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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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Trafford of Croston, Trafford of Low Leyton, Trafford of Stretford, Trafford of Swithamley, Trafford of Trafford
Tr29 Randolphus de Trafford d c1050
Tr28 . Randolphus de Trafford
Tr27. Robert de Trafford a 1066, 1080
Tr26 Henry de Trafford b about 1080 d c1130
Tr25 Henry de Trafford of Trafford b about 1110 d after 1200
Tr24 Richard de Trafford of Trafford b about 1145 and d after about 1260 Stretford
Tr23 Henry de Trafford of Trafford and Stretford b about 1190
Tr22 Sir Henry de Trafford of Trafford b about 1225 d c1288
Tr21 Sir Henry de Trafford of Trafford b about 1265 d c1344
Tr20 John de Trafford b about 1295 dvp
Tr19 Sir Henry de Trafford of Trafford b c1315
m Agnes
Tr18-1 Sir Henry de Trafford of Trafford b about 1345 d 1386
m Margaret Ince dau of Robert Ince
Tr18-1-1 Henry de Trafford of Trafford b about 1375
m Elizabeth Radclyffe dau of Sir Ralph Radclyffe
Tr18-1-1-1 Henry Trafford of Trafford dsp c1415
m Agnes
Tr18-1-1-2 Sir Edmund Trafford of Trafford b about 1405 d 1457 - continued below
m Alice Venables dau of Sir William Venables of Bolyn
Tr18-1-1-3+ 3 daughters
Tr18 Joan Trafford b about 1350 possibly of this generation
m John Booth of Barton a 1399
Tr18-3 Margaret Trafford b about 1355 possibly of this generation
m1 c1375 Sir John Radcyffe of Ordsall b 1356, d 1421
m2 Robert Orrell of Turton
Tr23-2 Geoffrey de Trafford
Tr23-3 Amabil de Trafford probably of this generation
m Robert de Radcyffe of Oswaldtwisle, Hartshead and Toltington d 1290
Tr24-2? probably of this family and branch was:
James de Trafford of Trafford b c 1150
-1 x Trafford m Sir Robert Lawrence b c 1170 -1-1 James Lawrence of Washington & Sedgwick Lancashire m 1252 Matilda Washington dau/heir of John Washington of Washington -1-1-1 John Lawrence of Washington & Sedgwick a 1283 m Margaret Chesford dau of Walter Chesford -1-1-1-1 John Lawrence of Washington a 1326, d c 1360 m Elizabeth Holt of Stably
Tr18-1-1-2 Sir Edmund Trafford of Trafford b about 1410 d 1457 - continued above
m Alice Venables dau of Sir William Venables of Bolyn
1. Sir John Trafford of Trafford b about 1435 d 1488
m Elizabeth Ashton dau of Sir Thomas Ashton or Assheton of Ashton
A. Sir Edmund Trafford of Trafford b about 1460 d 1514
m Margaret Savage b about 1465 dau of Sir John Savage of Clifton
i. Sir Edmund Trafford of Trafford b c1485, d 28.06.1533
m Elizabeth Longford dau of Sir Ralph Longford of Longford
a. Sir Edmund Trafford of Trafford d 1564
m Anne Radcliffe dau of Sir Alexander Radcliffe of Ordsall
1 Sir Edmund Trafford of Trafford b 03.06.1526, d 1590
m1 sp Mary Howard dau of Lord Edmond Howard of Norfolk family
m2 Elizabeth Leicester dau of Sir Ralph Leicester of Toft
A Sir Edmund Trafford of Trafford, Sheriff of Lancashire d 05.1620
m1 Mary or Margaret Booth dau of John Booth of Barton
i Elizabeth Trafford
m Richard Fleetwood of Penwortham
m2 Mildred Cecil dau of Thomas Cecil, 1st Earl of Exeter
ii Edmund Trafford b 27.05.1652, dvpsp
m Frances Draycott dau of William Draycott of Painsley
iii Humphrey Trafford of Trafford
m1 _ Holland dau of Holland of Clifton
m2 Katherine Warburton dau of Sir George Warburton, 1st Bart of Arley
a Humphrey Trafford of Trafford
m 15.08.1701 Anne Assheton of Spaldington dau of Sir Ralph Assheton, 2nd Bart of Middleton
1 Humphrey Trafford of Trafford dsp 01.07.1779
m Elizabeth Mosley dau of Sir Oswald Mosley, 1st Bart of Rolleston
2 Elizabeth Trafford of Spaldington d 1788
This information taken from BP1870 Vavasour of Spaldington.
m Mail Yates of Mail
A Anne Assheton-Yates of Spaldington
m Henry Nooth, later Vavasour, 1st Bart d 15.03.1813, Lt. Colonel
B+ 2 daughters
3+ other issue - 3 sons dsp and 3 daughters
iv John Trafford of Croston d 28.02.1686
m Anne Ashton dau of Richard Ashton of Croston
a John Trafford of Croston d 25.08.1727
m 10.02.1688 Katherin Culceth dau of Thomas Culceth of Culceth
1 John Trafford of Croston b 18.02.1689, d 05.12.1760
m1 Elizabeth Thornbury
A John Trafford of Croston dsp 10.03.1761
B Katherine Eloisa Trafford
m Laurence Nihell
m2 18.08.1756 Alice Sharrock dau of James Sharrock of Preston and Fulwood
2 Humhprey Trafford of Croston b 15.11.1698, d 11.12.1773
m Frances Dalton dau of John Dalton of Thurnham
A John Trafford of Croston, later of Trafford d 29.10.1815
m 21.09.1773 Elizabeth Tempest dau of Stephen Walter Tempest of Broughton
i Sir Thomas Joseph Trafford, later De Trafford, 1st Bart of Trafford Park b 22.03.1778, d 10.11.1852 had issue
m 17.08.1803 Laura Anne Colman d 22.10.1852, dau of Francis Colman of Hillersdon
ii Maria Trafford
m 28.04.1817 John Clifton of Lincoln's Inn b 20.05.1790, d 28.09.1843
3+ other issue - 2 sons dsp and 3 daughters
v Sir Cecil Trafford dsp ??seems to be the same as: knighted at Houghton Towers, 16 Aug 1617, born 10 Aug 1599.
m Penelope Davenport, dau of Sir Humphrey Davenport of Sutton, Cheshire, Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer.
1 Edmund Trafford, eldest son, born 27 May 1652, died without issue.
2 Cecil Trafford, (appears to have had no issue.)
3 Mildred Trafford bur at Manchester 11 Jun 1655
4 2. Humphrey Trafford of Trafford + Catherine, dau of Sir George Warburton of Arley 3. Edmund Trafford, died unmarried at Angiers in France aged 21. 3. Humphrey Trafford, died 5 March 1746, buried in Manchester at the collegiate church. + Anne, eldest dau and coheir of Sir Ralph Assheton Bart, married Manchester on 15 Aug 1701. They had five sons and three daughters but none of the sons had issue. In addition to Humphrey the other sons were Sygysmond, Cecil, Assheton, Vavasour. The daughters were Mary and Catherine Maria who both died young, Anne and Elizabeth who both married. 4. Humphrey Trafford of Trafford, born about 1704, was 42 when he succeeded to his estates. He died without issue 1 July 1779 and buried by his father in the Trafford Chapel in Manchester. The Trafford estates went to John Trafford, the great grandson of Sir Cecil's younger son, John Trafford. This ended an unbroken line of succession since before the Norman Conquest. + Elizabeth, only dau of Sir Oswald Mosley of Rolleston, lord of the manor of Manchester. She died in October 1786.
5 Henry Trafford
6 William Trafford
7 Penelope Trafford, who married John Downes of Wardley in Lancs.
8 John Trafford of Croston in Lancs died 25 Feb 1686, aged 52.
m Anne dau and coheir of Richard Assheton of Croston, she died 5 Aug 1699.
8-1 Assheton Trafford, died in infancy.
8-2 Cecil Trafford, died in infancy
8-3 Richard Trafford, married and had issuel.
8-4 Edmund Trafford, ob coelebs
8-5 John Trafford of Croston eldest surviving son, died 25 Aug 1727.
m Catherine dau. and at length coheir of Thomas Culcheth of Culcheth on 10 Feb 1688. She was born 16 Aug 1663. They had seven children with the eventual heirs being from their youngest son Humphrey. and had fours sons and three daughters. The Croston estates descended initially to the eldest son, John, then aged 38 but his only son died in infancy so the estate then went to the eldest surviving son, Humphrey.
8-5-1 John Trafford of Croston, born 18 Feb 1689 died 5 Dec 1768.
m1 Elizabeth Thornbury who died childless.
m2 Alice daughter of James Shorrocks of Preston and Fulwood, married 18 Aug 1756. 5. John Trafford, only son, born 5 Dec 1758 and died 10 March 1761 5. Catherine Eloisa Trafford, only surviving child who married Laurence Nichel MD.
8-5-2 Thomas Trafford, died coelebs 1757
8-5-3 William Trafford, died in infancy
8-5-4 Catherine Trafford married Bamber of Ormskirk and died without issue.
8-5-5 Anne Trafford became a nun at Bruges
8-5-6 Frances Trafford, died unmarried.
8-5-7 Humphrey Trafford of Croston, fourth son, born 15 Nov 1698, died 11 Dec 1773.
m Frances dau of John Dalton of Thurnham. She died 12 March 1777. They had three sons and two daughters of whom we follow John. The other children were Humphrey, Thomas and Mary who died in infancy and Frances who married Henry Livesay of Ormskirk and had issue.
-1 John Trafford of Croston. After the death of his kinsman, Humphrey Trafford of Trafford, in 1779, John was the succeeded to the Trafford estates of the senior branch of the family. In 1793 John obtained a Act of Parliament allowing him to let or lease some of his inherited lands. He died 29 October 1815.
m Elizabeth dau of Walter Tempest of Broughton in Yorks married there on 21 Sept 1773. She died on 28 September 1813 aged 63.
-1-1 Humphrey Trafford, eldest son born Croston 5 Feb 1776.
-1-2 John Trafford, second son died 1 Jan 1795,
-1-3 Joseph Trafford died in infancy.
-1-4 Joseph Trafford, (the second) also died in infancy.
-1-5 Thomas Joseph Trafford born Croston 22 March 1778 became the heir. He was Lord Lieutenant of the County, and Sheriff in 1834. Became a Baronet in 1841 and changed his name to De Trafford in 1842. He died in November 1852. + Laura Anne dau of Francis Colman of Hillersdown in Devon on 17 Aug 1803, by whom he had six sons and eight daughters. They had 14 children according to Croston, six sons and eight daughters, of whom I show the five sons listed in Baines' History of Lancashire.
-1-6 William Trafford, born at Trafford 12 Aug 1781.
-1-7 Henry Trafford, born at Trafford 18 July 1786
-1-8 Elizabeth Trafford who died in infancy.
-1-9 Elizabeth Trafford, born 13 March 1775 at Croston,
-1-10 Clementine Trafford, born at Trafford 11 Mar 1783.
-1-11 Maria Trafford, born at Trafford 2 June 1784.

-1-5-1 Sir Humphrey Trafford born 1 May 1808. Sir Humphrey died 4 May 1886. m Lady Mary Annette Talbot, sister an co-heir of Bertram Arthur Talbot the 17th Earl of Shrewsbury married 17 Jan 1855. They had three sons and five daughters.
-1-5-2 Thomas William Trafford, born 23 Aug 1813,
-1-5-3 John Randolphus Trafford, born 11 April 1820
-1-5-4 Charles Cecil Trafford, born 18 Dec 1821,
-1-5-5 Augusus Henry Trafford, born 12 April 1823.

-1-5-1-1 Humphrey Francis Trafford, born 3 July 1862
-1-5-1-2 Charles Edmund Trafford
-1-5-1-3 Gilbert Talbot Joseph Trafford
vi William Trafford,
vii Henry Trafford,
viii+ 3 daughters Trafford possibly Joyce Trafford m
B Margaret Trafford
m Richard Stephen Ward b c 1585 d 1635 Sir Uriah Leigh of Adlington b 1566, d 1629
-1 Thomas Legh of Adlington, Sheriff of Cheshire bpt 30.07.1593, d c12.1644 BLG1952 shows Thomas's wife as Anne, dau of Thomas Gobarte of Boresworth, but Visitation Warwickshire, 1619, Gobard & Visitation Cheshire, 1663 show her as ... m 24.08.1610 Anne Gobard bur 12.02.1675-6, dau of John Gobard or Gobert of Coventry & Bosworth
-2 Mary Legh b c1595 m c1618 Henry Legh of Rowcliffe, Cumberland
-3 Lucy Legh bpt 12.07.1596 m Alexander Rigby of Middleton
-4 Urian Legh b 16.05.1600
-5 Robert Legh bpt 25.04.1604
-6 Henry Legh bpt 27.09.1612,
-7 Frances Legh bur 23.08.1630
-1-1 Thomas Legh of Adlington, Sheriff of Cheshire bpt 17.04.1614, bur 17.12.1687 m Mary Bolles bur 22.11.1656, dau of Thomas Bolles of Osbarton
-1-2 Anne Leigh probably the Anne bpt 16.02.1622-3 who married ... m Peter Davenport bpt 31.08.1622, bur 08.04.1658
-1-3 Frances Leigh possibly the Frances who married ...m 1660 Sir John Peshall or Pershall, 2nd Bart of Horsley b c1620, d 1701
-1-4 Penelope Leigh possibly the Penelope who married ...m William Wright of Longston b c1630, a 1662
-1-5 John Leigh bpt 21.01.1616-7
-1-6 Charles bpt 04.03.1617-8, Peter bpt 02.08.1620, had issue
-1-7 Henry Leigh bpt 13.09.1621, had issue
-1-8 Lucy Leigh
-1-9 Margaret Leigh
-1-10 Dorothy Leigh
-1-11 Mary Leigh
-3-1 Alexander Rigby
-3-2 Urian Rigby
-3-3 Edward Rigby
-3-4 Lucy Rigby
-1-1-1 Thomas Legh of Adlington, Sheriff of Cheshire bpt 10.02.1643-4, bur 17.04.1691 m 1666 Joanna Maynard d 1700 dau of Sir John Maynard
C Elizabeth Trafford
m Sir John Michel
b. Thomas Trafford of Langham
m Elizabeth Fawkenor dau of James Fawkenor
1 Richard Trafford of London
m Dorothy Collier a 1613, dau of Hugh Collier of Northampton
A Richard Trafford of Low Leyton d 1613
m Jane Johnston dau of John Johnston of London
i John Trafford of Low Leyton d 1644
m Margaret Wood dau of Simon Wood of Dunton Hall
a Anne Trafford d 1671
m Fisher Dilke of London bur 04.05.1680
c. Margaret Trafford
m Sir William Radclyffe of Ordsall b 1502, d 12.10.1568
d. Alice Trafford bur 16.06.1578probably of this generation
m Sir Urian Brereton of Honford d 19.03.1578
e.+ other issue - George dsp, Henry, Richard, 3 daughters
ii. William Trafford of Wilmsloe a 1540
m Margery Longford dau of Sir Ralph Longford of Longford
a. Philip Trafford of Swithamley a 1614, 2nd son
m Ellen Dickson dau of George Dickson of Sheldon
1 William Trafford of Swithamley b 1589
m Sara Homersley dau of Thomas Homersley of Bottom
A William Trafford of Swithamley b 1615
m May Bagnal dau of Ralf Bagnal of Oncote
i William Trafford of Swithamley bur 12.09.1726
m Clare Lawton dau of William Lawton of Lawton
a William Trafford of Swithamley Grange b 1687, d 10.1762
m1 Sarah Mellor dau of Samuel Mellor of Idridgehay
1 Sarah Trafford
m William Nichols of Coton Hall and Perryhowell
m2 Mercy Hudyard dau of Thomas Rudyard
1+ other issue - 6 sons dsp, 3 daughters
iii. Margery Trafford probably of this generation
m Sir Thomas Gerard of Kingsley and Bryn b c1488, d 06.11.1523
iv. Elizabeth Trafford possibly of this generation
m George Booth of Dunham Massey d 1548
v.+ other issue - Henry d 1557, Chancellor of York, daughter
B. William Trafford d 1518
C. Dulcia Trafford
m Hugh Bulkeley of Whatcroft
D. Ann Trafford apparently of this generation
m Thomas Radclyffe a 1517
2. Jane Trafford
m1 William Radclyffe of Ordsall b 1435, d 15.05.1497
m2 Sir James Byron of Clayton
m3. Sir John Talbot of Salesbury
3. Dulcia Trafford
m Sir John Assheton d 1508

Sources: BP1934 De Trafford with input from BLG1886 Trafford of Brundall House and BLG1952 Trafford now Hunter of Michaelchurch Court
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