Pr14 John Prather

    Pr14 John Prather was the son of William Prather (Pr15) and Alice Carew.
    Born: bef 1492; died 20 June 1547 in Inglesham, England
    Married: in 1505 in Inglesham, England Elene Kingston born 1493 in Painswick, Glouester, England, died Aft. 06/20/1547 in Inglesham, co Wilts, England.
    Died: 20 Jun 1547 in Inglesham, England.
     Children of John Prather and Elene Kingston were as follows:
    Pr13-1 Joane Prater, died Unknown.
    Pr13-2 John Prater, died Unknown.
    Pr13 George Prather, born 1516 in Eaton Water Wilts, England; died 15 Jun 1585 in Nunney & Somerset, England.  He married Jane Plott. died Bef. 06/14/1564 in Bet. Nunnery & Somerset, England; married Jane Plott Aft. 1539 in Shefford Magna, co. Wilts, England.
    John owned several thousand acres, bordering 3 shires (counties), including several Manors. Some of these were Inglesham, Eaton Water, Hook, Stanton St. Bernard, Latton, and properties in Nunney, Oxford, etc. The family controlled the Woolen trade in that part of England, they owned all the major Wool Washing/Processing Centers as well as controlling major grazing and thousands of head of sheep. But they were titled Gentlemen, not farmers. They held extremely powerful positions in the Kingdom.
    More About JOHN PRATER (ESQUIRE): Burial: Abt. 1547, Prater Chancel, Inglesham Church Occupation: Inglesham Manor / others Notes for ELENE KINGSTON: Elene is thought to be the sister of Sir Anthony Kingston of Painswick, Gloucestershire and Mary Courtenay.
    (?? possible relation to Sir John Kingston Ki20 and/or Sir William Kingston, who had a son Sir Anthony and granddaughter, Ellen Kingston. The parentage of William Kingston has not been discovered. He cannot be placed among the Kingstons of Chilney and Kingston Bagpuze, Berkshire, who owned land in Somerset and Wiltshire, nor in the family of Kingston of Wendover, Buckinghamshire, in whose early 16th-century pedigree, however, the names William and George Kingston was to mention a ‘brother’ George in his will both occur. It is more likely that Kingston was a Gloucestershire man and that he was related to the Lords Berkeley of Berkeley Castle and Thornbury, for he had a ‘cousin’ John Berkeley for whom he wrote a letter of support in 1533. He had an early connexion with Gloucestershire, either territorially or as one of the entourage of Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham: he attended with three or four servants the Christmas celebrations at the duke's manor of Thornbury in 1507. All his local commissions from 1506 onwards also related to Gloucestershire, and in a deed of 1517 he was described as of Elmore in that county. Although he was to acquire a number of keeperships and grants of property there, he did not buy the manor of Painswick from Cromwell until May 1540. )