La10 Benjamin Lawrence III

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    Benjamin Lawrence II was the son of Benjamin Lawrence (La11) and Elizabeth Talbott (Ta11).
    Benjamin Lawrence II, a Quaker of West River
    died about 1728, as Rachel, widow and administratrix filed inventory in Baltimore County, Maryland then. His children's names appear on West River records, in the following order:
    married Rachel Moriarti Ma10 of Anne Arundel County 5th Dec. 1701 daughter of->
    +1 Edward Moriarti Mo11
    m Honore Elder or Stafford St11 .
    La10-3 Sophia 1707
    La10-4John 1709, 
    La10 Leaven 1711

    Their children:

    (La9-1Elizabeth Lawrence (8th Dec. 1702 - ) :married ¬
    La9-2Benjamin Lawrence (27th Jan 1704/5 - )  married Do9-4 Ruth Dorsey.
    La9-3Rachel Lawrence.

      m1. Captain Philemon Dorsey.
      m2. Nathan Harris.
    La9-4Ruth Lawrence .
    La9-La9 Leaven Lawrence, 1st Lt. in Flying Camp, 1776. Married Sarah Dorsey Do9.
    Remained at Dorsey's Grove.
    Born: 1745, December 22. married: Thomas Owings. Died: 1760.
    La9-5) Margaret Lawrence. Born: 1756. Died: 1835.
    La9-6Richard Lawrence,
      Born: 1757.
      Married: 3 times.
      Died: At “Whitehall” at Guilford. Served in General Otho H. Williams Company in the Revolution.

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