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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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    Wo5 Spenser Workman

    Spenser Workman Wo5 was the son of James Workman Wo6 and Christiana Fitzpatrick Fi6. Born: 4 July 1822 in Bourbon Co., Ky.

    Married: Martha Neaves Ne5
    Died: 23 jan. 1893 in Robertson Co. Ky. near Mt. Olivet, Ky.
    Buried: Old Corinth Church

    Spencer Workman was a landowner and ran a general store. He built the Old Corinth Church, where he is buried. (Susan Jane Mitchell Mi4 was buried here)
    The unusual first name suggests some sort of Spenser lineage, which would most likely be over his mother. But there is no sign of this being the case. Spenser Workman Wo5 and Martha Neaves Ne5 had issue:

    Wo4-1 Lucinda Workman (8 Nov 1849 Bratton Mills Robertson Co KY d 1 Mar 1917 Newkirk OK)
    m1 Smith Anthony Jacobs b 1841 d 1892 lived Bratton/?Bracken Ky son of Pvt Samuel Jacobs b c 1815 and Jane Black
    m2 Dora Randall
    Wo4-1-1 Spencer Sherman Jacobs b 1867 n Bratton KY m1 Oresie Ann Gillen/Louanna Gillaham + 4 ch div m2 1900 in Pickens Co GA Kate Holmes d with 19 years soon after marriage m3 in Pickens Co GA Laura Ray + 5 ch m4 Vestal Gibbs -1 Reimer Smith Jacobs b 1888 KY d 1976 OH
    -2 Otis M Jacobs b 1889 KY d 1956 IN
    -3 Octavia Edith Jacobs m y White b 1890 KY d
    -4 Bridget Jacobs b 1896 KY d 1897 KY
    -5 Gerald Ray Jacobs b c 1902 Copperhill TN m Rose Colvin b 1900 d 1983 dau of George Colvin b 1859 Lawrence KS d 1931 Stroud OK and Nellie Mills b 1881 d 1965
    -6 Ethel Lucille Jacobs m y Anholtz b 1903 NC d 1979 NE
    -7 Cecil Morton Jacobs b 1904 GA d 1955 ID
    -8 Byron Newton Jacobs b 1909 OK d 1999 CO
    -9 Edith Laura Jacobs m y Brown b 1911 OK d 1980 SD
    -5-1 Ruth Jacobs b c 1937 gedmatch kit M645494 m y Jones
    -5-2 Marc Q Jacobs gedmatch kit A021448

    -5-1-1 Stacey Jones b c 1960 gedmatch kit M852544 author´s 81 cM DNA match m y Anderson
    Wo4-1-2 Martha Jane Jacobs b 1868 n Bratton KY m Nels Ashbury Insko
    Wo4-1-3 Samuel Jacobs b 26 Dec 1870 n Bratton KY m Cora Warrick
    Wo4-1-4 Maggie Jacobs b 1872 n Bratton KY d of tub
    Wo4-1-5 Effie Jacobs b 1875 n Bratton KY m William A Anderson d of tub
    Wo4-1-6 Lydia Jacobs b 1878 n Bratton KY m Walter Austin d of tub
    Wo4 Wo4 Christiana Workman (6 March 1851 - 10 April 1932 ) m1 Garrett McConnell (Mc4) After marrying William Worrell she left her three children to be brought up by her parents, Spenser Workman and Martha Neaves.
    Mc3 Ellena McConnell, b.5 Mar.1869 m Willoughby Griffith Hester He3 He2-1 Lucinda "Lutie" Hester, b. Sept. 21, 1890;
    He2-2 Mabel Hester, b. Oet. 21, 1892;
    He2-3 Garrett Henry Hester, b. Oet. 21, 1894 d about 1975;
    He2-4 Harry Clifton Hester, b. Jan. 27, 1898;
    He2-5 Paul Nelson Hester, b. June 18, 1902;
    (He2) Dr Eustace Granger Hester, b. Dec. 6, 1906; d. Sept. 8,1966 m Anna Pope Bland b 26 Jun 1908 Shelbyville KY d 15 Feb ^970 Saginaw MI
    He2-7 Hazard Worrell Hester, b. June 21, 1908 d about 1990 m Canzalia Hounshell
    He2-8 Katherine Hester, b. Jan. 4, 1910 living in 1995 m1 Lloyd Workman m2 Cecil Workman + 2 ch

    He2-5-3 Nelson Wayne Hester gedmatch kit A838612
    He1-1 Thomas Eugene Hester, b. Oct. 23, 1937
    He1-2 William Griffth Hester, author gedmatch kit FE12086
    He1-3 George Nicholas Hester,
    He1-4 Jane Ann Hester m2 Kenneth Thomas
    He2-7-1 Patricia Ann Hester, b 29 Mar 1939
    He2-8-1 Martha Kay Workman
    He2-8-2 Vicki Workman
    Mc3-2 Lucinda "Lutie" McConnell, b 21 Jan. 1872, married Harry Bowman (?Bone)
    Mco3-3 John McConnell, b. 12 Sept 1874, married Ruth and had Marguerite McConnell, who was kidnapped from the hospital but found after 2 years and died at the age of 5 in Denver, Colorado.
    Wo4-3 James Walter Workman b 13 Oct 1852 d Mar 1929 m1 Susan Jane Browning dau of William Browning and Jane Jett -1 Ida Workman b Apr 1873 near Bratton Ky m Oscar Browning, no ch
    -2 Adda Workman m Theodore McDowell a

    -2-1 Kate McDowell
    -2-2 son Oda McDowell
    m2 Cynthia Woods Workman wid of James Workman son of David Workman Wo5-1
    Wo4-4 Nimrod Workman b 18 Jan. 1854 d Apr 1926
    m Mollie Hitt dau of
    +1 Aaron Hitt
    -1 Roscoe Workman b n Hittville Ky
    -2 Janetta Workman m Leonard Askins b Santafee Bracken Co Ky
    -2-1 Christin Askins b Santafee
    -2-2 Florine Askins b Santafee
    -2-3 Finley Askins b Neaves Co Ky
    -2-4 Marion Askins b Neaves Co
    -2-5 Darrel Keith Askins b Neaves Co
    -2-6 Juanita Askins b Santafee
    Wo4-5 Wo4-5 William Workman b 13 Jan. 1855 d 7 May 1857
    Wo4-6 Joseph Neaves Workman b 21 Nov 1857 Bratton Robertson Co KY d 25 Jan 1914 Louisville bur Portland Cem
    m 20 Nov 1882 Carlisle Nichols Co KY Clara Meenach b 1847 dau of John Meenach/?Menich and x Brown
    -1 Spencer Workman
    -2 Martin Workman
    -3 Estelle Workman b 29 Jun1886 d 8 Jan 1955 mech. US Army m1 Annie Gunter m2 Ida x
    -4 Dewie Workman
    -5 Homer Boots workman b 15 Jan 1889 Boyle Co KY d 1967 Louisville bur Schardein Cem m Beatrice Craig (1897 - 1981)
    -6 Dollie/Dolly Workman
    -7 Harrison M Workmand
    -8 Joseph R Workman Sr
    -9 xy Workman

    -3-1 Deveril Workman b 2 Jan 1909 Louisville d 21 Feb 1997 Morrow Co OH m George Roper of Bellevue OH b 13 May 1905 TN d 10 Feb 1978 Mansfield OH
    -5-1 Harrison Galieth Workman b 1 Jan 1911 Portland Jefferson Co KY d 1968 Louisville m Frances G. Gaines (1926 - 1996)
    -5-2 Clara Elizabeth Workman (1914 - 1995) m Lawrence Edward Norton Sr b 1907 d 1990 son of Speed Peay Norton (1871 - 1923) and Margrette Frances Kern Hollis b 1879 d 1947
    -5-3 Leona C Workman b 30 Mar 1916 d 4 Jul 1944 m1 y Mayes m2 H Clark Ross
    -5-4 Dolly Workman b 19 Sep 1918 d 19 Dec 1937 m1 Sherman Ogle m2 Reid Reynolds
    -5-5 Mary Workman b 1922 m Kellogg Thomas
    -5-6 y Workman b d 1925
    -8-1 Joseph R Workman Jr

    -3-?-?+ 5 granch
    -5-1-1 Charles Workman
    -5-1-1-1 Nancy Workman m y Jackowiak author's DNA match
    -5-2-1 Lawrence Norton Jr
    -5-3-1 William H Mayes (1932 - 1933)*
    -5-3-2 Delores Mayes (1933 - 1933)
    -5-4-1 Clara Rose Ogle (28 Jul 1935 Louisville - 26 Nov 1999 Louisville) m John Carl Theodore "Junie" Jutz, Jr.
    -5-4-1-1 Jessie C. Jutz m Herald
    -5-4-1-2 Clara A. Jutz m Mullins
    -5-4-1-3 John E. Jutz
    -5-4-1-4 James L. Jutz
    -5-4-1-5 Lawrence F. Jutz comparison of Jakowian, Jones and author
    The author´s paternal chr 3, 9 11,15, 16 and 17 seem to have Workman or Neaves DNA along the colored ranges, while the other shorter ranges may be from more remote common ancestors. In the middle of chr 8 the author also seems to have a longer segment that has been spoused off for Jones and Jakowiak somewhere along their differing lines of descent
    Wo4-7 Sarah Ann Workman b 24 Feb. 1860
    m Frank Reid
    -1 Grace Reid b Kansas City Mo
    -2 Hattie Reid b Kansas City Mo
    -3 Lawrence Reid b Kansas City Mo
    -4 Pansey Reid
    -5 Sarah Ann Reid b Kansas City Mo left her Husb and returned to Robertson Co to live with her parents.
    Wo4-8 Julia Workman b 1862 d m Joseph Gillham no ch
    Wo4-9 Martha Ann Workman b 31 Aug. 1864 d 29 Mar 1912 in Lexington Ky
    m Jack Jett son of William Jett b d Bridgeville Bracken Co Ky
    -1 May Jett m Harry Diamond
    -2 Etna Jett m Benjamin Insko
    Wo4-10 America Jane Workman (1 May 1866 - ) m William Thomas Hester / Willoughby Grifftith Hester (He4-3-5 = Mi4-2-5) -1 John K Hester
    -2 Mollie Hester
    -3 Margaret Hester
    Wo4-11 Priscilla Workman b 8 May 1869 d about 1879
    Wo4-12 Spenser Sherman Workman b 17 March 1871 d
    m 6 Sep 1894 in Petra Bracken Co Lucy May King b 20 Oct 1877 n Milford Ky dau of John L King and Sarah Ann Jett
    -1 Shirley Hannah Workman b 3 Dec 1900 Santafee m 1 May 1928 Columbus Ky m Georgia Preston Wynn
    -2 Zola May Workman b 16 June 1905 in Bratton Ky
    -3 Carlyn King Workman b 13 Jul 1914 in Bratton
    -1-1 Shirley Annett Workman b 30 Jan 1929
    Zola May Workman in 1972
    Wo4-13 Ulyssis S. Grant Workman b 11 Feb. 1873 -
    m1 cous Cora Kearns + 2 ch dau of John W. Kearns and Sally Workman dau of David Workman
    m2 Minnie Paymenter + 1 ch
    -1 Adrian Workman b Aug 1900
    -2 Lela Rose Workman b 29 Workman b 25 Mar 1902 m Quinter Maskwel m Quinter Maskwelll
    -3 Nellie Glen Workman b Apr 1912 Brooksville Ky
    Wo4-14 Rosie Pink Workman b 17 March 1875 d 1883

    DNA comparison with Joyce Workman

    , kit No. M289581, administrator for the Workman kits at Ancestry and gedmatch.
    Angela Estep~ M051442 or A853768 C. Estep (father- direct line Estep male) ~M340441 B. Workman(mother)~M455336 J. Dial (son) ~M047104 R. Estep (brother) ~M206556 J.E. Workman (cousin- direct line Workman male) ~ M784802 .J. Nickerson ( cousin-direct line Nickerson male) ~ M509591 R.M. Wolfe (cousin) ~ M311640 J.R. Workman( maternal aunt) ~M289581
    Kit M051442 matches me in several places, the longest on chr 15 and two more to the left of it. Much the same for A853768 as well as M047104. M340441 different places and shorter. M455336 has the long one on chr 15 and just one different one on chr 1. The latter segment shows up in M206556 and one on chr 5, while M289581 has this one on 1 and a very long one on 15 that spans above said triple. M784802 brings a long match on chr 13, one on chr 12 and one at the other end of chr 1. M311640 a longer match on chr 10, and a different one on chr 15 M509591 no match over threshold.

    DNA comparisons with Ruth Jone nee Jacobs and family

    , kit No. M645494

    Ruth Jone nee Jacobs is the mother of Stacey Anderson nee Jacobs