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Montferrat 1: Marquis de Cleva, Marquis of Eastern Liguria, Marquis of Montferrat, Marquis of Saluzzo
Montferrat is a region of Piedmont in north-west Italy. It should not be confused with Montserrat, a volcanic island in the Caribbean !
Witekind / William / Guglielmo a 925
1. Alramus or Aleramo, Marquis of Liguria and Piedmont, Sn de Montferrat d 991
m Gerberge of Ivrea b 945, d 986, dau of Berengar of Ivrea, King of Italy
ROYL inserts an additional generation here, a William/Guglielmo, whom it numbers William I. GenEU, which we follow, does not show that William but numbers the first Guglielmo/William below as Guglielmo III.
A. Bonifacio or Oddone I, Marquis of Montferrat dvp
m Marie
i. William / Guglielmo, Marquis of Montferrat a 1030
a. Enrico, Marquis of Montferrat dsp c1044
m ?? dau of Olderico Manfred II, Marquis of Turin, by Berta d'Este
b. Bonifacio / Oddone II, Marquis of Montferrat d 20.11.1084
m Constantia of Savoy dau of Amadeus, Count of Savoy
1 William / Guglielmo, Marquis of Montferrat d c1100
m Aude d'Aglie dau of Tibaldo d'Aglie
A Rainer, Marquis of Montferrat d c1126/36
m 1105 Gisela of Bourgogne b c1070, d after 1133, dau of Guillaume, Count of Burgundy
i William / Guglielmo, Marquis of Montferrat
m Judith of Austria dau of Leopold, Margrave of Austria
a William / Guglielmo, Marquis of Montferrat, Count of Jaffa and Askalon d 06.1177
m 1176 Sibylle, Queen of Jerusalem d 1190, dau of Amaury I, King of Jerusalem
1 Baldwin, King of Jerusalem d c09.1186
b Conrad, Marquis of Montferrat, Prince of Tyrus d 28.04.1192
m1. 1187, div before 1190 Theodora Angeline dau of Andronikos Dukas Angelos
m2. 1190/1 Isabelle, Queen of Jerusalem d 1206, dau of Amaury I, King of Jerusalem
1 Maria, Queen of Jerusalem b 1191, d 1212
m 1210 Jean de Brienne, King of Jerusalem, Emperor of Constantinople d 1237
c Bonifacio, Marquis of Montferrat, King of Thessalonika d 04.09.1207
ROYL identifies Bonfiacio's wives as Helen, Mary of Pomerania and Eleonora of Savoy. We follow GenEU.
m1. Helen of Busca
1 William / Guglielmo, Marquis of Montferrat d 1225
m1 sp Sophie of Staufen d c1187
m2. 1202 Berta of Clavesana dau of Boniface, Marquis of Clavesana see 1 below
A Bonifacio, Marquis of Montferrat d 1253
m 12.1235 Margerita of Savoy d 1254, dau of Amadeus, Count of Savoy
-1 William / Guglielmo 'the Great', Marquis of Montferrat, 'King of Salonika' d 1292 looked to exert his power in the southern Piedmont, as many of his predecessors had tried. The lords of Montferrat had always been combatting the independence of the communes of Alessandria and Asti. In order to subdue them and bring them under his control, William sought alliance and support from the Kingdom of France and the Roman Catholic Church. However, his relationship and proximity to the Holy Roman Emperor left him at odds with the Ghibellines. His anti-imperial, pro-French, Guelph policy left him not insignificant problems concerning the imperial authority and his imperialist neighbours. His taking part with Guelph politics and cohorting with Charles I of Sicily in a Lombard invasion, brought upon him the wrath of Oberto Pelavicino, the chief Ghibelline commander in the region, in 1264. William resisted him with determination and effectiveness. William even occupied the fortresses of Acqui Terme, Tortona, and Novi Ligure, stabilising his hold on Nizza Monferrato. In 1265, French reinforcements arrived. Less than eight years from his accession, William had extended his power to Lanzo and the vicinity of Alessandria. Encircled by an Angevin state, William found an ally in Alfonso X of Castile, who had declared himself the heir of Manfred of Sicily and therefore of the Emperor Frederick II. He joined Alfonso at the head of an anti-Angevin coalition. Left alone and seeing his domains under attack by his enemies and Tortona and Acqui lost, William scrambled to form an alliance with the Ghibelline cities of Pavia, Asti, and Genoa. He continued to wait for aid from Alfonso, but the king had given up on Germany and Italy. Nevertheless, a small troupe of Spanish soldiers found their way to Montferrat. With these and his allies, despite the excommunication of Pope Gregory X, William prepared to defend his territories. On 10 November 1274, at the Battle of Roccavione, William and the Ghibellines definitively defeated Charles I and routed his forces. He advanced far, taking Trino Vercellese and Turin, which offended the House of Savoy, which considered itself the rightful possessor of the city on the Po. Towards 1278, the commune of Vercelli recognised William as its lord and Alessandria named him captain and put itself under his dominion. Casale and Tortona also nominated him their captain and William exited the war in a superior position to that with which he had begun.
m1 1258 Isabel de Clare b 05.1240 d 1270 dau of Richard de Clare
m2 Beatrice dau of Alfonso X of Castile
-1-1 John b 1275 d 1305, who inherited the margraviate. The margraviate he inherited was divided by years of constant war and few communes remained faithful. Sent to Saluzzo for his safety, John stayed there a year.
-1-2 Violante (Yolanda),
m Byzantine Emperor Andronicus II Palaeologus, taking the name Irene (Eirene).
-1 Theodore Komnenos Doukas Angelos Palaiologos b c. 1291 d April 24, 1338 Marquis of Montferrat
m Argentina Spinola, dau Opicino Spinola lord of Genoa,
-1-1 John b 1313 d 1372 in Volpiano m Isabella, Queen of Majorca, had four sons, three of whom succeeded him in turn, and a dau, Secondotto, John, Theodore, Margaret and William
-1-2 Yolande b 1318 d 1342 m Aimone, Count of Savoy.
-2 Alessina of Montferrat d 06.02.1285
m1. Albert I 'Magnus', Duke of Braunschweig b 1236, d 15.08.1279
m2. Gerhard, Count of Holstein d 12.1290
B Beatrix of Montferrat b c1210, d 1274
m1. Andre / Guigues VI, Dauphin de Viennois b 1184, d 1237
m2. Guy II, Count of Bauge d 1255
m3. Pierre de la Roue
m2. Eleonora not Sofia or Alice of Savoy d 1202/4, dau of Umberto, Count of Savoy
2 Demetrios, King of Thessalonika d before 1240
3 Agnes of Montferrat d 1208
m 1207 Henri, Emperor of Constantinople b c1176, dsp 17.02.1216
m3. 1204 Margaret of Hungary a 1223, dau of Bela III, King of Hungary
d Alasia di Montferrato d c1232
m Manfredo II, Marchese di Saluzzo b 1140, d 02.1215 see 2 below
e+ other issue
ii Adelicia of Montferrat d 1127
m 1127 William Clito, Count of Flanders b 1101, d Aelst 1128
B. Anselme I di Savona, Marquis of Eastern Liguria Marchese della Liguria Orientale
m Gisela di Vincenza possibly dau of Adalberto II, Marquis of Tuscany
i. Anselme II, Marquis of Eastern Liguria Marchese della Liguria Orientale d c1027
a. Oddone or Tete , Marquis of Eastern Liguria Marchese della Liguria Orientale d c1084
m Berta dau of Olderico Manfred II, Marquis of Turin & Susa by Berta d'Este
1 Bonifacio del Vasto, 'Marquis de Vasto', Marchese della Liguria Orientale d 1125/35
m Agnes de Vermandois dau of Hugh I, Count de Vermandois
Sa27 Manfredo I, Marchese di Saluzzo d 1175
m Eleanora possibly dau of Giudice d'Arborea
The following comes from GenEU Saluzzo1.
Sa26 Manfredo II, Marchese di Saluzzo b 1140, d 02.1215
m Alasia di Montferrato d c1232, dau of Guglielmo, Marquis of Montferratsee 2 above
Sa25 Bonifacio I, Marchese di Saluzzo d 1218
m 1202 Maria dau of Guidice di Torres by Sinispella
Sa24 Manfredo III, Marchese di Saluzzo d 1244
m 1233 Beatrice di Savoia d 1259, dau of Amadeus IV, Count of Savoy, by Matilda d'Albon
Sa23 Tomaso I, Marchese di Saluzzo d 03.12.1296
m Luisa d 1291/3, dau of Giorgio, Marquese di Ceva see 3 below
Sa22 Alaisia di Saluzzo d 1292
m before 1285 Richard Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel
ii+ other issue
Sa23-2 Margherita di Saluzzo nun
Sa23-3 Alaisia di Saluzzo d before 1312
m 1247 Edmund de Lacy, Earl of Lincoln d 1258
Sa23-4 Agnes di Saluzzo d 1265
m John de Vesci, Lord of Alnwick dsp
Sa24-2+ other issue
Sa25-2 daughter
m Guglielmo II de Vasto, Marquis di Cleva Ce25 below
Sa25-3+ other issue
Sa26-2+ other issue
Sa27 Anselmo, Marquis di Cleva & Clavesana
GenEU ends with this Anselm. The following comes from various web sites.
Sa26-1 Bonficace, Marquis de Clevesana d 1221
a Berta de Clevesana
m 1202 Guglielmo, Marquis of Montferrat d 1225 see 1 above
Sa=Ce26 Guglielmo I de Vasto, Marquis di Cleva
Ce25 Guglielmo II de Vasto, Marquis di Cleva
m ?? dau of Manfredo II, Marchese di Saluzzo Sa24-2 above, wife of Gugliemo, presumed mother of ...
Ce24 ?? di Ceva presumed intermediary generation
Ce24 Giorgio, Marquese di Ceva
Ce23 Luisa di Ceva d 1291/3
m Tomaso I, Marchese di Saluzzo d 03.12.1296 Sa23 above
Sa27-3 Sibillia del Vasto d 1172
m 08.1129 Guglielmo VI, Sn de Montpellier d 1162
Sa27-4+ other issue - Guglielmo Marchese de Busca, Ugo,
C. Guglielmo William

Sources: GenEU Montferrato, ROYL table CCCCV
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