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Bacon 1

: Bacon of Drinkstone, Bacon of Helmingham, Bacon of Hessett, Bacon of Letheringsett, Bacon of Logie, Bacon of Norwich
According to the subsite identified below: "It is said that the name Bacon came from the word buchen or beechen, meaning "beech trees". Bacon is also the name of an ancient seigniory in Normandy." That subsite starts with the following Grimbaldus who is "said to be a relation of William de Warenne, Earl of Surrey". As this data appears to have relied largely on data found in other web sites, we warn viewers to be cautious about relying on it too much. Whilst some cross-references from other sources support some of it, there are also some cross-references which contradict it, such as:
(1) An article in on Margery Poynings who married Edmund Bacon 'of Essex' identifies him as "descended from Sir John Bacon of Ewelme (Oxfordshire)" but the following shows no such ancestor for him.
(2) Visitation (London, 1568, Bacon) starts with the John Bacon of Drinkeston who married Agnes Cockfield and reports that he was"descended of Sr Edmond Bacon of Essex that maried (sic) Margery da. and heyre of Quaplade" but the following shows no such ancestor for him.
Ba30 =31. Grimbaldus or Grimaldus of Letheringsett, Norfolk b c 1075 in Normandy a relative of the Norman chieftain William de Warenne, came into England at the time of the conquest and settled near Holt.
Ba29 =30 Ralph de Beccen Thorpe of Letheringsett b c 1100
Ba28 =29 George de Beccen of Letheringsett b c 1120 (Roger de Beccen "of the black arts" was originally shown as his brother, but the dates are implausible for this, so his gr grandson is shown as the presumed brother.)
Ba27 =28 Roger de Beccen of Letheringsett b c 1145
Ba26 =27 Roger Bacon of Letheringsett b c 1170 a 1216
Ba25 =26 Robert Bacon of Letheringsett b c 1195
Ba25? Reginald Bacon of Lodie b c 1215 (unsure of exact relation to Ba24 =25 below)
Ba24 Richard Bacon of Lodie b c 1240
m Alice Myston
Ba23-1 Robert Bacon b c 1260
m x de Hingham
Ba23-1-1 Adam Bacon of Oulton
m Margery Felton dau of Simon Felton
Ba23-1-1-1 Sir Edmund Bacon of Ewelme, Oxfordshire
m1 Joan Beaumont (dau of Richard Beaumont of Witnesham (son of John of Drayton), widow of Sir Giles de Braose of Stinton)
-1 Robert Bacon of Baconsthorpe b about 1310
m. Isabel Danvillers (dau of Sir Bartholomew Danvillers of Erwarton, son of Sir John son of Sir Bartholomew)
-1-1 Isabel Bacon (b about 1350 d 1411)
m. Sir Oliver Calthorpe of Burnham Thorpe
-2 Margaret Bacon (b about 1310 d 1328)
m about 1322 William de Kerdeston, 2nd Lord (b by 1307, d 14.08.1361)
m1 Margery Poynings (dau of Michael de Poynings by Margery Bardolf)
-3 Margery Bacon b 1336, d 01.06.1399
m before 12.03.1352 William de Moleyns, 2nd Lord (d 14.02.1380/1)
-1 Richard de Moleyns, 3rd Baron d 14.12.1384 m Eleanor de Beaumont dau of Henry Beaumont, 3rd Lord identified by BE1883 Molines and BE1883 Beaumont -1-1 William de Moleyns, 4th Baron b 07.01.1377/8, d 08.06.1425 m before 25.12.1405 Margery d 26.03.1439 -1-1-1 William de Moleyns, 5th Baron bpt 08.12.1405, d Orleans 08.05.1429 m1 1417 Katherine Fauconer dau of Thomas Fauconer m2 01.05.1423 Anne Whalesborough a 01.1486, dau of John Whalesborough of Cornwall -1-1-1-1 Eleanor de Moleyns b 11.06.1426 m1 before 05.11.1440 Robert Hungerford, 3rd Lord Hungerford, Lord Moleyns, b before 1429, d 1463/4 m2 c 24.03.1468/9 Sir Oliver Manyngham -1-1-1-1-1 Sir Thomas Hungerford d 1469 m before 16.10.1460 Anne Percy dau of Henry Percy, 3rd Earl of Northumberland -1-1-1-1-1-1 Mary Hungerford, de jure Baroness Botreaux m Edward Hastings, 2nd Lord Ashby de la Zouch, 'Lord Hungerford' b 26.11.1466, d 08.11.1506/7 -1-1-1-1-1-1-1 George Hastings, 1st Earl of Huntingdon d 24.03.1544
m Anne Stafford dau of Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham
-1-1-1-1-1-1-2 Anne Hastings bur 17.11.1550 m 1507 Thomas Stanley, 2nd Earl of Derby d 23.05.1521 had issue
Ba23 Sir Henry Bacon b c 1260 a judge itinerant temp. Hen. III lineally descended from Grimbaldus)
m. Margaret Ludham
Ba22 Sir Henry Bacon b c 1285 ,
Ba21 Sir Roger Bacon b c 1310 a commander in the wars, temp. Edw. II and Edw. III
m Felicia Kirton
Ba20 Beatrix Bacon daughter and
heir of Sir Roger Bacon had issue see below
m.Sir William Thorpe
+1 William Thorpe b 1314 Baconsthorpe +2 William Thorpe b 1285 Suffolk
m Beatrice Bacon b Suffolk
+3 George de Thorpe b Breisworth Suffolk d 1329 Burnham Thorpe Norfolk
+5 Roger Bacon b 1275
+4 Robert FitzJohn de Thorpe b 1234 Ashwellthorpe Norfolk d there 20 Jul 1304
Ba19 William Thorpe b 1360 Baconsthorpe
m Margaret Quapladde b 1365 Whalpole Lincolnshire d 1392
-1 Margery Thorpe
m John Bacon of Hessett V b 1376 Drinkstone Suffolk d 1453 Suffolk
Ba24 =25 Roger de Beccen sometimes called Roger of the Black Art. b c 1214 n ?Ilchester Somerset d c 1292, credited (mainly since the 19th century) as one of the earliest European advocates of the modern scientific method inspired by Aristotle and by later scholars such as the Arab scientist Alhazen, and few, if any, men in that century took higher rank than he. He wrote many works both scientific and philosophical, and in 1278 his works were condemned and he was imprisoned for fourteen years. Bacon's biography
Ba23 =24 Robert Bacon of Hessett, Suffolk
m Alice Burgate
Ba22 =23 John Bacon of Hessett (I) sometimes called Baconthorp from the name of the village where he was born. He became a learned monk and is known as The Resolute Doctor. He died in London in 1346.
m. Alice
Ba21 =22 John Bacon of Hessett (II) b about 1320
m Cecily Hoo dau of->
+1 Sir Robert Hoo of Luton Hoo
m Hawise Fitzwarin)
Ba20 =21 Sir John Bacon of Hessett III b about 1340
m Helena Giddin
Ba19 =20 John Bacon of Hessett IV b about 1360
m Helen Tillot dau of Sir George Tillot of Rougham, in Norfolk
Bacon and Quaplod Arms quartered Ba18 =19 John Bacon of Hessett V b 1376 Drinkstone Suffolk d 1453 Suffolk
m Margery Thorpe daughter and heir of John Thorpe of Quaplod),
son of Sir William Thorp her father was son of the daughter and
heir of Sir Roger Bacon, a commander in the wars,
temp. Edw. II and Edw. III son of Sir Henry Bacon, son of another Sir Henry Bacon, a judge itinerant temp. Hen. III lineally descended from Grimbaldus), since which marriage of this branch of the family quarter the arms of Quaplod with their own, viz., Barrs of six or and azure and Bend Gules.
+1 John/?William Thorpe of Quaplod b 1360 Baconsthorpe
m Margaret Quapladde/Quadladdle b 1365 Whalpole Lincolnshire d 1392
+2 William Thorpe b 1336 Baconsthorpe d 1389
m Beatrix Bacon b 1340
+2 John Quapladde/Quadladdle/Quaplod
+3 William Thorpe b 1314 Baconsthorpe +4 William Thorpe b 1285 Suffolk
m Beatrice Bacon b Suffolk
+5 George de Thorpe b Breisworth Suffolk d 1329 Burnham Thorpe Norfolk
+5 Roger Bacon b 1275
+6 Robert FitzJohn de Thorpe b 1234 Ashwellthorpe Norfolk d there 20 Jul 1304
Ba17 =18 Sir Edmund Bacon of Drinkstone b about 1400 d 1470
m Elizabeth Crofts b about 1405 d 1453, dau of->
+1 Thomas Crofts
m Susan Polley)
Ba17 =18 John Bacon of Drinkstone and Helmingham b about 1420 will proved 1453
m Agnes Cockfield b 1457 Drinkstone d there 1488 dau of Sir Thomas Cockfield/Cokefield b 1415 Drinkstone
Ba16-1 Robert Bacon of Drinkstone and Hessett (b about 1438 d 1548)
m. about 1478 Isabel/Isabella Cage dau of John Cage of Pakenham/Perkenham, Suffolk
Ba16 =17 Thomas or John Bacon of Helmingham (b about 1440 d 28.02.1535)
m Joan or Johanna Wade
WikiTree shows wife as Joan Wade b 1484 Helmington Suffolk d 1540 and children as to the right:
-1 Ann Bacon b c 1510 m Robert Dow
-2 Elizabeth Bacon
-3 Thomas Bacon d 1577 m Agnes x
-4 John Bacon see below
-5 Joan Bacon b d 1506
-6 Elizabeth Bacon b 1510 Helmington d 1540
-7 Anne Bacon b 1511 Helmington
-8 Margaret Bacon b 1512 Suffolk d Mar 1557
-9 Margery Mary Bacon b 1514
-10 Agnes Bacon b 1520
-11 Henry Bacon b 1521
-12 Elizabeth Bacon b 1523

-3-1 Edith Bacon
-3-2 Elizabeth Bacon
-3-3 Richard Bacon
-3-4 Thomas Bacon
Ba15-3 John Bacon of Helmingham b 1505 Helmington d 19 Mar 1557 Suffolk
m 1530 Helmington Margaret Hall b 1512 Suffolk dau of William Hall and Elizabeth Dyneley
-1 William Bacon b 1534 Helmington d 13 Oct 1574 ?= d Hemsby Norfolk
-2 Michael Bacon see below
-3 Richard Bacon b 1538
-4 Richard Bacon b 1540
-5 Thomas Bacon b 1540
-6 Barbara Bacon b 1542 Helmington
-7 Rose Bacon b 1544
-8 Rose Bacon b 1550 Winston d 1575 suffolk
-9 William Bacon b 1553
-1-1? Thomas Bacon b 14 Feb 1563 Hemsby Norfolk m Ann Beane bap 12 Apr 1563 St James Norwich
-1-2? Johanis Bacon b 1576 Hemsby
-1-3? Marye Bacon b 15 Oct 1570 Hemsby Norfolk
-1-1-1 Mary Bacon b 23 Jan 1590 North Norfolk m James Walker b 9 Mar 1592 South Cocerington Lincolnshire -1-1-1-1 Elizabeth Walker bap 23 Jun 1615 St Peters Norwich m Thomas Freeman bap 28 May 1599 St Peters Norwich
Ba15-3-2 Michael Bacon b 1535, bur 25.03.1615 Winston suffolk
m1 16.08.1565 Elizabeth Wyle/Wylie b 1537 dau of John Wyley and Joan Marshall b 1519 Thorley Hertfordshire d 1555 Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire
m2 20 Sep 1607 in Winston Grace Blomosale
Ba15-3-2-1 John Bacon b 31 Nay 1566 d 1614 m Mary x b 1566 Helmington
Ba15-3-2-2 Joanna Bacon b 28 Dec 1567
Ba15-3-2-3 Mary Bacon b 8 Oct 1569 Winston Suffolk
Ba15-3-2-4 Thomas Bacon b 1572 Helmingham d 1614 Winston suffolk
m1 Bridgett Bull b 1574 Barking gr London d 16 Apr 1645 Needham Norfolk
m2 Lori Clench b c 1574 Ipswich d there 1639 dau of Judge John Clench b 31 Jul 1533 Wethersfield Essex d 18 Aug 1607 Holbrook Suffolk Katherine Almott b 1534 Creeting All Saints Suffolk d 1595 Holbrook mitocvhondrial DNA = H VR1 with Mutations 16295T and 16519C transmittable in the maternal line
Ba15-3-2-4-1 George Bacon b aft 1592 d 3 May 1642 Hingham Plymouth MA m Margaret Gold -1 Susannah Bacon b 1625 Suffolk d 30 Apr 1664 Bridgewater Plymouth MA m John Polley
-2 James Bacon b c 1636
-3 Thomas Bacon b 27 Nov 1640 Hingham MA d 25 Oct 1701 Boston MA m Mary Martha Gamlin b 6 Mar 1641 Roxbury MA d there 1741 dau of Robert Gamlin Jr b Dec 1606 Malling East Kent d 7 Sep 1663 and Elizabeth Mayo b 1600 Kent d 2 Jan 1681 Roxbury MA grandau of Robert Gamlin ?=Gambling/Gamelyn b 1575 East Malling Kent d 7 Sep 1642 Boston MA and maryellen Shupp
-4 Peter Bacon b 30 Mar 1642 Hingham MA d 9 Aug 1694 m ="">Sarah Jenkins b 15 Nov 1652 Scituate MA d 21 Jul 1677 Hingham
-1-1 Hannah Polley b 15 Feb 1651 d 6 Feb 1720 Roxbury Roxbury MA m Isaac Curtis
-3-1 Thomas Bacon
-3-2 Joseph Bacon
-3-3 Margaret Bacon m Whitney
-3-4 Daniel BACON
-3-5 Daniel Bacon
-4-1 Mary Bacon b 14 Jul 1676 d 9 Jun 1713 Scituate
-4-2 Susanna Bacon b 14 Jul 1670
-4-3 Mary Bacon b c 1687 Scituate d 17 Jul 1741 Middleton Essex Co MA m Matthew Gannett
-1-1-1 Isaac Curtis b 10 Nov 1685 Roxbury m 13 Apr 1727 Mehitqable Kraft
-4-3-1 Samuel Gannett
-4-3-2 Susannahl Gannett b 13 Nov 1723 Bridgewater Plymouth MA d there 16 Nov 1755 m David Edson
-4-3-3 Sarah Gannett b 31 Jul 1729 Bridgewater d 18 Dec 1781 Marshfield MA m1 Daniel Wolcott Pettingill m2 Amos Ford
-4-3-4 Seth Gannett
-4-3-5 Elizabeth Gannett
-4-3-6 Mary Gannett m Edson
-4-3-7 Mehitable Gannett
-1-1-1-1 Rebecca Curtis
-4-3-2-1 Susanna Gannett Edson b 10 Jan 1748 m Joshua Beals
-4-3-2-2 Mehitable Edson b 24 Jun 1753 Bridgewater d 4 Oct 1795 m Benjamin Clark
-4-3-2-3 Huldah Edson b 25 Oct 1755 d 7 May 1813 Wendall Franklin MA m1 Benjamin Death m2 Benjamin Dlatte
-4-3-2-4 Mehetabel Edson b 31 Jul 1750
-4-3-3-1 Matthew Pettingill b c 1756 Bridgewater d 1835 Fayette Kennebec Co ME m Bethiah Ford dau of Isaac Ford and Lucy Josselyn
-4-3-3-2 Daniel Pettingill
-4-3-3-3 Mary/Molly Pettingill b 19 Jan 1760 Bridgewater d 30 Aug 1811 Sumner Oxford Co ME m Lt Elisha Bisbee
-1-1-1-1-1 Susannah Ruggles d 1807 Sudbury m Ebenezer Wheeler
-4-3-2-1-1 Susanna Beals b c 1771 d 8 May 1816 Peru Berkshire MA m Shadrack Hathaway
-4-3-2-2-1 Susanna Clark b 19 Jan 1789 Royalston Worcester MA d 22 Aug 1851 Union Salt Lake UT m Rufus Richard Forbush
-4-3-2-2-2 Samuel Clark b 18 SEp 1793 Royalston MA d 1 Nov 1858 m Luseba Ward b 22 Feb 1796 d 8 Jun 1884
-4-3-2-2-3 Edson CLARK
-4-3-2-2-4 Eber CLARK
-4-3-2-2-5 Josiah CLARK
-4-3-2-2-6 Benjamin CLARK
-4-3-2-3-1 Abel Dearth b 8 Nov 1781 Athol Worcester Co MA d 11 Dec 1861 Wendall MA m Nancy cutting b 26 May 1788 Framingham MA d 15 Nov 1854 Wendall
-4-3-3-3-1 Horatio Bisbee
-4-3-3-3-2 Huldah Reed
-4-3-3-3-3+ 2 ch Bisbee
-4-3-3-3-5 Sarah H Bisbee m Hayford
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Susannah Wheeler b 26 Jan 1792 Alburg Vt d after 1828 m Niles Helmes
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Carlos A Helmes
-4-3-2-1-1-1 Diana Hathaway b 10 Jan 1799 Peru MA d 29 Nov 1844 m Alva Cady
-4-3-2-1-1-2 Olive Hathaway b 3 Jan 1801 Spencer Worcester Co MA d 27 Aug 1887 Grieg LOewis NY had issue m Wheelock Beals
-4-3-2-1-1-3 David Hathaway b 16 Nov 1803 m1 Olive Beals m2 Susanna Beals
-4-3-2-1-1-4 Betsey Hathaway b 20 Mar 1806 d 1 Sep 1860
-4-3-2-1-1-5 Rev. Levi Beals Hathaway b 14 Sep 1810 Peru MA d 1 Aug 1843 Rockport MA
-4-3-2-1-1-6 James Thomas Axtell Hathaway b 16 Feb 1818
-4-3-2-1-1-7 Susanna Beals Hathaway b 18 Aug 1819
-4-3-2-2-1-1 Hiram Forbush
-4-3-2-2-1-2 Jonathan Forbush
-4-3-2-2-1-3 Polly Forbush
-4-3-2-2-1-4 Elmedia Forbush
-4-3-2-2-1-5 Rufus Francis Forbush
-4-3-2-2-1-6 Susanna Forbush
-4-3-2-2-1-7 Sanford Forbush
-4-3-2-2-1-8 Lurana Forbush m Taylor
-4-3-2-2-1-9 Loren Forbush
-4-3-2-2-1-10 Lydia Forbush m Taylor
-4-3-2-2-1-11 Stephen Forbush
-4-3-2-2-2-1 Susanna Garney Clark b 11 Jun 1833 d 23 Apr 1897 m Calvin Collier Chapin
-4-3-2-3-1-1 Elenor/Ellen Dearth 15 Dec 1809 Wendell m William J Strong had issue
Ba15-3-2-5 Sarah Bacon b c 1575 m Daniel Yorke
Ba15-3-2-6 William Bacon
Ba15-3-2-7 Michael Bacon b 6 Dec 1579 Winston Suffolk d 18 Apr 1648 had issue in Massachusetts
m1 Alice Blowers dau of Thomas Blowers and Susanna Vincent b 1560 (dau of Andrew Vincent b 1545)
m2 Grace Blowers
-1 Michael Bacon III b c 1608 Winston Suffolk d 4 Jul 1688 Woburn Middlesex Co MA m Mary/Maria Jobb b 1617 Winston d 26 Aug 1655 Woburn she m2 Lt William Lakin of Groton
-2 William Bacon
-3 Elizabeth Bacon
-4 John Bacon, I
-5 Sarah Bacon m Hubbard
-6 Alice Bacon m Bancroft
-7 Susanna Bacon
-8 Thomas Bacon
-9 John Whitlock
-10 Daniel Bacon
-1-1 Michael Bacon IV b 16 Feb 1639 Winston Suffolk d 132 Aug 1707 Bedford MA m Sarah Richardson b 22 Nov 1640 Charlestown MA d 15 Aug 1694 Billerica MA dau of Thomas Richardson of Woburn and Mary Margaret Baldwin b 1612 ?Hull Yorkshire d 19 May 1670 Woburn MA
-1-2 Mary Bacon m Gale
-1-3 Elizabeth Bacon m Richardson
-1-4 Sarah Bacon m Simonds
-1-5 Lydia Bacon
-1-1-1 Sarah Bacon b 24 Aug 1663 Woburn MA d 1724 Ashford Windham Co CT m Benjamin F Fuller
-1-1-2 Abigail Bacon m Wood
-1-1-3 Jonathan Bacon
-1-1-4 Michael Bacon, V
-1-1-5 Nathaniel Bacon
-1-1-6 Josiah Bacon
-1-1-7 Ruth Bacon
-1-1-8 Benjamin Bacon
-1-1-9 Michael Bacon, V
-1-1-1-1 Benjamin Fuller b 25 Feb 1687 Rehoboth Bristol Co d Jan 1752 Lebanon New London Co CT m1 x + 1 ch m2 Tabitha Wheaton b 1687 Rehoboth d 1737 Lebanon CT dau of Jeremiah Wheaton and Hannah
-1-1-1-2 John Fuller
-1-1-1-3 Samuel Fuller
-1-1-1-4 Sarah Fuller
-1-1-1-5 Mary Fuller
-1-1-1-6 Ruth Fuller
-1-1-1-7 Abigail Fuller
-1-1-1-8 Hannah Fuller
-1-1-1-9 Benjamin Fuller, Jr.
-1-1-1-10 Joshua Fuller
-1-1-1-1-1 Archelaus Fuller
-1-1-1-1-2 Nathaniel Fuller b 18 Nov 1710 d 12 Jul 1780 m Mary Barnum b 1712 d 1775
-1-1-1-1-3 Noah Fuller
-1-1-1-1-4 John Fuller
-1-1-1-1-5 Amos Fuller
-1-1-1-1-2-1 Simeon Fuller b 12 Nov 1732 d 29 Sep 1805 m Eunice Parker b 1732 d 1764
-1-1-1-1-2-2 Adjah Fuller b 1733 Lebanon d 1810 Warren CT m Experience x
-1-1-1-1-2-1-1 Edmund Fuller
-1-1-1-1-2-2-1 Asahel Fuller
Ba15-3-2-8 Rose Bacon b 1581 m John Ballet
Ba15-3-2-9 Elizabeth Bacon m Hammer
Ba15-3-2-8-2 JOHN BACON b c 1617/24 Winston Suffolk d 17 Jun 1683 Dedham MA
m 7 Dec 1651 REBECCA HALL
Ba15-3-2-8-2-1 Mary Bacon
Ba15-3-2-8-2-2 John Bacon
Ba15-3-2-8-2-3 Rebecca Bacon
Ba15-3-2-8-2-4 Daniel Bacon
Ba15-3-2-8-2-5 Sarah Bacon
Ba15-3-2-8-2-6 Samuel Bacon,
Ba15-3-2-8-2-7 THOMAS BACON b 23 Aug 1667 Dedham MA d 10 Apr 1749 Wrentham MA
-1 James Bacon
-2 JOHN BACON b 1710 m MARY x


-2-1-1 COL ASA BACON b 1769 m 1769 LOIS FISK/FISKE

-2-1-1-1 ASA C. BACON b 1803 m 1826 JAEL ANN NASH




-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 R.D. FRAIDENBURG b 1898 D. 197 m1 FERN ALICE KELSEY m2 IDA MAE NORDIN

-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 FERN ARDA FRAIDENBURG b 1923 m 1942 HERMAN ROBERT JOHNSON*
-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 WAYNE JOHNSON b 1943
-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-2 JANICE JOHNSON b 1947
-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-3 DOUGLAS JOHNSON b 1950
-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-4 KAREN JOHNSON b 1957 m1 1981 HENRY RAY HANEY JR b 1958 d 2007 m2 Marcus R Moody
-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-4-1 KANDICE R HANEY b 1982 m 2002 KASEY D. ADOLF m2 2008 ALLEN SMITH
-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-4-2 KRISTINE E HANEY b 1985
-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-5 CHERYL JOHNSON b 1961
Susanna Bacon
Ba15-3-2-8-2-9 Stephen BAcon Sr
Ba15-3-2-2 Thomas Bacon b 31 May 1566 Helmingham Suffolk d 1614 Winston Suffolk
m Lori Clench
Ba15-3-2-2-1 George bacon b 1592 Suffol d May 1642 Hingham Plymouth MA m1 1617 Margaret Gould + ?8 ch she m2 1643 in Boston Edward Gold m2 Cecilia Robson d 1697 + 3 ch (source seems a bit scrambled on ch) -1? Alice ?Bacon ?m Wodhull b 1615 d 1640 Mollington Engl
-2 Samuel Bacon b 1623 d 18 Feb 1681 Hingham MA
-3 Susanna Bacon b 1625 Roxbury MA d 30 Apr 1664 Roxbury m John Polley
-4 John Bacon b 1627 d 1687
-5 James Bacon b 1629 Roxbury d 1638
-6 Thomas Bacon b 27 Nov 1640 Hingham d 25 Oct 1701 Roxbury m 27 May 1663 Mary Gamlin b 6 Masr 1641 Roxbury MA dau of Robert Gamlin and Elizabeth Mayo
-7 Mary Bacon
-8 Peter Bacon
-9 Francis Bacon
-10 Joseph Bacon
-11 John Bacon

-3-1 John Polly
-3-2 Mary Polley b 2 Jun 1650 Roxbury d there 1711 m Perrin
-3-3 Sarah Polley
-3-4 Hannah Polley
-3-5 Abigail Polley
-3-6 Elizabeth Polly
-3-7 Bethiah Polley
-3-8 Susanna Polley
-6-1 Mehitable Bacon b Hingham MA d 22 Jan 1718 m Samuel Mascraft
-6-2 Thomas Bacon b 7 Jan 1663 Roxbury d 10 Nov 1758
-6-3 Joseph Bacon b 1 Jan 1666 Roxbury d 31 May 1741 Pomfret CT m Margaret Bowen
-6-4 Mary Bacon
-6-5 George Bacon
-6-6 xy Bacon
-6-7 George Bacon
-6-8 Daniel Bacon
-6-9 Margaret Bacon
-6-10 Margaret Bacon m Whitney
-6-11 Hannah Bacon

-3-2-1 John Perrin
-3-2-2 Samuel Perrin
-3-2-3 David Perrin
-3-2-4 Susanna Perrin
-3-2-5 Abraham Perrin
-3-2-6 Mary Perrin b 16 Apr 1673 Rehoboth MA d 17 Mar 1772 Sterling MA m in Woburn Ma Payson Richardson
-3-2-7 Nathaniel Perrin
-3-2-8 Mehitable Perrin
-3-2-9 Noah Perrin
-3-2-10 Daniel Perrin
-3-2-11 David Perrin
-3-2-12 Susanna Perrin b 20 Jun 1687 Roxbury d 22 Jan 1755 Pomfret CT m 22 Jun 1708 in Roxbury Joseph Chandler b 4 Jun 1683 Roxbury d 5 Jan 1749 Pomfret CT son of John Chandler and Elizabeth Douglas
-6-3-1 Henry Bacon
-6-3-2 Mehitable Bacon b 26 May 1706 Woodstock CT d there 1774 m Samuel Bragg Lillie

-3-2-12-1 Joseph Chandler
-3-2-12-2 Joseph Chandler
-3-2-12-3 David Chandler
-3-2-12-4 Susanna Chandler
-3-2-12-5 Peter Chandler
-3-2-12-6 Dorothy Chandler
-3-2-12-7 Hepzibah Chandler
-3-2-12-8 Stephen Chandler
-3-2-12-9 Josiah Chandler
-3-2-12-10 Eunice Chandler
-3-2-12-11 Daniel Chandler b 21 Mar 1728 Pomfret d 7 Jan 1790 East Hartford CT m 1754 Violet Burnham
-3-2-12-12 Peter Chandler
-6-3-2-1 Mehitabel Lilly b 22 Jun 1728 Stamford CT d 20 Jan 1805 Brookeville VE m Jonathon Edson
-6-3-2-2 Jonathan Lilly
-6-3-2-3 David Lillie

-3-2-12-11-1 Tryphena Chandler b 11 Nov 1758 d 14 Aug 1825 Fairfax VE m Apr 1780 James Bellows
-3-2-12-11-2 Hannah Chandler m Kimball
-6-3-2-1-1 Samuel Lillie Edson b 1770 d 31 Jul 1803 Bewthel VE m Miriam ?Edson

-3-2-12-11-1-1 Abigail Bellows m Majors
-3-2-12-11-1-2 James Bellows Jr
-6-3-2-1-1-1 Samuel Lillie Edson b 1800 Bethel d 4 Jul 1882 m 20 SEp 1842 Miranda Reed
-6-3-2-1-1-1-1 Daniel Samuel Edson b 8 Jul 1852 Genesse Co NY m Anna Mary Williams
-6-3-2-1-1-1-1-1 Alice Medora Edson b 12 Mar 1885 Vineland NJ d 9 Feb 1945 Philadelphia m Gerge Kenderdine Gorby
-6-3-2-1-1-1-1-1-1 George Edson Gorby
Ba15-1-1-2-2 Nathaniel Bacon
Ba15-1-1-3 Joanna Bacon b 1567 Helmingham Suffolk
Ba15-1-1-4 Mary Bacon b 1569 Helmingham Suffolk
Ba15-1-1-5 Sarah Bacon b 1575 Winston Suffolk m Daniel York
Ba15-1-1-6 William Bacon b 1577 Winston Suffolk d 16533 Salam MA
m Rebecca Potter
Ba15-1-1-7 Rose Bacon b 1582 Coddingham Suffolk
Ba15-1-1-8 Elizabeth Bacon b 3 Sep 1584 Winston Suffolk d 1614 Engl
m y Bacon
Ba15 =16 Possibly fitting here was ...
Thomas Bacon of Hessett (b about 1430 d before 05.06.1546) - continued below
m Ann Rous dau of->
+1 Henry Rous of Dennington
Ba16-3 William Bacon
Ba18-2 William Bacon
m Isabel Shelton
Ba19-2 Nicholas Bacon
Ba23-2. William Bacon of Monks Brafield is stated to have taken the name of Bacon. This was only an assumption of an ancient Norman surname which is still existing in the north of France. William Bacon, in 1082, endowed the Abbey of the Holy Trinity at Caen.
Ba15 =16. Thomas Bacon of Hessett (b about 1430 d before 05.06.1546) - continued from above
m. Ann Rous (dau of Henry Rous of Dennington) b about 1445
Ba14. John Bacon of Hesset (b about 1498 1st or 2nd son
Ba14. Elizabeth Bacon
m y Breton
p poet George Gascoigne
Ba14 =15 Francis Bacon of London (b c 1500 d before 24.10.1595, 3rd son)
m Ann Drury b about1512 (dau of John Drury of Rougham)
Ba13-1. John Bacon of the Inner Temple b about 1553 of Hessett, Suffolk bur 8 Aug 1618
m. Elizabeth Paynell (dau of Henry Paynell of Belaugh, she m2. John Bowles of Langley)
Ba13-1-1. Francis Bacon of Norwich b 1586-7, d 22.08.1657, judge
m Elizabeth Robinson (b 1594-5, d 09.10.1651, dau of William Robinson of Norwich)
Ba13-1-1-1. Francis Bacon of Norwich and Attlebridge (b 1613-4, d 28.09.1692) ?original date incompatible: 1673 must read 1613/4
m. Dorothy Bedingfield (bpt 1619, d 12.08.1663, dau of Philip Bedingfield of Ditchingham)
(1) Anne Bacon b about 1653
m. Robert Davy (recorder of Norwich)
(A) Robert Davy of Ditchingham apparently of this generation b about 1690
m. Elizabeth Bedingfeld (dau of Thomas Bedingfeld)
(2)+ other issue (a 1664) - Francis b c 1655, Barbara
Ba13-1-1-2. Thomas Bacon (b 1626-7, d 18.05.1710)
m. Jane de Grey (d 27.07.1698, dau of Sir William de Grey of Merton)
(1) Anne Bacon (b c1660)
m. Arthur Branthwaite of Hethel
(2) Mary Bacon
Ba13-1-1-3. Henry Bacon (d unm 1675)
Ba13-1-1-4. Barbara Bacon b about 1630
m. Thomas Pepys of Impington
Ba13-1-15. Elizabeth Bacon b about 1631
m Robert Longe of Reymerson
Ba13-2. Edmund BACON Of Hessett, Suffolk b c 1555 d after 1564
Ba13-3. Alice BACON b c 1557 Of Hessett, Suffolk, England.
Ba14 Barbara Bacon possibly fits here b c 1559
m Sir James Calthorpe of Cockthorpe
-1 Christopher CALTHORPE of Blakeney Esq
-2 Phillip CALTHORPE
-3 Henry CALTHORPE b 1586 Cockthorpe d 1 Aug 1637 bur Merton Norfolk m1 Dorothy Humphrey b c 1598 dau of Edward Humphrey and Mary Whetell
-4 Jane CALTHORPE b c 1587 m Sir Edward Peyton Pe13 b c 1581 d 1656 son of John Peyton and Alice Osborn

Pe12 Thomas PEYTON Pe12 b 29 Mar 1617 d 12 Oct 1683 m Elizabeth Yelverton
Pe12-2 Jane Peyton d unm bur 8 Feb 1632/33 at Sedistern, Engl
Pe12-3 James PEYTON d y bur 18 Nov 1620
Pe12-4 William PEYTON bap 19 May 1618 d y
Pe11-1 William12 Peyton d 1686; d.s.p. He resided at Dublin.
Pe11 Major Robert Peyton
Pe11-3 Charles Peyton married Elizabeth Bladwell, dau of William Bladwell resided at Grimston, Norfolk, England.
Pe11-4 Yelverton Peyton m y Roberts
Pe11-5 Ann Peyton m Thomas Wood; 2nd wife
Pe10-1 Dorothy Peyton b c 1666 m John Roy
Pe10 Elizabeth Peyton m Peter Beverley Be10
Pe10-1-1 Hanna Roy m Burgess Larkin Chew
Be9 Ann Beverley m Col Henry Whiting Wh9 b by 14 Nov 1744 at Edmington Cloucester Co VA
Be9-2 Elizabeth Peyton Beverley, m 22 Jun 1709 William Randolph
Be9-3 Susannah Beverley, m 1718 John Randolph
Pe10-1-1-1 Anna Maria Chew b 1703 in Va m William Johnstone in 1723
Wh8-1 Elizabeth Whiting b 1705 m Dr. John Clayton b. 1685/93, Fulham, Middlesex, Engl d 15 Dec 1773, "Windsor", Gloucester Co Va
Wh8-2 Henry Whiting, (1705 d 1797 Prince William Co VA m 11 NOV 1762 in Episcopal Church, Kingston Parish, Gloucester Humphrey Ann Frances Toy b: ABT 1745 in Gloucester Co
Wh8-3 Col. Beverley Whiting, m1 Elizabeth x m2 Mary Skaife and had 3 ch incl Major Peter Beverley Whiting m Elizabeth Burwell.
Wh8-4 Major Peter Whiting, (about 1703 - about 1790) m Ann Cary, daughter of Miles Cary and Mary Wilson
Wh8 Thomas Whiting b about 1712 d 1781 Gloucester Co VA m1 Elizabeth Beverley (?? s.b.) no ch m2 Elizabeth Thruston Th8 (1740-1766) + 2 ch m3 Elizabeth Seawell + 2 ch
Wh8-6 Francis Whiting b 1724 Gloucester Co m 24 JAN 1746/47 in Gloucester Frances Perrin b 1728 in Gloucester, Va dau of John Perrin b 30 SEP 1689 in Gloucester Co and Elizabeth Throckmorton b c 1698 in Gloucester Co
Pe10-1-1-1-1 Robert Bruce Johnston
Wh7 Elizabeth Thruston Whiting d 2 Jul 1822 Louisville KY m1 13 Oct 1782 John Thruston m2 18 Jun 1805 Col Aaron Fontaine Fo7 in Jefferson Co KY
Wh7-2 Francis Whiting
Wh7-3 Anne Beverley Whiting b c 1781 d Sep 1847 in Charleston, SC d Sep 1847 in Charleston, SC m1 John C. Pryor 1796 b ABT 1736
Wh7-3 Susannah Whiting b c 1768 in Gloucester Co. VA m2 1786 in VA Gibson Cluverius b ABT 1764, d 23 Feb 1789

Th6-1 Mary Buckner Thruston
Th6 Elizabeth Taylor Thruston b 13 Feb 1785 d 1838 m 11 Sep 1804 Worden Pope Po6
Th6-3 Thomas Whiting Thruston
Th6-4 Sarah Thruston
Th6-5 Catherine Thruston
Th6-6 Charles Mynn Thruston, lawyer in Louisville from 1800 to 1856
Th6-7 Fanny Badello Thruston
Th6-8 Alfred Thruston, cashier of the Bank of Louisville in 1833
Th6-9 Lucino Falkland Thruston
Th6-10 Algernon Sydney Thruston, Attourney General of Texas, k at the side of Davy Crockett in "The Alamo"
Fo6-13 Alexander Madison Fontaine (1806 ¬ ) m Delahunt, went to TX
Fo6-14 Henry Whiting Fontaine (1807 - 1839) m Susan Bryson July 9, 1834.
Fo6-15 Emmeline Fontaine (1809 - ) m Patrick Dillon.
Fo6-16 Aaron Fontaine, Jr. (1811 - 1902) m Mary Elliot of Dublin IRE

Po5 Patrick Henry Pope b 17 Mar 1806 d 4 MAy 1841 US Congressman m 18 July 1827 Sarah Lawrence Brown Br5
Po5-2 Edmund Pendleton Pope
Po5-3 Curran Pope b 1813
Po5-4 Hamilton Pope
Po5-5 Paul Pope d y
Po5-6 Moses Pope d y
Po5-7 Edmonia Pope d in early womanhood
Po4-1 Elizabeth Thruston Pope (twin 27 Apr 1828-1883) m Dr. William Henry Galt 1827 Ky - 1893 and had issue.
Po4-2 Urith Lawrence Pope (twin 27 Apr 1828-1884) married Joshua Fry Lawrence in 1851
Po4-3 James Brown Pope (1830-?) ¬
Po4-4 Ellen E.?D. Pope b 25 July 1831 m 13 Dec 1858 Dr. John Thruston, son of Charles M. Thruston.
Po4-5 Mary Emmeline Pope (1832 ¬-?)
Po4-6 Worden Pope b 9 Apr 1836 Went to Nicaragua
Po4 Mary Ann Pope b 30 Sept 1838 d 1897 m George Nicholas III see below
Po4-8 Alfred T. Pope b 1840 d y
Ba13. Elizabeth Bacon possibly fits here b 1573
m Sir James/?Francis Bacon of Friston
Ba12-1. Nathaniel Bacon of Friston b 15 May 1593 in Friston Hall, Suffolk bap 16 Mar 1592/3 in Finsbury, London, Middlesex, England. d 1644 in Friston Hall, Suffolk bur 7 Aug 1644 there. m Anne Legross dau of Sir Thomas Legrosse or Le Gros of Crostwick, Norfolk
Ba12 Rev. James Bacon b 1595 to Massachusetts with Martha but later returned to England d 9 Nov 1649 ancestor of Pres. William Henry Harrison.
m c 1619 in London Martha Woodward b 12 Jun 1597 in London bap 12 Jun 1597 in Upton, Cum Chalvey, Buckinghamshire d 25 Aug 1670 she m2 Rev. Robert Pecke
Ba11-1 William BACON b c 1618 Friston Hall Suffolk
Ba11-2 Thomas BACON b 1620 Friston, Suffolk, bap 29 Aug 1620 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk d 1656/1657 in Westmoreland, VA
Ba11-3 Elizabeth BACON b c 1622 Burgate, Suffolk
m y Wilkinson
Ba11-4 Anne BACON b c 1626 Burgate, Suffolk
m John Mason
Ba11-6 Martha BACON b c 1634
m Anthony SMITH before 1656 in Carters Creek, Gloucester, VA
-1 Abigail SMITH b 11 Mar 1656. d 12 Nov 1693. m .1674 in , Gloucester, Va., Lewis BURWELL Jr. b1653 in Fairfield, Gloucester, Va. d 19 Feb 1711 in Carter's City, Gloucester, Va. Lewis signed a will on 11 Oct 1710. of had issue
-2 George SMITH b 1652 in Of Colchester, Essex, England.
-3 Elizabeth SMITH b 1654 in Of Colchester, Essex, England
Ba11 Nathaniel BACON b 1627 in Friston Hall Suffolk bap 29 Aug 1620 in Bury St Edmund Parish Suffolk Engl acting auditor (1675-87) and also president of the Council governor of VA 1684. d 16 Mar 1692 in Williamsburg bur 18 Mar 1692 York City, Yorktown, Va Elizabeth Kingsmill wid of Col William Taylor Nicholas Marywether, 80 Acs James City Island 6 Nov 1661, p. 292, (397), formerly planted and seated by Richard Kingsmill, dec'd who was an ancient planter in this country, and by Nathaniel Bacon, Esq. and Elizabeth his wife, only dau. and heir of said Kingsmill
Ba10 Elizabeth Bacon Ba10 b c 1620
m1 John Holloway/Hallaways b c 1590 ?immigarted to VA 1636 ?son of
+1 Edward Hollaway b c 1565
Ba9-1+ Elias H Holloway b 1631 Northampton VA d 1704
-2 Priscilla Holloway b 1633/?43 Northampton VA
-3 Mary Holloway b 1635 Northampton VA
-4? John Holloway
Ba9-?-1+ possibly related to the above was:
George Holloway b c 1610
-1 James Holloway b 1635 Charles River VA d 1675 York Co VA m Ann
y Holloway b c 1655 Va
-1-1 David Holloway b 1664 d 1732 m Elizabeth Matthews
-?-1 y Holloway b c 1690 Va
-1-1-1 John Holloway b 1700 Essex Co VA d 1757 Cumberland VA m Hannah Spiers b 1710 d 1777
-?-1-1 Rebecca Holloway b c 1740 Va m c Capt William Nall b c 1739 Orange/Culpeper Co VA d 1808
-?-?-1 Holloway of Pennsylvania
-1-1-1-1 Mary Holloway b 1722 d 1767 m William Newton
-?-1-1-1-1-1 Polly Nall
-?-1-1-1-1-2 Nancy Nall b c 1760 Ashe Co NC d 1855 bur Ashe Co m Martin Gambill, son of Henry Gambill and Mary Davenport, on 23 September 1777 at Surry County, NC
-?-1-1-1-1-3 John Nall b c 1763
-?-1-1-1-1-4 Robert Nall b 24 Sep 1767
-?-1-1-1-1-5 Frances Nall b c 1770
-?-1-1-1-1-6 Larkin Nall b c 1775
-1-1-1-1-1 Frances Newton b 1747 d 1783 m William Wyatt b 1743 d 1815
-?-1-1-1-1-2-1 William Gambill b 12 Jun 1779, d. bt 1810 - 1820
-?-1-1-1-1-2-2 Jeremiah Gambill b 16 Apr 1784
-?-1-1-1-1-2-3 Robert Gambill b c 1790
-?-1-1-1-1-2-4 Thursey Gambill b c 1792
-?-1-1-1-1-2-5 Narcessa Gambill+ b 7 Jul 1798, d. 6 May 18764 m c 1814 John McMillan, son of John McMillan and Marion McLymont
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Frances Wyatt b 1767 m James Mattison
-1-1-1-1-1-2 Micajah Wyatt b 1770 d 1820 m Poly McCorkle
-1-1-1-1-1-3 Lettice Wyatt b 1771 d 1820 m Nimrod Smith
-1-1-1-1-1-4 Elijah Wyatt b 1774 d 1860 m Mary Foster b 1773 d 1858
-1-1-1-1-1-4-1 Malina Wyatt b 1819 d 1887 m1/?1 Hugh Alexander b 1819 had issue m1/?2 Josiah White
-1-1-1-1-1-5 William Wyatt b 1776 m Martha Gaines
-1-1-1-1-1-6 Zadockl Wyatt b 17788 d 1843 m Mary Commack
-1-1-1-1-1-7 Elizabeth Wyatt b 1780 m Noah English
-?-1-1-1-1-2-5-1 Mary Polly McMillan b. 16 Sep 1815, d. 4 Apr 1890
-?-1-1-1-1-2-5-2 Matilda McMillan b. 17 May 1817
-?-1-1-1-1-2-5-3 Mahala McMillan b. 5 Nov 1818, d. 19 Feb 19074
-?-1-1-1-1-2-5-4 Irena McMillan b. bt 1823 - 1825
-?-1-1-1-1-2-5-5 Nancy McMillan b. c 1825
-?-1-1-1-1-2-5-6 Cinthy McMillan b. c 1828
-?-1-1-1-1-2-5-7 William McMillan+ b 14 Mar 1830 d. 3 Mar 18655 m 10 Jun 1849 Mary Ann "Pollie" Cox b. 19 Dec 1830, d. 24 April 1902
-?-1-1-1-1-2-5-8 John McMillan (?) III b. c 1834
-?-1-1-1-1-2-5-9 Adaline McMillan+ b. 27 Jul 1838, d. 14 Sep 1902
-?-1-1-1-1-2-5-10 Emma Jane McMillan b. c 1839

-?-1-1-1-1-2-5-7-1 Mahala Jane McMillan b 10 Mar 1851, d 14 Aug 1905
-?-1-1-1-1-2-5-7-2 Hardin Rudolphus McMillan b 18 Jan 1853, d 1 Jan 1933 m 2 Jan 1876 Sarah Elizabeth Johnson b 5 Mar 1859, d 30 Jan 1918 dau of Nicholas Gentry and Sarah Sophina Johnson
-?-1-1-1-1-2-5-7-3 Nellie Adaline McMillan b 5 Mar 1855
-?-1-1-1-1-2-5-7-4 Sarah Lutishia McMillan b 8 May 1857
-?-1-1-1-1-2-5-7-5 John McMillan b 1860, d b 1870
-?-1-1-1-1-2-5-7-6 Jesse Council McMillan b 29 May 1864

-?-1-1-1-1-2-5-7-2-1 Cessie McMillan b 4 Jun 1877, d 10 Aug 1937
-?-1-1-1-1-2-5-7-2-2 William McMillan+ b Sep 1880
-?-1-1-1-1-2-5-7-2-3 James McMillan b 9 Dec 1882, d 12 Apr 1891
-?-1-1-1-1-2-5-7-2-4 Grover C McMillan b Sep 1885, d Oct 1885
-?-1-1-1-1-2-5-7-2-5 Emma J McMillan b Sep 1886
-?-1-1-1-1-2-5-7-2-6 Thomas Jefferson McMillan+ b 7 Jul 1889, d bt 1960 - 1961
-?-1-1-1-1-2-5-7-2-7 Sophina A McMillan b 1 Jun 1893 d 3 May 1971
-?-1-1-1-1-2-5-7-2-8+ twins McMillan b 16 May 1896, d 16/25 May 1896
m2 m2 John Nuthall b c 1620 Nu9 Eleanor Nuthall b c 1645 d btw 2 Jul 1696 - Mar 1700/1
Nu9-2 John Nuthall b c 1647 m Eleanor Sprigg Sp7-6
Nu9-3? James Nuthall b 1646/50 d 1585/1714
Sp8-1 Eleanor Sprigg (b 1668 d 1728, m Thomas Hilleary and John Nuthall Thomas Sprigg b 1670 d 1726 m Margaret Mariarte
Sp8-2 Mary Sprigg b 1671 d 1694, m Thomas Stockett);
Sp8-3 John Sprigg b c 1671 d c 1700
Sp8-4 Elias Sprigg b c 1673 d before 1704
Sp8-5 Anne Sprigg b c 1676 d 1721, m Philip Gittings)
Sp8-6 Oliver Sprigg b c 1677
Sp8 Martha Sprigg m Thomas Prather
Sp8-8 Ellen Sprigg b c 1678
Sp8-9 Elizabeth Sprigg b 1679 d Nov 1704 m 1698 in Pr George Co Md Robert Wade son of Zachariahs Wade b 1627 ?Warwickshire Engl. d 5 Mar 1677 Port Tobacco Charles Co Md (bro of Dr John Wade b c 1620 Warwickshire d Sep Charles Co MD) and Mary Hatton b 1637 Engl d 1678 Charles Co MD granson of Richard Thomas HATTON b about 1638 London d in 1649 St Marys Md and Margaret BANKS gr granson of Robert b c 1601 London
Nu9-2-1 Eleanor Nuthall b c 1699 Pr Georges Co MD m John Pratt b c 1690 Calvert Co d 1754 m Thomas Sprigg Sp9
Nu9-2-2 Mary Nuthall b c 1715 m Richard Duckett Jr b c 1712

Pr7-1 PHILLIP PHILOMIN GITTENS PRATHER b 1698, Prince George's Co MD d 1767 Orange Co SC m Margery Hunt b about 1718
Pr7-2 Eleanor Prather b c 1700, Prince George's Co MD m c 1716 Thoimas Williams
Pr7 Thomas McKay Sprigg Prather, b. 1704, Prince George's Co., MD d 24 Jul 1785, Washington Co., MD m1 ELIZABETH CLEGGETT /Cleggett June 10, 1725, Prince George's Co MD m2 SARAH BEALL Bef. Oct 31 1754 m3 JEANNETTE SMILEY Sm7, Bef. December 02, 1770, Maryland.
Pr7-4 JOHN SMITH PRATHER b aft 1776, Prince George's Co MD d 1763, Bladensburg, Prince George's Co MD m ELIZABETH NUTHALL 17 Feb 1724/25, Prince Edward Co MD.
Pr7-5 RACHEL PRATHER b Oct 1706, Prince George's Co MD d 1763 m1 WILLIAM POTTINGER 1724, MD m2 JOSEPH MILBURN SEMMES 1731.
Pr7-6 AARON PRATHER b. October 10, 1710, Prince George's County, MD; d. Bef. March 07, 1777, Rockville, Montgomery Co., MD m. MARY JANE Prather, October 10, 1736, All Hallow's Parish, Anne Arundel Co, M
Nu9-2-1-1 Thomas Pratt b 8 MAR 1729 Prince Georges Co m Eleanor Magruder b c 1735 dau of Robert Magruder b 11 OCT 1711 Prince Georges Co d 1736 and Sarah Crabb b 20 Oct 1717

Pr7-1-1 Philip John Prater b 1750 d 17 Sep 1798 m Susannah Hubbard b about 1760 d 9 Sep 1848 Pickens district SC
Pr6-1 Charles Prather
Pr6-2 Mary (Polly) Prather b: 6 Jan 1730, married Aaron Moore, d 1791 P: Springhill Twp, Fayette County
Pr6-3 Richard Prather (reported by b 1 Aug 1727 Queen Annes Parish, Prince Georges Co. Md d 26 Nov. 1789 Clear Springs, Wasington Co. Md one of the "City fathers," being elected a trustee of the town of Louisville in 1797. His wife was Mary Churchill, dau of Armistead and Elizabeth Bakewell Churchill, of Virginia
Pr6-4 Capt. Basil Prather, b 1740 d 1803 in MD
Pr6-5 William Prather b 1769
Pr6 Thomas Smiley Prather III, b 1770, Frederick Co MD 12 Feb 1800 Matilda Fontaine Fo6 in Jefferson Co KY
Nu9-2-1-1-1 John Wilkes Pratt b c 1785 Georgetown m Rachel Belt b c 1762 Pr Geo Co dau of Tobias Belt and Mary Gordan

Pr6-3-1 Eliza Prather, m James Guthrie
Pr6-4-1 Martha Meriwether Prather, m Dr. Warwick Miller, a son of Judge Isaac Miller, of PA
Pr5-1 James Smiley Prather b 1801 Louisville
Pr5-2 William Prather b 8/9 FEB 1804 in Louisville d 27 Aug 1876 in Louisville bur Cave Hill Cem m 1 DEC 1835 Penelope E. Pope b: ABT 1815 in Louisville Ky dau of Alexander Pope Po7 b ABT 1772 in Va and Martha Minor Fontaine b 14 MAR 1785 in Va d 18 Mar 1848 Louisville bur Cave Hill Cem
Pr5-3 Mary Jane Prather 11 Aug 1809 d 7 Oct 1883 in Louisville m1 Dr. Charles M. Way b 25 Dec 1800 d 8 Apr 1873 in Louisville, m2 Worden Pope Churchill b 16 JUN 1804 in Louisville Ky d 3 JUL 1830 in Louisville son of Goldsborough Robinson b 8 FEB 1819 and Frances Ann Lee b: 30 JUN 1816 in VA
Pr5 Pr5 Matilda Prather (1811 1847 ?) m 1829, Louisville, KY Judge S. S. Nicholas
Nu9-2-1-1-1-1 Thomas George Pratt b 18 FEB 1804 Georgetown DC d 9 NOV 1869 m Adeline Maccubbin Kent

Ni4-1 Mary Jane Nicholas [1830-? ) m y Graves
Ni4 George Nicholas (1831-1896) m1 Emma Hawes + 1 ch, m2 Mary Anna Pope see above + 12 ch
Ni4-3 Thomas Prather Nicholas , (1833-1870)
Ni4-4 Matilda Nicho1as (1835-1921) m Hon P Barrett of Mo.
Ni4-5 Hetty Nicholas (1837-1838)
Ni4-6 Julia Nicholas (1839-1907) m Maj. James Johnson, C.S.A.
Ni4-7 Margharetta Nicholas (1842-1905) m Thomas
Ni4-8 Samuel Smith :Nicholas (1844- ?)
Ni3-1 Emma Juliet Nicholas (1854 1896) married John Churchill, had child, John Churchill Jr., who married first Lucy Jones, second Ardath and died 8 Dec. 1944. Ardeth Churchill married second Paul Hays and was living in 1948 with name Ardeth Hays).
Chi1dren by second marriage:
Ni3-2 Samuel Smith Nicholas (16 March 1862- 14 April 1864)
Ni3-3 Mary Emeline Nicholas (7 Sept 1863 - 8 Sept.1863)
Ni3-4 Worden Pope Nicholas (20 Nov. 1864- 6 June 1942) married 7 Oct. 1891 Lulu Allen Cherry
Ni3-5 George Nicholas (10 Nov. 1866- 21 March 1926) married 15 July 1896 Evelyn Belle Thompson in Shelbyville, Ky., who compiled the extensive genealogical notes on which this part of the genealogy is based. They had 3 sons and a daughter.
Ni3-6 Sarah Lawrence Nicholas (16 June 1868- 13 June 1935 in Camrose Alta, Canada, bur. in Edna Texas)
Ni3-7 Patrick Pope Nicholas (17 Dec. 1869- June 1941) married 30 Sept. 1897 Mary Willis Middleton
Ni3-8 Thomas Prather Nicholas (4 March 1872- 30 Sept. 1942) married 29 Dec. 1897 Deborah Shannon
Ni3-9 Lawrence Nicholas (19 March 1874-June 1942)
Ni3-10 Cary Nicholas (28 April 1876- 2 Dec. 1897)
Ni3 Matilda Prather Nicholas (15 May 1878- June 1954 ) m 20 Jun 1906 Dr. Thomas E. Bland author's grandparents
Ni3-12 Mary Anna Nicholas (11 Feb. 1880 - 30 Dec. 1915)
Ni3-13 Samuel Smith Nicholas (1 July 1881- 29 May 1927 in Edna, Texas
Ba12-3 William Bacon b 1596/7 in London, d 1659/60 i Northumberland, Va bur 16 June 1662
m Margaret Pepper b 4 June 1598 dau of Samuel Pepper and Mercy,

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