 1716 Gloucester Co d 12 Dec 1716 Gloucester Co
-4 Ralph Page b 1713 d 1732

-2-1 Thomas Randolph
m2 William Churchill b 1649 in England -1
Ar9-2-6 Judith Churchill b.1703 Middlesex Co. VA d 1760
m Thomas Randolph
Ar9-2-7 Armistead Churchill b 25 JUL 1704 in Middlesex Co Va d 5 JUL 1763 in Middlesex Co Va
m 1725 Hannah Harrison b 1707 Wakefield, Sussex Co. VA d Sep_1776, Middlesex Co. VA dau of Nathaniel Harrison b 8 APR 1677 in Wakefiled, Surry Co Va and Mary Cary b c 1678 in Surry Co Va granddau of John Cary Ca10-2-7 b 1610 in England and Jane Flood b 1646 in Surry Co., Va (?bro more likely cousin of Miles Cary Ca10 b 30 jan 1621/2 in Bristol Engl as his brother John b. 1610, d. 1669 in Massachusetts, m. Elizabeth Godfrey, daughter of Francis Godfrey and Elizabeth)
gr granddau John Cary b 10 APR 1583 in England d 13 FEB 1660/61 in England and Elizabeth Hereford b: 1587 in England
-1-1 William Churchill b Feb 24, 1726 d 1782 m1 Elizabeth Carter + 3 ch m2 Elizabeth x + 4 ch
-1-2 John Churchill (December 1, 1728 - )
-1-3 Mary Churchill (1729 - )
-1-4 Nathaniel Churchill (1731 - )
-1-5 Armistead Churchill b 25 Nov, 1733 Middlesex Co Va
-1-8 Priscilla Churchill (1738 - )
-1-6 Lucy Churchill b 17 JAN 1737/38 in Middlesex Co - )
-1-7 Judith Churchill (1742 - )
-1-8 Elizabeth Churchill b 1710 in Middlesex Co d 16 APR 1779 in New Kent Co m 29 JAN 1728/9 William Bassett b 8 JUL 1709 in New Kent Co Va son of William Bassett b: 1670 in New Kent Co., Va. and Joanna Burwell b 1674 in Gloucester, VA
-1-1-1 Hannah Churchill b 1753
-1-1-2 William Churchill b 1755
-1-1-3 Elizabeth Carter Churchill (1757 - March 3, 1806) m James Maury Fontaine
-1-1-4 Priscilla Churchill (1759 - )
-1-1-5 Lucy Harrison Churchill (1770 - )
-1-1-6 Sarah Churchill (1773 - )
-1-1-7 Thomas E. Churchill (1775 - )
-1-8-1 Elizabeth Bassett b 13 DEC 1730 in Charles City Co VA
-1-8-2 Burwell Bassett b 3 MAR 1732/33 in Eltham, New Kent VA
-1-8-3 Joanna Bassett b c 1740 in Elthan, New Kent Co
-1-1-3-1 Betty Fontaine b July 20, 1779
-1-1-3-2 Susanna Harrison Fontaine b Aug 12, 1780 m George Nuttall son of Charles Nuttall
-1-1-3-3 James Fontaine b Nov25, 1781 - )
-1-1-3-4 Mary Fontaine b Mar 23, 1783 - )
-1-1-3-5 Judith Fontaine b Apr 18, 1784 - )
-1-1-3-6 Caroline Carter Fontaine b 10 Dec 1785 d 1 Aug 1855) m John Wiatt
-1-1-3-7 Frances Fontaine b Apr 4, 1787 - )
-1-1-3-8 Sarah Fontaine b Apr 14, 1788
-1-1-3-9 Francis Churchill Fontaine b Aug 29, 1789 - )
-1-1-3-10 William Maury Fontaine b Oct 29, 1790 - )
-1-1-3-11 Betty Carter Fontaine b Nov 7, 1791 - )
-1-1-3-12 Charles Carter Fontaine b Dec 8, 1792
-1-1-3-2-1 Betty Ann Carter Lewis Nuttall
-1-1-3-2-2 John Francis Fontaine Nuttall b June 24, 1807
-1-1-3-2-3 Caroline Frances Nuttall (March 15, 1812
-1-1-3-6-1 Elizabeth Hannah Wiatt d 21 Jul 1888)
-1-1-3-6-2 Catherine Frances Wiatt b April 14, 1813 d Aug 1855)
-1-1-3-6-3 James Maury Fontaine Wiatt b 24 Feb 1816 d 1865
-1-1-3-6-4 Francis Churchill Wiatt b 1 Sep 1818 d 15 Feb 1858
Ar9-2-8 Priscilla Bladen Churchill b 21 OCT 1705 in Westmoreland Co VA
m1 Robert Carter Ct8-10 b 1704 in Corotoman, Lancaster Co., VA son of Robert "King" Carter Ct9 and Elizabeth Landon
m2 John Lewis
-1 Robert Carter III b FEB 1726/27 in Nomini Hall, Westmoreland Co., VA d Mar 1804 m 4 Apr 1754 Frances Anne Tasker b APR 1738 in Baltimore
-2 Elizabeth Carter b 1730 m Francis Willis b: ABT 1717
-3 Priscilla Carter b 1732 - )
-4 George Carter b 1734 - )
-5 Charles Lewis b 25 Feb 1734
-1-1 Priscilla Carter b: 1760 in Nominy Hall, Westmoreland Va
-1-2 Elizabeth Landon Carter b: 25 OCT 1765 in Virginia
-1-3 John Tasker Carter b: 2 MAR 1772 in Nominy Hall, Westmoreland Va
-1-4 Sarah Fairfax Carter b: 10 APR 1773
-1-5 George Carter b: 31 JAN 1777 in Oatlands, Loudoun Co Virginia
-2-1 Priscilla Willis b ABT 1743 in Gloucester Co Va m William Kennon b 1734 in Virginia

-2-1-1 Elizabeth Carter Kennon b ABT 1764 in Gloucester Co Va m John Perrin b 1749 in Gloucester Co Va and had William Kennon Perrin b 1785 in Gloucester Co
-2-1-2 Mary Willis Kennon b c 1766 in Virginia m 1785 John Bolling IV b 24 MAR 1762 in Va b 1778 in Va and had 2 ch

-2-1-2-1 Evelina Bolling; b. 1790; d 13 Feb 1862 m 15 Apr 1808 Albemarle Co Alexander Garrett b 20 Apr 1778, Nelson Co; d. 29 Feb 1860, Albemarle Co.
-2-1-2-2 Susan Bolling m 15 May 1833, Albemarle Co John Scott
-2-1-2-3 John Bolling b. 1809; d. 1835 m1 Martha Archer m2 _ Berry
-2-1-2-4 Mary Bolling m 18 May 1816, Albemarle Co William R. Snelson
Ar9-2-9 Elizabeth Churchill b 1710 Bushy Park, Middlesex Co. VA
m 1729 William Bassett d 16_Apr_1779, Eltham, New Kent Co. VA
Ar9-3 William Armistead b 1671 d 1711
m1 Hannah Hinde b 1673 d 1759 + 5 ch
m2 Anna Lee b 1676 Ditchley VA d 1753 Northumberland VA + 1 ch
+1 Hancock Lee b 1653 d 1709 Dividing Creek Va built Ditchley Mansion
m2 Sarah Allerton b about 1670 d Wicomico Va 17 May 1731 bur Ditchley dau of->
2 Richard Lee, the founder, b 1608 Cotton Hall in the manor of Nordley Regis at Stropshire d 1 Mar1663/64 in Dividing Creek Va
m Anne CONSTABLE, (OWEN) b 1622 d 6 Oct 1706 in Dividing Creek Va
+2 Isaac Allerton b aft 1627 Plymouth Mass grad Harvard 1650
m Elizabeth Willoughby b 27 Sep 1635 Parnham, Suffolk
Ar9-3-1 Anthony Armistead b 1691 d 1737
Ar9-3-2 William Armistead b 1693 d 1727
m Elizabeth Gill
-1 Gill Armistead
-2 William Armistead
-3 Col John Armistead d 2 May 1779 ST Peters Parish New Kent Co VA m Mary Burbage
-3-1 Robert Burbage ARmistead d 1811 m Mary Semple
-3-1-1 William Armistead b 1797 VA d 1856 AL m 6 May 1824 in King & Queen Co. VA Lucy Ann Boyd b: 1803 in VA
-3-1-1-1 William Boyd Armistead m 1 Dec 1858 Elizabeth Camilla Scott b 8 Feb 1834
-3-1-1-2 Virginia Rosalie Armistead b 10 Aug 1832 d 30 May 1864 m Elmore Joseph Fitzpatreick b 30 Jun 1828
-3-1-1-1-1 Elliott Scott Armistead b 1860
Ar9-3-3 John Armistead b 1694 d 1734
Ar9-3-4 Edward Armistead b 1710 d 1771
Ar9-3-5 Hannah Armistead b 1712 d 1750
Ar9-3-6 Mary Armistead b 1696 Northumberland VA d 23 Jun 1768/?70 Charles charles City Co VA (this is a reconciliation of several different pedigrees, where each shows a Mary Armistead as dau of William Armistead and Anna Lee and each shows only one of these husbands. Mary, the presumed aunt - dau of William Armistead and Anne Ellis who not generally shown in Armistead pedigrees as actually married James Burwell - seems to be confused with this Mary. and one Heritage pedigree shows this aunt as wife of both James Burwell and Philip Lightfoot, but does not show three of her siblings. But this pedigret also seems incomplete in listing her Lightfoot and Burwell children, and the dates of birth shown for these elsewhere make it seem impossible that one and same Mary could have been the wife of both. Hence James Burwell is only shown as the husband of this Mary's aunt and his descendants are shown there. And Philip Lightfoot is shown only as the husband of this Mary.)
m?1/2 Gen Philip Lightfoot b 1689 Yorktown d 30 May 1748 Charles City VA he m1 and had William Lightfoot b 1722 d 1771 m Mildred Howell b 1723 d 1783
m?2/3 John Morehead b 1682 Northumberland VA d 24 Oct 1768 Fauquier Co VA son
+1 Charles Morehead b 22 Dec 1636 Wigtown Scotland d 18 Jul 1705 Northumberland VA
m Jane Presley b 29 Jan 1652 Northumberland VA d 11 Feb 1710
+2 Charles Morehead b 22 Dec 1609 Wigtown Dumfries d 22 Dec 1692 White Co GA
+2 Peter Presley
m Winifred Griffin
+3 David? Muirhead b 1575 Wigtown d 2 Sep 1642 Londons.a. /
m Anna Hardrett b 1590 Wigtown
+4 David Muirhead b 1556 Lauchop Lancashire d 6 Sep 1642 Sarholn Galloway
+4 Jacob Hardrett
m Mary Prince
+5 David Muirhead b c 1535 Lanarkshire d 1614 +6 James Muirhead of Lauchope
m1 Margaret Cunningham
Ar9-3-6-1 John Benge Lightfoot b 1725 Yorktown d 1789 High york Co VA
m2 Ge-Ho-Ga b 1730 Cherokee GA d 1790 Rome Floyd Co GA m1 Mary Clack m2/3 Nancy Foster
-1 Dorcas Lightfoot b 1750 d 1836 m?1 Robert Benge b 1750 m?2 Charles Duncan b 1750 d 1817
-2 Nancy Lightfoot b 1755 d 1790 m1 Capt James Foster b 1750 Deer Cherokee GA d TN 1810 m2 John Adair Jr (implausible dates for John and ch)
-1-1 Rebecca Duncan
-2-1 John S Foster b 9 Jul 1784 GA d 16 Oct 1858 m Martha Jones b 1785 d 1856
-2-2 Walter Adair b 1783 d 1835
-2-3 Charlotte Adair d 1838
-2-4 Edward Adair b 1789 d 1864
-2-5 Samuel Adair
Ar9-3-6-2 Philip Lightfoot b 1728 d 1748
m Susannah Smith b 1725 d 1800
-1 Sarah Lightfoot b 1748 d 1818
m1 John Warren
m2 John Lott b 1742 d 1810
-1-1 Robert Lott b 1762 d 1843
-1-2 John Lott b 1764 d 1830 m Sarah Jones b 1770
-1-3 Jesse Lott b 1766 d 1880
-1-4 Arthur Lott b 1767 d 1812
-1-5 Mark Lott b 1769 d 1813 m Delilah Jones
-1-6 Luke Lott b 1770 d 1850
-1-7 William Lott b 1771 d 1812
-1-8 Mary Lott b 1775 d 1798
-1-9 Elizabeth Lott b 1782 d 1860
Ar9-3-6-3 Armistead Lightfoot b 1730 d Sept 1771, York Co
m Anne Burwell b 1742 d Apr 1777, Gloucester Co dau of Gov Lewis Burwell III, b MAY 1710 in Gloucester, Va and Anne Willis
Ar9-3-6-4 Joseph Morehead b 19 Jan 1733 Hamilton Parish Pr Wm Co VA d 11 Jul 1806 Rockingham Richmond Co VA
m Elizabeth Turner b 1731/?6 Halifax VA d 14 Feb 1895/?1800 Richmond NC
-1 Nancy Morehead b 1779 d 1843 m Daniel Thomas b 1776 d 1830 -1-1 Preston Thomas b 1814 d 1877 m Sarah Morehead b 1817 d 1902
-1-2-1 John Lott b 1785 d 1852 m Sarah Lee b 1802 d 1824
-1-2-2 Arthur Lott b 1790 d 1859
-1-5-1 Frances Lott
Ar9-3-6-5 John Morehead b 1732 d 1821 (does not seem to have had ch by m1 but uncertain which ch by m2 and which by m3)
m1 Prudy Burlingame b Providence RI
m2 Mary Wheatley b 1732 d 1820 + 2 ch dau of George Wheatley b 1700 and Sarah Williams
m3 Frances Rixey b 1743 Halifax VA d 1821 + ch
-1 Mary Morehead b 1752
-2 Nancy Morehead b 1752
-3 George Morehead b 1752/c1774 m Sarah Humston
-4 Sarah Morehead b c 1762 Fauquier Co VAm y Sinkler
-5 William Morehead b 1760
-6 Elizabeth Morehead b 1765 Fauquier Co VA d 1 Mar 1820 Mason Co KY m William Triplett b 1 Jan 1767 Fauquier Co VA d 1 Nov 1807 Leesburg Logan Co KY
-7 Susannah Morehead b 1758/?69 m John Hoare Triplett b 1767 son of John Hore Triplett and Martha Landrum
-8 Armistead Morehead b 1771 ?= m Anne Morgan dau of Charles Morgan b 1745 and Susannah Doggett (dau of Bushrod Doggett b 1710 and Ann Stribling) grandau of William Morgan and Elizabeth Mary Duncan b 1723 Augusta VA d 1758 VA
-9 Lucy Morehead b 1778 d 1856
-10 Samuel Morehead b c 1772
-11 Nancy Morehead b c 1768 m y Dearing
-12 James Morehead b c 1760
-13 Charles Morehead b c 1758
-1-1 Charles D Morehead b 1806 d 1853 m Eliza Loving b 1812 d 1853
-6-1 Mary Triplett b 1775
-6-2 Frances Triplett b 1780
-6-3 Nathaniel Triplett b 1785 VA d 1856 Gainesboro Frderick Co VA m Elizabeth Smith b c 1785
-6-4 Francis Triplett b 1786 d 1809
-6-5 Mary Triplett b 1786
-6-6 John Triplett b 1788 d 1843
-6-7 Nancy Triplett b 1794 d 1844
-6-8 Sennett Triplett b 1795 d 1843
-6-9 William Triplett b 1796 d 1838
-6-10 Elizabeth Triplett b 1802
-7-1 Charles Morehead Triplett
-7-2 Martha Triplett
-7-3 John Hoare Triplett
-7-4 Lawrence Triplett
-7-5James K. Triplett
-7-6 Lucy Triplett
-7-7 George Triplett
-7-8 Malinda Triplett
-7-9 Susan Morehead Triplett
-7-10 Nancy Triplett
-7-11 Greenberry Triplett
-8-1? Alfred Morehead m Elizabeth Dural
-8-2 John Morehead b 1801 m Nancy Branscomb d 1854

-6-3-1 Elizabeth C Triplett b 29 Mar 1803 Trone Frederick Co VA d 18 Aug 1853 Gore Frederick Co VA m Josiah Lockhart b 1782 d 1853
-6-3-2 Edwin Triplett
-8-1-1 James Morehead b 1825 d 1869
-8-1-2 David Morehead b 1827
-8-1-3 Lewis Morehead b 1829
-8-1-4 John Morehead b 1831
-8-1-5 Henry Morehead b 1833 m1 Jane Metcalf
-8-1-6 Alexander Morehead b 1835
-8-1-7 Susanna Morehead b 1837
-8-1-8 Mary Morehead b 1839
-8-2-1 John Morehead b 1831 d 1883 m Mary Martin b 1838 d 1893

-6-3-1-1 Elizabeth Lockhart b 1804 d 1828
-6-3-1-2 Margery Lockhart b 1807 d 1897
-6-3-1-3 Robert Lockhart b 1809 d 1863
-6-3-1-4 Thomas Lockhart b 1811 d 1869
-6-3-1-5 Sarah Lockhart b 1812 d 1887
-6-3-1-6 Rebecca Lockhart b 1815 d 1897
-6-3-1-7 Grace Lockhart b 1819 d 1873
-6-3-1-8 John Lockhart b 1822 d 1883
-6-3-1-9 Samuel Lockhart b 1824 d 1902
-6-3-1-10 Isabelle Lockhart b 1826 d 1897
-6-3-1-11 James Lockhart b 1828 d 1920
-6-3-1-12 Josiah Lockhart b 1830
-6-3-1-13 Elizabeth Lockhart b 28 Mar 1837 Gore Frederick Co VA d 28 Nov 1896 Calhoun WV m Isaiah Dorsey Smith b 1831 Back Creek Frederick Co d 3 Nov 1894 Newton roane WV
-6-3-1-14 Beverly Lockhart b 1835 d 1917
-6-3-1-15 Mary Lockhart b 1840
-6-3-1-16 Algernon Lockhart b 1844 d 1944
-6-3-1-17 William Lockhart b 1844
-8-2-1-1 Anna Morehead b 1861 d 1935 m Thomas Stokes b 1854 d 1901

-6-3-1-13-1 Wander Smith b 1857 d 1861
-6-3-1-13-2 Aristotle Smith b 1863 d 1911
-6-3-1-13-3 Antolla Smith b 1863
-6-3-1-13-4 Pocahontas Matoaka Smith b 17 Apr 1864 Frederick VA d 22 Jun 1936 m Samuel Vineyard b 1856 d 1938
-6-3-1-13-5 Ann Smith b 1867 d 1910
-8-2-1-1-1 John Reynolds Stokes b 1882 Greenville Muhlenberg Co KY d 1957 Lorna Linda CA m Maynie Coleman b 1884 d 1971 dau of James Herod Coleman b 23 May 1853 Muhlenberg Co KY d there 7 Jul 1922 m Druscilla Bridges b 1854 d 1926 dau of William E Bridges b 1823 Wilson Co TN d 26 Dec 1898 Muhlenberg Co and Mary Clemmons b 1823 d 1902
Ar9-3-6-6 Capt Charles Morehead b Prince William Co Va 19 Jan 1733 Hamilton Parish Pr Wm Co VA d Fauquier Co., Va., 30 Sept. 1783 (will dated 19 Jan 1783, probated Fauquier Co Va 27 Oct 1783 Jaques, Kentucky families, pp. 6-8 no. 12)
m 1756 Mary Turner, b. c 1741 d Nelson Co Ky c 1791 dau of James Turner, b c 1705 d c 1773 (m Spotsylvania Co Va 7 May 1734 Kerenhappuch Norman, b 1716, d 1781)
-1 Armistead Morehead b 1767 m1 Rebecca/Elizabeth Latham b 25 Apr 1774 d 1827 + 3 ch
-2 Capt Turner Gustavus Morehead b 7 Jan 1757 Warrenton Fauquier Co VA d 23 Feb 1820 Barren KY m1 Mary Ann Hewitt Hooe + 5 ch m2 Ann Ransdell + 2 ch
-3 Mary Ransdell
-4 Major Charles Morehead
-5 James Morehead
-6 Elizabeth Briggs
-7 Maj Presley Leland Morehead
-8 Mary Morehead m Massey
-9 John Morehead
-1-1 Charles Morehead b 1806 d 1853 m Eliza Loving dau of John Loving and Elizabeth Spencer
-1-2 Gov/Sen James T Morehead b 24 May 1797 Bullitt Co KY d 28 Dec 1854 Covington KY m1Lavinia Espy dau of Josiah Murdoch Espy and Maria Moore m2 Susan Roberts b c 1802 Logan Co KY d 14 Mar 1838 Frankfort KY + 1 ch
-1-3 Armstead S Morehead b 14 Oct 1808, d Green Ridge, Logan Co Ky 1865 p Dinah
-2-1 Elizabeth Ann Morehead m Aylett Hartswell Buckner son of y Buckner
-2-2 Mary Hewitt Morehead m Collin M Cowardin
-2-3 James Turner Morehead
-2-4 Caroline Matilda Morehead m Lyman Taft Gunn
-2-5 Bushrod Washington Morehead
-2-6 Turner Gustavus Morehead b 8 May 1785 Fauquier Co VA d 16 Jan 1864 Glasgow MO m Martha Garrettson Worthington b 18 Feb 1793 Baltimore d Jan 1859 Philadelphia PA
-2-7 Sarah "Sally" Morehead m Ellis
-1-1-1 Sarah Moorehead b 1831 d 1 Oct 1882 Bowling Green Warren Co KY m Joseph Younglove b 1818 d 1894
-1-2-1 Joseph Clayton Morehead b 1828 d 1863 m Sarah R Thomas dau of Simms Thomas and Margaret
-1-3-1 Thomas Morehead b Ky c 1838 d. Logan Co Ky 28 May 1913 Kentucky Death Index, 1911-2000, vol. 28, cert. 13679] m Old Union Church Logan Co Ky 24 Dec 1890 Lizzie Bibb b Ky Oct 1869 d 29 Dec. 1919
-2-6-1 Turner Gustavus Morehead b
-1-1-1-1 Joseph Younglove
-1-1-1-2 John Younglove
-1-1-1-3 Emma Younglove m Robert Underwood
-1-1-1-4 Susannah Younglove
-1-2-1-1 Margaret Morehead b 22 Jan 1858 d 31 Aug 1909 m Reuben Miller
-1-3-1-1 Birdie B Morehead, b Ky June 1893 d Jefferson Co Ky 6 Dec 1944, ae. 50 [Kentucky Death Index, 1911-2000, vol. 55, cert. 27263] John Lewis Grady b Allensville, Ky 27 Jun 1886, d aft 1930

-1-2-1-1-1 Lucile Miller b 27 Jan 1884 d 10 Oct 1918 m Frank Collings Malin
-1-3-1-1-1 Odessa Lee Grady b.Hopkins Co., Ky., 12 Feb. 1917 [Kentucky Birth Index, 1911-1999, vol. 15, cert. 7377], d Berrien Mich 20 Aug. 1994 [SSDI 404-26-8158] m Cassius Marcellus Clay, b Jefferson Co Ky 11 Nov 1912 d Jefferson Co Ky., 8 Feb 1990 [SSDI 403-16-4967; Kentucky Death Index, 1911-2000, vol. 9, cert. 4003]

-1-2-1-1-1-1 Margaret Malin m Phillips
-1-3-1-1-1-1 Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr from [ca. 1964-5] "Muhammad Ali Haj" boxer, b Louisville, Ky., 17 Jan. 1942 [Kentucky Birth Index, 1911-1999, vol. 6, cert 2705
Ar9-3-6-7 William Morehead
m Mary Jones
-1 Nathaniel Morehead b c 1760 Fauquier Co VA d Wood Co VA (from Evadna Ebneter's tree) m Margaret Jett b c 1769 dau of Thomas Jett b 1750 Stafford Co VA d 9 Sep 1832 Marietta Washington Co OH and Lucinda Owens b 12 Jan 1755 Kg Geo Co VA d 11 Aug 1823 Marietta OH
-2 Sarah Morehead m James Sinclair
-3 Lucy Morehead m John Whitley
-4 John Morehead
-5 James Morehead m Jane Oldaker
-6 Hannah Morehead m George Rockinbaugh
-7 Elizabeth Morehead m Bailey Rice
-8 Polly Morehead m John Barber
-1-1 Presley Morehead b c 1782 m Lucy Coe
-1-2 Armistead Morehead b 1793? d 1878 m Tacy Richards
-1-3 Lucinda Morehead m James Moss
-1-4 Margaret Morehead m Isaac Sheppard
-1-5 Mary Morehead m John Rockhold
-1-6 Nathaniel Morehead d 1885 m Mary Richards
-1-7 Owen Morehead m Mahala Owens
-1-8 Samuel Morehead m Sarah Robinson
-1-1-1 Thomas Morehead b c 1795 m Eliza McFarland
-1-2-1 Thomas David Morehead b 19 Nov 1815 d 1881 m1 Sarah Eaton b 1816 d 1855 m2 Rachel Vandervort b 1832 d 1881
-1-2-2 Mary Morehead b 1833 m1 Mark Custer b 1829 d 1863 m2 Henry Sutton b 1827 d 1906
-1-2-3 William Morehead d 1900 m1 Uree Reeder m2 Melissa Treadway b 1847 d 1915
-1-2-4 Deborah Morehead b 1824
-1-2-5 Lucinda Morehead b 1828 d 1904 m Jonathan Sheppard
-1-2-6 Alfred Morehead b 1830 d 1890 m Sarah Bumgardner b 1836 d 1899
-1-2-7 Kanzada Morehead b 1835 d 1926
-1-2-8 Sarah Morehead b 1839 d 1870 m John Roberts
-1-2-9 Susan Morehead b 1842 d 1928 m Ezekiel Roberts
-1-2-10 Charles Morehead b 1846 d 1925 m Susan Chambers
-1-4-1 James Sheppard m Jane Higginbotham
-1-9-1 Isaac Morehead b 1826 d 1894
-1-9-2 Kingsbury Morehead b 1830 d 1878 m Isabella King b 1838 d 1897
-1-9-3 Alexander Morehead b 1832 d 1916 m Elizabeth Lirten b 1841 d 1912
-1-9-4 Charles Morehead b 1834 d 1922
-1-9-5 Burrell Morehead d 1877
-1-9-6 Margaret Morehead b 1837 d 1915
-1-9-7 David Morehead b 1841 d 1917
-1-9-8 Mary Morehead b 1844 d 1911
-1-9-9 Henry Morehead b 1846 d 1896
-1-9-10 Harriet Morehead

-1-2-1-1 James Morehead b 1842 d 1913
-1-2-1-2 Alexander Morehead b 1844 d 1919
-1-2-1-3 Winfield Morehead b 1847 d 1917
-1-2-1-4 Oscar Morehead b 1850 d 1852
-1-2-1-5 Charles Morehead b 1853 d 1854
-1-2-1-6 Anna Morehead b d 1855
-1-2-1-7 Samuel Morehead b 1858
-1-2-1-8 Emma Morehead b 1860
-1-2-1-9 Dell Morehead
-1-2-1-10 Rosella Morehead b 1862
-1-2-1-11 William Morehead b 1864 m Rachel ?Morehead
-1-2-1-12 Nettie Morehead b 1866
-1-2-1-13 Addelpha Morehead b 1868
-1-2-1-14 Oliver Morehead b 1871 d 1926 m Clara Childs b 1873
-1-2-1-15 Nathaniel Atwood Morehead
-1-2-2-1 Susan Custer m Henry Marshall
-1-2-2-2 Leander Custer b 1851 d 1879
-1-2-2-3 Commodore Newton Custer b 30 Aug 1853 Jackson Co VA d 31 Dec 1945 Grafton Taylor Co WV m Margaret Belle Williamson b 10 Jul WV d 18 Jul 1930 Grafton
-1-2-2-4 Alonzo Custer b 1857 d 1927 m Serena Duncan b 1858 d 1907
-1-2-2-5 Mark Custer b 1859 d 1928 m Ida Payne b 1865 d 1937
-1-2-2-6 Theodore Custer b 1853 d 1890 m susan Archer
-1-2-2-7 Catherine Sutton d 1869
-1-2-2-8 J Sutton d 1869
-1-2-2-9 Albert Sutton m Nettie ?Sutton
-1-2-2-10 Wesley Sutton
-1-2-3-1 Thomas Morehead b 1847 d 1900 m Mary Treadway b 1860 d 1950
-1-2-3-2 Richard Morehead b 1850 d 1935 m Letha Sawyer
-1-2-3-3 Emma Morehead b 1852 d 1940 m Elmore Richard d 1898
-1-2-3-4 John Morehead
-1-2-3-5 Viola Morehead
-1-2-3-6 William Morehead
-1-2-3-7 Ellen Morehead
-1-2-3-8 Martha Morehead
-1-2-3-9 Mary Morehead b 1867
-1-2-3-10 Charles Morehead b 1869
-1-2-3-11 Abraham Morehead
-1-2-3-12 Lucinda Morehead
-1-2-3-13 Oza Morehead
-1-2-3-14 George Morehead b 1881 d 1954
-1-2-3-15 James Morehead b 1883 d 1941
-1-4-1-1 Sarah Sheppard
-1-9-1-1 Orra Morehead
-1-9-3-1 Delman Morehead b 1873
-1-9-3-2 albert Morehead
-1-9-3-3 Lydia Morehead
-1-9-3-4 George Morehead
-1-9-3-5 Olivewr Morehead
Ar9-3-6-8 Alexander Morehead d 1816 m Lydia Nelson b 1746
Ar9-3-6-9 Elizabeth Morehead m Richard Rixey
Ar9-3-6-10 Hannah Morehead b 1731 m Bailey Johnson
Ar9-3-6-11 Mary Morehead
Ar9-3-6-12 Presley Morehead
Ar9-3-6-13 Samuel Morehead
m Lucy Wilmarth
Ar9-3-7? Judith Armistead b Kingston Gloucester Co VA d 1770
m George Dudley b 1690
-1 Richard S Dudley b Kingston Gloucester Co d 1 Jul 1774 Cross Creek Cumberland Co NC m Sara Tyson d 1798 -1-1 Richard Dudley b 20 Mar 1772 Cross Creek Cumberland Co NC d 17 Aug 1823 Carlisle Marlborough Co SCm Ann Newberry -1-1-1 George Augustus Frederick Dudley b 6 Dec 1803 Fayetteville d 28 May 1876 Blenheim SC m Caroline Ballard b 1803 d 1876 Ar9-4 Henry Armistead
m Martha Burwell b 1685 d 1710
+1 Lewis Burwell Bu12-1-4-1 b 1647 in Gloucester, Va d 19 DEC 1710 in 'Fairfield', Gloucester, Va - continued from above
m?2 Abigail Smith Ba11-6-1 b 11 Mar 1656 in Engl d 12 Nov 1693 Va
+2 Anthony SMITH before 1656 in Carters Creek, Gloucester, Va
m Martha BACON b c 1634
+3 y Smith
+3 Nathaniel BACON b 1627 in Friston Hall Suffolk bap 29 Aug 1620 in Bury St Edmund Parish Suffolk Engl acting auditor (1675-87) and also president of the Council, governor of Virginia in 1684. d 16 Mar 1692 in Williamsburg bur 18 Mar 1692 York City, Yorktown, Va
m2 Elizabeth Kingsmill widow of Col William Taylor. Nicholas Meriwether, b. 1631, settled Surry Co., 1656 bought from Nathaniel "Island House Tract" of 80 acres on Jamestown Is. 300 ac. New Kent Co., 25 Nov. 1658, assigned by John Bull.
Nicholas Marywether, 80 Acs James City Island 6 Nov 1661, p. 292, (397), formerly planted and seated by Richard Kingsmill, dec'd who was an ancient planter in this country, and by Nathaniel Bacon, Esq. and Elizabeth his wife, only dau. and heir of said Kingsmill.
Ar9-4-1 William ARMISTEAD b 1715 d 1755.
m1 1738 Mary Bowles b 1718 d 1740 dau of: s.r.
sis of Elinor Bowles m Warner Lewis + Warner Jr and Addison
James Bowles b ABT 1700 in London, England
m Rebecca Tasker Addison b 3 JAN 1702/03 in Md m2 Jdg George Plater +2 ch
+1 Thomas Addison b 1679 in Charles Co., Md or England (son of John Addison b ABT 1634 in England and Rebecca Wilkinson b 1633 in Norfolk, VA)
m Elizabeth Tasker b 1686 in Calvert Co., MD (dau of Thomas Tasker b c 1640 in England and Rebecca Isaac b c 1655 in England)
Ar9-4-1-1 Mary Ann Armistead b 1753 in Gloucester, Va
m 13 Mar 1786 Thomas Taylor BYRD b 17 Jan 1752 in Westover, Charles City Co Va d 19 Aug 1821 in Cottage Farm, Frederick Co Va bur 1823 in Old Chapel Cem., Frederick Co Va.
Ar9-4-1-1-1 John Carter BYRD was born about 1778 in Westover, Charles City Co Va He died in 1814.
Ar9-4-1-1-2 Frances Otway BYRD was born about 1780 in Westover, Charles City Co., Va He had other parents.
Ar9-4-1-1-3 William BYRDb c 1785 in Westover, Charles City Co VA
Ar9-4-1-1-4 Richard Evelyn BYRD b 29 Dec 1801. d on 1 Jan 1872.
Ar9-4-1-2 John Bowles Armistead b 1742 Gloucester/?Caroline Va d 1799/?88 Hesse Castle Gloucester VA m 17 Mar 1764 Lucinda Baylor b 12 OCT 1746 in Caroline Co dau of John Baylor and Frnces Walker
Ar9-4-1-2-1 Addison Armistead b c 1770 in Virginia
Ar9-4-1-2-2 George Armistead b 10 APR 1780 Newmarket Caroline Co VA d 25 Apr 1818
Ar9-4-1-2-3 Ellen Bowles Armistead b: ABT 1781 in Virginia
Ar9-4-1-2-4 Brig Gen Walker Keith Armistead b 1783 in Virginia
m 1814 Elizabeth Stanley b 1798 in Newborn, NC d Sep 1861 Fauquier Co
Ar9-4-1-2-4-1 Lewis Addison Armistead b 18 FEB 1817 New Bern Craven Co NC k 5 Jul 1863 Gettysburg PA m1 Cecelia Love d 1850
m2 Cornelia Jamison d 1855
Ar9-4-1-2-4-2 Bowles E. Armistead b 26 APR 1838 in Fauquier Co d 16 OCT 1916 in Fauquier Co Va Bur Upperville Cemetery, Upperville, Fauquier
m1 after 1860 Susan Lewis Marshall b: 11 DEC 1848 in Fauquier Co Va dau of Fielding Lewis Marshall b 29 MAR 1819 in Fauquier Co Va and Rebecca Frances Coke b 26 OCT 1824 in Fauquier Co
m2 1871 Elizabeth Brooke Marshall b MAY 1846 in Fauquier Co dau of Henry Morris Marshall b: 13 JUN 1811 in Fauquier Co., Virginia and Elizabeth Whiting Brooke b: OCT 1813 in Fauquier Co
Ar9-4-1-2-5 Elizabeth Bowles Armistead b ABT 1784 in Va d Jul 1826 m 5 Nov 1804 John Daingerfield b 7 NOV 1767 in Essex Co Va
Ar9-4-1-2-6 Mary B. Armistead b c 1786 d 1840
m 1800 Landon Carter b 16 JUN 1757 in Richmond, Va son of Robert Wormeley Carter b 1733 in 'Sabine Hall', Richmond Co., Virginia and Winifred Tavener Beale b c 1740 in Richmond Co
-1 John Armistead Carter b: 1807 in Va
m Richardetta DeButts b: 1816 in Loudoun Co Va
-1-1 Richard Welby Carter b: 1837 in Loudoun Co m 1865 Sophia DeButts Carter b: MAR 1841 in Fauquier Co., Virginia
-1-1-1 Nina Dulany Carter b: 21 NOV 1881 in Mercer, Loudoun Co, Va
-1-1-2 Juliet R. Carter b: OCT 1888 in Loudoun Co (census 1880 indicates other ch or grandch)
Ar9-4-1-3 Bowles Armistead b 1752 Hanover Co d there 1785
m Mary Ann Fontaine b c 1759 Beaverdam Hanover Co d Apr 1799 Fredericksburg VA dau of Col. Peter Fontaine and Elizabeth Louise Winston b 17 DEC 1720/?34 in Albemarle Co Va she m2 Col John Lewis d 1825
-1 y Armistead m x Terrill.
-2 William Bowles Armistead.
-3 Maj. Peter Fontaine Armistead b 1778 d 1866.
-4 Elizabeth Armistead b 1780.
-5 Mary Bowles Armistead b 1783 d 2 Mar 186
Ar9-4-1-4 Col George Armistead b 1779 Newmarket Caroline Co Va d 1817 commanded Fort McHenry during the Battle of Baltimore in the War of 1812. The attack became immortalized by onlooker Francis Scott Key who penned The Star Spangled Banner while watching the British bombardment of Armistead's fort.
Ar9-4-1-5 Brig Gen Walker Keith Armistead,
Ar9-4-1-5-1 Gen. Lewis Addison Armistead b 18 Feb 1817 CSA k 3 July 1863 at Gettysburg
Ar9-4-1-6? Deborah Armistead b 1740 d 1769
m William Thomas b 1730 d 1821
-1 James Thomas b 1760 d 1836 m Mourning Thomas b 1762 d 1856
Ar9-4-1-7?? William Armistead b 1739 d 1782
m1 Maria Carter b 1746 d 1768
Ar9-4-2 Lucy Armistead b 1725 d 1770 Yorktown
m Secr Thomas Nelson
-1 Capt Thomas Nelson, Jr
-2 Col. William Nelson
-3 Major John Nelson
Ar9-4-3 Robert Armistead
Ar9-4-4 Martha Armistead
m Dudley Diggs b c 1718 d 1790 York Co VA son of Lt Col Cole Digges and Elizabeth Power he m2 Elizabeth Wormeley
Ar9-5 Mary Armistead b 1680 Hesse Gloucester Co VA d 1724 Dunkirk King and Queen Co VA 1724
m Peter Rogers b 1677 worcester Engl d Dunkirk
-1 Thomas Rogers b Dunkirk d 19 Feb 1754 Bertie Co NC m Mary Jordan -1-1 Thomas Rogers b 1730 Bertie NC d 1807 Mecklenburg Co VA m Sarah Patterson -1-1-1 Thomas Rogers III b 1773 Dinwiddie VA d there m Mary Rives b 1782 Dinwiddie VA d there 1829
Ar10-3 Catherine Armistead b 1641 died on 23 Apr 1692 in Spotsylvania Co VA
m1 on 28 Mar 1679 Theophilius Hone d ,
m2 Robert Beverley Be11 b 1635 d 15 Mar 1687
Ar10-3-1 = Be10-5 John Beverley.
Ar10-3-2 = Be10-6 Thomas Beverley died on 20 Sep 1686.
Ar10-3-3 = Be10-7 Catherine Beverley, married Hon. John Robinson.
Ar10-3-4 = Be10-8 William Beverley was baptized on 4 Jan 1680.
Ar10-3-5 = Be10-9 Christopher Beverley was baptized on 19 Mar 1686.
m3 17 Sep 1687/?17 Nov 1687 b 1645 Hon. Christopher Robinson and according to d 13 Feb 1693.
Ar10-3-6 Ann ROBINSON,
Ar10-3-7 Elizabeth ROBINSON,
Ar10-3-8 Agatha ROBINSON II,
Ar10-3-9 Benjamin ROBINSON,
Ar10-3-10 Christopher ROBINSON II,
Ar10-3-11 John ROBINSON II,
Ar10-3-12 Clara ROBINSON
Ar10-4 Capt Anthony Armistead b 1645/?1639 d 1726/?18Jul1698 Elizabeth City Co VAA
Hannah Ellison b 1644 dau of
+1 Capt Dr. Robert Ellison, of James City County a leading Burgess in 1656-'59-'60-'61-'62-'63
Ar10-4-1 Anthony Armistead
Ar10-4-2 Dunn Armistead b 1660 d 1716
Ar10-4-3 Maj. William Armistead b 1666/?8, Elizabeth City Co VA, Elizabeth City Co. VA ??= Ar10-8 below
m1 c 1691 Hannah Hinde b 1 Jul 1673 Elizabeth City York Co VA + 3 ch
m2 1704 Rebecca Moss/?Mennis b 1672/c 75 Elizabeth City C. VA d 1758, Elizabeth City Co VA + 2 ch
m3 Rebecca King
+1 Edmond Moss
Ar10-4-3-1 Anthony Armistead b c 1692 d Jan 1738
m Margaret Benit she m2 aft 1738 Edward Morgan b 1708 VA
-1 John Armistead b c 1721 d 1791 m1 Anne + 1 ch m2 Elizabeth Jones b 1753
-2 Anthony Armistead
-3 Benit Armistead
-1-1 Robert Armistead
-1-2 John Armistead m Elizabeth Royster
-1-3 Starkey Armistead d 1775 m 19 Jun 1773 Mary Tabb
-1-2-1 John Clayton Armistead b 12 Jan 1782 d 11 Apr 1832 m Lucy Ann Harrison
-1-2-2 Marcus Aurelius Armistead
-1-2-3 Latinus Armistead b 1826
-1-2-1-1 William Harrison Armistead b 8 Feb 1820 m Sarah Jane Henry b 1825 in Winston, Charlotte Co VA dau of Edward Winston Henry b 21 Jan 1794 Long Island Campbell Co VA and Jane Randolph Yuille
-1-2-1-1-1 Adelia Harrison "Addie" Armistead m Fletcher Campbell Yuille
Ar10-4-3-1 John Armistead b c 1696
Ar10-4-3-1 Hinde Armistead b c 1698
Ar10-4-3-4 Col. Robert Armistead b 1710, Elizabeth City Co. VA d c 1774, Elizabeth City Co. VA
m1 Anne Wallace + 6 ch
m2 1_Feb_1763 Mary Johnson b. before 1702 wid of Thomas Tabb wid of Matthew Wills
-1 William Armistead d.Sep_1799, Elizabeth City Co. VA m x + 8 ch m2 Mary Latham Curle
-2 James Armistead b.1732, Elizabeth City Co. VA d.1774 m Ann Ridlehurst b.1738, Elizabeth City Co. VA wife of James Armistead d.1777, Elizabeth City Co. VA
-3 Robert Armistead b. Elizabeth City Co. VA d.Nov_1802, Petersburg VA m Margaret x
-4 Mary Armistead m1 David Wilson Curle d.1769 m2 Joseph Selden, Elizabeth City Co. VA d.1775, Elizabeth City Co. VA
-5 Thomas Armistead d.1791, Petersburg, VA m Margaret Currie d.1791, Petersburg VA
-6 Moss Wallace Armistead d.1786, Elizabeth City Co. VA m Catherine x
-1-1 Anne Armistead [130732] b. Elizabeth City Co. VA m.20_Aug_1787, York Co. VA wife of Starkey Robinson
-1-2 Euphon Armistead m William A. Graves]
-1-3 Sarah Armistead
-1-4 Robert Armistead d.Mar_1810, Elizabeth City Co. VA m1 17_May_1784, York Co VA Hannah Patrick b.27_Apr_1765, York Co. VA + 4 ch
-1-5 Mary Armistead
-1-6 William Armistead
-1-7 Moss Armistead d.1813 m Mildred x
-1-8 Martha Armistead m Elijah Phillips

-1-4-1 William Armistead b.14_Mar_1785
-1-4-2 John Patrick Armistead b.14_Apr_1787
-1-4-3 Mary Manson Armistead
-1-4-4 Ann Wallace Armistead m2 Priscilla Tabb b.16_Jan_1768, Elizabeth City Co. VA + 3 ch
-1-4-5 Martha Tabb Armistead
-1-4-6 Maria Tabb Armistead, Elizabeth City Co. VA
-1-4-7 Col. Robert Henry Armistead b.12_Apr_1804, Elizabeth City Co. VA d.22_Oct_1888, James City Co. VA m Julia Samuel Travis

-1-4-7-1 Robert Travis Armistead Lawyer, Williamsburg VA, 1900, 1910 b.22_Jul_1844, Elizabeth City Co. VA m Mary Frances x (Fannie) b.Sep_1845, Virginia m.1870 wife of Robert T. Armistead d. after 1920
-1-4-7-1-1 Virginia Armistead b.Sep_1873. Virginia
-1-4-7-1-2 Julia Armistead b.Dec_1875. Virginia
-1-4-7-1-3 Judge Frank Armistead Lawyer, Williamsburg VA, 1900-1930 b.Mar_1878. Virginia m Rosa L x b.1892, Virginia m.1915

-1-4-7-1-3-1 Judge Robert Travis Armistead Sr b.10_Jan_1916, Williamsburg VA d.10_May_1999, Williamsburg VA SSN: 230-44-8815 m Sarah H. x
-1-4-7-1-3-2 Letitia Armistead (Lettie) b 1918, Virginia m y Hanson

-1-4-7-1-3-1-1 Robert Travis Armistead Jr
-1-4-7-1-3-1-2 Mary Armistead b 1959, Richmond VA m Ralph Drennen Hogge
Ar10-4-3-5 Hannah Armistead b 1712
Ar10-3-2-2 Judith Armistead b c 1702
m John Robinson d 1769, Elizabeth City Co. VA
Ar10-4-3-3 Moss Armistead d.1736
Ar10-4-3-4 Edward Armistead b. Elizabeth City Co. VA d.Feb_1771, Elizabeth City Co. VA
m1 Jane Moss d.24_Feb_1756
m2 Margaret Benit
m3 Martha Tompkins d.1799, Elizabeth City Co. VA
Ar10-4-3-5 Hannah Armistead [130707] b.1712, Elizabeth City Co. VA
m Miles Cary III d.1750
Ar10-4-3-6 James Armistead
Ar10-4-4 Robert Armistead, Elizabeth City Co. VA d.1742, York Co. VA
m1 Elizabeth Booth, York Co. VA + 1 ch
m2 Catherine Nutting b.31_Mar_1692, Charles Parish, York Co. VA
-1 Ellyson Armistead
Ar10-4-5 Hannah Armistead b.1674/?79 Elizabeth City Co. VA d 1748
m 10 Dec 1698 William Shelton Sr b 1671 in Westmoreland Co d 1734 in Elizabeth City, York, Va son of John Shelton b 1650 in Currioman, Westmoreland, Va d Nov 15, 1706 in Westmoreland
m 1666 in York Co Jane West Chilton dau of John Chilton and Joane/Jane ??West
-1 John Sheltonb 1697 d 1734
-2 Jane Shelton b 1695 d 1725
-3 James Shelton b 1700 d 1754
-4 Mary Shelton b 1713 Rural Plains Hanover Co VA d 20 Dec 1779 Goochland VA
m George Raine b 1709 d 1735 son of George Raine b 14 Jan 1687 Romaldkird Yorks d VA gamekeeper for Melby Hall
m Margarett Johnson b 1689 grandson of Robert Raine b 5 Mar 1661 Romalkirk Yorks d 1738 ?MD and Margaret Dent b 1660 d 1693
-5 Samuel Shelton b 1703 d 1792
-6 David Shelton b 1705 d 1797
-7 John Armistead Shelton b bef 1713 Rural Plains Hanover VA k 11 Sep 1777 Battle of Brandywine Creek Hanover VA m c 1727 Eleanor Parks b 1710 dau of William Parks b 1687 Lower Gornal Staffordshire d 1 Apr 1750 at sea and Eleanor x
-8 Thomas Shelton b 1705 d 1778
-9 Joseph Shelton
-10 William Shelton Jr b 1709 d 1789
-11 Richard Shelton b 1715 Rural Plains Hanover VA d 1780
-12 David Shelton
-13 Reuben Shelton

-4-1 John Rains b 1726 d 1815 m Keziah Anderson b 1741 Cumberland VA d there 25 Aug 1783 dau of Charles Anderson b 1710 Hanover VA d 1786 Cumberland VA m Elizabeth Chambers d 1725 VA d 1783 Cumberland VA
-7-1 William Parks Shelton d 1778
-7-2 Sarah Shelton 1738 Rural Plains Hanover Co VA d 19 Mar 1775 Scotchtown Hanover Co VA
m c 1755 Gov Patrick Henry b 29 May 1736 Studley Hanover Co VA d 6 Jun 1799 Red Hill Charlotte Co VA son of John Henry and Sarah Dabney Winston
-7-3 Eleanor Shelton II m m Alexander McClanahan b 1734 Antrim IRE d 6 May 1797 Augusta Co VA son of Robert McClanahan and Sarah Breckenridge b 1710 Antrim d 1791 Augusta VA (dau of Alexander Breckenridge and Jane Preston)
-7-4 John Shelton III b 1751 d 1798 m1 Ann Randolph m2 Nancy Williamson d 1780 + 3 ch m3 Ann Barrett Southall 1760 - 1830
-7-5 Elizabeth Shelton b c 1742 d 1794
m Robert Anderson IV b 10 Aug 1741 in Goldmine Plantation, Hanover Co Va d 1 Feb 1805
?= Elisabeth Shelton b c 1728
-7-2 William Parks Shelton d 1778
-7-3 James Shelton b 1730 Goochland VA d 1783 Henry Co VA
-7-4 William Shelton b 1731 Kg & Qu Co VA d 1815 Albemarle Co VA m Sarah x
-7-5 Thomas Shelton b 1732 Lancaster VA d 1792 Currioman Westmoreland Co VA

-4-1-1? y Rains
-7-2-1 Martha Patsy Henry m 2 Oct 1773 in Scotchtown, Hanover Co John Smith Fontaine b 6 AUG 1750 in 'Beaverdam' Hanover Co Va d 14 Apr 1792 Enlisted from Henry Co under Light Horse Harry Lee, at King's Mountain under Col. William Campbell, and his description of the battle is very graphic.
-7-2-2 William Henry
-7-2-3 John D Henry
-7-2-4 Anne Henry m y Roane
-7-2-5 Elizabeth Henry
-7-2-6 Edward Neddy Henry
-7-3-1 Abney McClanahan
-7-3-2 Austin McClanahan
-7-3-3 John McClanahan
-7-3-4 Letitia McClanahan m 5 Oct 1797 Augusta Co VA Morris Austin
-7-3-5 Elizabeth Parks McClanahan b 27 Jun1774 Augusta Co VA d there 7 Jul 1854 m 23 Dec 1794 William Abney b 1772 Augusta Co d there 1828 son of John Abney and Isabella ?Van Lear
-7-4-1 John Southall Shelton b 1785 m Sarah Bryce in 1807 in Henrico County, VA, lived in area. m Sarah Boyce
7-4-2 Alexander Barrett Shelton I 1787 - 1844 - he died d. s. p.
7-4-3 Phillip Turner Shelton 1791 - he had no children
7-4-4 Harriett Ann Shelton 1794 - m Edmund B. Crenshaw
7-4-5 Polina Shelton 1796 - 1797
-7-4-6 Edwin Shelton 1798 - 1874 - inherited "Rural Plains" m Sarah Elizabeth Oliver 1810 - 1887

-4-1-1?-1Uriah Rains b 1781 d 1864 m Elizabeth Chasteen b 1781 Buckingham VA d Halifax VA
-7-2-1-1 Col. Patrick Henry Fontaine b 22 Feb 1775 d 24 Oct 1852.
-7-2-1-2 Edward Winston Fontaine b 1776 d 12 Feb 1792 in Hampden-Sydney College, Prince Edward Co., VA.
-7-2-1-3 Charles de la Boulay Fontaine 1 was born on 30 Jan 1779 in Richmond, VA. He died in Jan 1818 in Halifax Co., VA. m Ann Carrington "Nancy" dau of Hon. Paul Carrington. Ann was b 1789 in Charlotte Co VA.
-7-2-1-4 Martha Henry Fontaine b 4 Jul 1781 d 12 Sep 1845 m 13 Jul 1797 Henry Co Va Nathaniel West Dandridge son of Anne Bolling b 7 FEB 1751/2 Chesterfield Co Va d after Aug 1802 m William Dandridge b 6 APR 1750 in Hanover Co Va
-7-2-1-5 Capt. William Winston Fontaine b 25 Nov 1786 d 1816 m Martha Hale Dandridge.
-7-2-1-6 Rev. John James Fontaine b 1787 d 3 Jan 1852 m Mary Carr Redd
-7-2-1-7 Dorothea Spotswood Fontaine b 1791 in Leatherwood, Henry Co VA d 1793 in Leatherwood, Henry Co
-7-3-5-1 Elizabeth Abney b c 1799 m 5 Jan 1820 Bird S Grils
-7-3-5-2 Nancy Abney b c 1799 d 27 Aug 1879
-7-3-5-3 Letticia Abney b c 1802 d 1856
-7-3-5-4 Mary Jane Abney b c 1804
-7-3-5-5 William Augustine Abney b c 1806 m 1830 Virginia L Kingsolving b c 1807
-7-3-5-6 Isabella Abney b c 1810 m Charles Grils b c 1805
-7-3-5-7 Shelton Spillsbury Abney Sr b 1813 d 1887 m 3 Dec 1834 Martha Jane Davis b 1819 d 8 Sep 1893 dau of William Caldwell Davis and Sarah Van Lear
-7-4-1-1 John Shelton m Amanda Rae
-7-4-1-2 James Shelton
-7-4-1-3 Southall Shelton
-7-4-1-4 Sarah Shelton
-7-4-1-5 Ellen Shelton
-7-4-1-6 Alexander Barrett Shelton II 1807 - 1844 m Sarah Elmira Royster 1808 - 1888
-7-4-6-1 Harriett Ann Shelton
-7-4-6-2 Mary Eliza Shelton
-7-4-6-3 Frances Foster Shelton
-7-4-6-4 Dr Edwin Turner Shelton m 1900 Edwin with 1 son, Edwin; & son John Sutton
-7-4-6-5 Sarah Ellen Shelton
-7-4-6-6 John Southall Shelton n ch
-7-4-6-7 Isabella Shelton
-7-4-6-8 Emma Edwina Shelton
-7-4-6-9 Walter Mitchell Shelton b 1850 m Birdie Winn
-7-4-6-10 Turner Southall Shelton - was a doctor in Richmond, had two daughters
-7-4-6-11 Emma Parks Shelton

-4-1-1?-1-1 James Rains b 1829 m Mary Pauls b 1836
-7-2-1-4-1 Charles Fontaine DANDRIDGE
-7-2-1-5-1 William Spotswood FONTAINE b c 1790 m Sarah Aylett
-7-2-1-5-2 Patrick Henry FONTAINE b about 1800 m Sarah Butler Winston
-7-2-1-5-3 Anne FONTAINE b about 1820
-7-3-5-5-1 Cornelia Abney b c 1831 VA m 1858 John Grils
-7-3-5-5-2 Celestine W Abney b c 1834 d 23 Dec 1893 Brookwood Co VA
-7-3-5-5-3 Ulysses Van Buren Abney
-7-3-5-5-4 Virginia L Abney b c 1838 d aft 1910 Augusta Co VA
-7-3-5-5-5 William George Abney
-7-3-5-5-6 Ella R Abney b c 1843
-7-3-5-5-7 Ovid L Abney
-7-3-5-5-8 Isabella K Abney b c 1846
-7-3-5-6-1 Byrd Grils
-7-3-5-7-1 Sarah Minerva Abney m Murrell
-7-3-5-7-2 Elizabeth McClanahan Abney m Ingram
-7-3-5-7-3 John Hanger Abney
-7-3-5-7-4 William Lycurgus Abney
-7-3-5-7-5 Margaret Letticia Abney b 10 Oct 1848 VA d 16 May 1913 Saline Co MO m there 26 Feb 1871 John Uston Wilhelm

-4-1-1?-1-1-1 Clarinda Deverny Rains b 1854 Fentress TN m Edward Adams b 1855 d 1939
-4-1-1?-1-1-2 Henry Rains b 1854 d 1920 m Sarah Elizabeth Adams b 1856 KY d 1931 Clay TN
-4-1-1?-1-1-1-1 William Adams b 1887 d 1985 m1 Cora Hawkins b 1893 d 1971
-4-1-1?-1-1-1-1-1 Raleigh Adams b 1911 d 1983 m Bessie Wright b 1917 d 2006 grandparents of David Adams, author's DNA match
-7-2-1-5-1-1 Patrick Henry Fontaine b 1841 d 1915 m Ann Elizabeth Redd
-7-3-5-5-1-1 Virginia J Grils b 1860
Ar10-4-6 Judith Armistead
m1 Thomas Butts m.1698, Elizabeth City Co. VA
m2 John West
m1 Thomas Butts
m2 15 Oct 1698 John West of West Point VA b New Kent Co. VA
Ar10-4-7 Lt.Col. Anthony Armistead b. before 1700, Virginia d 1728, Elizabeth City Co. VA
m Elizabeth Westwood b c 1679, Elizabeth City Co. VA m1 Mark Johnson
Ar10-4-7-1 Capt. Westwood Armistead
m Mary Tabb
Ar10-4-7-1-1 Westwood Armistead
m Mary Jenkins
-1 Robert Armistead [130780] b.9_Aug_1766 d.31_Aug_1817, Elizabeth City Co. VA m Elizabeth Smith [130792] wife of Robert Armistead
-2 Westwood Armistead
-1-1 Robert Augustus Armistead m Martha Savage
-1-2 Westwood Smith Armistead [130785] b.17_Jun_1790, York Co. VA
-1-3 Maria Smith Armistead [130787] b.18_Aug_1792, Norfolk VA m.1814, East Dale wife of Thomas Crawford d.2_Jul_1840 m Thomas Crawford [188216]
-1-4 Louisa Young Armistead [130788] b.20_Mar_1796, Hampton VA d.Jul_1832
-1-5 Hellen S. Armistead [130789]
-1-6 Emilly S. Armistead [130790]
-1-7 Harriet Armistead [130791]
-1-8 Thomas Smith Armistead b.30_Mar_1799 d.Aug_1889 m1 Mary Frances Owen + 8 ch m2 1_Oct_1830 Amanda Dewees
-1-1-1 George Washington Armistead m Ellen V. C. Carmines (Virginia Carson) b.30_Dec_1830
-1-8-1 Caroline Armistead [130806] m.19_Aug_1902 Thomas Edward Hodges + 4 ch
-1-8-2 Henrietta Getty Armistead Rev. John Redd Eggleston + 3 ch
-1-8-3 Thomas McMurry Armistead m Magdaline C. Dykema [130805] b. Michigan m.23_Dec_1914
-1-8-4 William Alexander Armistead m Susan Bridges [130796] b. Selma AL wife of William A. Armistead
-1-8-5 Lucy Robertson Armistead b.29_Nov_1892 d.14_Sep_1897
-1-8-6 Nellie Smith Armistead b.4_Jul_1895
-1-8-7 Richard Westwood Armistead b.24_Apr_1898
-1-8-8 Living Armistead
-1-1-1-1 Lelia Armistead d. in childhood
-1-1-1-2 Virginia Armistead (Jennie) b.18_Oct_1854 wife of George A. White d.26_Nov_1926
-1-8-4-1 Mary Getty Armistead
-1-8-4-2 Lydia Anne Bridges Armistead
-1-8-4-3 Living Armistead
Ar10-4-7-1-2 Elizabeth Armistead
m Thomas Smith
-1 Elizabeth Smith [ m Robert Armistead b.9_Aug_1766 d.31_Aug_1817, Elizabeth City Co. VA -1-1 Robert Augustus Armistead m Martha Savage
-1-2 Westwood Smith Armistead b.17_Jun_1790, York Co. VA
-1-3 Maria Smith Armistead b.18_Aug_1792, Norfolk VA m.1814, East Dale wife of Thomas Crawford d.2_Jul_1840 m Thomas Crawford [188216]
-1-4 Louisa Young Armistead b.20_Mar_1796, Hampton VA d.Jul_1832
-1-5 Hellen S. Armistead
-1-6 Emilly S. Armistead
-1-7 Harriet Armistead
-1-8 Thomas Smith Armistead b.30_Mar_1799 d.Aug_1889 m1 Mary Frances Owen + 8 ch m2 1_Oct_1830 Amanda Dewees
-1-1-1 George Washington Armistead m Ellen V. C. Carmines (Virginia Carson) b.30_Dec_1830
-1-8-1 Caroline Armistead m Thomas Edward Hodges + 4 ch
-1-8-2 Henrietta Getty Armistead m c1904 Rev. John Redd Eggleston + 3 ch
-1-8-3 Thomas McMurry Armistead m 23_Dec_1914 Magdaline C. Dykema b. Michigan
-1-8-4 William Alexander Armistead m Susan Bridges b. Selma AL
-1-8-5 Lucy Robertson Armistead b.29_Nov_1892 d.14_Sep_1897
-1-8-6 Nellie Smith Armistead b.4_Jul_1895
-1-8-7 Richard Westwood Armistead b.24_Apr_1898
-1-8-8 Living Armistead
-1-1-1-1 Lelia Armistead d. in childhood
-1-1-1-2 Virginia Armistead (Jennie) b.18_Oct_1854 m George A. White d.26_Nov_1926
-1-8-4-1 Mary Getty Armistead
-1-8-4-2 Lydia Anne Bridges Armistead
-1-8-4-3 Living Armistead
Ar10-4-7-1-3 Mary Armistead
Ar10-4-7-2 Anthony Armistead -1 William Armistead -1-1 Westwood Armistead b.24_Aug_1791 m Elizabeth Borroughs [188345] (Burroughs) b.10_Sep_1792 m.15_Oct_1812, North Carolina wife of Westwood Armistead d.8_May_1879 -1-1-1 James Westwood Armistead b.15_Apr_1828 d.5_Jan_1906
-1-1-2 Bryron Armistead
-1-1-2 William Westwood Armistead b.3_Aug_1813
-1-1-3 Robert S. Armistead
-1-1-4 Emma Armistead m y Cunningham
-1-1-5 Elizabeth Armistead m John Kimball
Ar10-4-7-3 Sarah Armistead [130717]
Ar10-4-7-4 Hannah Armistead
Ar10-4-8? Maj. William Armistead b 1671 "the brick house tract" will 5 Jan 1714 d 1715 ?= Ar10-4-3 above
Ar10-4-8-1 Hinde Armistead
Ar10-4-8-2 John Armistead will 1791 96
m1 Anne m2 Elizabeth named in will
Ar10-4-8-2-1 Starkey Armistead ca 1748 - bef 1791
Ar10-4-8-2-2 John Armistead 1000 ac NC
Ar10-4-8-2-3 Robert Armistead in Northampton Co NC 
Ar10-4-8-2-4 Elizabeth Armistead married Thomas Smith
Ar10-4-9? Anthony Armistead of "Willocks" and "The Mill," b 1668 Gloucester VA d 1728 hampton elizabeth City VA
m Mary Tucker dau of Anthony Tucker and Rosea, widow of Jonathan Curle.
Ar10-4-9-1 Anthony Armistead ca 1728 -
m Sarah Archer of NC
Ar10-4-9-1-1 Anthony Armistead m Mourning ? -1 Anthony Armistead
Ar10-4-9-1-2 Robert Armistead
Ar10-4-9-1-3 Westwood Armistead 1763 NH co NC - 1848 Chatham Co NC m1 Miss Horn
Ar10-4-9-1-3-1 William Westwood Armistead
m1 Rose Tyler
m2 Mary White
Ar10-4-9-1-3-1-1 1. Kate G Armistead m Samuel Livingston Reese buried in Shiloh Cemetery at Ovilla, Ellis Co TX line of Bill Page
Ar10-4-9-1-3-2 Robert Horn Armistead
m m2 Lucy Minor
Ar10-4-9-1-3-3 Rosea Armistead m y Tyler
Ar10-4-9-1-3-4 Joseph Armistead
Ar10-4-9-1-3-5 Anthony Armistead
Ar10-4-9-1-3-6 Julia Armistead
Ar10-4-9-1-3-7 Elizabeth Armistead m y Barbee
Ar10-4-9-1-4 Alexander Carver Armistead d 1822 Chatham Co NC married Frances x
Ar10-4-9-1-5 Elizabeth Armistead married William Williams -1 Mary Armistead Williams
Ar10-4-9-2 Capt William Armistead b 19 Sept 1730 d Jan 1791 Bertie Co
m Sarah Jordan
Ar10-4-9-3 Robert Armistead #205 
Ar10-4-9-4 Westwood Armistead b 1692 d 1756
m Mary Tabb b 1730 d 1760
Ar10-4-9-5 Alexander Carver Armistead
Ar10-4-10 Robert Armistead "Buckroe" 1685 - ca 1742 Possibly the same as listed as Shipwright apprentice in 1702 in Hampton Va
m Lenora Angelica Booth
+1 Robert Booth Jr b 1644 d 1692
m Anne Bray
+2 Robert Booth b c 1610 d 1657
m Frances Burgess b c 1609 d c 1668
+2 James Bray d 1691 VA
m Angelica Gibson
+3 Edward Booth b 1578 d 1622
m Dulcia Massey
+3 John Giles Bray
m Anne Chetwood
Ar10-4-10-1 Boothe Armistead ca 1710 - 1727 adm. granted to Robert Armistead married Mary Thompson, sister of Stephens Thompson, Attorney-General of VA she married 2nd Graves Packe, Justice of the Peace, York Co 
Ar10-4-10-2 Ellyson Armistead d. bef 1757 married 1st Miss Bray 
Ar10-4-10-2-1 Robert Booth Armistead bef 1737 - married Anne Shields 31 July 1742 - 
Ar10-4-10-2-1-1 Mary Marot Armistead
m Gov. John Tyler of "Greenway" 28 Feb 1746 - 6 Jan 1813 He read law under his wifes cousin, Robert Carter Nicholas
Ar10-4-10-2-1-1-1 Anne Contesse Tyler b1778 m James Sempel 
Ar10-4-10-2-1-1-2 Elizabeth Armistead Tyler b 1780 m John Clayton Pryor 
Ar10-4-10-2-1-1-3 Martha Jefferson Tyler
Ar10-4-10-2-1-1-4 Maria Henry Tyler 
Ar10-4-10-2-1-1-5 Wat Henry Tyler 
Ar10-4-10-2-1-1-5 President John Tyler b 29 March 1790 - 18 Jan 1862 Arguably the most famous and significant achievement of Tyler's administration (aside from setting the precedent for Vice-Presidential succession) was the annexation of the Republic of Texas in 1845. Tyler was the first president born after the adoption of the Constitution, the only president to have held the office of President pro tempore of the Senate, and the only former president elected to office in the government of the Confederacy during the Civil War (though he died before he assumed said office). 
Ar10-4-10-2-1-1-6 William Tyler
Ar10-4-10-2-1-1-7 Christiana Booth Tyler
Ar10-4-10-2-2 James Bray Armistead d 1790 left property to Diana Wallace Bailey (presumably a granddaughter)
m1 1740 Jane Anderson + 5 ch dau of Rev. Charles Anderson
m2 Catherine Nutting wid Sheldon d bef 3 May 1748 (dates indicate this may have been a second marriage of his father) dau of Capt. Thomas Nutting and Elizabeth Booth widow of William Sheldon
-1 Ellyson Armistead
-2 Charles Armistead
-3 Frances Anderson Armistead m y Nelson
-4 Jane Armistead
-5 Elizabeth Armistead
Ar10-4-10-3 Booth Armistead d. 1770 married Frances 
Ar10-4-10-3-1 Boothe Armistead
Ar10-4-10-3-2 John Armistead
Ar10-4-10-3-3 Betsy 
Ar10-4-10-3-4 Robert Armistead [not of age]
Ar10-4-10-3-5 unborn child
Ar10-4-10-4 Robert Armistead est 1730 m Louisa Westwood ca 1730
Ar10-4-10-4-1 Mary Elizabeth Armistead 1 May 1760 - 1825 m Stephen Thomson Mason 29 Dec 1760 - 1803
Ar10-4-10-5 Angelica Armistead
Ar10-4-10-6 child b 1737 - d y
Ar10-4-11 Mary Armistead b 1706 Elizabeth City Co VA d 1766
m Thomas Tabb b 1705 d 1736 son of Thomas Tabb b 1674 d 1717 and Mary Howard b 1681 d 1711
-1 Elizabeth Tabb b 1726 d 1761 m William King b 1673 d 1747 (implausible dates!!)
-2 Thomas Tabb b 1730 d 1775
-3 Mary Tabb m Christopher Foster b 1721 d 1775
-1-1 Charles King m Mary ?King
-1-2 Mary King b 1755 d 1789
-1-3 Henry King d 1771
-3-1 Sarah Foster b 17 Mar 1773 Warrington NC d 3 Aug 1851 Gallatin Sumner Co TN m Miles Cary Felts b 3 Nov 1756 Sussex Co VA d 14 Jan 1840 Davidson Co TN
-1-1-1 Solomon King b 1735 d 1795
-1-1-2 Michael King b 1737 d 1805
-1-1-3 Mary King b 1739
-1-1-4 Charles King b 1743
-1-1-5 Henry King b 1750 d 1782
-1-1-6 William King b c 1760 d 1811
-3-1-1 Lamiza Felts m William Blair

-3-1-1-1 James Blair m Annie Baker
Ar10-5 Frances Armistead
m Christopher Wormeley
-1 Judith Wormeley b 25 May 1683, Middlesex Co d 1720 Middlesex Co
m 12 Oct 1703, Middlesex Co Christopher Robinson b 1681 Middlesex Co d 20 Feb 1727, Middlesex Co educ William & Mary College memb. House of Burgesses 1705-06 & 1710-14
-2 Col. Ralph Wormeley b. 1650; d. 5 Dec 1700; educ: Oriel Coll, Oxford; memb. House of Burgesses 1674; memb. King's Council 1677; Secretary of State 1693; Pres. of King's Council 1674. m1 Catherine Lunsford + 2 ch she m1 Peter Jennings, Burgess; dau of Sir Thomas Lunsford & Elizabeth. m2 16 Feb 1687 Elizabeth Armistead b 16 Feb 1667, Gloucester Co d 16 Nov 1716 + 2 ch dau of John Armistead & Judith Robinson.
-3 Aylmer Wormeley
-1-1 Benjamin Robinson b ca 1707, Middlesex Co d 23 Aug 1723, Middlesex Co
-1-2 John Robinson b ca. 1708, Middlesex Co d 1787 Middlesex Co will written 21 Feb 1785 prob 23 July 1787 m1 Frances Yates + 5 ch m2 x Churchill + 2ch m3 Anne Read + 3 ch
-1-3 Judith Robinson b ca 1711 Middlesex Co d 1757
-1-4 Frances Robinson b 5 Oct 1714
-1-5 Rev William Robinson b 5 Mar 1716, Middlesex Co d ca 1768 educ Oriel College, Oxford BA 1740 ordained minister in London 1744 to Virginia; rector of Stratton Major Parish, King & Queen Co, until his death; one of the leading clergymen opposing the Two Penny Act; 1761 Commissary of the Bishop of London & memb. of the Colonial Council m Alice Needler dau of Benjamin Needler, Clerk to the Council & Alice Corbin.
-1-6 Peter Robinson b 1 Mar 1718 d June 1765, King William Co educ Oriel College, Oxford; memb. House of Burgesses for King William Co 1758-61 m 9 Aug 1750, Middlesex Co Sarah Lister
-1-7 Christopher Robinson b 1705, Middlesex Co d 28 July 1768, Middlesex Co will written 17 July 1768, probated 6 Dec 1768 m1 Mary Berkeley b 24 May 1711, Gloucester Co + 3 ch dau of Edmund Berkeley & Lucy Burwell ?dau of Elizabeth Carter and lewis Burwell m2 May 1750, Middlesex Co) Sarah Wormeley b 23 Mar 1717; d 1772, Middlesex Co + 3 ch dau of John Wormeley of Rosegill & Elizabeth
-2-1 a Elizabeth Wormeley b 10 Apr 1682, Middlesex Co d. 30 Mar 1740. m 1 June 1703, Middlesex Co John Lomax b. 4 Feb 1675, Northumberland, England.
-2-2 a Catherine Wormeley b 4 Mar 1679 d ca. 1707. she m2 Col. Gawin Corbin b ca 1659, Middlesex Co d 1 Jan 1745, King and Queen Co.
-2-3 b John Wormeley b 1689; d. 1726. See below.
-2-4 b Judith Armistead Wormeley; b. 1695, Middlesex Co d 12 Dec 1716, Gloucester Co. m Aug 1712, Gloucester Co Mann Page of Rosewell b. 1691, Gloucester Co d. 24 Jan 1731, Gloucester Co.
-2-5 b Letetia Wormeley m William Tayloe b. 30 July 1694 d. May 1770.

-1-2-1 Robert Robinson b 29 Apr 1750 d ca 1818 Nova Scotia 1778 he and his tutor Francis Hargreaves ran away to join the English Army; Lieut. King's Loyal Americans; after the Revolutionary War he settled in Nova Scotia m Dorothea Budd of Digby, NS.<
-1-2-2 Mary Robinson d 1803
-1-2-3 William Robinson b 11 Apr 1749 d ca. 1808, Middlesex Co d ca 1808 Middlesex Co m1 12 Mar 1806, Middlesex Co Elizabeth Lilly dau of Thomas Lilly & Lucy Burwell she m2 John Chowning Jr
-1-2-4 John Robinson d ca 1818, Middlesex Co m Deborah Dunlap dau of William Dunlap & Deborah _.
-1-2-5 Catherine Robinson m 2 July 1785 Thomas Wyatt
-1-2-6 b Priscilla Robinson m. _ Elliott
-1-2-7 b Peter Robinson
-1-2-8 c Judith Robinson b 14 Sept 1736; d Jan 1806; will written 8 Dec 1805, probated 4 Feb 1806
-1-2-9 c Christopher Robinson b 2 Apr 1738
-1-2-10 c Elizabeth Robinson m 1763, Middlesex Co Matthew Whiting Jr IDENTIFY
-1-5-1 Christopher Robinson b about 1740
-1-5-2 Benjamin Robinson b about 1742 m 0ct 1777 Middlesex Co Hannah Churchill dau of William Churchill & Elizabeth Carter.
-1-5-3 Needler Robinson b about 1744 d 1823
-1-5-4 Alice Robinson b about 1746
-1-6-1 Judith Robinson will written 28 Juy 1826, King William Co, probated 26 Nov 1827, King William Co m 8 Oct 1773, Middlesex Co Benjamin Grymes d Sept 1805, Orange Co
-1-6-2 Lucy Robinson m Thomas Robinson
-1-6-3 Sarah Robinson b King William Co b about 1735 possibly = m John Gilbertus Hunt b 1731 Surry Co Va d 30 May 1821 Charlotte Va son of James Hunt b 1704 in Hanover Va d 1796 Charlotte Va and Mary Gilbert b 11 Dec 1712 in Hanover Va
-1-6-4 Christopher Robinson
-1-6-5 Peter Robinson
-1-7-1 a Judith Robinson b 2 Jun 1736, Middlesex Co; d 30 Dec 1757, King William Co m 16 July 1755, Middlesex Co) Carter Braxton, the Signer b 10 Sept 1736, King and Queen Co; d 10 Oct 1797
-1-7-2 a Christopher Robinson b 9 Mar 1738 d 23 Oct 1775
-1-7-3 a Lucy Robinson d 7 Mar 1734, Middlesex Co
-1-7-4 b Christopher Robinson b 1754, Middlesex Co d 1784
-1-7-5 b Mary Robinson
-1-7-6 b Elizabeth Robinson m 19 May 1782, Middlesex Co) William Steptoe b 1753, Middlesex Co

-1-2-1-1 Judith Robinson b about 1775
-1-2-1-2 John Robinson
-1-2-3-1 Lucy Lilly Robinson b 1 Jan 1807 d 17 June 1884 m 26 Sept 1826, Middlesex Co Benjamin Temple b 12 Jan 1801, Spotsylvania Co d 13 July 1872, Spotsylvania Co
-1-2-3-2 Judith Williamtina Robinson b 9 Mar 1808 m John Roberts Taylor b 4 July 1803
-1-2-4-1 William D Robinson
-1-2-4-2 Benjamin F. Robinson
-1-2-4-3 Christopher Robinson
-1-2-4-4 Deborah E. Robinson
-1-2-5-1 John Robinson Wiatt b c 1786/7 Va d 4 Aug 1855 Norfolk Va m Caroline Carter Fontaine b 10 Dec 1785 Va d 1 Aug 1855 Norfolk Va dau of James Maury Fontaine b 1738 Gloucester Co Va d 11 Mar 1795 and Elizabeth Carter Churchill b c 1757 grandau of William Churchill and Elizabeth Carter b c 1730 Cleve Kg Geo Co Va
-1-5-2-1 Benjamin Robinson
-1-5-2-2 Hannah Robinson m _ Tomkies, from Gloucester Co.
-1-5-2-3 William Robinson m Martha Stubbs
-1-5-2-4 Eliza Robinson
-1-5-2-5 Alice Robinson m Robert Jennings
-1-6-2-1 Alexander Lister Robinson

-1-2-1-2-1 Thomas Robinson of St. Johns New Brunswick, Pres. Western Union Telegraph Co - INVESTIGATE
-1-2-5-1-1 James Maury Fontaine Wiatt b 24 Feb 1816 d 1865 Norfolk m Elizabeth Chapman ancestors of William Edgar Wyatt, David Nicholas's DNA match
-1-5-2-3-1 Benjamin Needler Robinson m Lucy Heabard Moore b ca 1790 dau of Andrew Leiper Moore & Anne Fitzhugh Nelson
-1-5-2-3-2 Ann Robinson

-1-5-2-3-3 Gabrielle Robinson

-1-5-2-3-4 William Robinson m Alice Octavia Jennings

-1-5-2-3-1-1 Leiper Moore Robinson d 1910, Richmond m Mary S. Campbell; dau of Charles Campbell
-1-5-2-3-1-2 Elizabeth Taylor Robinson m John d Turner
-1-5-2-3-1-3 Nannie Leiper Robinson
-1-5-2-3-1-4 Benjamin Needler Robinson b 18 Jan 1848 d 13 Dec 1893 bur Richmond m Elizabeth Adams Taylor b 1 Jan 1853 d 18 Apr 1926 bur Richmond
-1-5-2-3-1-5 Mary Prosser Robinson
-1-5-2-3-1-6 Kate Spotswood Robinson
-1-5-2-3-1-7 William Robinson
-1-5-2-3-1-8 Martha Gabriella Robinson
-1-5-2-3-1-4-2 Benjmain Needler Robinson b 1883 d 1900; bur Richmond
-1-5-2-3-1-4-3 Katherine Spotswood Robinson b 27 May 1891 d 20 June 1959; bur. Richmond.
-5-2-3-4-1 William Cary Robinson
-1-5-2-3-4-2 Alice Churchill Robinson m 1872 Edward Virginius Valentine, the sculptor b 12 Nov 1838, Richmond d 19 Oct 1930, Richmond.
-1-5-2-3-4-3 Octavia Robinson
-1-5- Needler J. Robinson

-1-5-2-3-1-1-1 Leiper Moore Robinson
-1-5-2-3-1-1-2 Russell Robinson
-1-5-2-3-1-4-1 James Taylor Robinson b 7 Jan 1880 d 26 Apr 1963 bur Richmond m Inez Montague b 30 Sept 1884 d 2 Oct 1956 bur Richmond dau of Percy Montague & Inez Withers
Ar10-6? Mary Armistead b 1682
m?1 James Burwell b 4 FEB 1688/89 in Gloucester d 15 SEP 1718 in will probated Yorktown son of Lewis Burwell Bu12-1-4-1 b 1647 in Gloucester, Va d 19 DEC 1710 in 'Fairfield', Gloucester, Va - continued from above
-1 Nathaniel Bacon Burwell b 1716 d 1746 m Jemima Cocke b 1713
-2 Ann Burwell b 1723/?17 m John Mooring b 1695
-3 Lucy Burwell (from George Dyer's and Carol Sheedy's trees)
-1-1 James Burwell b 1735 King's Creek Plantation York VA d there 10 Sep 1775 m Anne Jones b 15 Feb 1740 WEstmoreland Va d 30 Oct 1779 York VA
-1-2 Elizabeth Burwell b 1736 King's Creek Plantation York VA d 1796 m1 Richard Hewitt m2 Edward Harwood
-2-1 Penelope Stanton Mooring b 1752 d 6 Jun 1818 Wayne Co NC m James Edmundson b 1751 NC d 23 Dec 1798 Greene Co NC
-2-2 John Mooring b 1764 d 1821
-2-3 Benjamin Mooring b 1770
-2-4 Henry Mooring b 1772 d 1845
-2-5 Thomas Mooring b 1780 d 1840 m1 Hattie + 1 ch m2 Zipha Wiggs
-2-6 James Mooring b 17
-1-1-1 Nathaniel Burwell b c 1760 m Elizabeth Smith
-1-1-2 Anne Burwell b 1765 d 1811
-1-1-3 Walter Burwell b 1768 d 1811
-1-1-4 Rachel Burwell b 1773 d 1832 m Thomas Emmerson b 1773
-1-1-5 Bacon Burwell b 1776 d 1826 m Priscilla Merchant b 1791 d 1849
-1-1-6 James Burwell b 1777 King's Creek Plantation York VA d 1803 Northumberland VA m Judith Ball b 1777
-1-2-1 Elizabeth Hewitt
-1-2-2 Dorothy Hewitt
-1-2-3 Mary Hewitt
-1-2-4 Ann Hewitt
-2-1-1 Bryant Edmundson b 1782 Wayne Co NC d 21 Mar 1854 Dekalb Co GA m Smitha Williamson b 1785 d 1837
-2-5-1 Wiley Mooring b 1807 d 1880 m1 Mary Lane b 1811 d 1862 + ch m2 Melvina Mooring
-2-6-1 Mariah Mooring b 1834 d 1862 m Alexander Fields b 1821 d 1864
-1-1-1-1 James Burwell b c 1780 d 1811
-1-1-4-1 John Emmerson
-1-1-4-2 Arthur Emmerson
-1-1-4-3 Ann Emmerson b 1795 d 1821 m Dr. Alexander McGehee b 1790 d 1841
-1-1-4-4 Sophie Emmerson b 1801 d 1863 m Dr. Joseph Reese
-1-1-4-5 James Emmerson
-1-1-4-6 Elizabeth Emmerson m Onslow Murrell
-1-1-4-7 Thomas Emmerson b 1811 d 1858
-1-1-5-1 James Burwell b 1814 d 1847 m Ann Sale b 1813 d 1902
-1-1-6-1 Ann Burwell b 1800 m William Latane b 1788 d 1846
-1-1-6-2 Rachel Burwell b ?1804 m Thomas Emerson b 1804
-1-1-6-3 Edwin Burwell b ?1808 m Cecelia Washington
-1-1-6-4 James Burwell b 1803 d 1871
-2-1-1-1 Wiley Edmundson b 1812 m Mary Harden
-2-1-1-1-1 Arrinda Edmundson b 1838 d 1910 m John Martin b 1834 d 1910
-2-5-1-1 Martha Mooring b 1833
-2-5-1-2 Nathan Mooring b 1835 m Johnnie Moring
-2-5-1-3 Zilpha Mooring b 1837 Wayne Co NC d 30 Jun 1912 m Bryant Edmunson b 1839
-2-5-1-4 x Mooring b 1838 d 1850
-2-5-1-5 Elizabeth Mooring b 1841 d 1863
-2-5-1-6 John Mooring b 1842 d 1910 m1 Winifred Hill b 1836 d 1877 m2 Johnnie Vaughn b 1863 d 1910
-2-5-1-7 Lucinda Mooring b 1845 d 1912
-2-5-1-8 Susan Mooring b 1846 d 1927 m Benjamin Bradshaw b 1836 d 1864
-2-5-1-9 Nancy Mooring b 1867 d 1928
-2-5-1-10 William Mooring d 1910 m Penny Mannings b NC d 10 May 1919 Greene Co NC
-2-6-1-1 Barbara Fields m 1854 d 1938 m1 John Mewborn/Mewwhine b 1854 d 1900
-2-6-1-2 Virginia Fields
Ar11-2 Robert Armistead b.1_Nov_1612
Ar11-3 John Armistead [187997] b.1613
Ar11-?-1-1-1-1-1 possibly of this branch or of a bro was:
Eleanor Armistead b c 1795 in Hutton Roof about 63 miles from Kirk Deighton
m y Smith
-1 Stephen Smith of Preston, Lancashire, ancestor of one of the author's DNA matches
Ar11-5 Anthony Armistead b.1615
Ar11-5 Frances Armistead [187999] b.1617
Ar11-6 Ralph Armistead [188000], kirk Deighton, Yorkshire, England Frances Armistead [187999] b.1617
Ar11-6-1 Ralph Armistead Jr. [188005]
mAnn _x
Ar11-6-1-1 Robert Armistead [145325], Gloucester Co. VA d.9_Oct_1797
m Catherine Gwathmey [145326] m.24_Sep_1743, Gloucester Co. VA
Ar11-6-1-1-1 Richard Armistead b.3_May_1745, Gloucester Co. VA d. before 1824, Mathews Co. VA
m Elizabeth Jarvis b.16_Oct_1752, Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co. VA m.11_Feb_1770, Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co. VA
Ar11-6-1-1-1-1 Isaac Armistead b.1775-1780, Gloucester Co. VA d.May_1838, Mathews Co. VA
m1 Sarah Foster m.23_Dec_1807, Mathews Co. VA + 3 ch m2 Lucy Armistead
-1 William Armistead b.10_Dec_1815 d.21_Feb_1897 m Margaret A. Brownley b.1823, Mathews Co. VA, Mathews Co. VA wife of William Armistead d.28_Dec_1869, Mathews Co. VA
-2 Harriet Armistead b.1810, Mathews Co. VA m Robert Hudgins d.17_Aug_1879
-3 Catherine Armistead b.14_Apr_1814, Mathews Co. VA m John E. Hudgins d.9_Feb_1897, Mathews CO. VA
-1-1 Josephus H. Armistead b.29_Jan_1843, New Point, Mathews Co. VA d.30_Apr_1927, New Point, Mathews Co. VA m Susan Elizabeth Jarvis b.22_Dec_1851, Mathews Co. VA m.28_Dec_1869, Mathews Co. VA d.19_Feb_1943, Baltimore MD
-1-2 Augustus Armistead b.1856, Mathews Co. VA d.1951, Mathews Co. VA m Mary V. x b.1846, Mathews Co. VA d.1928, Mathews Co. VA
-1-3 Julia A. Armistead b.1839 m.27_Feb_1862, Mathews Co. VA m Edward S. Thomas [188140] b.27_Dec_1835, Mathews Co. VA
-1-4 Virginia T. Armistead b.1840
-1-5 Thomas Hale Armistead b.1845
-1-6 William J. Armistead b.1849
-1-7 Margaret E. Armistead b.1852
-1-8 Mary E. Armistead
-1-1-1 Susie Belle Armistead b.12_Mar_1880, New Point, Mathews Co. VA m.Jun 1896 wife of Lemuel G. Burroughs d.3_Jul_1954, New Point, Mathews Co. VA
-1-1-2 Harry Bland Armistead b.26_Oct_1877, Mathews Co. VA d.Nov_1964, Mathews Co. VA m Nora Belle Burroughs b.1882, Mathews Co. VA m.24_Dec_1899, Mathews Co. V d.1945, Mathews Co. VA
-1-1-3 John A. Armisteadb.18_Dec_1878, Mathews Co. VA d.Sep_1964, Mathews Co. VA m Ellie Vadie Hudgins
-1-1-4 Amy C. Armistead b.12_Dec_1881, Mathews Co. VA wife of Joseph F. Gayle d.13_Feb_1961, Mathews Co. VA
-1-1-5 Oscar G. Armistead b.28_Aug_1870, Mathews Co. VA d.10_Aug_1874, Mathews Co. VA
-1-1-6 Margaret Virginia Armistead b.3_Aug_1872, Mathews Co. VA d.9_Nov_1957, Baltimore MD
-1-1-7 Velma Armistead b.20_Feb_1897, Mathews Co. VA d.10_Nov_1989, Baltimore MD
-1-2-1 Eva Armistead b. Mathews Co. VA m Marvin Minter [188139] b.24_Aug_1918 d.9_Nov_1989

-1-1-2-1 Alton Jack Armistead b.30_Jab_1905, Mathews Co. VA m Eva White
-1-1-2-2 Harry Bland Armistead II b.13_Sep_1905, Mathews Co. VA d.1980, Mathews Co. VA m Myrtle Ripley b.4_Aug_1910, Mathews Co. VA
-1-1-2-3 Mae Burroughs Armistead b.15_Dec_1909, Mathews Co. VA wife of Hubert W. Hudgins d.24_Nov_1999, Mathews Co. VA
-1-1-2-4 Dorothy Mae Armistead b.7_Apr_1902, Mathews Co. VA wife of Rufus D. Hudgins d.18_Aug_1982, Mathews Co. VA
-1-1-3-1 Mason Hudgins Armistead d. after 1963 m1 Jane Scott Miller + 2 ch m2 Claudia x
-1-1-3-2 Irene John Armistead, Mathews Co. VA d.4_Dec_1963, Mathews Co. VA

-1-1-2-2-1 Living Armistead b.5_Apr_1936
-1-1-3-1-1 Macon H. Armistead Jr
-1-1-3-1-2 Edward Byrd Armistead
Ar11-6-1-1-1-2 Catherine Armistead b.21_Jan_1775, Gloucester Co. VA m. after 1797, Gloucester Co. VA
m Thomas Davis
Ar11-6-1-1-1-3 Elizabeth Armistead b.22_Aug_1773
Ar11-6-1-1-1-4 Ralph Armistead b.4_May_1770, Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co. VA d.1820, Mathews Co. VA -1 Francis Armistead merchant, 1860 b.5_Sep_1809, Mathews Co. VA d.12_Sep_1896 m d.16_Oct_1897 d.4_Dec_1963, Mathews Co. VA d.1980, Mathews Co. VA Mae Burroughs Armistead b.15_Dec_1909, Mathews Co. VA d.24_Nov_1999, Mathews Co. VA -1-1 Lucie Armistead b.14_Jun_1841 m.14_Apr_1870, Westville, Mathews Co. VA m George S. Miller d.22_May_1910, Mathews Co. VA
-1-2 Ruby Armistead b.17_Mar_1843, Mathews Co. VA m.14_Apr_1870, Westville, Mathews Co. VA m Andrew J. Miller d.3_Jan_1932, Mathews Co. VA
-1-3 Charles Armistead, Mathews Co, VA m Emma Alice Jarvis m.21_Jun_1877
-1-4 Elenora Armistead, Mathews Co. VA
-1-5 Georgia Armistead b.21_Nov_1852, Mathews Co. VA m.2_Dec_1875 wife of Alexander James d.21_May_1909, Mathews Co. VA
-1-6 James Henry Armistead b.27_Jan_1854, Mathews Co. VA d.2_Dec_1912 m Lucy G. Miller b.22_Jan_1858, Mathews Co. VA m.16_Jan_1887
-1-7 Edward Armistead d.Jul_1858, Mathews Co. VA
-1- Walter E. Armistead b.6_Oct_1860, Mathews Co. VA d.21_Aug_1900
-1-9 Mattie Armistead b.Aug_1863, Mathews Co. VA d.Dec_1955 m .15_Nov_1905, Wetville Rufus Smith Lilly b.1858 d.1910
Ar11-6-1-1-1-5 Susanna Armistead [145335] b.26_Aug_1776
m.1794-1804, Mathews Co. VA John Jarvis [188149], Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co. VA d.1826, Mathews Co. VA
-1 Martha Jarvis b.1794-1804 m Henry R. Culley [188155]
-2 Elizabeth Jarvis b.24_Dec_1808 m John P. Christian [188156]
-3 Nancy Ann Jarvis [188152] b.20_Mar_1813, Mathews Co. VA m. after 1845, Giggleswick, Yorkshire, England wife of Thomas B. Hudgins d.24_Jan_1886, Mathews Co. VA
-4 John M. A. Jarvis [188153], Mathews Co. VA d.1850, Mathews Co. VA m Elizabeth A. Borum m.4_Jul_1839, Mathews Co. VA
-5 Charickley F. Jarvis [188154] b.1821
Ar11-6-1-1-2 Catherine Armistead
Ar11-6-1-1-3 Elizabeth Armistead
Ar11-6-1-1-4 Issac Armistead
Ar11-6-1-1-5 John Armistead b.4_Jul_1747
m1 Johanna x + 4 ch
m2 Ann Smith + 4 ch
-1 Lucretia Armistead b.1784-1790, Mathews Co. VA wife of William K. Burroughs Sr. d. Mathews Co. VA
-2 Robert Armistead
-3 Johanna Armistead m John Brownley
-4 Mary Armistead b.15_Jun_1783 m.29_Jan_1802 wife of John Hudgins d.7_Mar_1860
-5 Anna Armistead b.1_Apr_1769
-6 Ralph Armistead b.1771
-7 Robert Armistead b.26_Sep_1773 d.25_Oct_1844 m Susan Smith b.26_Mar_1771 m.2_May_1799
-7-1 Thomas Armistead b.11_May_1800, Mathews Co. VA d.21_Jul_1831, Mathews Co. VA m Harriet Booth m.25_Sep_1830, East Dale wife of Thomas Armistead
-7-2 Sterling Smith Armistead b.8_Feb_1802, Mathews Co. VA d.8_Apr_1858, New Orleans LA
-7-3 Lucy Armistead b.9_Dec_1803
-7-4 Phillip Armistead b.6_May_1805
-7-5 Robert Armistead b.22_Nov_1806
-7-6 Elizabeth Armistead b.7_Aog_1808
-8 Elizabeth Armistead b.1775, Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co. VA m.7_Jan_1782, Mathews Co. VA m Sands Smith [188180] b.7_Feb_1768, Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co. VA d.1_Dec_1832, Virginia
-8-1 Elizabeth Smith b.17_Feb_1801, Mathews Co. VA m.11_Jan_1821, Mathews Co. VA d.15_Sep_1870, Mathews Co. VA
-8-2 Sands Smith b.12_Jul_1803, Mathews Co. VA d.7_Oct_1863, Mathews Co. VA
-8-3 Thomas Smith b.12_Sep_1805, Mathews Co. VA d.29_Mar_1880, Mathews Co. VA
-8-4 Harriet Smith b.1_Jun_1809, Virginia m Edmond Healy Jones [189053] b.1798, Middlesex Co. VA d.17_Jan_1874
-8-4-1 Walter Gabriel Jones [189054] b.8_Dec_1837, Virginia d.3_Mar_1919 m Sara Elizabeth x b.1843 wife of Walter G. Jones
-8-4-1-1 Roland Christopher Jones [189056] b.1886, North, Mathews Co. VA d.Sep_1963, North, Mathews Co. VA m Laura Belle Foster b.28_Jan_1890, Mathews Co. VA m.21_Oct_1915, Mathews Co. VA d.20_Mar_1976, Newport News VA
-8-4-1-1-1 x Jones m y Lewis
-8-5 Julia Smith b.1_Jun_1812, Mathews Co. VA wife of Albert J. Diggs d.6_Mar_1859, Baltimore MD
Ar11-6-1-1-6 Rebecca Armistead b.1752 m.9_Jan_1772, Gloucester Co. VA
m Issac Davis
Ar11-6-1-1-7 Ann Armistead b.12_Sep_1756
Ar11-6-1-1-8 Mildred Armistead b.11_Feb_1762
Ar11-7 Frances Armistead b.1617
Ar11-8 Jane Armistead b.17_Sep_1620
Ar11-9 Margaret Armistead b.16_Dec_1622
Ar11-10 Henry Armistead b.10_Jan_1626/27
Ar11-11 Rachel Armistead b.1632

The Armistead house is in Williamsburg, Va.

Sources: Mrs. Nicholas� (Ni3-5) notes
Crozier, Virginia Heraldica, pp 96-7
received a land grant on Mobjack Bay in 1637, and who appears to have immigrated on a special London based ship, the "Tristram and Jane" near Easter, 1637.
The �Tristram and Jane� passenger list does not indicate that William Armistead was very important with only one servant, while others, a �Cornwallis�, a �Sir John Howe� and a �John Davis, Knight� ranked five to seven servants, each. The total number of passengers were listed at 43 with 70 servants, and included a �John Smith�, who was, perhaps, Capt. John Smith or his son. A �Cornwallis� could have been Capt. Cornwallis (of 1637) or any member in the Cornwallis Royal Line from Kent. (*5)
The Armistead Family motto is �Suivez la Raison� or �Follow the Reason�, which is what this booklet is attempting to accomplish. (*22)

Data from
In 1697, Col. John Armistead, of Gloucester County, made a deed (which is on record in Elizabeth City County) in which styling himself "brother and heir" of William A., deceased, and "son and Heire" of William Armistead, of Elizabeth City County, Gent., "he confirms to Anthony Armistead, his brother, all land on Back River, in said County, of which his father died seised."
Brennigston (xi cent.); Brinnington (xii cent.); Brynston (xiii cent.); Brunston (xiv cent.).
Burneston ecclesiastical parish comprised in 1831 the townships of Burneston, Carthorpe, Exelby, Leeming and Newton (the last three places conjointly forming one township), Gatenby and Theakston. All these are now separate civil parishes, and Leeming, with Exelby and Newton, was formed into an ecclesiastical parish in 1880.
The area of Burneston is nearly 5,185 acres, including over 1,227 in Burneston civil parish, 2,113 in Carthorpe, 875 in Gatenby and 969 in Theakston. The acreage of Exelby, Leeming and Newton is over 2,440. In the two ecclesiastical parishes there are 2,663 acres of arable land, 4,293 of permanent grass and 357 of woods and plantations. (fn. 1) The land throughout the parish is level and open, varying from 100 ft. to 150 ft. above ordnance datum. The soil is gravel on a subsoil of either Keuper Marl or alluvium. There are brick and tile works in the parish, but the inhabitants are mainly engaged in agriculture, the chief crops being wheat and roots.
Leeming Lane, the great Roman road to the north, runs north-west and south-east through the parish, and half a mile to the west of it is a parallel lane connecting Exelby on the north with Carthorpe on the south. Between these hamlets, and built along this road, is Burneston, connected with Leeming Lane by the 'Back Lane' and 'Burneston Hargill,' which at the village end is known as the 'Church Wind.' The church of St. Lambert lies at the head of this lane, and the Hall is close by, but on the opposite side of the road.
The houses of the village are in most cases of brick covered with rough-cast, with tiled roofs. The main portion of the village extends north from the church with hedged gardens on each side of the road. A road running east, with a number of houses scattered at intervals along it, separates the churchyard from the vicarage, the latter standing on the north of the road in grounds planted with elm, ash and sycamore. To the north-west of the church are the Robinson Almshouses, founded in 1680 by Matthew Robinson, vicar of Burneston. They form a picturesque block two stories in height, and are built of red brick. The windows are stone mullioned and of two lights, those of the ground floor having pediments of moulded brick alternately straight and curved. The two entrance doorways on the south side towards the street are each surmounted by a stone tablet and an oval window. The easternmost door has on the lintel '+ A. W Discite ex me Matt. 11. 29. 1680.' On the tablet above is a shield blazoned with a cheveron between three harts, with three trefoils on the cheveron and a crescent for difference, for Robinson.
The tablet above the other door bears an inscription recording that 'Mat. Robinson MA vic. de Burneston' built the almshouses in 1680. On the lintel are Scriptural quotations in Latin.
Further to the west of the village is Old Hall Hill, where are traces of earthworks. There is a Wesleyan chapel in the village.
Carthorpe is a fair-sized hamlet a mile south of Burneston. The old chapel, transformed into a cottage, stood at the eastern end of the village, but was demolished some years ago. The Manor House, on the south side of the street, is a substantial late 17th-century building of red brick with a stone-slated roof. It is two stories high, with early sash windows, and contains some good panelling. Hall Garth and Carthorpe House are both modern. There are Wesleyan and Primitive Methodist chapels in this hamlet.
Camp Hill, 1 mile to the south of Carthorpe, is a large modern classic house, well situated on rising ground and surrounded by a park, and is the residence of Capt. Francis Horner Reynard, J.P. In the gardens, park and adjoining fields are the remains of a series of entrenchments which give their name to the house and to a large wood near by. West of Carthorpe the land slopes downward and there are brick and tile works near the parish boundary.
Gatenby village consists of a few houses built on a curve of the road connecting Burneston on the southwest and Newton on the west. There are brick and tile works west of the village, beyond which is Gatenby Wood.

The Robinson Almshouses, Burneston
The group of houses which comprise the hamlet of Theakston is situated less than half a mile north-west of Burneston and is built along a wide lane turning west from the road joining Burneston and Exelby. Theakston Hall, at the west end of the village, is the residence of Mr. John McIntyre, and to the west of the grounds is the common. Theakston Grange is on Leeming Lane, half a mile north-east of the village. Leeming village is built along Leeming Lane, where it crosses Bedale Beck by a bridge. The houses are brick or rough-cast and are built mostly in rows of even size. On the east side a row of small halfruinous cottages with gardens stands back from the road. The church of St. John the Baptist is on the west of Leeming Lane. There are Wesleyan and Primitive Methodist chapels here, the former built in 1904. West of the village on Main Cut are a mill and a spring, and on Bedale Beck, about a mile northeast, there is a corn-mill near low meadow ground called The Bottoms. Newton House, standing in a wooded park, the residence of Mr. William Derby Russell, D.L., J.P., is also on Leeming Lane and is south-east of Leeming. To the south of the park is the hamlet of Londonderry, consisting of an inn, a mission hall and a few houses. It is connected by Tofts Lane with Exelby, which lies half a mile southeast. This is a small village with a Wesleyan chapel. To the north of it are gravel-pits. Interesting placenames in the parish are Hunger Hill, Pewet Hill, North Folly, Keld Hill, Conquers Hill and Swarthlands.
In 1086 8 carucates in BURNESTON belonged to Count Alan, and were among the lands held by Merlesuain in the time of Edward the Confessor, and at the time of the Domesday Survey by Robert de Musters. (fn. 2) Robert de Musters granted 4 carucates of land here and the church in the late 11th century to the abbey of St. Mary, York, (fn. 3) to which Ribald of Middleham (q.v.) granted 4 more carucates before 1112. (fn. 4) In 1286�7 (fn. 5) the abbey held half Burneston of Robert de Musters and the other half of the lady of Middleham. At the Dissolution Burneston was still among its possessions. (fn. 6) In 1591 Queen Elizabeth granted this manor to Sir Richard Theakston. (fn. 7) He died seised of it in 1609, leaving a son and heir William, (fn. 8) who sold the manor in 1639 with all the appurtenances to John Pierse of Bedale and his daughter Dorothy and Richard Pierse. (fn. 9) It subsequently passed into the family of Wastell. John Wastell was in possession of the manor in 1682 (fn. 10) and his son Henry Wastell, clerk, in 1748. (fn. 11) Matthew Montagu (Robinson) fourth Lord Rokeby and his son and heir Edward Montagu were holding it in 1830, (fn. 12) and henceforth the property followed the descent of the manor of Swainby in Pickhill parish (q.v.).

Serjeantson. Paly or and sable a bend azure with a sword argent thereon with hilt and pommel or.

At the time of the Domesday Survey 4 carucates and a manor at CARTHORPE (Carrtorp, xi cent.; Carthorp, xiii cent.) once held by Archil were among the lands of Count Alan, with whose successors the overlordship remained. Gospatric had one plough there. (fn. 13) In 1246 the manor was held by Avis Marmion, (fn. 14) lady of West Tanfield (q.v.), which Carthorpe followed in descent until the early 19th century.
Colonel W. R. L. Serjeantson bought Badger Hall (now called Camp Hill) with 131 acres of land from the then owner, Dorothy Lambert, in or about 1799, and he and his son George Serjeantson afterwards bought some adjoining property from Lord Ailesbury at different dates. Although the Serjeantsons appear never to have exercised any manorial rights, that part of Carthorpe which represented the manor was probably acquired by them from Lord Ailesbury either in 1826 or 1856. George Serjeantson died in 1889, having left the property to his cousin James Serjeantson (who predeceased him in 1886) and his heirs. It was afterwards divided and the greater part of it came into the hands of Captain Francis Horner Reynard, J.P., who bought Camp Hill in 1896 and the farm called East Lodge Farm in 1906. (fn. 15)
The history of EXELBY (Aschileby, xi cent.; Eskells, xii cent. ; Eskelby, xiii cent.; Exilby, xv cent.) and that of LEEMING (Lemeng, Leemingg, xiii cent. ; Great Leming, xiv cent.) are very closely interwoven. Exelby consisted in 1086 of 8½ carucates of land belonging to Count Alan. (fn. 16) Leeming is not mentioned in the Survey.
The tenants under the lords of Richmond in the 12th century were the owners of Tanfield. Hugh son of Gernegan confirmed land here to St. Leonard's Hospital, (fn. 17) and his descendants the Marmions continued to hold in demesne lands in Exelby and Leeming which followed the descent of West Tanfield. (fn. 18) In the 17th century they were known as the manors of Exelby and Leeming. (fn. 19) They were purchased in about 1800 from Lord Ailesbury by Mr. Edward Carter, (fn. 20) whose family was represented in 1905 by Mr. Charles Carter of Theakston.
Under the lords of Tanfield the family of Exelby were tenants. Wymar de Exelby, grandson of the Wymar the Dapifer who was lord of Aske at the time of the Domesday Survey, is the first who is known to have held lands here. (fn. 21) He had a son Robert, from whom his lands descended to a son Stephen. (fn. 22) Stephen's heir was his sister Ivetta, married to Alan de Folyfayt. (fn. 23) In 1199 she conveyed 4 carucates in Exelby to Henry son of William, her cousin, and others. (fn. 24) Most of the Exelby lands then descended in the younger branch of the family. Alan de Exelby, grandson of Ivetta, granted his capital messuage for life to Bartholomew brother of Henry in 1251. (fn. 25) The heirs of Bartholomew, who were also heirs of Henry, granted their land here to Roger de Miniott, (fn. 26) who paid subsidy in 1301. (fn. 27) It is probable that this manor descended through the family of Miniott to that of Pigot. (fn. 28) Randle Pigot was holding the manor of Leeming on his death in 1502, (fn. 29) and it was inherited by his niece Margaret Metcalfe. It belonged in 1569 to Thomas Hussey. (fn. 30)
One carucate of land was granted to the hospital of St. Leonard by Wymar de Exelby, (fn. 31) and was in the possession of the hospital in 1286. (fn. 32) In 1335 2 carucates were added by the trustees of John de Helbeck, who had married a widow of one of the Exelbys, (fn. 33) and 2 more were granted by Henry IV, who had them of the gift of Thomas Haxay, clerk, in 1412. (fn. 34) The hospital had a manor here called the 'manor of Exelby' or the 'manor of Leeming' till the Dissolution. This manor of Exelby with Leeming was in the hands of the Crown (fn. 35) in 1542. Exelby Grange (fn. 36) was granted in fee to Sir Richard Theakston and John Welles in 1590, (fn. 37) while the manor with the profits of the manor court were granted in 1602 to Henry Best and Arthur Squire, (fn. 38) and were immediately purchased by Sir Richard Theakston, lord of Burneston (fn. 39) (q.v.), to which manor in 1609 the property probably became appurtenant.
The master of St. Leonard's obtained a grant of free warren here in 1296, (fn. 40) and in 1300 received licence to hold a market here on Fridays and a fair on the eve, day and morrow of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. (fn. 41)
In 1086 GATENBY (Ghetenesbi, xi cent.; Gattaneby, Geytenby, Gaytenby, xiii cent.) was assessed at 3 carucates, and belonged to Count Alan, whose successors held the overlordship. (fn. 42) It is mentioned in the Domesday Survey in connexion with Burneston and other places in which Robert, the earl's vassal, had the three 'manors' held by Merlesuain in the time of Edward the Confessor. (fn. 43) The mesne lordship of the Musters family is mentioned in 1286�7, when the vill consisted of 3 carucates assessed at one quarter of a knight's fee.
Their tenant was Ralph son of Ranulf, who died in 1270 seised of 4 carucates here. (fn. 44) His son-in-law Robert de Tateshall held the vill in 1286�7. (fn. 45) Robert de Tateshall's grandson died without children in 1306, and his share of Ralph son of Ranulf's lands reverted to Mary eldest daughter of Ralph and wife of Robert Nevill. (fn. 46) The lordship of the Nevills followed the descent of the family, (fn. 47) and was in the hands of Richard Nevill Earl of Salisbury in 1439. (fn. 48)

Aske. Or three bars azure.

Bowes. Ermine three bows gules.

The tenants in demesne in the early 13th century were a family bearing the territorial name of Gatenby. Roger de Gatenby, who died before 1229, left three daughters and co-heirs. (fn. 49) Of these Joan (or Juliana) married Robert Maulovel, Alice appears to have married an Aske, and Sarra must have carried her share into the family of Rougemond (or Richmond). (fn. 50) The tenants under Ralph son of Ranulf in 1270 were Gilbert Rougemond, Hugh de Aske and Stephen Maulovel. (fn. 51) Stephen Maulovel was the son of Robert and Joan. (fn. 52) The seat of this family was Rampton, in Nottinghamshire, but after the time of Stephen Gatenby was held by a younger branch, which called itself Maulovel or Gatenby. William Gatenby son of Thomas was the chief tenant in 1301 and his son Thomas in 1327. (fn. 53) A William Gatenby was holding land here in 1421 and another William in 1523. (fn. 54) In 1551 John Gatenby died seised of a third of the vill, leaving a son William. William's son Anthony succeeded him, and had two daughters and co-heirs, Mary wife of William Bowes and Anne wife of Thomas Warcop. (fn. 55) Mary and William sold their share to George Jackson before 1598. The Warcop family still held theirs in 1649, and the family was living here in 1712. (fn. 56) The share of the Askes was settled on John Aske in 1250 by Richard de Arundel and his wife Alice. It followed the descent of Aske (fn. 57) in Easby parish till the 16th century. William Aske, who held the manor of Gatenby, died in 1512, leaving as his co-heirs two granddaughters, (fn. 58) who afterwards married Richard Bowes and Ralph Bulmer. (fn. 59) George Bowes, the son of Richard, (fn. 60) eventually held the manor, which he seems to have sold to John Jackson in or about 1564. (fn. 61) John Jackson was seised of the manor of Gatenby at his death in 1583. He had in the same year settled it on his son and heir George on his marriage with Jane daughter of John Clopton. (fn. 62) About 1627 the manor was sold by the representatives of George Jackson and William Clopton to Marmaduke Langdale, (fn. 63) who afterwards owned this manor of Gatenby and suffered its sequestration for his delinquency. In 1651 his children petitioned for one fifth of the estate, for which they had had an order; the tenants, however, had refused payment, alleging that Major-General Lambert had a grant of the estate by Act of Parliament. The petition was granted, with arrears from 1649 to the date of the settlement of the estate upon Major-General Lambert or Sir William Constable. (fn. 64) John Lambert was holding the manor of Gatenby in 1655, (fn. 65) but Sir Marmaduke Langdale, created Lord Langdale in 1658, (fn. 66) or his heirs, evidently recovered it, for it was in the possession of Marmaduke third Lord Langdale in 1706, (fn. 67) and of his son Marmaduke Lord Langdale in 1742. (fn. 68) The fifth Lord Langdale died in 1778, (fn. 69) leaving three daughters: Mary, who married Lord Stourton, Elizabeth, who married Robert Butler, and Apollonia, who married Lord Clifford. (fn. 70) They obtained an Act of Parliament and sold all their rights in the manor of Gatenby in 1807. One portion was bought by the Rev. James Gildard of Kirk Deighton and the other by a Mr. Wilson. After changing hands two or three times both parts were bought by Lord Darlington, afterwards Duke of Cleveland. His wife left the property to her great-nephew Robert Russell, whose cousin Mr. W. D. Russell is the present owner. (fn. 71)

Langdale, Lord Langdale. Sable a cheveron between three stars argent.

The third share of the manor, which was held by Gilbert Rougemond in 1270, was inherited by his son Ralph. (fn. 72) It reappears in 1522 in the possession of Richard Burgh of Willingham, near Stow, in Lincolnshire. His heir was his grandson Richard, (fn. 73) whose sisters and co-heirs conveyed this estate to John Jackson in 1562�3. (fn. 74) It was united two years later with the Aske portion, and subsequently followed the same descent.
NEWTON (Scabbed Newton, xiii�xviii cent.; Newton Pyggot, xvi cent.) may be identified with the Newton associated with Burneston (q.v.) in Domesday Book and assessed at 6 carucates. (fn. 75) In 1317 free warren here was granted to Ranulf son of Ralph, (fn. 76) lord of Spennithorne (q.v.), which Newton followed in descent. With Spennithorne it was divided in 1517 among the five co-heirs of John Fitz Randall. (fn. 77) The fifth inherited by Elizabeth Strelley was conveyed to William Strangways, clerk, in 1534, (fn. 78) after which no further mention of it has been found. Mary Batty's fifth went, like her fifth part of Spennithorne, first to Sir William Paulet, afterwards Lord St. John, and from him to Sir James Strangways, kt., in 1540. (fn. 79) No subsequent descent of it is known. Alice Dransfield's fifth, after the death of her son Ralph in 1549, was divided between her sister, Dorothy Esshe, and Christopher Wyvill, the son of another sister Agnes, (fn. 80) each of whom, therefore, held threetenths of the manor. Dorothy Esshe left her share of Newton (her own fifth and the tenth she inherited from her nephew) to one of her sons, John, who died in 1566, leaving a son and heir Christopher Esshe. (fn. 81) In 1588�9 Christopher Esshe sold this estate to George Metcalfe of Firby, (fn. 82) for whose recusancy it was under sequestration in 1654. (fn. 83) Christopher Wyvill died in 1578, and was succeeded by his son Marmaduke, (fn. 84) who in 1613 sold his three-tenths of Newton Manor to Roland Wandesford. (fn. 85) Roland's daughter and heir Elizabeth married Philip fourth Lord Wharton in 1632, and brought him her part of Newton. (fn. 86) Lord Wharton's daughter Elizabeth married Robert Earl of Lindsey, and they were in possession of threetenths of the manor in 1672, (fn. 87) after which the history of this division is uncertain.
There was a holding in Newton which belonged to John Marmion in 1316, and followed the descent of West Tanfield. It was described in the 16th century as the manor in the same way as the Marmion 'manors' of Exelby and Leeming. (fn. 88) When they were purchased from Lord Ailesbury by Mr. Edward Carter about 1800 Newton was said to do suit at the court of Exelby. (fn. 89)
THEAKSTON (Eston, xi cent.; Texton, Thexton, Thekeston, xiii�xvi cent.; Theakstone, xvii cent.) was associated with Burneston in 1086. It consisted of 12 carucates of Count Alan's land, (fn. 90) and the overlordship followed the descent of the honour of Richmond. (fn. 91)
The first of the two mesne lordships here was that held over 8 carucates by the lords of Middleham (fn. 92) (q.v.). Their most important tenant was the Abbot of Coverham, who obtained 3 carucates here from Walran son of Robert, lord of Middleham, in the reign of Henry II. (fn. 93) Most of the land here held by William de Lascelles in 1270 was obtained by the abbey before the end of the reign of Edward I, (fn. 94) and was held by the abbot at the Dissolution. (fn. 95) It was granted to Sir Richard Theakston, whose son Sir William Theakston sold all the demesne lands of Theakston in 1630 to Christopher Byerley. (fn. 96) These were in 1692 called the manor, which was then held by Robert Byerley. (fn. 97) He sold it to John Wastell in 1693. After the death of John it was inherited by his youngest son, the Rev. Henry Wastell (whose elder brothers John and Matthew had become bankrupt), and was sold by him to Edward Carter in 1749. (fn. 98) The manor remained with the Carter family until 1893, when it was purchased by Mr. John McIntyre. (fn. 99)

Coverham Abbey. Or a chief indented azure.

Theakston of Theakston. Ermine a fret parted gules and azure.

A further fee was held under the lords of Middleham by the family of Preston. (fn. 100) Robert de Preston held land here in 1208, (fn. 101) and William de Preston was the tenant in 1270. (fn. 102) Six carucates, assessed at threetenths of a fee, were held by Lettice de Preston in 1367 and by her heir in 1375. (fn. 103) The heir of Lettice de Preston and Geoffrey de Sinningthwaite held the land in 1388, (fn. 104) but after this the descent is not clear. Part of it may have been given to the priory of Mount Grace, founded in or about 1398, for it owned land here at the Dissolution. (fn. 105) It was acquired by Sir Richard Theakston and followed the descent of his other land here. (fn. 106)
The second mesne lordship was over 1 carucate and was held at the close of the 13th century by Robert de Musters. (fn. 107) Before 1286�7 this land had come into the hands of the hospital of St. Leonard, and it was held by that house until the Dissolution. (fn. 108) In 1590 Sir Richard Theakston obtained a grant of the land which had belonged to St. Leonard's, (fn. 109) and from this date the descent of this property followed that of his other lands. (fn. 110)
The church of ST. LAMBERT consists of a chancel 42 ft. 5 in. by 21 ft. 5 in. with a north vestry, nave 60 ft. by 22 ft., north and south aisles 10 ft. 9 in. wide, south porch, and west tower 9 ft. 6 in. square. These measurements are all internal.
The nave probably contains the stones of an aisleless nave of the 13th century or earlier. The chancel arch, entirely retooled, like much of the internal masonry, is of early 14th-century detail, and the plan and lower parts of the walls of the chancel appear to belong to the same date. All the rest has been rebuilt early in the 15th century, the nave aisles and tower being of this date, and the chancel arch may have been widened at the same period. (fn. 111)
The east window of the chancel has five cinquefoiled lights under a pointed head filled with vertical tracery; the details of the jambs, labels and tracery are more like 14th than 15th-century work. On either side of the window is an image niche with an ogee-trefoiled canopy with crockets and finials, and a carved angel bracket. The doorway into the north vestry has a four-centred arch with mouldings like those of the windows. The north-west and the three south windows are all of 15th-century date, and are of three cinquefoiled ogee-headed lights under traceried heads; the mouldings are similar to those of the east window. The middle south window has its sill raised about a foot above the level of the others to make room for the priest's doorway below; this has a 15th-century four-centred arch, but the section of the moulded jambs again recalls 14th-century detail. The 14th-century piscina has an ogee-trefoiled head and moulded jambs and label. A modern stone covers the drain. There are three sedilia of the same date with trefoiled heads under steep crocketed and finialled gables, and panelled buttresses surmounted by crocketed pinnacles between them and flanking them. A scroll moulded string-course round the chancel at the level of the window ledges breaks up to inclose the sedilia. The chancel is faced with good ashlar masonry inside and out. The buttresses are all of three stages with plain octagonal pinnacles. A plain weathered string-course runs round the walls below the window sills, and the parapet is also plain. On one of the south buttresses is an incised sundial. The roof is modern, but the four easternmost stone corbels on either side are old; they are carved as human heads or grotesque beasts. The two westernmost of the six on each side are modern and carved with foliage.
The vestry, where it has not been modernized, is of 15th-century date, like the later work in the chancel, and is lighted by a two-light modern east window. Its two buttresses appear to be old, and have pinnacles resembling those of the chancel.
The chancel arch appears to be of early 14thcentury date and is of two orders, the inner a wave mould and the outer with two hollows. The nave arcades are each of four bays with two-centred arches of two chamfered orders, without labels, carried upon octagonal columns and responds, with moulded octagonal capitals and bases. The clearstory is lighted on each side by four windows having three plain roundheaded lights with pierced spandrels under flat internal and round-arched external heads. Each side is divided into four bays by pinnacled buttresses, and the parapet is embattled.
The east window of the north aisle has three cinquefoiled lights, the middle foils being worked on the main instead of the cusping order. The head is pointed and filled with vertical tracery, plainer than that of the chancel windows, but following the same general design. Below the north light is a broken vertical joint, marking a change in the masonry. The plinth also changes here in section. The north wall of the aisle is divided by buttresses into four bays, in the first, second and fourth of which are windows of three trefoiled round-headed lights with sunk spandrels under semicircular arches with labels. The jambs and mullions are similar in section to those of the east window of the aisle. Parts of the first and third windows are new, the rest of the stonework is old. The north doorway in the third bay is also nearly all old and has jambs of a sunk quarter-round order and a moulded label above its dropped semicircular head. The parapet is embattled, and the stump of one spout remains in place. The west window of the aisle is of two trefoiled ovalheaded lights under a four-centred head, with a wide shallow label; the jambs are of a single hollowchamfered order. Between the aisle and the nave, to the south of this window, may be noticed a broken vertical joint and a change in the courses of the masonry. The east window of the south aisle is very like that of the north. The three south windows differ only from those opposite in that they are of larger dimensions and that the heads are cinquefoiled instead of trefoiled. The south doorway in the third bay is pointed, with jambs of two hollow chamfers and a moulded label. The west window of the aisle has two trefoiled pointed lights with plain vertical tracery over in a three-centred arch, with a label. The roof of the nave is modern. The lean-to roofs of the aisles are plain, and probably of no great age.
The west tower is of two stages with a spire. The tower arch is pointed and of two chamfered orders continuous on the east side and dying on the wall on the west. Above this arch are the marks of the earlier steep gabled nave roof. The ground stage has a ribbed vault with a central bell way, the ribs having a sunk quarter-round section. The west window is of three cinquefoiled ogee-headed lights with cusped vertical tracery above under a two-centred arch with a label stopping on carved heads; over it is a clock.
There are plain rectangular lights to the first floor in the north and south walls, both with labels. The four belfry windows are each of two trefoiled pointed lights with a continuous mullion and plain tracery under a round arch. The angles are supported by diagonal buttresses, the eastern pair of which appear inside the nave. In the lowest stage of the western pair of buttresses are large ogee-headed trefoiled niches enriched with crockets and finials. The bracket of the north-west niche is carved as a head. On the second offset are the shields of Nevill and Conyers, and above the fourth are grotesque gargoyles, over which are four shields, each in a cusped panel, with the arms of Boynton, Fitz Hugh, Nevill and Norton of Norton Conyers. The buttresses finish with plain pyramidal finials rising above a plain parapet. The spire is of ashlar and changes from square to octagon immediately above the parapets.
The south porch, which is of a little later build than the aisle, retains its old side walls, but has a modern front wall. Its parapet is embattled and it has crocketed pinnacles rising above the angle buttresses.
The base and bowl of the font are octagonal, but the stem is circular. All are rudely moulded, and the sides of the bowl are carved with variously shaped panels, containing the date 1662 and the initials R.B. R.W. IP. R.K. and C.P.
Most of the seating of the church dates from 1627, and is very good of its kind, with carved upper panels and turned finials to each seat end. An interesting feature is the large Allerthorpe pew, placed against the north wall of the north aisle. It is arranged in three stages with a large panel at the back flanked by baluster-shaped pilasters supporting an entablature, above which is a smaller pedimented panel containing the arms of Thomas Robinson of Allerthorpe. The large panel below bears an inscription to the effect that Thomas Robinson left a sum of £50 to the church, which was expended on the seats, paving and beautifying of the church in 1627. The chancel is fitted with a good modern screen and stalls, which have unfortunately been varnished.
The oldest monument is a small brass in the chancel floor to Eleanor eldest daughter of Thomas and Mary Harrison of Allerthorpe, 1668, and there is another brass to Matthew Robinson, who was parson for forty years, and died aged sixty-six, in the year 1695.
There are six bells, all modern but the fifth and fourth, the former inscribed 'Jesus be our Sped, 1621,' and the latter, a late 14th-century bell, in small Gothic capitals 'S. Lambertus Belforth lamberte salventur sponsa que perte.'
The plate includes a paten with the London marks and an inscription 'Ex dono Mat. Robinson, M.A. Vic de Burneston, 1677,' two cups and a flagon of London make, all of 1854, and a paten of 1903. There are also two pewter flagons and an almsdish by a London pewterer I.B. On the flagons are the arms of Harrison.
The registers begin in 1566.
The church of ST. JOHN BAPTIST, Leeming, is a plain modern brick building consisting of a small chancel with a three-light east window, a north vestry and a nave of four bays in each of which there is a two-light window. The entrance is by a porch at the west end over which is an octagonal turret with one bell.
At the end of the 11th century Robert de Musters gave the church of Burneston to the Abbot of St. Mary, (fn. 112) with whose successors it remained until the Dissolution. (fn. 113) Before 1292 a vicarage had been ordained. (fn. 114) The church and the advowson of the vicarage were granted by Mary to Nicholas Archbishop of York in 1558, (fn. 115) and by Elizabeth to John Wells and Henry Best in 1595. (fn. 116) The advowson had, however, been acquired by Sir Richard Theakston before his death in 1609, (fn. 117) perhaps about the year 1602, when he purchased the manor of Exelby from Henry Best and Arthur Squire. (fn. 118) His son Sir William Theakston seems to have sold the advowson shortly before 1634, (fn. 119) when William Robinson of Rokeby was patron. (fn. 120) William and Thomas Robinson held the advowson in 1673, (fn. 121) and in 1682 the vicar was presented by William Robinson. (fn. 122) Before 1765 the patronage had passed into the family of Elsley, (fn. 123) to whom it still belonged in 1831. (fn. 124) From 1836 to 1879 it belonged to the Duke of Cleveland and his trustees. (fn. 125) Between the latter year and 1889 it passed to the present patron, Mr. W. D. Russell.
In 1546 a gild called 'Our Ladye Guylde' existed in the parish. It was endowed with 1 oxgang of land in the parish of Murton, then held by Robert Harper. (fn. 126)
In 1332 a chantry was founded in the chapel of St. John the Baptist at Leeming by John Heslerton. (fn. 127) This chapel served as a chapel of ease in 1548, and escaped destruction. (fn. 128) In 1609 Francis Morrice and Francis Phelips obtained a grant of land in Leeming which had formerly belonged to the chantry of St. John the Baptist. (fn. 129) Parts of the ancient chapelry were in 1880 formed into the district chapelry of St. John the Baptist, (fn. 130) which is called a vicarage under the Act of 1868. (fn. 131) The vicar of Burneston is patron.
The school was founded by Matthew Robinson, 1688. (fn. 132) This school property being intermixed with a trust for an almshouse, the Charity Commissioners by a scheme dated 18 July 1905 determined that a yearly sum of £22, part of the rentcharge of £43 5s., the old grammar schoolroom in the almshouse buildings, and the other school buildings and playgrounds, used for the purpose of a public elementary school, should constitute the educational foundation of Matthew Robinson and others; and that £21 5s., the residue of the endowment, the remainder of the rent-charge and an estate at Carthorpe, containing 15 a. let at £31 a year, should constitute the Almshouse Charity of Matthew Robinson and others.
The scheme provides (inter alia) that the almspeople should be poor persons of good character of either sex who have resided in the parish for two years at least next preceding their appointment, receiving such a stipend as the trustees should fix from time to time.
The Poor's land consists of 7 a., representing the gift in 1637 of Richard Foes and lands purchased in 1780 with certain benefactions. The land produces a net income of about £10 a year, which with £2 13s. 4d., dividends on £106 19s. 1d. consols held by the official trustees, arising from the sale of gravel, is duly applied for the benefit of the poor.
Township or Quarter of Carthorpe.�John Gale, by will proved in the Probate Court of Canterbury 28 January 1655, charged a house in Field Lane, Holborn, with a rent-charge of £4 towards the relief of the poor of this township, in respect of which a sum of £2 15s. a year only was paid for many years. The site and houses thereon were required for the purposes of the Holborn Viaduct, and the rent-charge was redeemed by the Corporation of the City of London by the transfer to the official trustees of £100 6s. consols.
The Wesleyan chapel, founded by deeds, 1808, is regulated by a scheme of the Charity Commissioners of 1893.
Township of Exelby, Leeming and Newton.�In 1670 Ralph Cowley left £4 a year for the poor, which is paid out of two farms, now the property of Mr. Basil Wood of Knaresborough, and distributed by the parish council in gifts of money varying from 3s. to 5s.
In 1684 Thomas Isles left £3 a year for the poor, which is paid by Mr. Richard Pearson of Darlington, the present owner of the property charged, in respect of which 10s. is given to each of six recipients.
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From: 'Parishes: Burneston', A History of the County of York North Riding: Volume 1 (1914), pp. 356-363. URL:  Date accessed: 13 February 2011.

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John Armistead Compact Disc #115 Pin #100084
Sex: M
Birth: 1640 Place:
Death: 1688 Place: ,,VA
Father: William Armistead Disc #115 Pin #100114
Mother: Anne Ellis Disc #115 Pin #100116
Spouse: Judith Bowles Robinson Disc #115 Pin #100087
Marriage: 1663 Place: ,Gloucester,VA
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John Armistead Compact Disc #77 Pin #542927
Sex: M
Birth: abt 1630 Place: Accomack,County,Virginia
Death: abt 1698 Place: Accomack,County,Virginia
Spouse: Judith Bowls Disc #77 Pin #542928
Marriage: abt 1649 Place: Accomack,Virginia
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Col. John Armistead Compact Disc #109 Pin #288195
Sex: M
Birth: bet 1635 and 1640 Place: Elizabeth City, York Co., VA
Death: bet 1698 and 1708 Place: Gloucester Co., VA
Father: William Armistead Disc #109 Pin #288147
Mother: Anne E. Ellis Disc #109 Pin #288152
Spouse: Judith Robinson Disc #109 Pin #288111

Marriage: abt 1665 Place: Gloucester Co., VA
Other Event(s):
Unknown: 1685 Place: Gloucester Co., Virginia
Personal Information:
Residence:abt 1670 Place: Gloucester Co., Virginia
Occupation:bef 1675 Place: Virginia Justice
Occupation:1675 Place: Gloucester Co., VA High Sheriff
Occupation:1685 Place: Gloucester Co., VA Colonel And County Leutenant
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Notes: None
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